Bitcoin GIGANTIC Long Term Signal?! April 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis


Mark COLVIN has the most historically bullish any hit on Bitcoin at just given the signal for a buy a bad name and a mass? My son and my son made the Moscow mayor to Moscow. Well, well, well, welcome back to CROSSFIRE. Okay. Let’s see if Obus wants to work. Hold on. Quick fix. There it is. Yes. Oh, my God. Okay. Hopefully this one actually works. Anyway, I do want to wish you a very happy and healthy start. Your sad Saturday, Saturday morning over here from actually a bright and sunny Helsinki, Finland. Cold as fuck those year degrees Celsius. I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit. Now I feel like I’ve been. I feel like that’s the point of full assimilation from being American to Europeans, going from a weird American metrics over to the metric system. Anyway, it’s other than that, I should say that I’m not sure if I’ll be on foot today again, kind of deal with the same sort of things. Elsa has gotten tested for Corona virus the other day. She’s awaiting her results, but I don’t really think that we need results to confirm that she feels very bad and is running a fever and is obviously not in good shape right now. So do you have to prioritize that? Obviously, you know, human life over magic and money. Money’s at business, if you will. But a few things talked about today as far as a higher term time frames go really unseen. Anything different happen over there. So we’ll maybe briefly go over today. I do hope that this video is going to be a little bit on the shorter side, maybe even less than 20 minutes, if I can, with the focus tomorrow on the higher term time frames. But realistically, the reason why we’re not talking about them is because a lower term time frames are, well, more appealing right now and really nothing’s changed. So I don’t really want to be repeating the same fucking things every god damn day. So if you really do want to see it once again, nothing’s really changed from last Sunday’s long term analysis video. And you’re more than welcome to check that one out in the in the long term analysis playlist anyways. As far as he Crunchie, an application goes right over here. We do have the open interest chart now alive. All you have to do is click on the number reading on the open interest chart. Mother fucker. It’s actually not updating right away as well. Dammit. OK. Well, we can deal with the sweater. Hopefully this video comes through, right? Anyways, you will notice that we only have data going back a few days now, but that will be populated over time. And in this next update, we will see. You’ll see. You’ll see that chart be absolutely beautified by our lovely creative designer. Have to carve out his full name. It’s like, wait. Maybe I shouldn’t dox this person. We’ll just leave meant that lovely creative designer. He’s awesome, man. The man from Florida. The one sane person in Florida. Maybe. Anyways, anyways, looking at open interest. Nonetheless, we do see it hanging around that 650 million marker, which tells us still that we’re kind of caught within the same paradigm in market. We haven’t really seen a big shattering move above the 750 million marker on the open interest. We’ve really seen a shattering move back down below 550 million. So we’re kind of caught within the same sort of phase, I suppose, if you will, anyways. On top of that, I think it’s time for me to answer the question that I posed at the beginning of this video. Has the most bullish indicator for bitcoin that has been pretty damn actor in the past. Has it actually flashed a bicycle? And I want to preferences first by saying I’ve gotten a million fucking messages about this, even even despite my requests that right now it’s not the best time for messages. It’s just really difficult for me to get around. I don’t want I don’t want to come off as arrogant or just like, you know, completely detached asshole, I guess. But, you know, a little bit of real life right here and a little bit of, you know, what’s the word that I’m looking for? Perspective. But let’s go check it out. Running over here. A million people fucking sent me this. It’s about the hasher bins and they ask and they say crown. The hash ribbon is just just signal. No buy signal. And it’s always right. Why aren’t you talking about. It’s like it’s like an accusation. I well, we can go look at it right now. Well, let’s let’s answer those questions. So let’s look at it right here. We do see that on Bitstamp it is actually partially maybe a bison or now this is actually not confirmed as it is. And the exchange is that we go through as we kind of look through all of the majors, you can see that there is obvious bifurcation within this. This is g.d axe. We are not getting that same bison when it goes up and down, depending upon how we kind of close its current day or site where we are currently. But literally, if