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Hello, everybody. Welcome back or another video. Hope you’re all doing well. Naturale having a great day to start things off as Bitcoin was tailing the U.S. stock market and its boom and bust since March. But the short term correlation broke this Thursday as the two distinctive markets started moving in opposite D directions. The bitcoin to dollar exchange rate increased towards eight thousand dollars. And towards not two. And a surprising price rally breaking above crucial resistance levels to indicate a short term bull run. A similar move ensured in the top Bitcoin rival markets that surged one point nine five percent or one point nine five billion at the London mid-night close and there’s a little chart right there. In contrast, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gave up its 400 point upside move to close Thursday, a mere 0.2 percent higher. Other top U.S. indexes, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite 2 fell by 0.1 percent and 0.75 percent, respectively. The decline in the U.S. equities came after the Financial Times reported that something or someone or a company was trying to get rid of 19. But apparently it did not work. And I mentioned this before a couple of days ago, not to be a Debbie Downer. It’s more of a just keep it realistic for the moment. The fact that any markets around the world anywhere would go up on the speculation that something could completely eradicate 19 is nonsense. It doesn’t make any sense. We barely know ourselves. The fullest extent of what 19 actually is. So the interesting part being, once again, especially in the video that we were discussing yesterday, we also had new jobless numbers just within the United States. I think it was 4.4 million additional people last week. Who had applied for joblessness, I think it’s now what is it? Twenty six million. Twenty five? Twenty five. I remember the exact number, but it’s 15 percent of people within America are now rather the jobless rate within America is now 15 percent, to put it more accurately as the numbers would go. So the cryptocurrency market is still doing relatively well. We are still up. Prices appear, at least at the time of me making this video that they are poised to continue to go higher. They continued to move higher. We had a little dip, if you will, last evening, but prices have since then recovered, if you will, and are continuing to move higher. A lot of people believe that if this maintains if the weekend ends well, that we could be well on our way to eight thousand, if not eighty two to eighty three hundred dollars per bitcoin. And if that sustains, as we move closer towards the having event and the hype that this event could potentially generate, then therefore we could be seeing a ten thousand dollar bitcoin by May and or June. Speculation, all of that is obviously complete speculation. However, the fact that Bitcoin’s price is doing well. And even some days shows a bit of correlation to traditional markets, but continues to kind of break out of these patterns and kind of move on its own as it relatively showed, because it has nothing to do with traditional markets except for the. Other up and down side of the menu. That’s the news. Or prices, if you will. Crypto markets doing OK. And let’s see if this actually continues even during the rest of the day, once we have world markets around the world open and see if they falter and if crypto falters or crypto does, well, then we probably get a good indication as to at least where the weekend is going to take us. Let’s move on. Bogota based financial services company value has I get it now, Vally, I get it. Value has launched a Bitcoin powered synthetic U.S. dollar on Wednesday to simplify cross remittances for Venezuela and ultimately circumvent the hyperinflation that is currently hobbling the country’s economic growth, making cross-border remittances in a country like Venezuela, which has been long ridden by severe international sanctions. Hyperinflation and almost in an almost stagnant economy. Growth can be extremely challenging for those who weren’t here last year. We kept on going over news. I mean, it was every other day Venezuela was in the news. I think their inflation rate or hyper inflation rate, I think went over 1 million percent is one of the oddest things I’ve ever witnessed. Although several developments have been made to tackle this concern, such as launching a ground breaking S M EST based Krypto payment service that enables Venezuelans to send crypto directly through text or estimates. There have been none that primarily addresses the hyper inflation. However, Columbia’s payment startup value may have found the answer. On Wednesday, its CEO Seeman Chao model took to Twitter and an innovative Bitcoin backed synthetic U.S. dollar or synthetic U.S. dollar that enables cross-border transactions directly to banks accounts in Venezuela. Although still in the primary alpha testing stage, the startup has collaborated with a food delivery app called Upby which I. So this was Rapido, which will help it acquire a large user base for the product once it launches full fledged later this year. The announcement claims. As far as I know, here’s the actual tweet right here. It appears that this is a collateralize dollar on top of Bitcoin, which is very fascinating because especially the other news that we’re going to be talking about relatively