Bitcoin Future Prediction, ETH 2.0 Hype, Harry Potter Coin, DigiByte Greed & SBI Ripple ATMs


Hello, everybody. We’ll go back for another video. Hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having an incredible day. We’ll go back for another news I missed. Where I go over. News I missed. Hedge fund manager Matt D’Souza thinks patience is the key for Bitcoin holders looking to capitalize on the having. And De Souza was also the co-founder and CEO of the crypto mining operator Block, where Solutions says it’s not the time to day trade. He said, and I do quote, In 2016, Bitcoin rallied sixty seven percent into having corrected 33 percent and bottomed within three weeks, only to begin a 17 month bull market in 2020. We didn’t have a rally going into the having as we recovered losses from the global market meltdown. The fundamentals for Bitcoin have never been better. Things are typically buy the news, sell the rumor events and 20 20, I expect a shallower sell off than 2016. We already corrected by 20 percent and only one two five. Oh, there we go. One point five to three week duration, Max. Now is the time to be patient and hold, not day trade. Sorry for screaming. The big money is in the sitting. What in capturing this. People use weird phrases. Big money is in the sitting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that in my entire English career ever. And capturing the cycle. Never heard that either, end quote. Does Susan note that the Fed is recklessly printing money which will create negative interest rates? He also says 16 percent of miners have now shut off, giving BTC a better environment to rally. And it’s not just post having developments that could create a bullish environment for crypto trader and analyst Luke Martin says Bitcoin is also currently decoupling from the stock market. And there’s his tweet right there, which probably just says what I just said. In mid-March, when Bitcoin collapsed hand-in-hand with equities, many analysts expressed doubt about the assets ability to serve as a hedge on traditional finance. But that’s no longer the case, according to Martin Shaw. There were about 15000 other price predictions that I was going to throw into the video. But I was like, no, not today. I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll not do that. Everyone seems to be thinking the same thing. I mean, as far as hedge fund managers, crypto enthusiasts, you kind of name it, everyone’s expecting that this having will be different and therefore things will be different in the next couple of weeks. I mean, you’ve you’ve seen the news that we’ve been going over the last couple of days. Everyone has their own ideas as to what could potentially be happening in the near future with the cryptocurrency market and exactly what’s going to be happening with Bitcoin. A lot of people are expecting that Bitcoin had to go down before the having an order for it to go up later on. We have seen historically it’s only been two other ones before this one that Bitcoin tends to dip and then move on up a bit higher. But Bitcoin, as they say, has never been tested in such a manner. The other two having there wasn’t a worldwide economic crisis and governments were not printing trillions of dollars in order to kind of mitigate losses and or prop up things that should not be propped up. So, yeah, that’s absolutely wonderful that another really rich person thinks that things are going to get better with the cryptocurrency space. I said that, ironically enough, if you could hear the tone of my voice, I say things like that sometimes in the video. People like How dare you side with the banks? And it’s like, come let listen to listen to the tone of my voice and how I am. I am currently talking to see that I am being. Facetious, but. Then I’m flying anyway. That’s the Bitcoin. I mean, like like I’ve mentioned before and many other times in the past, rich people have a very strong grasp on the cryptocurrency market. They have been in the market for a while. I think they were all like literally waiting for this having to take place. They’d be like, oh, my stars. Bitcoin’s amazing. It’s because they know mathematically that stuff is going to get real very soon. And that it is kind of spreading the good word, as it were. Let’s move on. Next up, where are the words? Jeez Louise. There we go. The lackluster response following Bitcoin’s third having has left many in the cryptocurrency community scratching their heads over why the event did and trigger the next crypto market monsters rally. Not really. It’s just people who don’t understand Bitcoin is having a once every four year event is said to be bullish for the pioneer cryptocurrency as it reduces the number of new Bitcoin minted on a daily basis by slashing the rewards. Mind per block. WellPoint five six point five. You already know all hope is not lost. And you’ll see exactly where I’m going with this as well, because I’m noticing a very new trend. It says all hope is not lost with they’re having now in the rearview mirror. Investors are searching for the next catalyst that will drive the crypto markets higher, according to a top analyst. The imminent launch of a Theory M 2.0, an update that will introduce a higher transaction throughput and a new consensus model under proof of stake will make a much more profound. A fact there we go on the crypto markets than the recently completed BTC, having Ryan Watkins, an analyst for Mazari, recently explained why he thinks Ethe 2.0 will provide a much stronger effect on crypto prices. In a tweet a few days ago, Watkins noted that while the having was a pre-programmed and thus predictable Ethe 2.0 was an uncertain and fundamental change. And that’s what I