you see just one tick lower than where we are right now, you will see this undo itself. Same thing with Bitstamp right here. Same thing with FinTechs right here. Or actually Phoenix. OK, Phoenix, let’s have it there. And then bit next goes like she looked one more little bit more likely, but it is perhaps within the cards. But let’s actually do a little bit of a deep dive for this is going to be the one time. The one thing that I’ve talked about from. From a long term time frame perspective, being a daily Sowetan, you know, not so much, but we’re gonna have to go over it a little bit more of historical historical price action here. Last time that we did have a bicycle was pretty damn good as far as getting the lost momentum to the downside before $4000 rallied to the upside. This was back on over here in late December. Twenty nineteen right around this region right here. Yes. Bitcoin does have a short tumble, but does not make a new low after that before a $4000 rally on the upside. Let me just make sure that recording I am recording the Mike Fund’s work. That’s good. Before that action actually need to go to an exchange that has more price hikes in history. We can go on over here to January 2019 again. We do get the bias and no here after the lowest put in, so no new lows were made. But Bitcoin does tumble over kind of near near that low once again. So I do think that that’s interesting nonetheless. And then if we go back a little bit further than that, we have another example back in over here, this one. You know, it’s a different phase. The mark cycle as Bitcoin was obviously in an uptrend on the macro phases in right here. We do see a bison. No populated basically at the end of this year. I call it a crash called a correction is a pretty intense move, actually. Remember this one, I believe? Yeah, 40 percent moved to the downside relatively fast. Now, again, getting the bison or after the low is put in, but does come back down a secondary time and in kind. I wouldn’t say test that test the prior low, but does kind of have another have another ebb to the downside. A couple examples back over here in 2014, 2015 as well. We do see this bison all riding over here. This one, again, it was the ultimate low in. Yes, it was. Does bitcoin come back down and actually make a lower low than where that bison? It was partially. Yes, it does buy good. Well, I know. I don’t know by how good of a margin right here, about 10 eleven percent, which, you know, is significant. And then, of course, we have an example right here. Obviously, that’s one time and it even worse. But was the low actually in? Yes, it was. And does Bitcoin come back down like obviously. Where do you know that? And then, of course, this one. Right. And over here again, you know, not not the best timing of momentum. The upside at all. But was a low end beforehand. Yes, it was. And the main thing is, is that we don’t really have any fake outs with this of like making a new low, at least that I’ve seen thus far. So it is interesting. And I do think that it could be you know, it could be of significant interest if we do fully informally confirm this. But that’s still not happening until later tonight. So today’s daily Delta closure can be relatively important again. Right. And over here we have this example in February of 2013. This one, it’s hard to kind of zero in on it. This this one actually did get a good timing signal right there. But again, that’s actually an outlier. That’s one out of, I don’t know, six or seven now. This one. Right. And over here, same thing gives you a bicycle. All this one does come back down and actually test around that area, but just ever so slightly above it. And the low is obviously and beforehand. And then we have this example back in over here again giving you the bison. Oh, yes. We do come back down to that area to test around it. This is getting a little bit too far back in Bitcoin’s. That’s for me to really feel comfortable with. But. But again, the low is in beforehand. So that seems to be consistent. And I do think that this is of interest. But the reason why I haven’t been talking about it is because I don’t believe it’s been confirmed just yet. We need to see another day, another daily deal to close, because I do see this kind of, you know, going in and out here, you know, depending upon how today’s closed. So you will see that the most recent circle, if you will, on this is blue. That needs to be sustained for at least a day. And then, yes, it actually would be within the cards and then and. But but but remember, as we’ve shown over the history of time, that doesn’t mean that Bitcoin’s not going to or potentially couldn’t come back down. In fact, that is par for the course and what we’ve seen longer term. But I do think that this does really start to shape up the conversation of this really operating, as you know, as a long term, perhaps macro low. I do think that the bears