Hi, guys. Quick update here for Bitcoin, so if you want to join the group, I’m taking members the next 48 hours or so. I’ve been on the group before or your Facebook friend. Just message me or message me through the Facebook page, taking payments in crypto and PayPal to find the Facebook page to go onto the YouTube channel. Go to the about section and you are there. Obviously, there’s a lot going on here with Bitcoin and the stock market. Everything seems to be melting up. So it’s very much a stock pickers market and is more suited for those who are swing traders, investors, more longer term. We’re going to be covering a brand new sector that I’ve been following for the last couple of weeks and is moving really well. And we’re going to be covering that on Monday as video. Massive gains to be had there, similar to what marijuana stocks did in 2016 17. But once again, you got to be in the right play. You can’t just buy anything. So. So that is a lot to cover in the group. And that’s what we cover. Prices have come down and I think that they’re very, very reasonable. So but it’s not for everyone. So don’t don’t you know, don’t don’t join if it is not, you think. So yeah, I’ll take members the next 48 hours or so and then I’ll close the membership off from then. So. Yeah. Lots to cover on Monday’s video. Now with Bitcoin, I mean, very quickly will quickly go over the things that we know are going to happen. So stock market, obviously, you know, short term here in a bit of a flug correction, obviously, we’re going to go much, much higher to four and a half hours while 4000 on the S&P Nasdaq, we’re going to go 14000 Dow for E.K. and obviously dollar. It’s not so much a demand AC issue as it is a dollar shortage, much like we’ve got here. So as we approach the end of this market slash business cycle, these markets are going to go up. Now, what what’s very interesting is gold is not selling off. Gold doesn’t want to sell off on gold, is doing something very similar to I did hear where it just went sideways so we could get and this is purely a sentiment issue rather than anything fundamental. So dollars going higher from a fundamental perspective. Stock markets going higher from a liquidity perspective and gold is going higher from a sentiment perspective. So if everything’s melting up, bonds included, it sets up a situation where potentially Bitcoin can go back to twenty thousand and bonds are not selling off on the yield on the 10 year. Probably gonna go negative. I think it’s at nought point six right now. So eventually they’re going to go negative. Now, that then sets up while what’s happening with Bitcoin and well, first of all, it’s been in a bear market for two years. So in terms of time, it’s almost complete in terms of time. We could very well be in. I mean, the most bullish count. State the obvious. One, two, three, four, five. That gets you towards the sixty nine thousand mark, which is a calculation I’ve done based on one old coin. I reverse engineered the targets to get to sixty nine thousand. So much like the stock market and this new sector that I’m going to discuss on Monday. It’s very much a stock pickers market or an old coin picker’s market. Can’t just be in anything. Many of them probably going to go to zero. The alternate count is ABC TV, where we consolidate here for a little while longer. And in the group, we were definitely saying, look, we’re gonna go to eight thousand at least, because 8000 was the was the area of interest in it was the high volume node. But now that we’re there, it looks as though it still wants to grind higher, much like bonds and gold. And there is a link here with Bitcoin, with bonds and gold, number one. But there’s also this on and off link with this stock market. And Bitcoin has always been our liquidity, mark. And if I’m saying stock market is gonna go higher, there is a chance sooner or later. Bitcoin makes its way towards is much, much higher targets. But like I said, is very much going to be in there, I think. So those are the counts right now on the bearish count is obviously W, X, Y. But like I said, you know, if bonds sell off on gold Salaf, I will change my opinion. But right now it’s in neutral, slash bullish. And we are breaking through so many levels there. We’ve already gone up above this level. We’re testing this level. And getting above ten point two is the first macro high that we’ve seen in this entire downtrend. So lots of bullishness and that kind of support, this whole everything’s melting or prior to, you know, prior to the big, big crash, basically. So and if he does go on the linear chart for retracement, it’s best to use linear. So this was a 61 eight. We’re already past the 50s. So getting above 10 310 find that then sets up a move, you know, to much, much higher levels. Eventually, it’s not going to be a straight line, but there will be some nice swing trades there because above 10, five, you get 14 or 14. You going get here. Now, what is an alternate count? Everything that I’ve just said, which suggests that we still going to go sideways. Well, that would be A, B, C, and all of this is a huge W and to hear X expanded FDLA and then go down to. Either way, that means we’re still going to go higher. So if I just take off this triangle line here, let’s put our China line in. Here to hear. Well, that still gets you to hear. And if you do, your one to one ratio’s. It’s still kind of gets you to these levels and then you have to ask yourself if we’re making it as high as this. Well, obviously, we’re going to go to all time new highs. There’s no support between sorry. There’s no resistance between 14 and 20000. So I was very much focused on the stock market the last few weeks because that’s the most important market bar none. But this speculative market is also doing things which which would suggest it’s going to go higher. So we were saying here, look, we’re going to go to 8-K, but now it sets up that much, much bigger move, especially if you’re looking at two or coins in particular, which once again, will well, we go through that in the group. Now, short term, we have this halving coming up. So every single news event in Bitcoin has been. Has been a sell the news event. So short term, we could get a bit of a sell the new sell off. But really, all that is going to do is clear some of the overbought conditions. And if we can maintain this seven four level, which was a major level going all the way through here, that still sets up a much, much higher move. So other than a short term sell off with this halving this market, much like gold and bonds, does not want to sell off. And if yields are going to go negative and no one really wants to, you know, park their money and, you know, cash or whatever, then they’re going to be finding alternate investments. And Bitcoin is going to be one of them. Counting this move, rather, looks corrective. And that then sets up this whole triangle move. But either way, you know, corrective or impulsive, most moves are corrective. 