just said right there. And that’s also in the tweet. The Ethe 2.0 release date has been delayed for the longest time. It’s been about 16 years now. That was also a joke, mostly due to the extreme techno tatlock teeny tiny technicality. Wow of the project Ethe Dewpoint. Those launch was initially slated for the 30th of July because we all we all saw that date mentioned before. However, Metallic Budarin recently posted, hoisted posted that the date could be pushed further to an undisclosed date in quarter three of twenty. Now keep that date in mind as well, you know, and explain in a tweet on Friday why the delay is necessary rather than rushing to launch Ethe 2.0 for those of you who did not see. He said pretty much he thinks it should be slow and steady and he doesn’t want to make any mistakes. He said, What do we do now? Will echo through crypto history for the next couple of decades. And therefore he wants to make sure the E Theorem 2.0 is perfect, perfect instead of slightly perfect before it gets released. That was his explanation. So we don’t even have to go over all of that. If you look at the title of the article, it says, Why upcoming Ethe 2.0 could propel a bigger extended market rally? This one says, In theory, I’m decouples from Bitcoin as having pressure sets in. This one says Alt coins like a theory may soon benefit from institutions rushing to buy Bitcoin. And this one says Imperium 2.0, is what could bring a major turnaround for Ethe to the U.S. dollar. I woke up today finding thousands, not thousands, like 15 articles I’m all talking about. Theorem. For some reason with B having behind this and this is why I mentioned before. Don’t assume that simply people who are not within the cryptocurrency space don’t understand what Bitcoin having actually represent and how significant they are to the cryptocurrency space and also to the price of Bitcoin, to the actual issuance rate of crypto currencies in general. As we move into a more deflationary cryptocurrency world, a lot of different websites started poking their head out just exclusively talking about a theory about how amazing it theorem is. Not saying that a theorem is not amazing, awesome, cool, funky, fly fresh, however, just seems a little bit weird that all the attention has seemingly moves to Aegerion Cerium 2.0 now. And I assume of the next couple of weeks we are going to be bombarded with a theorem is amazing articles until and I say this probably around the time we end up hitting Ethereum 2.0. I’m aiming for August, September of 2022. That was also a joke. Lot of jokes today around this year, probably August. September is when this will probably phase zero us in the face. Then at that point, I assume some other type of news will have come about for some other coin, who is also going to have a having a doubling a for thing or something else will come out and they’ll kind of take all of the attention. And then when he Theorem 2.0 does get released and the price doesn’t skyrocket by thirteen thousand percent. Like many people, I assume, are assuming it’s going to happen. We’ll start to get articles the same exact way. Why isn’t Bitcoin going up? Why is any theory I’m going of? Why is it like coin going up? We see them over and over and over. I find it weird, isn’t it? I don’t wanna say that there’s no loyalty within the cryptocurrency space, but you kind of get what I’m saying. It’s kind of odd. I don’t know if these were always I love you theory and Web sites or simply now they are poking their heads out up, showing their true colors once again. There does not have to be one coin that rules them all. A lot of people think so. I think a market rally could come from any direction. I don’t think it’ll exclusively be Bitcoin that causes everything to skyrocket into the bazillions. It could be someone who wins the lotto and they’re like, I got an extra 14 million. Let’s buy up this coin. It could be a million. And one things. However. It appears that analysts are even more bullish than before on a theorem. I think it’s perfectly natural to be OK with your theory M 2.0 or be excited about it, especially when we talk about the issuance rate in this taking and then all the other stuff that we don’t have to go over again. It was kind of weird that there were so many different websites out there who were all talking and discussing about how amazing each theorem was around the same exact time. Are also more of these. I just I just chose these four because they had the nicest colors. Anyway. Probably my my most. Favorite. News story in a while. For those of you not looking at the screen, even the title, even the title gets me. It says that J.K. Rowling asks about Bitcoin accursed crypto Twitter scares her off. Jake, J.K. Rowling probably wasn’t expecting to unleash the Bitcoin community’s pent up passion and imagination when she tweeted two sentences asking about Bitcoin. But the author of Harry Potter series did. Responding to a tweet from Quoin Desk, senior reporter Ly Kyun Rowland tweeted, and I quote, I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me in just two hours. Her tweet had spawned thirteen hundred replies. It took less than three hours for her to follow up with. I don’t think I trust this is weird. The reason I’m laughing is because if you’ve been into crypto for over two years, I. I give you even a year and a half. You know how intense this space can be. If you scream out, Bitcoin is garbage, Bikash is the true Bitcoin. You’re going to get some really strong responses if you send out a message. SRP is better than Bitcoin and like coin proved me wrong. You’re gonna get responses back. So all I could imagine when I read the title. Was at people to simply bombarded her with