who are saying that this is going to go down to two thousand or even a thousand or even back down to 3000, I think that that’s unlikely. I do think it’s likely that we will have another down move, probably back down to like low 6000 maybe, maybe, maybe even low 5000. But this also does kind of fit in with my analysis of Turkish markets where I do think that Turkish marks. I think I think they’re more like more than likely bottomed. Again, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to come back down. In fact, I do think next week’s going to be a down week just like that. Just just like I said this week, which did come down. And I and I think that we’re going to get continuation next week. But we can actually make a new low. I think it’s just gonna be a bear trap. Realistically speaking, I think that most people are. I think that the average retailer is bearish right now. I think that the average retailer, you know, somebody who you talk to and I like any fucking conversation that you’d have now with a regular person is, man, the economy’s going to the economy’s really bad. A lot of recessions long. If we’re gonna go on to depressions like that is it seems it seems a little bit it’s like the opposite of euphoria. It’s like what’s what’s what’s like what’s like a like an immense love for, you know, for downside. I don’t know, whatever it is. Despair. Yeah, despairs. Despairs within what for? Although there should be a stronger one than that. If you have a stronger word than despair, please let me know, cause I’m looking to expand my version of English at least at least as it is. So yes, that is in the cards tonight. And if that does get confirmed, you know, historically speaking, that has been one herbsaint. Correct. Now, that, again, does not take away from the fact that I do think that there is a very actually not just not just possible to have another tune-up to have another move to the downside. I think it’s actually rather likely, but I would not necessarily look for that move to be a massive, massive, earth shattering move to the downside. Making new lows again if this gets confirmed, so there’s a big if statement there. All right. So now we just talked about all the higher term timeframe bullshit that I wanted to talk about. Now let’s go down to lower term time frames and talk about what is likely to happen on a fucking Saturday, which is usually rather dull. So yesterday I left you off and we are kind of flagging out above this blue box territory. We may come back down and test it a few times. You know, again, I think that I think that my own trading style here kind of, you know, just I think that it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just testing into the boob, into the blue boxes until we actually do break them. But. But, you know. But again, as you know, as it’s been tested a couple times here, I support offered up a couple couple nice scalps. And to me, it looks like we are gonna be getting ready to test some upside here after failure to break down another swipe into the blue box territory right over here, I think is rather likely. And yes, I did close shorts within this region yesterday on this second test right here. And pretty much around the time that I woke up, as I woke up rather early, going to I went to bed last night like maybe 8:30 or 9. It’s fucking insane. And it’s been consistently like that for like a couple months now. It’s kind of crazy. And what’s even crazier is that actually outside in Finland right now, it doesn’t get dark. Intel really fucking late. And there’s actually gonna be a period of time like for a month or so where it literally does not even get dark at all. It’s it’s at 2 a.m., 3 a.m. It will be bright as fucking day at at that time. It’s just insane. I actually hate it’s probably my least favorite thing about living here anyway. So, you know, as it stands right now, I want to see if my momentum alters our agreement as it looks to me like once have another test. The upside for our stoke’s did come down all of yesterday. But price action failing to break below this region right here does offer up more of more of a look at this as a bullish reset. Sorry. Let me get rid of this right here. It’s not relevant to what we’re looking at. Does a little more like a bullish reset. But let’s see, all the other lower term time frames are kind of operating right now. This a flush. This is a fresh look on price, price, price action for myself this morning. So I don’t have I don’t have a I don’t have a bias coming into this. We do see three ourselves already kind of curling up and rejecting, getting side rejecting, getting out of the bullish controls. And so I do like that going over the two hour, I would expect to see the same thing. Yes, indeed we do. And the our the expect to see all the way up there. Yes, indeed it does. So that’s more or less good. And I do think that we are going to test some upside here. Yes. This