Bitcoin Gender Gap – MGTOW

Bitcoin Gender Gap – MGTOW

Bitcoin: New Financial System or Same Old Boys’ Club?

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Express Pest. He didn’t give me a subject with his donation so I thought this subject would be interesting. I mentioned the Bitcoin Gender Gap in passing and people asked me what the hell does that mean? So I thought it would be and interesting to explore in depth. I found an article with a video called Bitcoin: New Financial System or Same Old Boys’ Club?” from the end of 2017 back when bitcoin prices were around ten thousand dollars. Below the video there’s a section called: “The Bitcoin investment gender gap” but the problem is that cryptocurrency trasactions are anonymous so we don’t know exactly how much men own and how much women own. Notice how no one was talking about the Bitcoin gender gap when a bitcoin was twenty bucks or five hundred bucks, or even a thousand bucks. Once it broke into ten thousand dollar territory I started seeing articles about the poor womanz not getting in on time or how it’s not fair. But we all know how many women are going to get the bitcoins, or should I say men’s bitcoins. By shaking their tail of course. Maybe some woman in south east Asia is going to recognize Vention MGTOW when he goes over there for his vacation and try and marry him or hold him hostage for ransom after recognizing his face from YouTube. Vention I emplore you to keep the size of your spoils a secret before half of Asia is offering their raw Sushi for them. If you know what I mean. That fortune article is crazy and freaking absurd with a graphic showing that on MyEtherWallet eighty four percent of crypto owers were men. But they don’t know the exact number so they just used a servey or possibly data people submitted when signing up for MyEtherWallet. The reason there’s a bitcoin gender gap is the reason there’s a gap in stem fields, hours worked gap and just about anything else that’s generally seen as being difficult or risky. Women don’t take the same amount of risk with their money that men do. Men are more into speculative investing and trying to do a hail Mary play because it’s in our DNA. If our male ancestors didn’t take risks and played it safe odds are his genes didn’t get passed on. Fortune favored the bold man by giving him two women to procreate with and the safe man got none. That’s how things worked before civilization and before a structured society made having a mate for every man a practical thing. Now that civilization is falling appart and the social and culture values are virtually non existant men and women are returning to their biological defaults. Men are more likely to take greater risks because you need more than ever to attract a woman.

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