so many things, tearing her down and then to even read to her say, I don’t think I trust this because you you know how people are within the cryptocurrency space. So I think if I was if it was my first day in crypto and I and I wrote on Anthony possibly on his page, I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me. And I got thirteen hundred responses and I’m going to read out some of their responses as well. I think I would also probably not even think of trusting Bitcoin lurking below the Twitter surface. Is a massive community of people who tweet about almost nothing except bitcoin and crypto day in and day out. That is the honest truth. Dying to use their netsch knowhow for the good of the world. Rowling accidentally tapped into it and attempts to speak Rowlings language. It gets better, I promise. Many started comparing Bitcoin to the wizarding world from her books. Someone said, remember how he he who must not be named, play seven Hawe cruxes and different objects around the world in an attempt to immortalize himself so that no one, not even the Ministry of Magic, could stop him. Someone said that he who must not be named or Lord Voldemort thought it would be unlikely that anyone could find all seven Halk cruxes making him impervious to destruction. Similarly under the hood. Bitcoin is composed or comprised of thousands of nosed around the globe running the Bitcoin software, although the number might be decreasing. Who cares? It is hard to share what we’re talking about. J.K. Rowling. It is hard to shut down because all of these nodes need to be shut down at once to derail the online currency. Stephen Saying a researcher at crypto publication of The Block focused his Harry Potter metaphore on the goal of Bitcoin, giving users freedom to do as they please. He said Remember when Dobbie was freed by a sock? Bitcoin is that sock. I mean, it just keeps going on like people kept on, like the Philosopher’s Stone and all this other stuff. Why not just explain to her what Bitcoin is in simple terms? I’m sure this woman who wrote this book 30 years ago was reading these responses and was like, what the heck is everyone even talking about? On top of that, the also other news was that Elon Musk apparently decided to also chime in and told J.K. Rowling about how amazing Bitcoin was. But is it this is a two parter. Hang in there. He said pretty much. Although massive currency issuance by government, central banks is making Bitcoin Internet ghost money looked solid by comparison. Once again, no one actually explained to J.K. Rowling what Bitcoin was. She said people are now explaining Bitcoin to me and honestly, it’s blah, blah, blah, collectibles, My Little Pony, blah, blah, blah. Computers got one of those blah, blah, blah. Crypto sounds creepy. Blah, blah, blah. Understand the risk. I don’t, though, because no one we we we make the mistake often being in the cryptocurrency space of just simply not simply easily explaining something to someone. Now, many friends I’ve had who’ve tried looking at my channel and they don’t understand the thing. I mean, first of all, the channels made for intermediate to low level advanced, like, you have to have been here for a while to really get the channels on a an introductory kind of channel. But it is that same exact thing like you. I talk to all of you as if you know what. 256 is or what the e what what proof of stake. And this is like you you get these terms. You also know what securities are. Anyone come into the channel with simply does go away though. I don’t know what of this stuff is. No one explained it to her. Everyone gave her Harry Potter references. Elon Musk is talking about Bitcoin, Internet ghost money, looking solid by comparison. Also, the two parter for that one. For those of you not looking at the screen, the title of this article is Elon Musk Drops Bitcoin Bomb on J.K. Rowling. Bitcoin is solid compared to fiat money. He never said any of those words. He said the words solid. He he referenced Bitcoin as magical ghost Internet money for those of you who’ve never heard that, that was a very big thing in 2014, 15 and 16, where people used to say that Bitcoin was magical ghost Internet money, that no one could see it, no one understood it, and therefore was his relatively unknown entity that was kind of floating around this that just simply worked. He said Bitcoin as magical ghost Internet money looks solid by comparison. He didn’t call Bitcoin solid. He did say that Bitcoin was a new world currency. He simply said by comparison, goes to money, looks solid to all the issuance by central government banks. Very weird because through multiple different articles on the Internet, they constantly made reference to the fact that Elon Musk had spoken about Bitcoin. Well, I think the third time, third or fourth time this year, and this time he used the word solid to talk about Bitcoin. He didn’t learn learn how to read English and stop trying to misconstrue things to make them sound better. The point is, this is my favorite thing. I was I was I was making some tea. I read this and I laughed for a good 20 minutes. I don’t if you heard the the optimism in my voice before I started this video is because I had had so much joy in my heart, just thinking chemo came. People in the cryptocurrency space leave now because of how insane the cryptocurrency space is and how like. The word is intense. How intense people can get because of, you know, how intense crypto Twitter is. So I just imagine J.K. Rowling sitting at home wrapped up in a blanket, like drinking some tea, just not understanding, like, what the heck are these people talking about? That’s my favorite news story. And then Elon Musk saying the word