soon, I’m seeing a major uptick. And I don’t think Adamy I don’t know I know what the crypto politics are of this person who created this, but I’m seeing a large increase and I make sure to mention it every time that I see it as well, so that you kind of get the major picture. The entire idea that Bitcoin is a store of value is or digital gold has picked up greatly over the last two, three years like the narrative has kind of caught people’s attention. I still see negative articles about all bitcoin is going down. What happened to the digital gold that has nothing to do with it. It has the idea that eventually it will become this fortress of value. However, at the moment, as many people around the world are hoarding or handling their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and attempt to just not simply sell them. Because if listen, if we start getting price predictions that bitcoin is going to hit one hundred three hundred five hundred thousand per coin, if not a million per coin, why would I want to give it up? So it appears a lot of people are building things directly on top of Bitcoin, which though utilizes the bitcoin network and are transacting in bitcoin while other people transact in some other type of value if that kind of makes sense. It should. I simplified it as as much as humanly possible. Very fascinating. I hope this ends up working out. Who knows? We know that in general, we’ve had news before that people within Venezuela are using bitcoin and Dash as alternative ways of payments. We know that it’s accepted in like subway and other places and you can kind of get your food. But I think a lot of that has been clamped down on. We also had news last year, which also surprised me that the entire point of bitcoin was that eventually governments would topple, they would fall, their economic policies would not do well. And when they did not do well, they would be forced to kind of use bitcoin. We had news last year that after the million percent hyperinflation, I kid you not. This all happened. Venezuela was going through it. Million percent hyperinflation. People were carrying around, not wheelbarrows worth of cash. But it was kind of pretty much close. And the Venezuelan government announced this was an actual official announcement. They said if you want to send money in to Venezuela, you have to do it through our national currency. That is their paper currency. The bolívar, well, you have to do it through the petro, which is their central bank, digital currency. Or you could send it through light. coin or bitcoin. So the entire thing had come to fruition. A government had almost collapsed. Things weren’t going well. Their money was completely in the gutter and they announced they were going to allow you. Or rather, if you want to send money into the country, send it in bitcoin and Bitcoin’s price did not react. This is why I say the cryptocurrency market is nonsense. A lot of people in the market don’t pay attention. I think a lot of people who are in the cryptocurrency space. This is why I always say it’s imperative. Why do I always say. Do your own research. And I don’t mean just like read everything. You can absorb as much information as you possibly can. The fact that we even had one country to bend the knee and said yes, please send bitcoin if you’re trying to send money. I don’t even care what the political backside of it might have been. People were saying this was done as a way for means of control. Doesn’t matter. The point is they openly admitted please. This is one of the only ways that we can or will allow you to send money to the cause. The point is, does really matter. The crypto currency market isn’t very logical. I think a lot of people who have gotten into the cryptocurrency space, this is why I always say I think people does view bitcoin as a as an investment vehicle as opposed it’s something that is literally changing the face of the world as we actually know it. All the things that have stemmed from this blockchain revolution come directly from Bitcoin. All of the ideas come from the idea of bitcoin and they’ve been modified or built upon or made faster. Doesn’t matter. The point is usually always revolves around bitcoin. And anyway, once again, here’s the tweet. And let us move on. Next up, the volume of Bitcoin in Argentine pesos has risen exponentially since the two thousand eighteen crypto currency crash as the country faces a possible default of sixty five billion dollars in foreign debt. Arcane research posted data to Twitter on the 23rd of April showing that the weekly volume of Bitcoin purchased with Argentinian pesos has jumped one thousand twenty eight percent since January 2018. However, the volume from Bitcoin and U.S. dollar has shown substantial increases of four hundred and seven and one hundred and thirty nine percent respectively. There’s little chart right there. Does this chart look familiar? It’s almost exactly the same. Or looks real. Yet? Not yet, exactly. This is it from local bitcoins. I was wondering why this looked almost exactly the same. We had news in 2018 and 2019 that there were huge upticks in the amount of people in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil or two other countries. I can remember the name off of the top of my head who were actively buying bitcoin as much bitcoin as they possibly could. And this was even during the throes of inflation, hyperinflation overturn this and so and