In this video, the Bitcoin Golden Cross is getting closer and closer. And also the Atlanta Fed estimated that the data so far in the second quarter suggests a drop of U.S. GDP of forty-two percent. This is worse than the Great Depression. And if you think that that sounds interesting, that I think they should. Hello, yes, welcome to the moon. My name is Khalid. I’m here to bring you this Bitcoin video and look at this. It would seem that Bitcoin is currently testing this very, very important resistance. As you can see right here, Bitcoin has tested this one spec there and also wants it there and all the way back there. So we know that is a very, very significant resistance because it actually started all the way back here in 2017. Now, if we were to break through here, then, just like I’ve said before, that would be, of course, a very, very bullish turn of events for Bitcoin. But let’s take a look at also the support, because if we were to get rejected here, which is, of course, possible, then it is possible that people might be heading down for another leg down like this. I would say that regardless of what happens in the future, I think that the 200-week moving average and this yellow support line here that ranges since back in 2017 is going to hold support no matter what. I think there’s just too much support in this area here. As you can see, the two hundred weekly has been holding us support forever, actually, in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has never really broken below. It’s more than just a week like we saw back here. So basically, we can just draw a line here and we can know with a pretty high degree of certainty that Bitcoin is just never going to go below this level. And this means that Bitcoin, it’s a very, very low risk of Bitcoin going back below six point two thousand dollars. That is my opinion. We can test six point two K, but I don’t think it’s very likely at all that Bitcoin will go below it. All right. Let’s go to the daily time from now, because this was the week, the time frame, because look at this. We are now very, very close to this golden cross where the 15 or the green moving average moves above the 200 moving average, which is these this red moving average. We can also see how the red and orange line is converging. So it’s the two hundred and the one hundred. And basically we are seeing a very bullish momentum here in the moving averages as we see the 50 moves above. Both of these two levels. And we’re also seeing the 20 daily showings us very healthy support here. Bitcoin bounced off of it right there. And I think that as long as we’re above the 20 daily Bitcoin will remain in this bull trend that we’ve seen here. We’ve seen a big contest this level many times here and there. The opposite happens in a downturn as easy here. Bitcoin tested it as resistance right there. Got rejected. And you see exactly what happened after that. So we know that Bitcoin is in a bull trend and Bitcoin is showing us that the momentum is going to the upside. If Bitcoin gets a daily close below the 20 days, then I would start to get a little bit more cautious here and I would probably look towards a potential correction, at least down to backtests, the 200 days and the one hundred daily here at eight thousand. But up until then, I’m going to remain bullish as I’ve been here for the past few weeks because the momentum shows us the trend. And remember that the trend is your friend. And yesterday I talked about the Jerome Powell and the fact that he was talking to 60 Minutes about tall. They are creating currency out of nothing. And this is something that I believe is true. People who call Bitcoin a scam probably have no idea how U.S. dollars are created. And you guys enjoyed this tweet because he got one point 4000 likes. That’s a huge amount of engagement. Thank you so much, guys. And I think this is true. People calling Bitcoin a scam. They have no idea that the biggest scam maybe in human history is the monetary system we’re living in. I mean, it is the biggest scam. How could something be possibly bigger? I mean, people said that Bitcoin act was one of the world’s biggest scams. And some other people are now saying that one coin is maybe the biggest Ponzi or the biggest scam in history or one of the biggest. But nothing can come close to the central banking system, into the banking system as a whole, because you cannot even measure it in dollars, because basically dollars come from this system. So, yeah, you cannot really compare it to anything else. It is. It is literally the biggest scam in human history. And if you think that Bitcoin is the best alternative to that system, please go down and leave it thumbs up below this video. Let’s see if we could push this video to three thousand likes. Yesterday’s video got very close to 3000. Let’s see if this one can get three thousand. And here is another tweet that you guys enjoyed when you go over to Bitcoin dot com. And when you click buy Bitcoin, you’re directed to. Age to buy Bitcoin cash. So, Roger. There it’s quite obvious that you are trying to