solid, which also got people riled up. I mean, why, why, why? Why is there a picture of money? Why is there a woman who has her finger nails done holding up a hundred dollar? Well, let’s start with Krypto. What’s going on? What’s going on, guys? Like what? What am I missing? Why the woods? What’s happening in this space? What what is this picture? If there was a photo of Elon Musk, I would get it. Or Elon Musk and J.K. Rowling at an event standing side by side, it would have made a bit more sense. There’s a woman wearing jeans, holding hundred dollar bills. Anyway. There’s a reason why it’s called news, I missed it. There’s a huge reason. Let us move on. And also other news, Jarrett Tate, the founder of Deji Bite, announced that he will be stepping aside from day to day operations due to the greed and rampant pillaging of the cryptocurrency industry. Tate announced his departure from the front end of the crypto space on his Twitter page on the 15th of May. After eight years in the industry, wow, he had this to say about his experiences. He said, all along the way, I have learned some very humble lessons. Number one of which is greed is the fundamental driving force in crypto and people’s actions in life, end quote. It took him eight years to learn that eight years that we all did that I knew took him eight years. Tate said he doesn’t speak for everyone involved with did you? Right. Which he proclaims that the original values of the crypto industry have disappeared. We’ve gone over that as well. The old old crypto is completely gone. Tait’s noted that all 90 percent of the people care about is cashing out. When one of their coins moons. And that’s because boys and girls for everyone listening, I wanna tell you a secret about the cryptocurrency space. Hope you’re listening. Remember these words. Ninety nine percent of the cryptocurrency market is garbage. Did you hear me? Rubbish. Terrible. No use. There’s no need for these coins and people know that in the back of their head, no matter how much you tell yourself. Listen, I’ll be out. I’ll be frank with you and I’ll even level with you. I’ll even I’ll even say that I understand you. I get why people try to pump their coins in the comment section I get while other people are fighting. I get why. So am I and I get it. I don’t agree with it. However, when people try to pump their coins, it’s because they know that they’re holding garbage and they’re doing anything that they can in their power to make sure that the prices of these coins go up so that they can moon and that they can cash out, because in the very beginning he’d heed my words. People got into some of the worst coins in the cryptocurrency space trying to make a rapid quick buck. This is why they did. These other channels are flourishing once again. I’ve I’ve I’ve never been so shocked in my entire life, honestly, on a on an average day. My videos get anywhere from 13 to 18 thousand views, give or take. They fluctuate back and forth. And I and I simply give you the news. I tell you the reality of the cryptocurrency space. I don’t sugarcoat anything. If something looks like garbage, I’m going to tell you it’s garbage. The other channels that have come out of the woodworks or have started reposting videos. These channels are getting one hundred and sixteen thousand views a day. Eighty five thousand views a day. Their channels. One of them. What was it like a couple of days ago? It was like chart shows bitcoin hitting one hundred thousand very soon. Are you in the market? All these things. Everything right now almost knocked over a picture frame. Everything just go away. Everything right now in the cryptocurrency space. Has to exclusively do with people trying to make sure that their coins are no one are hyped up, are pumped up so that the prices can go up and they can cash out. People know that they’re holding garbage. And I’m sad that it took the the founder of Deji by eight years to figure this out. And in the end in the beginning, in the long, long ago, in the beginning of the cryptocurrency space, things were not as they were right now. Things were a lot calmer than we we we had the idea of of of the whole Lambeau culture. But that also came from the greedy aspect of what is now a huge force within the cryptocurrency space. Before that, the idea was to decouple the entire world from fiat currencies. We know that Bitcoin is slow, but we know that eventually Bitcoin will get upgraded. We can do this and make sure that Bitcoin stands as the the the the the totem pole. And therefore, if everyone touches the totem pole, gains it’s knowledge, we can all move on from fiat currencies. This is when the other coins I’m in, I and I. My my brain won’t let me go through eight years of Krypto life to name all the coins, we had so many copies of Bitcoin starting to pop up and. I don’t even consider light coin to be a necessary copy like coin was created more so as as a like a literal silver literal silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It was meant to be. And then eventually it became this kind of test net, which is totally fine when you’re trying to protect the main core, as it were, for Bitcoin. What happened over the last couple of years, and I’ve mentioned this on several other occasions, the Andes, the old idea of decentralization is is is completely gone. The cryptocurrency space has allowed itself to become corrupted by not only greed, but also institutions. Remember before when institutions and Griese and Bank and all this other stuff were very bad things, and now people loud to them and praise them on a crypto Twitter. I’m so glad the JP Morgan’s getting into this. I’m so blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I