is a little bit of a bull flag as it stands on the lower term time frames. I think it’s the most most obvious and like the 2 and 4 hour and you can make a much move off this. I mean, short term, you know, for a very short term move, I’d say a move past a back above this little prior high right here at ten on Mesko does initiate a move all the way up to seventy seven fifty. Again, this is this is a Saturday. It’s not any mirth earth-shattering mood. But if you know, if I am trading low term time frames, that’s what I’d be looking at, although I do not trade on the weekends for you know for the specific reason that it’s usually time for fake out territory. And with that potential buy signal on the hash ribbon’s is it you know, you know, you know way to right now be a good time for bears to mountain attack if they did want to mountain attack. Yes, I do think so. So, you know, I would be overall cautious here. But but you know. But pivot pivot pivots for trading this area or least trading supporting resistance are pretty damn simple. Same shit as what we looked at yesterday. Seventy four hundred to the downside and 78 hundreds, the upside ish region. This area right here, obviously a lot bigger between about 78 to so let’s call it seventy. But that’s relevant to the higher term time frames. So I really want to see like a higher term time frame close above their twelve hour daily at a minimum and that’s gonna that’s gonna be some shape up or change the the rest of my analysis. But for right now it’s looking like the lower term time frames. Do you want to test up a little bit again. Maybe another test back up to like seventy seven fifty ish region. I am I have no opinion on whether bitcoin closes above there or not. I do have an opinion on how this will set more long term. If that hish if that harrabin signal does get confirmed legit night which is going to have a chance to. But he needs a close daily needs close above about 77. Sorry. Seventy five hundred ish region for it to be a topic of consideration. And I believe we close below study 400 that will actually be reverted. And I do have my skepticism here, but it’s really going to align with my long term view of OK. Is Bitcoin still in danger of making a new low, a blow below this low that we’ve kind of already put in? Or is it or or or is that conversation well gone? And on the next big down, I should be looking for Prep’s or perhaps out like a long term hot opposition. That’s that’s to be determined, which we will have clarity on tomorrow. Now, for four for what it’s worth right now, it actually I said I wouldn’t go on to hide from conference, but I would like to look at CMU because we did see the weekly closed for Sammies yesterday night at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. This weekly closed right here does really offer up too much. It does look good from a momentum positive momentum positive perspective. We do see weekly Stoke’s back up and rejecting the birth control zone. I think that that’s more more good than bad. Of course. And weekly RSI is getting back to the expansion, although I am rather. That’s not the most strong read of all time either. And Bitcoin did close, but the. And simple, so realistically, it just offers up a very easy way to be trading this combination next week, which is going to really help formulate any sort of buys for a medium term move, just trading this as kind of a D-O-G dollar below it at 60, 750 or above it, whatever the high was, I think maybe we’ve got to like 8000. You’re now 78, 70 ish region, it looks like which which whichever one gets taken out first should be our next medium or even probably higher term time frame direction. So starting to look a little more insane here. Weekly jewel not really telling us anything. It’s not really too much. It’s right here. Daily Jewel. I’m just looking at Spot just to kind of compare. Not really get anything obvious as well. So does Bitcoin have another another tent back up to the upper 7 thousands in the lower term time frames, perhaps? Yes, but I’m not really concerned with that. I’m concerned with the higher term timeframes right now as as we’re going to get some clarity on the long term situation here relatively soon. Now, is there bearish divergence in the four hours between this point? At this point formulating. Yeah, pretty much. Is there is that mediated by are set are are more higher, more higher timeframes like a twelve hour basically. That could be undone especially be close its next twelve hours above the 200x Benjamin it which is 75 fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu Street and so pretty much where we are at right now. So we could even make this on a low term timeframe area right here. We could actually mark off the low term timeframe, actionable area pretty damn nicely as well. Some like this would be looking towards and I could even use probably a low term time frame like this, like even