What’s going on, guys, it’s Kate up here with another episode of Crypto Zombie. Welcome back to the Channel. Hope you’re having a great day today. Bitcoin is still having a little bit of a struggle under the nine thousand dollar level. We sort of dipped down to the midday thousands. You could see we actually got up to like nine thousand two hundred dollars almost two times in the past 24 hours. I do personally still believe we could potentially be in this bull flag formation with a ten thousand four hundred dollar breakout possible within the next 24 to 48 hours. Of course, we do need to talk about the CMT futures gap. But even more exciting than that, we have a Bitcoin indicator that the last six times this happened, Bitcoin went on a massive tear or at least put in some significant bullish gains in the short term. And lo and behold, we just put in the first dot on the indicator again today. So I want to talk about that. I also want to discuss exactly what we could potentially expect with the next Bitcoin having and the potential new all time high. And would we even have a new all time high this year? I want to discuss that. And of course, some people are a little bit bearish. The fact that CNBC is now bullish again on the price of Bitcoin and crypto currencies. And guys, before we get in to the main video, I have two quick announcements. Please stick around for these before you skip ahead in the video. No one is being that yesterday YouTube did some really crazy shadow banking on a bunch of crypto videos. Some of them are starting to show up again. One of them was my video from yesterday. Now, let me just show you, for example, this is what an average video looks like, right? You put the video out and, you know, over time it starts to sort of decrease and eventually people stop watching it. This is what happened to my video yesterday. Look, crazy amount of use. The video was taking off. We were having lots of people click it and then all of a sudden it stopped showing up in the feed and boom literally killed all of the engagement for my video. So it wasn’t like the video got deleted, but it did start to lose its viewership. So if you were one of the people that didn’t get to see my video yesterday because it didn’t show up, I just want to ask you one favor. Can you please just turn on the bell notification for this channel? Just go right below me right now. You can see right next to the subscribe button, there’s a bell icon. Just click it and then you have an option for notifications and just click all that way. At least if for some reason the video does not show up in the search results, you’ll actually still get the notification. OK, so that is number one. And number two, I wanted to say thank you so much, guys. The Block Chain Influencer Awards were last night and I actually tied Anthony Pop liano for the 2020 winner of the year. So I just want to say thank you so much for that. They’re giving me apparently a real physical Beltz OK, with my thing on it, with my my logo on it. So I want to say thank you. And if you guys want to check out the awards, I will drop a link to that below. But thank you so much. You guys rock and. Yeah, so that’s basically it for me. And without further ado, let’s officially dive directly in to the charts. OK. So talking about and thank you. If you stuck stuck around for those really important updates, I just hate when YouTube does this to krypto you as YouTube’s in general. Anyway, having a look right here. So we did actually have a breakout of this original flag. It looks like we got stopped out again, like I said, around the nine thousand two hundred dollar level. So basically this is just sort of extending the potential bull flag out a little bit farther. You could see this morning we dipped right down exactly to the bottom of it. So we are actually sitting at the bottom right now at the time of making this video. So right now, this is sort of confirming to me that we are holding these levels and we are still in this formation. And even if we were to have a breakout from the bottom, you could see that that would be around the ten thousand four hundred ten thousand five hundred dollar level. And like I said, if I zoom out here one more time in case you watch my video from yesterday, the significance of that level is because of the fact that Bitcoin has had some major resistance at around that level back here in the China pump back here before the descent. And if we were to break out again, that would send Bitcoin back to those levels. And like I said, that creates a giant W pattern, which we know that’s the double border. Bottom pattern in Bitcoin is literally one of the greatest plays that you can play in Bitcoin. It usually signals a massive reversal, double tops as well. If you had two points at the top, you tend to have that reversal actually, if we go back here. That’s actually very similar to what we had sort of with the double top here. So you can take that either way with Bitcoin. One thing I want to point out is we have a seemy futures gap at eight thousand eight hundred and forty dollars. So even if Bitcoin does try to pump within the next 24 hours, we may have a little bit of resistance and try to pull back down to the eight thousand eight hundred dollar level. Or maybe we won’t have a move until Monday morning after we have the seeming futures open. Right. So do kind of expect that there might be some crazy volatility. We could see a really low price, really high price, and it could be all choppy within the next 24. Hours. But what I want to point out is the parabolic stop and reversal. And this has basically flipped bullish. There’s been six other similar occurrences which led to substantial upside. And you can see they’re all pointed out right here from none of your business, which I do want to give a shout out over on Twitter. So he says, can this be interpreted anything other than bullish? Well, having a look right here. First, we need to actually look up what is a parabolic stop and reverse indicator? Well, you can see it says right here that a dot below the price means that the price is moving upward. A dot above the price means that the price is moving downwards overall. Dots below the price always rise. And dots above the price always fall. This way. The dots tracked the price and we’ll capture price reversals when they occur. Now, let’s go back and have a look at basically all the