understand. I’m also an investor for those of you who were unaware. I’m I’m also into the into the money aspect because I want security in my life. However, the fact that this person just got to the point that I mean, it’s the same exact reason, like we we logically don’t need multiple Bitcoin. If you feel in your heart that Bitcoin, the core is too slow. You create a side chain that runs inside it and you allow these new upgrades to run on said PSI chain, you’d leave the core alone and you build on the outside to make Bitcoin stronger. The BSA vs the B cashes the B gold’s the B diamonds, the B, everything else. These are all unneeded coins and I’ll even go so far as to say did you buy it also isn’t a coin that’s needed. I keep seeing people over and over talking about how it’s just in the comment section. I know these people are trying to hype up the coin and I’m I’m not even half remotely sad that I’m being honest with all of you. It’s just really how things are. I mean, that so many coins in the space, we have no need for them. They’re never going to do anything. A lot of people bought these coins in expectations years ago that these coins were going to rocket and moon. I have a friend. I don’t think he’s watching. But if you are. When he got into the cryptocurrency space, I said, focus on a couple of coins. He went OK and bought a whole bunch of other coins, which I will not name. These coins are doing terrible. And I mean, terrible, terrible, like, bad, terrible. And all I see every single day is him trying to make sure that other people know about how great his garbage is that he bought. Eventually, when the prices go up, can you guess what he plans on doing? He plans on selling because people realizing you all of you realize and for those of you who say you don’t realize, I’m going to tell you, you’re going to realize sometime in the future, you have probably purchased garbage. You are holding onto garbage. You need to at some point get rid of that garbage. And I hope that the next cryptocurrency Bullrun, that not even if we even don’t reach previous highs, that we go five cents over the previous highs of where we were and that you have a chance to cash out and then re-evaluate your portfolio. And I mean that with the most honest words I can possibly comprise together of all the words in the English language. Total honesty. Of course, people in the cryptocurrency space are greedy. So many. Why do you think we have all these coins? Why do you think we have all these other people trying to mimic and make all these other things? You’ve seen all the other cryptocurrency changes that have shut down all the crypto startups, the AI CEOs, the SVO is and have come and gone. There was no need for these things. I told all of you years ago, I remember I had other videos I would show you Web sites, these people talking about. They had made in Bitcoin, our coin is five times faster in the Bitcoin, where the new so and so sign up for this. Do this. Make your money by this. And I’m I beat these coins won’t be around. Dude, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Modern investor, your garbage investor. No. OK. Sure. I got it. Like I said and like I say. Oh, you’ll all get it at some point. There’s a reason why the market mainly focuses on three coins. That’s not to say that there may not be eight other coins circling around those three that could potentially do well in the future. But at least five of those eight are not. The other three are going to be sitting on the sidelines. They’ll they’ll be successful companies, but people won’t be using them. I’m I’m sad that it took this man. Eighty years to figure this out, he added. It’s a primal force. I get that. But every day I see this tech being used to enrich the few at the expense of the long term. Good of the many. He said making a quick buck is not why block chain matters. It’s not at all. But the entire idea of block, chain and cryptocurrency has gone out the window. Cryptocurrency has allowed itself to become easily hyper corrupted by banks and institutions who now own the entire space. Remember, remember what I said about two years ago? I said when the people from the Nasdaq. And the New York Stock Exchange. And Fidelity and the Winklevoss and all these other people are holding thousands, tens of thousands of Bitcoin. Hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin. I think I’m pretty sure the Winklevoss hold in two thousand thirteen. They had at least two hundred thousand Bitcoin. One can only assume they probably have a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot more. When these people stay the richest people on the planet and become even richer in the future, we can’t get upset at them because we we’ve allowed them to corrupt the space. This is why I mentioned before. For those people who don’t even have a fraction of a Bitcoin in their portfolio and are never going to buy Bitcoin, I, i in in in in 20 years. We’ll have a digital virtual conference in some sort of way. And I’ll let you know, I’ll let you explain to me why you just simply did not buy Bitcoin and how great that’s going for you. Like I said, not being mean, but you have to understand, this place is just. It’s Guards’. It’s gonna be full of greed. It’s a monetary market. Wait, wait, wait. What did this person think was gonna happen by the time Bitcoin had value? This is why for those of you who didn’t do a history lesson, why Satoshi Nakamoto left the space. There were people who he trusted to kind of continue building this in the background. One of the people I think went to the US government and was going to, like, show them how great Bitcoin was. And Satoshi was like, what are you doing? The guy was going