Today in Krypto, we have got a golden cross for Bitcoin, which is a very bullish sign and a rare indicator has just flashed, which has accurately signalled the start of a new bull cycle. Every single time, Block FDI has had a data breach. Greyscale bought one-third of all of Bitcoin in 2020. Bitcoin mining is becoming dangerously centralized and investment fund, a 16 said, talks about the fourth major crypto cycle, which is humming the crypto lurk. This is where you subscribe for all of the oddest and all of the latest happenings out here in the wild, wildland of crypto. Also, if you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but you aren’t really sure how to get started. Then check out my course. Crypto trading. Explain it will walk you through all the basics, like how to properly manage our risk, how to set a good Stop-Loss, key indicators, key trends and much, much more. There is a link down below where you can learn more. So let’s go ahead and jump straight in the charts to get started off with. We can see here that Bitcoin has been in a very tight range over the last week, moving up and down through that nine thousand dollar range. But you can see now that we have the price action really starting to coil up and that we are forming an ascending triangle on the four-hour charts for Bitcoin. Now, this is a continuation pattern that has a 75 percent chance of moving in our favour and thus driving the price of Bitcoin upwards. We could, of course, see a few more days of that price coiling in before we actually do get a breakout. The implied target from such a move would be eleven thousand dollars. But there is one thing working against this triangle, the ten thousand dollar line of resistance that has been a very, very sticky price point for Bitcoin recently. So we really need to crush that to really feel like this has been a confirmed ascending triangle breakout. But one thing that we may have working in our favour is the Golden Cross, which has just played out over on the daily. This key moving average crossover could be heralding in the start of a new bull market. Certainly, it is a signal that is likely to entice a fair amount of traders to hop into the market, since so many major signals have now confirmed that the market is in a good uptrend in that price, continuation is likely to continue maturing. Always a chance this could be a fake-out. We have seen that before with golden triangles, but this time we really do have a wild amount of super bullish data and market indicators all lining up at the same time. So I remain bullish. Anyway, here are some other interesting data for you. See any Bitcoin futures? Open interest is at an all-time high since its launch. This means that the institutional players, they are piling in big-time to those Bitcoin futures contracts, possibly, of course, on the back of the announcement from Paul Tudor Jones that he’s getting into the Bitcoin futures game. Also, the Puel multiple is beginning to flash a bull signal. The pull is calculated by dividing the daily issuance value of bitcoins into U.S. dollar terms by the 365 days moving average of the daily issuance value. So when we see reading on this chart below zero points five, this indicates that the value of the daily new issued coins is low compared to historical precedents. The very cool thing to note here is that the historical data shows us that bear markets tend to end when we see this indicator drop below that zero points five lines. It has been a very reliable bottom indicator multiple times before and a drop below zero points five. Now could be heralding in the start of a new big bull cycle, just like you see here, that it has done before. Very, very exciting to see how that is playing out. Now, this does not mean supermoon instantaneously overnight. That’s not how the market works. It means a slow and steady grind up to new highs over potentially the next two years or so. There might be 30 to 40 percent pulldowns within that timeframe. So just keep that in mind. Obviously, we still actually to break and hold above ten thousand five hundred dollars to really get that bull fuel just pumped into the market. We could dump before that happens, but I truly feel like the timeframe were to stack Cito, she’s at these cheaper levels. That window’s closing, that window is closing. We’ll look back in a few years and go, man. Wish I’d stack more sets. A big thank you to Fem X for sponsoring today’s episode. So the big news from Femme X is that they have just launched fearless spot market trading. So for nine ninety-nine a month or sixty-nine ninety-nine a year, you can do unlimited trading of the top coins like bitcoin in a theorem as well as altcoins like a chain link. So if you are a trader and you find yourself spending a lot of money every month on fees, then this is definitely something that you should look into as it can really save on that bottom line. Over time, FedEx is currently offering a free seven day, no-obligation trial of their fearless trading service. Go ahead and check that out. Now, this new offering, of course, is in addition to their popular futures markets, which feature Bitcoin and top AWALT coins like Tasos and a theorem as well as gold. Now, FedEx is definitely a more advanced platform, and it is definitely only for experienced traders. Now, as an added bonus, if you sign up using the link Downbelow, then you can be eligible for up to one hundred and twelve dollars in trading bonuses on their futures platform. OK, so let’s go ahead and get into the news. So a bug has forced the shutdown of teh BTC, which was a project that is Tolkan using bitcoin on a theorem. So essentially wrapped Bitcoin on top of theory and now no funds were lost. It seems that the first security audit missed this particular bug. T BTC will be relaunching soon, but only after another round of security audits, hopefully, to fix everything this time. So kind of a failed launch for them. But this is at the end of the day, software and software, it will have bugs. I bring this story up as a reminder that things can and will go wrong in the early days of DFI. So if you are using many of these new decentralized finance solutions out there, then you are a pioneer. And like all pioneers, you run the risk of dying of dysentery or being eaten by a bear and never reaching Oregon. That game, then a game anyway. Next up, Block Fei has sadly suffered a data breach. So hackers gained backdoor access via a SIM swap attack on an employee. Now the hacker was able to access confidential data such as names, dates of birth, postal addresses and activity histories for some clients on the platform. Other sensitive account information, including bank account details, Social Security and tax ID edification numbers, as well as really, really sensitive data like passport, driver’s licenses, photo scans, all that stuff that was not affected in this data breach. So a few personal details were affected, but not everything so can keep that in mind. Now, first. First off, just got to say, the fuck is up with all the SIM swap attacks in America, man. Like, how is this not been fixed yet? What a total mess. Second, all the funds are safe. Nobody’s money was taken. Remember, block five does their custody with Jemini and they manually process all withdrawals. So in this instance, the system actually worked just as designed and protected user funds because is custody with Jemini, which is fully insured. Now, if you’re using block fi, though, just make sure you do have to factor authentication using Google authenticator, not SIM authentication, please. So make sure you have that. And for that matter, make sure using two-factor authentication literally everywhere, any service they use. So anyway. I can’t see. I’m very excited about potentially having some of my data leaked, so that’s not cool. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened to me, though, and probably won’t be the last time that it happens to me. And obviously this is not a good thing. But on the flip side, at least, that is good. The block by did stop it so quickly and is being transparent about what happens that I’m trying to hide away from what happened. Cybersecurity remains such a massive, massive issue, especially for companies working with cryptocurrencies. They remain a big target of these individuals. But it does at least give me a lot of confidence that the security protocols that block has in place actually worked exactly as intended. So because the custody is done with Jemini, they weren’t able to access any user funds. So anyway, me personally, I am keeping the funds that I currently have in Block Fye in Block five, even though I’m not very happy about having some of my data potentially leaked again. It wasn’t everyone NSA. Scarily. But, man, this damn KYC thing interest remains a thorn in the side of the crypto industry. And it is only getting more and more strict as time goes on platforms that don’t have strict KYC yet. It’s going to becoming. The travel rule is increasingly being enforced. So all the platforms that haven’t caught up yet, they’re going to have to next upgrade scale investments has bought up to 33 percent of all newly minted Bitcoin over the last three months. Damn greyscale. That’s a lot of Bitcoin man. Remember, they also bought half of the A theorem that has been mined this year. The asset manager, they are just their stockpile. A major cryptocurrency is just a crazy pace. This is nuts. In total, Grace Scales, Bitcoin Trust Fund now has a total of three hundred and forty-three thousand nine hundred fifty-four bitcoin under management. Wow, that is crazy. My guess is that Greyscale will hold one million bitcoin within five years. The effect of players like this sucking bitcoin off of the open market, it is massive and it’s not highly desirable either. I don’t really like the greyscale is going to be having percentage points worth of the total bitcoin supply. Nevertheless, it does mean that as they continue to vacuum up all this bitcoin off the market, they’re locking up the coins and all thus become increasingly rare on spot exchanges to be able to get Bitcoin. So they’re really taking a lot of supply out of the open markets. OK, next up, there is some new data regarding the source of bitcoins. Hash rate, which is showing that Bitcoin mining is largely becoming centralized between two major mining pools. So the combined hash rate of BTC dot com and ampoule, which are both bits main affiliated entities, are going to classify those like the one here and F two pool together. They crossed over a fifty two percent of the hash rate the other day. Now, since the time of breaking this news story, the hash rate has actually been moved around and the combined rate of these pools is back under 50 percent. But, you know, the reality remains Bitcoin mining pools and the power backing them. It is getting increasingly centralized into very, very few hands. The having it only made this situation worse as more miners and more power went to the big mining pools. What is needed right now is robust competition, perhaps that U.S. based company, Layer One, they can actually make a big splash and actually capture a large percentage of the hash rate. We also see the rise of exchange based mining pools from who will be buying ads and okay acts. But honestly, this really doesn’t make things better either, as it just gives even more power to the already uber-powerful exchanges. But in terms of network stuff, I’m really not worried because it’s not that this is bad for Bitcoin necessarily. Any mining pool acting maliciously would essentially be committing financial suicide and would only be just a blip in the radar momentarily. But it just underlines how much power is being consolidated right now in the Bitcoin mining game. What a big-money game it’s becoming. And finally, say, a recent post from famous crypto fund Andreassen Horowitz has outlined the price innovation cycle of crypto and the data is suggesting that we are on the edge of cycle number four. You can see from the charts here that Bitcoin has gone through three big price cycles in terms of what has happened innovation wise. And every single cycle began the same. There was a massive run-up in price, which was followed by an explosion of new developer activity, new startup activity and social media activity, which, of course, we can loosely classify as new users coming into the market. Every one of these cycles has resulted in new products that were a net positive for the industry as a whole, even if it also resulted in a lot of failed concepts and a lot of scamming all that other stuff. The end result does give us a few diamonds amongst all the mud. Now, a key feature of the crypto cycles is that each one of these really just plants a seed which later grows and then drives the next market cycle. The firm suggests that many of the projects from really a range of verticals like finance and gaming and payments and of course, infrastructure for the crypto economy, they are now going to be the key drivers of the fourth major cycle for crypto. You know what this says to me? It says that the old coins that launched back in 2017 or 2018, the ones that actually built and not just survived, but actually thrived. We’ll be seeing massive gains in the coming market. The gaming crypto. It might soon be moving into a major alt coin cycle. Not to say Bitcoin won’t do well, but AWALT coins could start before outperforming Bitcoin in a major way. So something to keep in mind for you anyway. Those are just my two. She’s your question for today. Which cryptocurrency launched back in 2017 or 2018, and that’s survived the winter and the bear season. Do you think is really ready to make a massive impact on the crypto economy in which of them is likely to also have massive gains moving into the next cycle? Daily reminder, of course. You’re freaking awesome. So thank you so, so much for tuning in and listening to this dude right here on the Internet talking about crypto currencies. Long live the block, Jane. Yeah, and peace out till next time.


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