times that we had Major Flip’s here. I’m not going to sit here and do all of the percentage gains. But essentially, look, we had a major flip right here. And from bottom to top, we had a 78 percent Bitcoin pump. Look at some of these major ones up here, OK? We had one flip back here in July. OK. And basically, once we flip from bottomed all the way to the top, that that actually called the all time high pump. Those are nine hundred and thirty eight percent pump. Look at this. It actually called an excellent opportunity for the bottom right here. So when it flipped right here back in February of twenty nineteen, essentially, had you actually bought in on the day that that flipped. Well that basically we had a rally of two hundred and ninety three percent up to, you know, the fourteen thousand bitcoin top even here in our descent right here. Right. We had this coming in over here January six to 2020 from bottom to top. That was a forty two percent gain. And right now we literally had it just flip green again. And this is the first time that it showed below the chart. So this could actually show us that Bitcoin is about to gear up for a major, major parabolic run. Not to say that we won’t have a little bit of pullbacks, OK, if we actually zoom in right here and have a look at the overall trend. You actually can notice that, you know, Bitcoin is actually one thing I want to point out is that we’ve been supported by this major trend line. Look at this back here. It’s supported us right here back in 2013. Then it became resistance. All right. Once it became resistance. Bitcoin fell under it for a very long time. However, look at this. Once we broke back above it in May of twenty seventeen. Look at this. It came down and it acted again as support. And look at this. It was support during the entire bottom of the bear market when Bitcoin hit its three thousand two hundred dollar lows. And guess what happened again when we fell during the Crazy Black Thursday event? Look at this. We did Wyk below it, but we found support above it. So currently, I do believe even if Bitcoin was to get stomped out right here, because we are sitting at the top of the trend, even if we had a major crash to the bottom right now, I still believe that we would get supported. And that is still at around the five thousand five hundred dollar level, which, listen, I know nobody wants to see Bitcoin fall to five thousand five hundred dollars, but it would still be putting in a massive uptrend now on the off chance that we do flip to the bullish side and have a breakout up here if we can get above this sort of previous resistance. You know, that Bitcoin head, I mean, you’re talking a massive parabolic run to the all time high. And by the way, in case you’re wondering, this purple line is the Bitcoin having, which is coming up in about eight days at the time of making this video. Are you bullish? Are you bearish? Comment below. Let me know what you think. But having a look right here, getting back to what none of your business actually pointed out, he is Platt is out over on Twitter. You can see basically having a look at what the Bitcoin having is deadly. Actually zoom in here so you guys can see a little bit better essentially in 2012. It took three months to get back to the all time high in 2016. It took six months to get back to the all time high. So does this mean that this time it’s going to take nine months? Well, essentially, you could see in 2016, nine months had the final close above the all time high. So basically, he says that a repeat would place the new all time high for Bitcoin somewhere between July 20, 20 this year. OK. Very soon or before January or by January of next year. So essentially, this is calling for a new all time high for Bitcoin, essentially, either sometime this year or within the first month of next year. Can you Hoddle until then, if Bitcoin dumps lower, are you willing to sit through maybe one more potential big dip before the massive blast off? Because you and I both know that as soon as Bitcoin gets to twenty thousand, that’s it. It’s over. All the news outlets are gonna be talking about it, reaching the all time high again, breaking the all time high. All your friends are gonna be calling you up again. And we’re gonna be seeing a massive those my chart, a massive take off potentially like this. So let me know what you think of. That moving forward, guys. Yes. But also we have had Brian Kelly recently talking on CNBC and he was pretty bullish about it, although he was realistic and did say that maybe the price will take a little bit of a hit. However, we do know that whenever CNBC tends to talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, people say, that’s it. Sell it. It’s back in the news. Sell the news. Right. So I just wanted to play that clip super quick and then we’ll talk about it. Check out Bitcoin surging more than 15 percent this week. Our very own crypto baller says another big breakout could be coming. So, B.K., how many days is it till they having? It’s about 11 days to the happen. And so that that what that means, what people should know is that your as the whole world is quantitative easing, Bitcoin is about to be quantitative art. So they’re going to cut the daily supply of the software is going to cut the daily supply. It doesn’t mean that the price of Bitcoin is being cut in half. It just means that the daily supply is being cut in half. But want to think about it like oil, where all of a sudden eleven days have to be oil rigs are turned off. And so therefore that supply gets reduced. In the past, this has been a catalyst for very big, very, very big run ups. We’ve had a tremendous run up coming into this. Got some wood to chop around 9000. But I think in the medium to long term, you now have an asset that is going to be more scarce than gold based on the stock, the flow ratio. In an environment where the entire world is printing money, why isn’t this a sell the news event? It very well may be. I mean, you look back at the last two, we’ve had quite a run up. You look back at the last two. It took about 30 to 60 days for this really to filter through the market. So you could have after this, remember, this is how the miners make their money is by those Bitcoin rewards. So some of the weaker miners might actually opt to sell out. But 30 to 60 days from now, we could see a nice run up, totally over at fun stright is