Hey, everybody, Mattie here with coin buys. Happy Sunday. Hope you’re having a great weekend. We’re talking today, of course, about the upcoming Bitcoin having it’s now just over a week away. Old coin Buzz News is tweeting about it on Twitter. We’ll take a look at. All right. Up here on the Web site as well, Bitcoin having the good, the bad and the ugly specifically were going to bring you four reasons why this having may be different. I think it’s always a lagging indicator. As I’ve argued, but for particular reasons why at least a few months down the road, we can expect some very positive price action. Many people are predicting that some good things are going to happen. Will also take a look here on Quain desk dot com. At the oil industry and their ETF, how commodity prices have gone negative. Krypto long and short. How oil going negative could open up the door for Bitcoin ETF exchange-traded funds. And finally, we’ll also look here on crypto potato dot com at the fact that Teather has now printed one point six billion U.S. D.T. excuse me, they’ve minted a democracy printed. That’s not really possible, is it? Teather has minted one point six billion USD t. This is largely been a boon for the crypto sector in April, making up for some of those losses that we saw, some very violent numbers and abrupt drops that we saw back in March. We’ll take a look at those stories. Guys, if you’d like this kind of bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain content. Be sure to like and subscribe. Let’s have a look at the market now on Coingate go dot com. We are up one point three percent overall. Two hundred and fifty-three point six billion dollars. Things more or less flat since yesterday. Roughly speaking, Bitcoin at the time of this recording sits at eight thousand nine hundred eighteen dollars with a dominance of 65 percent flat at Outpoint Buzz News tweeting here. The countdown has begun and the excitement around Bitcoin having is growing. Do we have all the cards set? Right. This is what might happen and you can read more about it. We linked to our story here on altcoin buzz dot io bitcoin having the good, the bad and the ugly article here by DPA. We’re under fifteen hundred blocks to be mined before having hits. Will this paint another bookcase for bitcoin or is trouble brewing potentially for minors. The bitcoin having is, of course, a highly anticipated quadrennial event, meaning it happens every four years and there is a lot of optimism in the air. Let’s begin with some optimistic predictions. Firstly by Tim Draper, the billionaire Bitcoin BOE who has predicted Bitcoin will touch 250000 dollars in 2020. Preston pish, Buffett’s books founder says Bitcoin would touch three hundred thousand dollars post. Having Raul Pao, Goldman Sachs G.S. hedge fund manager predicts one million dollars. That’s by 2030. But nevertheless, still an important prediction. And Bobby Li, BTC CEO predicts in 2020, Bitcoin could grow and reach three hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars. However, to be fair and to round things out, we have some pessimistic predictions as well. Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University economist, believes by 2028, Bitcoin’s value will be one hundred dollars. Now, look, everybody is entitled to their opinions, but for a Harvard economist to make that prediction 100 dollars, it seems like they have to be almost ignorant to some of the mathematics, to the fact that so many Bitcoin wallets and passwords and hard drive storing the information have been lost for all time. So to me, 100 dollars is never going to be possible. Could it be lower than where it is now in 2028? That, OK, I’ll concede, is possible. But one hundred dollars just is impossible. And that’s that saying nothing of the fact that interest would swell for every thousand dollar drop in Bitcoin. You have people coming in and scooping up the deals, trying to buy more. I don’t see that as being likely. So everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I don’t think that’s a good one. You also have Joseph Stiglitz, the Columbia University economist, who’s predicting similarly by 2028. Bitcoin is going to dump to 100 bucks. Not likely, but just my opinion. Well, we’ve seen the first and the second having as we’ve done the numbers, we’ve looked at all those before down the line. Now, several months down the line, there is always a noticeable uptick in the price performance of Bitcoin. But more than anything, what we’re seeing today in the context of Coronavirus, in the context of social distancing and quarantine and isolation, is the fact that that Kofod is really painting a very different picture with the Coronavirus. You’re also having a lot of economic activity, a lot of monetary and fiscal policy that people are kind of clueing into. In many cases, people are disagreeing with actions being taken by central banks like the Federal Reserve. And that’s kind of creating the backdrop now and creating the flavour that we’re seeing in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency during this upcoming May 2020 having. We’re also seeing that since earlier in this year, Bitcoin has, you know, perhaps not totally dis correlated itself from some of the traditional markets, but it’s begun to decouple from things like the S&P 500 from things like the NASDAQ, the Dow Jones and from the Footsie and other traditional financial indices where we’re not quite all the way there just yet. But again. The initial portion of that decoupling has begun. Let’s not, however, look at for specific reasons