there for profit because he probably thought, I know I blew this guy, probably thought he could sell off some Bitcoin or sell off the actual infrastructure to the US government. We have the tools and the means to get away from the old system. But people don’t care. People care about the integration with the old system. And that’s why the news has become the integration with the old system. How to make the old system great. No one’s using swift while there’s a new form of swift. No one’s using so and so where there’s a new form of this. You’re a computer’s not working well. It is integrated into ours as opposed to creating our own space. But we we’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve come far too far. We now have billionaires who own Bitcoin. I’m sure they’re telling their billionaires and or mega millionaire friends to also buy a Bitcoin. These people will own all the Bitcoin in the future. Fifteen years from now, you know, like when we get those really weird, crazy, wacky price predictions of a bitcoin price in twenty, twenty eight and twenty thirty two of being multi million dollars per bitcoin. Think of in the future how many people around the world are just not simply going to hold. Because they’ve bought all these other coins. It’s insane to think about the opportunities that people had. I remember shouting from the rooftop, Buy Bitcoin, it’s two hundred dollars. No. No one listened by Bitcoin is twelve hundred dollars. Bitcoin has dropped from twenty thousand dollars. Have you accumulated Bitcoin? No Bitcoin bitcoins at three thousand five hundred. Why would I want to buy Bitcoin? OK, cool. The point is, of course, the space is full of greed. Of course, it’s a fundamental driving growth or factor or force. We live in a world. Where money rules everything around us. Have we ever heard of cream c r e m Googled the word cream money or C dot r dot e dot a dot m. And you’ll you’ll get it. I’m sure a lot of people know exactly what cream is. Anyway. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry, mister. Did you bite founder that you realized it. It took this man eight years. All these people do is create new coins in an effort to make money from them. This is why it’s also very confusing. Sometimes when you see a lot of these coins that no one’s using have market valuations in the hundreds of millions of billions of dollars. What’s that? Did they they’ve created money out of thin air and people bought it. Remember last year and the year before that, all the conferences we were talking about that were taking place in Russia and other places like that? Like I told you, my friends showed me how he sent me the Instagram stories. These people having multi hundred people conferences in Russia creating like Bitcoin do to do like it was a weird name after it. And these people, they were asking these people that they were going up to them with microphones. How much did you put into the market today? I put fifteen thousand. I think it’s gonna do really well. These coins probably didn’t even exist, these were all scams and the people who ran these scams. Are now somewhere in paradise. They now have tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars waiting for the time when they can make their next scam. I know people won’t listen. I know some of you will listen. But I know the vast majority, 99 percent have either clicked the way already, have left a dislike, have left a bad comment or think I’m absolutely insane. And I tell you these things because I’ve been here before. I said this in another video. I know you won’t listen at this point. It kind of is what it is. If you keep buying crappy coins in the future, you’re gonna have a crappy portfolio. Just letting you know and also being sick of the greed that’s the market now. That’s that’s just is what it is. You’ve you’ve seen the comments section. You’ve seen Krypto Twitter, you’ve seen all of it. People are very what’s the word tribalistic in the cryptocurrency space because everyone drank the Kool-Aid in a different corner. Everyone ran to a corner, drank that Kool-Aid, and now they scream at other people, you should be drinking my Kool-Aid when they know it tasted terrible. It was bitter. It was horrible. They didn’t like it. But you have to convince other people, hey, mine is mine is better. I come over to my side and the other people come over. They also taste it and go, Oh. Buy this one, buy this one, because they also bought into the madness. Well, all these coins of garbage there are there are maybe five coins that have any real purpose. And I’m not talking about any staking any delegated proof of stake, any other crappy coins like that. Very few coins are actually going to be used in the future anyway. Yeah, sorry. Did you buy it, founder? I hope you understand now that the place is just about greed and money does. Yeah. Cream anyway. Let’s move on. Next up, Metallic Budarin is in the news in a series of tweets, Imperium co-founder Vitaly Budarin gave a nod of approval to competing block chain EOS with regard to the neach they are trying to carve out. He said, if I were designing a new chain to go live along a Bitcoin, any theory theorem, I would. Oh, that’s a that’s a very bad sign. Whenever someone says those words, that means that they’re slightly planning it in the background. I would take all the political tradeoffs that Bitcoin and ether aren’t willing to take, Budarin said in a May 15th tweet, referring to, of course, Bitcoin and ether because he said BTC and Ethe listed by Coin Telegraph as a fifth most influential person in crypto really and block chain Budarin and hold significant weight in the industry, Budarin noted. Quadratic voting, based on unchanged