an hourly, as we actually do see that work out pretty damn well on a weekend, more or less. Not always perfectly. But, you know, it’s it’s obviously gonna come with this reservations being a low term time frame. But but but but I have seen it work, no doubt. Anyways, you know, if you want to be more conservative, he’s a two hour. I suppose you could just use this area about it over here. If you’re playing the flag and if you are playing the flag formation anywhere above seventy six hundred on an hourly or to add to our clothes, I’d be looking for a move back up to about sunny some 50ish region and that should pull up R R for our momentum. mosshart is back up to the upside. That’s gonna look a little bit better. However, that could be a little bit of an issue. That’s not an issue. That’s not an issue either. I’m just saying if there’s any other if there’s any agreement. So it looks like it looks to me like the two hour jewel is a little bit of of the odd man out. It’s it would be suggesting pressure down. But still, I’d just be going from level to level here. They does take out this level. I’d pray or even just take out that last little whic high that we saw from the 24th of April. I’d probably be looking for another temped back up here into the lower end of the Bluebox at the very least. By the same token, any any whic below. You know, and even take below this low that we put in yesterday at 24th of April at seventy three eighty on Mexico. I’ll be looking for an actual move all the way back down here towards about twenty one fifty to seven one hundred ish region. So it’s a little bit of a you know it’s a little bit of a tight squeeze here. And obviously any sort of a four hour Delta closure below, let’s call it even even like these bodies right here at about sunny 450 ish region price does that one as well. So depending upon how aggressive I’d want to be, which I don’t want to be any any amounts of up aggressive on a weekend, that’s what I’d be looking at right now. Elsas coughing in the background. So it’s only a matter of time, baby. It’s only a matter of time before your boy has it. Well, I’m prepared, man. I’m prepared as much as I can be, I suppose. Anyways, I do want to cover up this as well. The 12 hour stock, about 2 percent out. We are still within the context of this. That does insinuate that a move is coming sooner rather than later. When? When I say sooner rather than later, I do think that we’re gonna see the resolution of this whole range. As far as the long term goes around the end of the month, which is in just a few days. Realistically speaking, that means I expect Bitcoin price action to either be above like 8000 or below 7000 by that time. But for right now, on a Saturday, I don’t think we’re going to get that resolution today. From a twelve hour perspective. This is looking good right here. Twelve hour stocks can be up as well. So why ever? Why ever discount them when they’ve been so good? It’s like, why am I doing any sort of tentacle announces that is not based on this pretty much exclusively? I don’t know. But if you two want to make things easy, for the last couple years, this has been pretty damn fuckin on the money. And we do see this resistance trend line coming in from our last few highs, which has been pretty damn accurate right around or right at the edge of the bullish controls on this. This one very much very significant as we have seen it get a lot of highs. Ever since February, February 9th, by the way, to be exact, which was our high ten thousand five hundred are high right here at ninety one hundred before this major move to the downside. Our next high riding over here before a thousand move to the downside. And then once again, more recently right here before a how big was smooth, 73 to to 60, 70, at least less impressive. But it’s six on a move to the downside. And then we probably will test that trend line once again, assuming that Bay Point gets somewhere around this Bluebox territory. So right now, position lists like I did say, I was short coming into yesterday and I did close it on that move down to this Bluebox right here. I might take the same trade if I get another opportunity, you know, on on today. But depending upon how we close the daily, I’m not so certain that I’ll be handling that for any realistic amount of time. Anyways, what else we want to look at? Um. I don’t really see any, you know, the voice in it, you’re kind of confirming what we see on stock of alternative Sentelle. You know, depending upon how the 12 hour closes right here as well, we could very easily make or so we could very easily undo that bearish divergence or say it’s not even Barasch evidence. But I’m sure what the Bears are looking at right now is they’re going to say that this is going to turn into bearish divergence. I don’t know. I think that that’s actually even. Yeah, that’s actually already on. That’s actually already unconfirmed. So you