also pretty damn bullish on Bitcoin. He says that Bitcoin has acted extremely well year to date. It is outperforming equities by a sizable margin. So proving itself both as a solid risk on asset. Look at today. And as a hedge versus calamity, we are also positive on the supply demand impact of the upcoming having as well. And listen, regardless of whether or not we do have a potential sell off after the having or not, I just want to remind you about this clip. When Mark Youso was on CNBC and he was talking about how the price doesn’t matter. And Melissa. She was like, what if what if Bitcoin falls to five? He was like, buy it. I don’t care. I just want to play that clip again super quick, just to kind of remind you guys that ultimately this is a long term play. And if you’re in it right now and you’re accumulating while you’re definitely still very early to the game quickly. Here we go. Bitcoin was under eight thousand or eight thousand earlier today. Buy it regardless. Me, if I sent you Bitcoin, it dropped to 5000, you’d say buy it. But because here’s the thing. The daily price of Bitcoin doesn’t matter. It’s been alive for 10 years and every year until the 15th. It’s made it higher, low. The market cap has grown every single year. Every fundamental indicator of Bitcoin usage wallets, block size, transaction size, number of transactions, every single one hash rate making new highs. All of the indicators of the network and the network value are rising. The price of any asset fluctuates. Let’s take Amazon. Amazon has been a public company for 20 years and every year, including this year, that in double digit draw down. The average peak to trough minus 31 percent, twice minus 90 percent. What was the right time to sell? Never. Who’s owned it since the IPO today? Jeff, in a moment. That’s all right. We’re going online today also to put things into a crazy perspective. Pop Anthony Pop Liano, who I just mentioned earlier in the video. He says Warren Buffett has one hundred and thirty seven billion dollars in cash. That is almost enough to buy every Bitcoin in the circulating supply. And C.C. actually chimes in and says that is where the math is deceiving. It’s only true if every Hodler is willing to sell at the current price, which is obviously not true as there is no 21 million Bitcoin cell wall. Alas, Mr. Buffett will only be able to buy a small portion of bitcoins and at a very high price at that. So that is the thing. There are a lot of hodler is out there. Supply is getting cut in half. There’s like an estimated four million Bitcoin lost forever. Satoshi has his bitcoin, which is probably never going to get moved at this point. So only when people realize just how scarce Bitcoin is. Well, that’s when the problems are really going to arise. Also today, guys, I wanted to mention the fact that there has been a lot of controversy over Teather, obviously in the news. This is nothing new about Teather printing and propping up the price of Bitcoin. But a lot of traders do, in fact, use Teather as a way to quickly arbitrage in and out of, you know, potential Bitcoin buys and sells. And now over here. So you’ve seen it on Omni, which is not that, Poppy. Obviously, it’s USDOT on a theorem. We have it on Tron, and now it’s coming over at Al Gore and you could see the Al Gore Brand Foundation says they’re excited to share tethers announcement of their integration with the Al Gore brand protocol. Now, whether or not you like it, you can see over here on Mazari. You know, the real volume for Bitcoin today, for example, this is a real updated stat is one point four billion. Look at Teather. It’s pretty much also one point four. And in some cases, you even see Teather higher than Bitcoin. So I do understand that it is one of those topics that you don’t really want to. There’s a lot of speculation whether or not they’re actually backed by a dollar. But regardless of that, a lot of people use it. And coming over to Algren, they do have down here, it says, speeds in excess of a thousand transactions per second and a block completion in under five seconds per block. So I’m not recommending you to keep your money in Teather. I wouldn’t keep your money in Teather, but having the ability to send Teather Peg to the U.S. dollar. So it’s not going to fluctuate in five seconds. That could be a game changer potentially, guys. So let me know what you think about that. And also, one other piece of news I couldn’t make I couldn’t make I mentioned, not in this video, is the fact that according to a report, it says that the growth among female users in the crypto space has grown by forty three point two four percent in 2020 alone. So I don’t know if that’s because, you know, females are becoming interested in crypto or maybe quarantine‘s. Has everybody bored? If there’s any new ladies out there, let me know. Why are you. What what? Why you’re interested in crypto. But apparently the average is a sixty five percent rise between girls 18 to 24 years with the continents of America and Europe experiencing more than 50 percent growth. The research highlights an average of more than 80 percent in growth within some countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia. So I think that’s really cool. I’m glad to see that diversification. You know, it has been a primarily male driven space. If we really want cryptocurrency is to have the adoption that we all hope that it will have in the future, we kind of do also need, you know, men and women to also be interested in crypto as well. So let me know what you think about that. But essentially, guys, that is it for me today. I’m out of here. Today is the last day for the legend. Asked if you’re interested. Make sure you drop a comment below. And also, if you haven’t checked out my tutorial on how to trade on FedEx, you can trade Bitcoin, Chainlink, Tasos and even gold futures if you want. So I will have that link popping up above. Also link below in the description you do get one hundred and fifty dollar bonus if you use my link. So that’s it for me today. Hopefully this video doesn’t get shadow banned because I use the word bitcoin in the title. That’s it for me today. Thank you so much for coming back to the channel you guys rock. The reason that I do this every single day. My name is Kataib. This is Crypto Zombie. Until next time, stay crypto and of course, peace out.


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