so that and flip flopped the whatever. Tons of people within South America specifically. I think there were other data points for Africa and Southeast Asia, but we focused more on South America because I think they were kind of hit the hardest. Or rather, they were showing the most amount of levels of inflation. Tons of people. You see this chart. This is in saying the amount of people who are and this is once again, I assume this is just data from local bitcoins. That is an app, something on your computer, on your phone, where you meet people in person to be able to give them cash to get bitcoin. Not the safest thing in the world. However, that’s just one platform that’s not even taking into account how many other people are figuring out other ways to actually accumulate bitcoin on themselves as well. It’s still completely staggering to see an increase like this at all. For anything, anything going up by a thousand twenty eight percent is insanity. Nonetheless, for the actual volume of people within one country who are just trying to acquire bitcoin, this urge is happening as the government is about to default on its debt and the country is suffering from inflation. The Argentinian government has yet to put forward a way for the country to restructure roughly sixty five billion in foreign debt leading to a possible there’s going to be a default. What is Addis missed? Scheduled payments totaling five million on three foreign bonds on the 22nd of April, triggering a countdown to a formal default in mid May. Fascinating. I mean, it just does not get any more. Interesting. Then all of this. You’d better believe this is going to continue. Governments, especially at the moment. First of all, governments have no intention of ever paying off any of their debts, which is why the debt crisis is a very big crisis, because they’re taking out billions of dollars worth of debt, sometimes hundreds of billions, if not low trillions of dollars in debt, and that they have no intention of ever paying back to any other country or any other person who is giving them that loan. At some point it is going to buckle. We’re seeing a lot of the buckles happening right now, especially when the actual global economy can’t do well after 10 weeks of being close. That is a problem. It’s one thing for small businesses. It’s one thing for restaurants. One thing’s for cafes, bars. What have you. But when major institutions, major companies, countries can sustain themselves after 10 weeks, there’s no extra cash behind the scenes to keep them afloat or they have to start printing more to make sure that everything else looks like it’s afloat. That is a problem. So I dare say kudos to the people of Argentina for understanding that there is trouble and more trouble is probably going to go ahead. Yeah. I mean, it’s the numbers are right there. It’s just the world that we live in. And the saddest part for me always is, is that no matter how many crashes, no matter how many depressions or recessions or things that we have. Governments never fix their policies like things are never really fixed, like they’re patched over for the next 20 years, so that 20 years later the people who are in charge don’t care about the actual policies, could they go? It’s work for the last 20 years. Why do we have to fix it? And then things start crumbling. They patch it up and it is kind of passed on and passed on and passed on. Never learn, never, never, never, never, never, never learn. Let’s move on. Next up in the news and I mean, this was this I was bombarded by this news. This was the craziest news. I get it. But I mean, come on. At the same exact time, in an announcement on Friday, the 24th of April, it’s Max unveiled yet another contract strengthening its claim as the top crypto derivatives exchange in a post on their official Web site. Big Macs will offer its customers the thearea, quantum futures. Fancy, which are similar to the perpetual contracts offered by the exchange. However, there’s a small difference. The Big Macs ethe U.S. dollar quantong futures will be margin traded using x beatie contracts. I know some of you got that. Some of you did. And I’ll explain why in a second. The contracts are expected to go live on the 5th of May. That is s.s 2019. That is definitely not correct. Offering up to be offered in the past, offering up to 50 x leverage on the trade. That said, we are launching an eith USD Squanto futures with up to 50 x leverage on the 5th of May. ET cetera, et cetera. The new product is the first ever offered on a crypto derivatives exchange, signaling a bit mix ambitions and securing the top spot in this. Market. What was the other part? The announcement reads as a permanent trading margins, SBT Bitcoin futures contracts and earn or lose Bitcoin as the 8th U.S. rate changes. Did you get it? Here’s the actual announcement right here from big bit, he says, announcing the eith USD Kwinto futures contracts. I kept on seeing this thrown around everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Betamax launching and it was always touted as Bitcoin Betamax. I hate the word bit because it’s everywhere. Big Macs launching a theory. Futures new ethereal futures and launching on Big Macs. Big Macs launching new ethereal quantum futures. Quanta Futures launching. And I was like, okay, that’s cool. Yeah. Yeah, we we’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve had a theory on futures before that. So that’s