know what? Not only is it looking like continuation, this is. This is just a local sites site’s not even a local high right here. But we’re actually even making higher highs in the RSI right there as well. So, again, if I if you’re looking for like the big move on a weekend, I don’t think that is happening here. At most I’d say up to 70, 750 or down to like seventy one 50ish region. And I think that, you know, managing trades within this region is pretty damn stock standard. Any sort of a any sort of a move even above this high right here, price does get that continuation, although technically speaking, I’ll wait for like an hourly closed above seventy six and in an hourly closed below about seventy for call it or just tick below seventy three eighty to extrapolate that next move down to the to the short term age. But that’s only relevant to the short term. Medium term and long term range is actually one and the same now above about above about twenty nine fifty. Things start to really look a lot better for a move up to about mid or side mid 8000. This region by the same token a move below about seventy one hundred. That’s one. That’s. That’s what this really does look like. It’s going to come back down below 6000 again, maybe up to like the mid to low 5000 price somewhere around the turn. It’s simple or 200x Benjamin average on the weekly, which I’m gonna guess is right around those areas. What do you know. It’s right around fifty fifty seven hundred it looks like. So. So you know I do. So I do think that it’s that it’s possible for you know, for this downside to happen. I just need to see today’s close and that’s going to really, you know, drive my next bias. But if I’m just looking at the lower term time frames, I mean does it looks like an obvious flag out at a high level, which is typically very bullish, obviously? Yes. The problem with this is, is that it’s on a weekend and I’m very skeptical of of moves happen on a weekend. Doesn’t mean that I can’t be good, doesn’t mean that can’t happen by Tom. Ever since the Emmys have debuted in 2017, December 2010, 17, we have never seen a reversal that’s happened over a weekend to be sustained by for the price action. You know, once a real trading week starts, so that in this case, that actually mean to the downside, I’d be very skeptical of. But that doesn’t mean that we can have a little bit of downside pop back up for Sunday and then, you know, perhaps play a move. But for right now, you know, continuation the same direction would actually be to the upside. So that be actually fun anyways. Okay. So one of the other reasons why do you think Bitcoin probably is going to be putting in a local high, at least for medium term here is because I think that Marks are putting in a local high right here as well. And then this is coming from someone who actually does think that the low is is likely in for traditional markets. I do actually think that it is in now. The low being in does not mean that I just fucking buy blindly in this region right here. I don’t even try this one anymore. So doesn’t mean that I did. It means that I do nothing pretty much. And let me just make sure that everything is going well over here. I think it is. It looks like my charts are are my charts updating like instantaneously. They are. Okay, great. That’s awesome. Just talking to myself some more price only fucking maniac beetle. But tradition marks right here. Did close the gate. Did close a weekly is what you want to call it. A dragonfly, D-O-G Delta. You want to call it a Dodgeville. Do you want to call it long-legged D-O-G to anchor care, which you call it the implications. The same a signal of indecision, perhaps even reversal. If we take out this week’s low at about 232 in a quarter, I’d be looking for a move back down to like the two fifties to 55 ish region, probably wherever the 30 simple is on the daily, which I haven’t been looking at in a long time. Scotia, I believe it’s this one right here and yet are actually that’s much hard, about 260. So that, you know, doubt be the next obvious target to the downside if that were to happen next week. But I would be looking for a bounce there and kind of the same thing as Bitcoin, you know, very, very, very, very similar charts here have been a very, very violent move off the lows. And while I do think that what a while, depending upon how this next capitulation or side, depending upon how this next hasher been signals go, you probably see a very similar chart in the way that they’re going to you know, maybe you bought him out of here a little bit, a little bit more gradually scare people once again with an abrupt move to the downside. And then, you know, once all the headlines get going of depression, worse than 28, not worse in 1929. Worse than this. Worse than that. This is the worst time ever. Everyone’s jobless. Everyone’s fucking losing everything. Dan, that’s probably gonna be a pretty damn good