scam people into buying Bikash when they are trying to buy Bitcoin for newbies. This is very, very confusing, of course. And down here, you have an example of this. When you click buy Bitcoin, you get your buy Bitcoin cash with a credit card and you are basically recommended to buy a Bikash instead of Bitcoin. And everyone who is a beginner who doesn’t even understand what Bitcoin is when they tried to buy Bitcoin. It’s very, very easy for them to get fooled by this Web site, which is ranking very, very high on Google to buy bitcoin. So I really, really hope that Google might punish this Web site in the future, give them some penalty to rank lower because they are deliberately deceiving people. And usually, Google tries to give a penalty to these kinds of Web sites. So let’s hope that they do that. There is probably some way you can also report Web sites. If you know how to do that, please leave a comment down below. And if you do know how to report, you can also just go and report Bitcoin dot com to make sure that we show them that we don’t agree with the marketing that they are using here. And next up, this is of On Shein Analytics from Glass Nod. And here we have a graph showing us the V exchange balance or basically how much Bitcoin is on exchanges. And this metric is currency reaching a new one year low. So basically, people are not keeping Bitcoin on exchanges. And this is a good thing because this means that fewer people have Bitcoin that are easily accessible to sell. Usually, when one people sell a send bitcoin to exchanges, it is usually because they have the intent to sell when they withdraw from exchanges. They basically have less intends to sell and probably they intend to do. And here we have another good trend we’re seeing. The Bitcoin address is with more than one Bitcoin is reaching a new All-Time High. And we are seeing more and more people accumulating and reaching this big goal of. Yeah, basically having one Bitcoin. Please leave a comment down below if this is your goal. And if you’ve already reached it, if you hold more than one Bitcoin, you can go down and also leave a thumbs up. And let’s take a look at yet another glass node chart. And by the way, if you do want to try a glass node, it is completely free. I have a link in the PIND comment and in the description, you can just go and click the link to see this chart here. This is the hash rate. And there we can see that Evers’s the having. We did see a big plunge in the hash rate. However, we did only see a plunge back down to the levels we were approximately two months ago. So nothing extraordinary at all. Many sceptics, many bears told us that maybe the hash rate is going to completely collapse. But this is just not the case at all. And as you also may know, Bitcoin has something that is called the difficulty adjustment. So when hashmark goes down, the difficulty will eventually adjust. So blocks continue to be added approximately every 10 minutes. And if the hash rate were to go up very, very rapidly, then the difficulty will adjust once again, because maybe in that case, blocks will start getting added too quickly. So the difficult adjustment will always automatically adjust. So that blocks get added on average every 10 minutes. This is extremely powerful. This means that Bitcoin is this self-regulating system where there is no need for anyone to control anything because Bitcoin is regulating itself. It’s extremely, extremely interesting and unique. You don’t find this anywhere else in the world. And next up, according to Goldman Sachs, India’s economy will shrink 45 percent this quarter and suffer a brutal recession this year. And India is not alone in getting these dramatic and very bearish forecasts. We’re seeing a downturn for the whole world economy. And we can also see here that Powell of the Federal Reserve says that the American GDP could shrink more than 30 percent. But he doesn’t see another depression. However, if we scroll down, you can see here that the Atlanta Fed estimated on Friday that the data so far in the second quarter suggests a drop in GDP of forty-two percent. That would be far and away from the worst the U.S. has ever seen, basically much worse than the Great Depression. Still, Jerome Powell tells us that. So in the long run, I would say that the U.S. economy will recover. And he also says that we’ll get back to the place we were in February. We’ll get to an even better place than that. I’m highly confident in that. And it won’t take that long to get there. So he’s very, very bullish on the U.S. economy, even though we’re seeing the worst numbers since the Great Depression. And he doesn’t even expect another depression, even though most of the metrics are pointing towards much worse numbers than back in the previous Great Depression. So I think it’s probably more reasonable to expect the Great Depression 2.0. But what do you guys think? Please leave your comments down below. And if you haven’t seen this video, that’s it right there right now. Now, see you guys tomorrow.


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