governance and all built into cryptographic procedures, are tradeoffs of interest. He also included on chain oracles for all events. Instead of ones that simply relay price moves. Budiman also mentioned potentially adding some form of identification on the network, perhaps even an on chain model of identity, at least for participants who want to participate, participate, participate in governance. Non governing actors will still be fully anonymous, he said, although he specified constructing the feature smarter than other current platforms. He said, This is why I actually have some respect for iOS and Co.. I disagree with delegated proof of stake, but at least they are trying to develop a cohesive and principled alternative niche, he added, referring to the delegated proof of stake block chain framework. That’s also news. Yeah. Vitaly Budarin said he has some respect for iOS. The Internet ran away with it. This is not listen. So a couple of other times before, it wasn’t Budarin. But there have been other people, other big wigs, big names in the cryptocurrency space who have mentioned that if they were to create a new chain, that they would do it like this. I redis very them. The bureau has already said before in the past that at some point he plans on stepping away from Ethiopia. Theory. He said, is no time soon. But he wants it to be as decentralized as possible. He doesn’t want to have the sway and the weight that he currently holds within the cryptocurrency space. Charlie Lee has said the same thing. I guess Nakamoto said it in 2009, 2010, because he’s gone. And so have many other people who have leadership role. So it does kind of make sense. I really hope he doesn’t make a new chain because it’s just kind of like, oh, no, no, no, no. But yeah. Vitaly Budarin tipped his digital hat towards iOS four delegates, proof of stake. And that also made news because this is news that I missed. There’s usually a reason why I missed it at. John McAfee. Is in the news today. John McAfee’s goes to cryptocurrency, teasers out who and the privacy focused coin is ready for its worldwide debut. I was hoping this would happen. The millionaire entrepreneur has just informed the world, thank goodness, about his latest crypto offering called Ghost that focuses on individual privacy. The tweet featured the white paper launch for the upcoming coin. It says, Yes, money signed Ghost White Paper coming out today, 8:00 p.m. Central. No, I will say nothing in advance. Dot, dot, dot, maybe. Dot, dot, dot. I’ll put it out half an hour earlier. Dot. Or maybe not. Said John McAfee on the 15th of May. Twitter Roddie has responded with enthusiasm, really about the John McAfee ghost cryptocurrency white paper. Soon the tweet was flooded with queries and congratulations. Why? This is the third coin he’s made. John McAfee has made other coins before. Am I the only one who, like, pays attention to the day to day of the cryptocurrency space? John McAfee has made other coins before. He’s also promoted tons of crappy coins before. A lot of you have probably lost money because that because of John McAfee. John McAfee was the scam promoter in 2017. Type in John McAfee, IFCO 2017. He promoted a new coin a day, a day, not every other day, not once a week, every single day on his Twitter. John McAfee was promoting a different coin. And John McAfee had the stop because the S.E.C. was like, what? What are you doing? He was he was also getting paid. I think I think I think the rumors were the rumors were between 50 to one hundred thousand dollars per coin. And he never disclosed it. And people just thought that he actually logit had a new coin of the day. Same exact thing. There’s another crypto tuber who is the same exact way. I’m not going to say names. You know exactly who I’m talking about. He also remember 2017. This guy said it’s really weird that all these scammers are popping back up and people are following them. It’s the weirdest thing in the entire world. How many times do you have to be burned to understand that that that the oven is hot? Stop touching it. You know that these people are scammers. You know that these people. John McAfee has made multiple coins. He has promoted multiple scams before in the past. Why would any why why would why would you continue following nine? You know how many views? Ninety five thousand of uses for a scam. Remember the other day when we were talking about all those people? Who are watching those scams? If you give me one hundred X Arpey, I’ll give you back a thousand. And why why they’re so popular. What is going on in the world that people just don’t. Is it? It’s called common sense. Like what is? And I didn’t even make a joke. I was gonna make a joke, like, send me a Bitcoin, I’ll send you 10, because I know that at some point somebody would send me a Bitcoin like, hey, TMI, never send me back my ten bitcoin. Like, what do you what do you think is happening in the world? Is it is. It is. The white paper will launch at 8:00 p.m. Central Time. The public will have full access to all technical details regarding the coin. This is not his first coin. His other coins have flopped. No one won. I think it was actually like a I think it was called McAfee coin. No one’s going to use these coins. I swear to actual goodness, if anyone in this channel puts their money into this coin that no one is going to use. And you use you lose your money. Please only blame yourself. No one else. Tell your friend, tell a family member, tell your dog, stop it. Stop buying these crappy coins. There’s no there’s no there’s no point in the near future. Were any institution, any bank, any anything? Is not only going to be adding ghost to their cryptocurrency exchange, they’re