kind of cool. And then we read through the articles. It’s constantly touted as a a trade between the ethe USD on SBT contract and I’m like, okay, that’s kind of cool. And then it smacked me very hard in the face. For those of you not looking at the screen, it says Bit Max is launching a new ether. U.S. dollars futures which settle in Bitcoin. For those of you who’ve never date traded, traded, used many different cryptocurrency exchanges. What happens is, is that a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges for some odd reason that I’ll never be able to understand in my heart. I know there’s a reason for it. However, I think there’s still the judge of verbatim as opposed to using the letters BTC. They denominated as ex Beatie. So they are launching a. Either U.S. dollar futures, which are going to actually settle in Bitcoin. That’s crazy. This goes back to what I was saying once again earlier. We’re seeing an enormous amount of action happening on Bitcoin without Bitcoin having to actively be used. There are tons of things that are being launched. Created proposed where bitcoin as the actual underlying thing or rather like the literal underlying thing. His being used while other things are being used, and that can be anything from wrapping coins around Bitcoin. You buy Bitcoin, you have Bitcoin, you custody it or you smart contract it into something you create. Other coins are then based off of that bitcoin, which then lessens the supply of actual bitcoin circulating around as these new wrapped coins are Tasos, Bitcoin coins are then thrust into circulation. The same exact thing if you have a an ether U.S. dollar futures which then get settled in bitcoin, which means that bitcoin is still being passed around without bitcoin even having to actively be used. Your payments are settled completely in bitcoin. But this is about a payment system that uses the U.S. dollar to kind of stabilize the value that people are sending back and forth within countries that is still powered by bitcoin. I think we are going to see a lot more of this, and I mentioned that only because it is very unlikely in the future, very unlikely that people in mass will be using bitcoin, very unlikely anytime soon. I don’t expect it to be used as a payment method. I don’t expect people to go into Starbucks to buy a latte with it. I don’t expect people to go into Marks and Spencers to buy what is marked dispensers have shoes. I don’t I expect we will see an uptick in people who are doing so. Yes, maybe 1 percent. But the vast majority of people are not going to be spending their bitcoin or using their bitcoin anytime soon. Once again, half a million dollar bitcoin. You’d be very upset with yourself if you got rid of it. The point is. Yeah. So. This is crazy. Not only are they going to have another e30 U.S. dollar futures, which is. Cool. It’s going to settle completely in Bitcoin. That also follows the news what was it a day or two ago? There’s another new watch. I’m Jaggers. There’s another cryptocurrency exchange who also just announced on physical bitcoin futures. It happened about two days ago. So it’s this entire idea of you don’t have to spend or move around Bitcoin. The bitcoin will still be moving around in itself. We are going to see a lot more things, especially. Oh, my gosh. Is so fascinating, especially with all these new defi platforms that are trying to. That are going to be launching or these new DFI. So it’s going to be built directly on top of Bitcoin so that you have to the same exact way that ether is getting a bullish push by buying up ether, locking it up and therefore activating, if you will, the new DFI platforms. The same exact thing is happening on bitcoin is going to happen more in mass on Bitcoin as well. It is incredibly fascinating because this in a way they found ways for bitcoin to be used without bitcoin actually having to be used. How incredible is that? I’m I think I’m one of the things I’m most excited about the end of this year or maybe I even said the the. January of next year. Not trying to rush time, but it’s more of a the news that we got at the beginning of this year was that Bitcoin had transacted over a trillion dollars worth of value just in 2019 alone. And that was with like a lot of things not really launching. So imagine all the new things in a launch that are going to be utilizing Bitcoin specifically or actually settling in Bitcoin, sending bitcoin back and forth. I wonder if we will to break that number of one trillion dollars in value transfer just through Bitcoin. Through this year. Fascinating, I love it so much. All right, let’s move on. Next up, despite the blockades, embargoes and financial sanctions that have hit the island nation, the people of Cuba have shown to be adept at overcoming obstacles. And one resident of Cuba in particular is doing exactly that for crypto on the island earlier this month. Mario Metsola, the creator of the ultra lightweight Bitcoin wallet. You better give it to cupido launched the Kubica Exchange, the first decentralized Bitcoin exchange of its kind in the world. While crypto is illegal in Cuba. There is no regulatory framework for it either. This combined with U.S. sanctions, poor Internet service and other restrictions, has meant that the largest and most important crypto exchanges and while the providers in the world avoid Cuba all to gather so much solo has taken it upon himself to develop an all in one crypto