time. And you see the hysteria around the around the web, too. It’s just very insane to me to see like the cryptocurrency people are the crypto currency YouTubers like cheer on the fall of this while thinking that that’s going to benefit Bitcoin and we just don’t see the same thing. I mean, if I remove the term spy here and just put put this chart against a bank. Against Bitcoin start for the same time period. Same fucking chart, man. Big move to the downside. Obviously, bigger move in Bitcoin because this was literally a 60 percent move to the downside. OK. Compared with like a 30 percent move on SPI. But again, you know, you can’t expect spy. to act as you know, as as as as a more immature asset. And then about a 31% move, the upside. Bitcoin obviously doubling off the lows. It’s all relative, right? It’s all relative. So, you know, at the end of a day, I do think that I actually think that the contrarian trade here is actually to be bullish long term on traditional markets and and not be looking for a new low to be made. But depending upon how this next week goes and especially other monthy closes that’s going to be, I think that that’s going to really help clarify the situation here. You know, if the monthy closes anywhere above two eighty two eighty six to eighty two eighty seven, I do think that that’s going to be long term bullish. And I and I don’t think that I don’t think that’s going to make it a new low. I do think that we’re probably going to test back down to like 260 at the very at the very least maybe maybe down to like 240 at the very most. But but I’ll be looking for a major low to be set in there. This is a phenomenal move. Yes. We did get, you know, some pretty massive signals on the monthy jewel. Yes, we did get some pretty hefty turnarounds. But on a closing basis, if if we were to set in a low right here, we’re gonna have a major hit and bullish evidence. And I’m sure that someone’s gonna say the crowd the week here is lower. How could that be? Because RSI is only measured on fucking Close’s Jesus Christ. And I know that that message is coming, man. I fucking know it. I’ve been doing it too long now. I’ve been doing it for over two years now. So I’m prepared. I can like almost answer questions before they even arise. Gold had a pretty damn close for the weekly as well. I do like this one. I think that is gonna be getting more continuation. Yes, I want to see the month close as well. But, you know, weekly closed like that is is is is is looking good enough. I still stick with it with what I’ve been saying long term. Eighteen hundred. Eighteen hundred plus realistically we’ve been bullish on this one for a while and I don’t really see any reason to not be medium and long term bullish short term. Is there you know, is there a threat of a pullback. Yeah, there is a mate, you know mate maybe back down at sixteen fifty in the next month. But but I don’t think that I don’t think that that’s really problematic as long it you know as as as long as as long as we’re close and we could have like this is fine. Six, you know. You know even coming back down to like 60, 90 would be completely fine. Let’s go check out what else you want to check out this video. AURITI long enough. I was twenty seven minutes, so I’m not going to meet my goal. But maybe I can. Maybe I can with this one out really, really fast. When in doubt, whip it out, baby. Look at daily a theory. This one is breaking through. This one’s breaking through this one. This one’s leading the. This one’s leading the party daily. Stoke’s back up. Dahlias talk of alternative. Sentelle is actually still contracting, which is concerning. Here’s the thing, though. We are going to meet in this trend line, I’m sure soon or are we going to be mean it soon? That’s coming into about 20 bucks. Even so, interesting is is is is rather insincere. But, you know, I would be looking for a pullback somewhere right around like two in a box, I suppose. Let’s see what the weekly looks like on this one. Yeah, the Wheatley’s and have a really good chance to close extremely well here. If the weekly closes anywhere above 192, I I I think that we are going to see this one green dildo its way up to our topside resistance, which is, hey, why is that so off right there? Why is that so off putting a hold on? In this case, I actually will use Wix just because this one does like or insight long term. It actually does like to kind of play off them, especially when we’re talking about macro levels. Perhaps perhaps all the way back up to like 250 ish region. All of this, though, is hinging off the assumption that this daily closes well and I would look for bitcoin to set the tone. So even if even if bureau does close above there, if I don’t see the same things on bitcoin or like a relateable thing on bitcoin, I would not just plainly look at that and going over here to misses like one at $45. Certainly the laggards still like not not