why this Bitcoin having may be different and why it may suggest some very positive price action in this next cycle. The first reason is, of course, the fact that we’ve had this Federal Reserve Act in response to the crisis that I mentioned. So the world’s strongest economy just witnessed record money printing. And while this was important to stimulate the collapsing U.S. economy, the accompanying debt injected by these six-point five trillion dollar printing cannot be ignored. As soon as the dust settles, inflation and pressure on dollar value will engulf the market. And these unpredictable cycles of deflation and hyperinflation of the U.S. dollar have shaken people’s trust in traditional economic models. More and more poor people, rather, are turning an eye to Bitcoin, perhaps in response to some of these measures being taken. The second reason why Bitcoin is having this time around is going to be even more significant. Bitcoin having an interest is higher than ever. The search volume of, quote, Bitcoin having as of April 16th are 16 percent higher than the ones witnessed in 2016. And this continues to grow every passing day. Guys, don’t forget that. I would say ever since about maybe 2017, Bitcoin really has become a household name because at that time we were battling on a daily basis. And we still do. By the way, we were battling on daily basis publications, media outlets that were coming up with all kinds of FUD. Right, fear, uncertainty, doubt. They were just hammering Bitcoin in the hopes that we’d forget about it. As if that were ever possible. So really, since 2017, that means now we’re in the fourth year where Bitcoin has just become something that’s part of the public conversation. And it’s gotten a lot of press and media attention in a very organic way. And some of the negative press and media attention has not worked. It’s only made us stronger because effectively we’ve been battling those criticisms now for years and are still here, are still representing ourselves. We’re still alive. We would be swimming upstream. That’s the analogy I’ll use. We’ve been swimming upstream for all of these years against adversity and obstacles, getting stronger in the process. Reason number three, why this having is going to be different, flaring micro bitcoin accumulations. We’re seeing many, many more wallets with small amounts, relatively small amounts of Bitcoin are popping up and the numbers support it. So in March of 2020, the number of unique addresses holding at least one Bitcoin dropped from seven hundred ninety-five thousand to seven hundred eighty-nine thousand. But fast forward about a month to April 16th, and the number rose to new highs of eight hundred and 5000. Meanwhile, the number of unique addresses holding at least zero point one bitcoin also soared, and these touched a record of two million nine hundred eighty-four thousand nearly three million. Finally here, the fourth reason why this Bitcoin having is going to be different. We have bullish on-chain indicators that chart by crypto quanta below reveals that since January of 2020, miners have been holding Bitcoin. And that’s because they strongly believe that Bitcoin’s price is up for a massive post having a pump. In simple terms, strong hands are holding onto their bitcoin because collectively there is an anticipation of positive price action and they don’t want to get rid of it just yet. They don’t want to get rid of it prematurely. I’ve made the point before, guys, and I’ll continue to do so that I think mining is what’s going to suffer the most. And you may have a few people that will be shaken out of the system because profitability is already very difficult. Let’s be honest right now for most people. However, this is the challenge ultimately is what makes Bitcoin valuable. If you are, people are able to participate in the mining process, at least really look at the highest levels. You’re going to see that this affects the perceived scarcity of the asset. And the more scarce something gets as a commodity, real as anything, the more value we attribute to it with our collective psychology. So this is part of the formula really. This is part of the economic laws that dictate the price of something like Bitcoin. Let us know your thoughts about the having members of the Outpoint coin buzz army in the comments below. I’m going to continue to contend that it’ll probably take about three, four, five, maybe six months or more to really see some positive price action. It is a lagging indicator, in my opinion. However, once, you know, we resettle, we find a new rhythm. Once the miners get into the new groove, then I think that’s when the numbers start to be more reflective of the reality. And I think that’s when the scarcity factor kicks in. However, that’s just my opinion. Let us know what yours is in the comments below. Let’s take a look at this piece now on desk dot com Krypto long in short, how oil going negative could open the door for Bitcoin ETF exchange-traded funds. We’ve been talking recently about how oil prices, in particular, have gone negative and this has had a major impact. People are using much, much, much less oil right now, pretty much zero oil. Obviously, planes are grounded in most parts of the world. People aren’t really commuting with their vehicles anymore and therefore demand for this commodity, which has been like Ubiquiti. And it’s just been a part of our lives for the longest time. All of a sudden that demand for it has plummeted. And you have a lot of these oil producers that perhaps they’re unable to fully shut off production