ecosystem on his own. A Bitcoin wallet payments platform and now a peer to peer exchange. He said, I create a cubit that exchange because I believe, oh, no, I always have been. Wait. I have always been convinced that here in Cuba, bitcoin is a real necessity. You don’t say he told decrypting on in order for Cuba to catch up to the other parts of the world. The country needs to buy, sell, use and store Bitcoin easily and safely. You bet that solves all of these problems. I hope or his sake that this is not shut down because I love the idea of it. There are a lot of places I. You forget how lucky and privileged you are that you are able to not only have a bank account, that you are able to have quick internet service, that you are allowed to have a smartphone, that you are allowed to buy, sell, use and trade and hold what you want. There are many places on this planet where people can not to do so. So the idea of having one cryptocurrency exchange, while that may sound insane. That is probably a lifeline for many people within that country. I hope it does not get shut down. I hope in some ways he has discussions with regulators in the country so that they don’t just barge in one day and say that he’s been doing something illegal for the past three to four years. Because what ends up happening is, as they know you’re doing something illegal, but they won’t tell you from the get go that you’re doing something illegal. They make sure that down the years down the line, that they’ve compiled tons of stuff against you to make sure to get you in trouble as opposed to being like, hey, you’re doing something that’s not good. Stop it now. You won’t get in trouble anyway. So this is fascinating. I I really hope this continues because I think there are many places on this planet. I was reading an article about a day or two ago. It had to do with places on the planet that are currently under sanctions. I think it’s about 12 to 16 at the moment. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I think it’s between 12 and 16 countries and how it’s clear that especially during 19, they’re taking initiatives to make sure that when all of this is over, that they can rebuild their economies. It didn’t say Bitcoin specifically, but it said through the use of digital means of payments. I was talking to my other friend who deals in real estate and we were talking about the closed door meetings that we assume are taking place right now. Have to be in sain. Can you imagine? The topics that are being discussed by other countries as far as waves to other, not even avoid sanctions to completely not care about them anymore as well, like we actually have a payment system that works, that doesn’t go down the works 24 hours a day that each country themselves. Could set up a couple hundred, even just a couple hundred, if not a couple thousand miners in a cave somewhere or in a fortress, a warehouse somewhere, and you can start mining Bitcoin themselves and just transact directly between themselves in Bitcoin. We live in the future. It is insane to even think that. And even more so, they could even just be using. They could even be accumulating crypto or creating something that is then tethered to the actual price of bitcoin and or wrapped in bitcoin or a stable coin that comes from the actual use of the bitcoin blockchain and completely avoid sanctions altogether. Nonetheless, all the other country member last year, I mean I found the article from like 2012. It was the UK, Germany, France, Italy, China, Australia. I don’t think Russia was there. I think two other countries who were trying to propose a new type of currency altogether that completely circumvented the US dollar and then poof, no more mention of that because I’m pretty sure like Big Brother was like, no, no, no, that’s not how this works. Anyway. Yeah. So. B, the answer is already there. It’s just a matter of if countries will. Decide to answer the call because. Anyway, let’s move on. And in Wow, really news blog stream chief executive and cryptographer Adam Back says a 200 word post from back in nineteen ninety nine a decade before Bitcoin was launched appears to carry the hallmarks of the anonymous creator of Satoshi Nakamoto. The text is part of a back and forth among the cypherpunks, a group of activists who emerged in the late eighties advocating cryptography, anonymity and personal privacy back who is reference in the Bitcoin? White Paper, is a long time member of the movement and the inventor of Hash Cash, a proof of work system that ultimately became a cornerstone for Bitcoin. I spoke for those of you who have no idea what any of that just meant. Apparently the idea is that that Satoshi Nakamoto maybe isn’t just one person people think is actually a group of people who once again originated in the 80s. I read a book about this before. I think they became hyper active in the 90s and created, I think, a multiple other ways of trying to transact value through the digital space. However, I think a lot of them were shut down. A lot of them just didn’t seemingly did not work. But it appears. That’s Bitcoin might have been one of their works as well and was the one that kind of took off in a series of tweets Back says he has unearthed a post from the early cypherpunks days featuring the nominees nominees. Wow. And the anonymous author who spouted a number of Bitcoin’s ideals, including how to successfully secure a virtual currency in a decentralized