looking strong here, actually looking at me like PRI trying to put in a top potential hit embarrassed divergence. Sorry, no side. I apologize. No, that that that is not correct. Looking at the weekly, the weekly still looks well week to me to use a. Bad pun. The full hour. It looks a week to me as well. Momentums also. It’s kind of getting faded here for hours, so it’s going to likely be turning down soon as well. And I do think that this one this one looks like it looks to me like the wants come back down at 42 bucks. But again, whatever Bitcoin does is going to mirror. So while I’m looking at beta all and this is like when is it really relevant? I don’t think so. Maybe beautifull is because I think that he’s in charge of the market right now. But typically. BUETER All rallies last as far as what I’ve seen. So maybe another spike up to 20 bucks. I would I would be looking for a pullback there, especially on the first pass. So going onto. Going back on a bitcoin and and this bitch up. Going to keep it within 30 minutes, so almost near my goal, but not quite 50 percent more, so fuck it. Oh, and I deman check out. Expect to move Slushie go back on over here. So what I’ll do with expectin moves, I’ll look at the short term range and then I’ll look at the long term range. So short term range again is seventy-four to the downside. Seventy six to the upside. The long term range is seventy one to the downside and seventy nine to the upside we’ll call it. Or maybe 79 950 the upside. So let’s go look at it right. And over here and let’s see this. OK. While Maadi on a four hour so might as well do it on a four hour. We can do seventy six. Twenty four, you know, for the upside. Seventy actually seventy three. Eighty for the downside. That’s exactly where the wick is. So what’s what’s most likely right now. Technically the upside mathematically speaking. Twenty six percent is what. Twenty six and a quarter percent versus nine and a quarter percent to the downside. So probabilities are still governed towards the upside for the short term. But what about the long term. Let’s go see this. Seventy nine fifty for the upside and seventy one. One hundred for the downside. That’s that’s when the moves really start to be a lot more interesting for you know, from that perspective, this is on for hour. We need maybe go to a daily Αθήνα at the very least, and we see that technically speaking, the upside tawergha probability is actually a little bit more than the downside. Eighty eight percent versus five and three quarters percent, but they’re more or less the same and more and more or less very low is what I want to show. So are we gonna be looking at the big break upward or down or down today? Unlikely. No. I would expect this to shoot up above like a court, say 25 percent or 28 percent in the next few days to one of those sides. To one of those sides. And that’s going to be likely correlated with a break. You know, very relatively, very soon. I think I think I think quite possibly within the next few days. Yep. That’s what I’ll be looking at right now. As far as long term time frames go to kind of shore them up once again. I think even on a two hour, this is probably fine. Technically speaking, seventy six hundred if if I do see a two hour data close above closure above there or even an hourly total closure above there, I would target to move back up to some 750 ish region. I understand that these moves are pretty fucking small, but this is weekend bullshit and any 400 to the downside. I’d be looking for a move back down about 31 50 to 70 100. Region. I don’t think that we’d break below this area on the weekend. If we do, I would be looking for a big bad move to the downside. But. But now. But now if we actually were to break to the downside longer term, this would probably be. Yeah. The the measure move on. This is it’s certainly not as aggressive as it was before. So before I think I think I was showing like 50, 400. Now it’s coming in around like fifty six hundred. So as time goes on, the the the failure to break to the downside in the short term does mean that the long term, if it were to break to the downside, that targets can be higher naturally. So you know, I think a little bit of patients here is still the way to go. And let’s see if like you’re truly fucking deprived of whatever, which I’m sure there’s plenty of plenty of crypto degenerates out there trading on a weekend, trading to fucking five minutes on the weekend. Hey, I shout out in poor went out for you, my friend, but I just won’t be joining you, that’s all. Anyways, that’s gonna do it for right now. Like I said, might be on twitch later. I’d say might or might not be. Need to deal with some real estate first and see how that goes. And then and then if we can, I will. If not, then I won’t. So with that said, I wish you well once again. Take care and until next time.


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