not going to be custody ing ghost. And they’re not going to be buying ghost. John McAfee is releasing a new coin. If it even ends up launching the white paper as launching, if the actual coin gets off the floor. Who knows? None of you should hold this in the first place. And to finish things off, Ripple Partners, Bibi or SBI Holdings says it plans to use a Ripple’s payments technology to make it easier for people in Japan to access a.T.M. Well, that’s so nice of them. In its latest yearly fiscal reports. The financial services company says it’s working to integrate its ripple powered payments. Settlement money app, tap tap money app app money tap with eight teams runs by various banks across the country. The move could make it easier for users to access their phones at any time, regardless of bank affiliation. Wow. I mean, that’s that sounds futuristic. SBI says the project could also improve the bottom line for banks. Always important because banks are banks themselves by reducing operating costs. They said currently each bank has an atom with its own bank app, but with a common web app, these same atom may be used or jointly operated by a multi bank. Adam, that sounds interesting. It’s almost as if we didn’t need a Tam’s anymore. We simply could just use cryptocurrency. Hmm hmm. I guess not. Maybe a couple more years. SBI aims to roll out money tap to a bank consortium that’s led by SBI Ripple Asia. The consortium currently has 61 banks operating or representing about 80 percent of all bank assets in Japan. In September of last year, SBI Holdings President Yoshitaka Cartel was quoted as saying that the app, which is fully licensed by Japanese regulators, would utilize Ripple’s native cryptocurrency Zerk in the future. Wonderful. I love the idea of more a.T.M, especially when I don’t even use an A.T.M.. No one my age uses cash anymore. I don’t know if you still use cash. Everyone I know taps their cards, lives their card or just simply orders online. I guess there are tons of people who do use atoms so cool that they’re gonna be using Ripple’s payment network. For that, no explicit words on them using. I assume SERP will be used somewhere in the background because for those of you who don’t know, REPL is actually partnered with nearly every single bank in Japan. So at some point I’m ex Arpey is going to be heavily used. But for this news that was also everywhere, it kind of all over the place. S.P.I is going to be using REPL. I mean, I’m shocked. Are you? I mean, I’ve never seen the affiliation before side. I just simply did not expect this to happen. Anyway. As always, a very special thank you to my patriot and supporters, reviser Walli, from going to my university utopia. Five hundred and sixty nine, Yashar Hanadi Moonman High X Arpey, the pothead Joshua Vinyard, Martin Steuer, Tongo no low sound go low. Low no Bromo. John saucing the animal. Rita a a phobia thottam mullas Adam gracing Mohammed Ronie massive benches in Thailand. Jarrin Schneider Wyse Night Owl two hundred and forty two to the world Krypto Joe Bankroller Network Adobo Krypto artist Goldi 3D Nicholas Where on earth one peace one love Damian set soon Nick Kanigher Richie which a third Vlad the Impaler Praksis Nick Mondiale Livonia. Danny Charles Jim Garner Jeremy Fox minting coins m.a hitch test everyday and Casket’s Leg Day. Yes to Krypto but make both face any time faintness Moncks Corner staff are Medek Seventeen Bake me a cake to grow much Olisa on crypto with Lenno Prioleau Michelle you are l and hold on. I have to sneeze. Thank you all very, very much for your support. Thank you to everyone who is a subscriber of the new channel. Thank you to everyone who was a member of this channel. And thank you to everyone who has a clicker of affiliate links. SAT the momento. The cryptocurrency market looks in saying, I saw a couple of articles. First of all, Bitcoin is down currently by two point one three percent. I saw a couple of articles talking about that Bitcoin was on its way back down to seven. The Bears had taken control and therefore it was time for the market to kind of hold on. I don’t think we’re going back down to 7000. I could see a slipping slightly below nine thousand for a couple of seconds in a coordinated move to acquire more. Lower than nine thousand dollar Bitcoin. But at the moment, fundamentals look great. The fluctuations are absolutely insane. And once again, if you’ve been day trading kudo’s to you, because these movements are moneymakers, that’s not me telling you to go day. Trade is more like a if you’re already in it and you know what to do, therefore keep on doing it. Me? Yeah. The market looks crazy. Nothing. And what if the price of did you buy it went up because the founder was like, nope, I’m gone. I’m Hyperion is up by 15 percent. Wow. That’s twenty four million dollars worth of trading volume. That is. I mean, that’s more than any other coin I’ve never seen. Twenty four million per coin. I simply my mind can’t take it. I don’t know what to do with that 24 million faders up one 19 million synthetics is up on one million. Really, really strong, strong trading, trading, trading volumes right now going around. For those of you who could not hear in my voice that was sarcasm. I do hope you all enjoyed. I mean, I enjoyed the the the J.K. Rowling one. Hope you all enjoyed. Hope you all are having a great day of mourning. A great afternoon. A great evening. Wherever you are. Where ever you might be. I do hope that it was ab. So lewdly. Fantastic. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening. And I will most definitely. Certainly, hopefully probably. We’ll be talking to you all soon. See you.


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