manner, it says. One possibility is to make the double spending database public. Wherever someone receives a coin, they broadcast his value. The database operates in parallel across a large number of servers, so it is in track to bowl to shut it down. Here’s the thing right here. This was all over the place. I think it’s cool. I’ll tell you now. I think it’s kind of awesome. I think it’s kind of cool if you never. We’ve gone through Twitter and found the actual old post from Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s actually kind of cool because they’re just there like they just kind of sit there. You can actually see that. The first thing is that Nakamoto was saying to other people discussing what Bitcoin was like in four days, I’m going to be launching something crazy. It’s gonna change your whole world. He did say that, but he was like talking about the things that he plans on launching that he was going to do. He was discussing with other people after it had launched what we should do, how we should change this. So one was like I found a fault in the code changes. He’s like, OK. Thank you. And it kept it. It’s fascinating to see, like this revolution started with just Reddit posts. It’s kind of insane. So this was all over the place that apparently someone had found new text from from said Nakamoto, him or themselves. And yeah, while I think it’s cool, no one can say for certain if this was Nakamoto, so. Yeah, I mean. Cool. I’m. Yeah. I think I did leave it at that. It’s cool. It’s awesome, but no one can say for certain if Nakamoto is talking to us from. The past, if you want to put it into that context, I mean, this was everywhere. I mean, all o- all over the place. What was the other thing that we had last year? There was something is not that someone that it wasn’t something that was found that appeared to be like Nakamoto. I think it was something. Someone said that Nakamoto had reposted under his his Reddit name, and I think it was someone who had copied it and took all his other text. But you could like see the actual like dated things within it. And it was clear that it had just been made. Anyway. Well, wonderful, wonderful, amazing news. Bitcoin. Time to have I don’t know. A very special thank you to my patriots and supporters, Professor Riley from Dunbar University. Yashar Hardy, Moone Man. Hi, exampIe. The Pothead Joshua Vinyard, Martin Story or Josh Gorcyca Tongo Lolo Songer Lolo a biblio phobia. The Animal Reader John Sargsyan Knows Momo Bare Bones Mining Todd Embolus. Adam sic Mohammed Ronee M. Ventures in Thailand. Brady Nields. Jared Schneider Wyse Night Owl. Two Hundred and Forty Two to the World. Krypto Joe Bankrolled Network Adobo Krypto Artist Koldyke 3D. Nicholas onEarth One Piece One Love Richie Richard third- Nick Kanaya setsuna Damian Vlad the Impaler kripp Numbers Shipmate PEX Cesnik Man Gianna Body. Anthony Charles Jim Gardner. Jeremy Fox Minting Coins Miller Hitcher Test everyday and concepts like Say Yes to Crypto Boaty Make Boat Face Anytime. Fitness amongst corner staff are Medek 17. Bake me a cake, take a rum much only saw on a Krypto with a lino pray moschella you are el and hold on. Dot, dot, dot, dot. I have to sneeze. Thank you all very, very much for your support. Thank you to every single one of you who is a member of the channel who click the little join button below. And thank you to everyone who has been using the affiliate links. I really can’t say thank you enough. It’s it’s it’s quite staggering. At the momento. So it was like a sideways up, but we’re still up. Bitcoin is currently up by 7 percent. There’s that seventy five sixty nine dot eighty seven eighty of ninety U.S. dollars at the moment if cerium is up by 4 percent. SRP is up by 4.7 percent. Like I said, like cash like coin is up by 7.5 percent as well. Tasos is up by fifteen percent. Securing its spots within the top 10 of coins are Dano’s up by 17 percent. Quite fascinating indeed. Let’s see if this momentum can continue as the day ends up going on. I’m trying to. Did you buy it is up by 44 percent on 17 million dollars volume? So let’s see where all of this leads us. I would like to believe in a perfect understanding world that collectively the human mind has come together to understand the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain, and they’re simply buying up crypto in mass as a way to. By the power and to show everyone that they are in control, however, reality probably tells me this was a bump in price by people who are buying up because other markets were going up or it could just simply be a a rush upward as we move closer to the having. I have never been more excited for something. In a while, I won’t say my entire life that is a complete lie. There’s been times when I’ve when I knew I was going to eat cake and I was happier than the having because this cause I like I like cake anyway. Yeah, I think that is definitely gonna do it for this video. I’m excited to see how the rest of the weekend plays out, especially as all this madness is going on. I do hope you all enjoyed. Hope you all are having a great day. A great morning. A great afternoon. A great evening. Wherever you are, wherever you might be. I do hope that is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all. Once again, we’re watching and or listening. And I will most certainly be talking to you all soon. See you.


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