and they just have these excess barrels, this excess supply of oil, which costs them a lot of money to store. There are costs associated with storing a surplus of oil, hence the negative commodity prices for that good. And in this article here, which is a good one by the author, Noel, the argument is made that if you have an exchange-traded fund, an ETF like U.S. oil, which is the United States oil fund, if that can go down to negative and we can live through sort of what we’re seeing here, which is just blatant manipulation of that ETF, I think there’s a very strong reason to suggest that a Bitcoin ETF is really not at all as bad as we were being told. We are being scared into submission. Effectively. So, as Noel writes, it turns out that commodity prices don’t have a floor. Who knew? To be fair, this is not the first time a commodity has traded below zero. Natural gas prices, for example, have gone negative in the past as logistical problems make it hard to get to buyers. And many refineries see it as a waste byproduct of oil production. And outside the energy sector, dairy farmers across the U.S. are currently dumping excess milk rather than paying consumers to take it away. So U.S. O. United States Oil Fund is the largest exchange-traded fund ETF in the energy sector and holds near dated WTI futures. This week, those futures were trading below zero since they involve physical delivery of oil that no one knows where to store. But the ETF is a financial commodity and cannot be traded below zero. Therefore, it cannot reflect its underlying assets. So this week and this is attesting to the mismanagement and the chaos that we’re seeing, the U.S. so scrambled to save its listing. It announced a reverse share split to push its price back above the Nasdaq minimum requirement. And it changed its investment strategy to focus on slightly longer-term futures. It also applied for authorization to issue more shares since money is pouring in, reportedly from retail investors who hope to ride the recovery all the way up. So here you have an ETF whose value does not necessarily reflect the underlying asset manoeuvring to be able to sell more shares to retail investors in a dislocated market. That is one of the most blatantly manipulated in the world. And yet they say that a Bitcoin ETF and its proposals are rejected for the reason of being too risky to a pake and manipulable absolute nonsense. And we’re seeing it being borne out here in the real world with another example. USL, particularly a Bitcoin ETF, would be based on a financial commodity that runs on a global network accessible to all. Most of the main exchanges have market surveillance, and improvements in market liquidity should enable the ETF price to closely track the market value of the underlying asset, giving investors reassuring clarity and transparency. The same cannot be said of the most liquid listed Bitcoin tracking instruments today, which have lock-in periods during which investors cannot sell and which trade at a significant premium to Bitcoin. This is largely a result of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissions reluctance to approve liquid and easily redeemable investment vehicles suitable for all types of investors. It’s a very good article, guys, and it goes on to suggest that if the oil industry and the energy sector, an ETF such as USO can get away with the blatant manipulation that they’re doing. There are many different mechanisms. There are many different variables and tweaks and that we can employ here to make sure that Bitcoin is an effective and transparent exchange-traded fund. And there’s no reason to believe that it would be once approved, that it would perform any worse that were then. We’re already seeing here with some of the commodities in the world. It’s a little bit more technical as the article goes along. But I do have to give kudos to Newel for this piece on Coin Desk. Once again, check it out. If you’re so inclined and interested in this kind of content, we’ll link to it, of course, in the description below. And finally today, guys, just in passing on crypto potatoes today, Teather printer goes br. One point six billion USD team have been minted in April as Bitcoin recovers from March loss. So we saw some rather stunning numbers, some very violent drops, of course, going back to about six, seven weeks ago in March of 2020. Largely, we’ve pretty much recovered from those lows and that’s been due in no small part to that. Not Gasca say printing a canut printing has been due in large part to the minting of USDOT, in fact, one point six billion USD. Now the argument could be made that this is reflective of the cryptocurrency problem. The quantitative easing, if you will, in our very own sector, there’s still some debate as to how correlated the price of Bitcoin is with USDOT. However, I will grant that for some of those more outspoken voices. Yes, the minting of billions of USDOT does have an impact. Check out this article for the full information and further analytics. But that about wraps it up for today, everybody. Hey, to be sure, you’re following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back into old coin buys. BUZZCUT. Oh, for all the latest, go ahead. Like subscribe, share and hit the belt. Receive notifications if you’ve enjoyed today’s video. Best of luck, guys. If he chooses to invest on this Sunday but have a great tail end to your weekend. Be safe out there. And as always, we do hope to see you again soon in our next video. Take care.


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