Bitcoin. for $1 vs (BTC) Crypto for $24,000. trade profitably. cryptocurrency news cnbc

Bitcoin. for $1 vs (BTC) for $24,000. trade profitably. cryptocurrency news. Crypto news with Nakamoto Jedi

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In today’s episode:
Bitcoin is so volatile that it has made Luis panic. But not for long, cause he knows where it is better to sell bitcoins. Due to the fact that mining is now legalized in Iran, the rate of bitcoin cryptocurrrency on the Iranian exchanges has reached $24,000.

But who needs money if there is chocolate?! Now even a child can buy some crypto coins – for 1$ 6 sweet bitcoins can be bought. Firstly blockchain robots, than chocolate crypto – Walmart, you’re doing great.

The legendary artist Andy Warhol couldn’t have even imagined that his pop-art would be sold for $1.7 million with the help of blockchain technology. This sum is exorbitant but what people would do in the name of art! Art + blockchain is a proper tandem.

NakamotoJedi just wonders which ICOs, to your opinion, are worth investing. And where do you usually check them? Nakamotojedi recommends ICOMarks – it’s one of the most reliable resources.

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Just Happened?!? Goldman Sachs Ditching Crypto? MEGA Chrome Ext. HACK! $BTC

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Is Bitcoin (BTC) Headed to Rekt City?! – Crypto Market Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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Why Bitcoin Dropped $400! – Today’s Crypto News
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00:12 The episode’s preview
00:33 Market review: the slump in BTC price

00:47 RoninAI: market manipulated

00:57 ETH dropped by 25%

01:09 Economist Nouriel Roubini called crypto useless

01:24 Iranian authorities legalized mining

01:56 Bitcoin price – $24,000 on Iranian exchanges

02:14 Cheap chocolate bitcoins by Walmart

02:40 Andy Warhol’s Fourteen Small Electric Chairs sold for ART coins

03:08 Canadian ghost town attracts miners

03:28 Bitcoin Gold through hard times

03:55 The number of ICOs decreased – ICOMarks
04:33 Conclusion




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