80 percent of moves are corrective. OK. The market generally is in a three way rather than a five wave secret that dashes how markets move. And because through more of that in the masterclass when it gets released. So, yeah, this then this. But either way, it looks as though eventually we’re going to break Hiria. So when do we break 20 K. I’m not sure that I’m very much going to be using the bonds and gold signal. Bob Gold go into all time new highs. Silver obviously won’t. Because no one really cares about silver. Let’s be honest. But you know bonds. Continuing to consolidate here, they’re just not selling off. They’re just not selling off. I mean, is highly online enough of bonds to ever make it down to 140? Or that as an ABC, now we’re just consolidating. Then we got to go higher and push that yield negative. So this is very much a I mean, if if eventually we are going to go negative on the American yield. So that is what I am looking at. With Bitcoin, like I said, for me, it was to move a move towards ACA and short term. We’re just not selling off. We’re not we’re not properly selling off. I’m not convinced this is a huge sell off. It’s going to bring us back down to three K. So it’s a very exciting time. You know, the next couple of years if everything’s melting up. And that then sets up a move to alltime new highs for Bitcoin gold on the stock market alongside the US dollar and the US dollar usually has a negative impact on Bitcoin, as it did here. But, you know, we’re in uncharted waters here. You know, we’ve we’ve we’ve never been in a situation like this from a fundamental perspective with all the Fed and the lowering of interest rates and the dollar short squeeze. You know, there’s there’s a lot of which is why everything has to always has to end in a in a quite spectacular fashion, which and which it will end up doing. But before things can dump, you do get one euphoric pompa. Maybe Bitcoin is part of that. So that’s my take for Bitcoin if I just go on these higher time-frame levels. I mean, even this candle is completely been eradicated almost by this. I mean, that’s not a bullish engulfing, of course. No, it is not taken out the lows. But the fact that it was able to break the high unclosed higher than the open of this candle, it’s all looking very, very bullish. And I’m looking at a special sector in particular, which I mentioned in Monday’s video. And that sector is incredibly speculative. And if that’s going up, much like MJ stocks did back in 2016, then, you know, we could very much get a move here in Bitcoin. Too much, much higher levels potentially. Like I said, a well above twenty thousand thirty K. Forty K, fifty K. So how high we go? Obviously, that’s very much dependent on everything else that’s going on. So with all that being said, short term, with this halving in 10 days, whenever we could very well get an ABC correction before these lows now get challenged, it’s looking less and less likely. And, you know, obviously, you can also trade this market. So we’ve been long since here. So it’s a nice nay nay Honjo percent move. So it’s not like yourself to be bearish or bullish. You are still trading this market and taking advantage of the swings. We also got in here to here, here to here, here to here. And that’s the thing with Bitcoin generally, you don’t want to share and you don’t want to use leverage. You just want to be long and take advantage of this win trades to the long side. So if short term we do get a bit of a sell off, that then just sets up a move here. The problem is the phone more may be so strong that you may not necessarily get a big pullback here. Let’s just say argument’s sake, that has top tier. Short term. Even then, I’m not sure. I still think it can go maybe even as high as 10K before we get a real pullback. But, you know, people waiting for six thousand and may not happen. And that’s the issue with these moves. Like there’s two stocks in particular in the stock market, which I continue to mention over and over. Everyone’s looking for a pullback in those two stocks. It’s not gonna happen because the entire world those was in or what we’re doing. No, the stock market’s going to go to all time new highs. Those two stocks are going to take higher and there won’t be a pullback. And, you know, obviously Bitcoin far, far outweighs like coin or ethereal doesn’t quite outweigh to coins that I like in particular, which are definitely gonna make some really, really big moves. But Bitcoin is is that is the king here. So it wants to go higher. So that would be my overall take right now, obviously is constantly changing with us. Why? We have a group, you know, we constantly look at these markets twice a week. So just to clarify, then, there is a bullish count, one, two, three, four, five. There’s an ABC which also goes higher. There’s an ABC DC triangle, which means we consolidate between, let’s say, eleven K and let’s say, I don’t know, five, six K, if you’re lucky, you may not even get that price for a while and then we break. But either way, if yields go negative, bonds go up, dollar goes up and gold goes up. Given what Bitcoin is. That quote unquote hedge. It could also set up a move here. And also because we know is linked to the stock market. And if I’m saying stock market’s going to go to alltime new highs, which it definitely is, then Bitcoin is obviously going to be linked to that. So and then the higher targets, while we’ll cross those across that bridge, when we get to have like I said, the target, as I’ve got it, is sixty nine thousand based on based on one coin. Obviously, that stash just reverse engineered. I want to see what happens here if we get above this line here and consolidate. That is very, very bullish. Then I’ll give more. So are precise targets, but long term targets aside, you don’t all is after look at the long term enough to know where things are going and then you can worry about the exact targets later on. So that would be my take. No. Is there anything in the indicators? Let’s have a look at this relative vigor index. Obviously we don’t have that because we’re not Steve. Yeah, I mean, the RSI is looking OK. It’s consolidating around 50 and it’s not really selling off. Oh, B.V. is also consolidating, going higher. The daddy is probably going to make a bullish move into the green, which already has done. And every time it does that and it actually sets up a nice bit of a trend change. RSI, OPV is going up. So everything’s looking healthy here for Bitcoin. So it looks as though the next two years everything is going to melt up. And then so time to call it, then unplug it. So that is my update. Like I said, if you want to join the group, you know what to do. We’re gonna be covering a lot of things on Monday’s video. Lots of interesting things going on and. Yes, this arc may very well play out this parallel all business. May very well play out around this, you know, however you want to draw. OK, I’m not going to draw it precisely, but you get it. The OK may very well play out. So exciting times and we’ll catch you guys at.


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