In this video. Look at this. This is huge. The search volume for, quote, Bitcoin has just reached a new all-time high. Look at this Google Trends chart. The Bitcoin having search term is spiking above the previous spike. And guys, this was at the exact moment of the previous bitcoin having back in 2016. So because of this spike in the past 24 hours, we’re seeing more people search for the Bitcoin having than the actual bitcoin having four years ago. We’re seeing many more people paying attention to Beacon now than four years ago. This is showing us that the demand is increasing for bitcoin and that people are researching bitcoin and what to having means and how the unique inflation schedule of bitcoin makes Bitcoin completely unique in this world and also in this video. I’m going to show you this exclusive collaboration I made with Chris from MMD Crypto. He’s going to show us a chart with a very, very interesting signal for Bitcoin that only fires every now and then. And he’s going to show exactly how this can be a very, very bullish sign for Bitcoin for the next two months and years. And if you think that that’s something interesting, then I nothing that you should definitely see. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl and I’m bringing this cryptocurrency video. And before I show you the clip where Chris from and then Crypto is going to show us a very interesting on-chain chart, I’m going to take a look at the beat comprise. And as you see, guys, Bitcoin is still in this bear flag trending towards the upside while the volume is still declining here. And of course, when the volume is declining, while the price is going up, we should be a little bit cautious and not get overwhelming the bullish. And you can also see here how bitcoin is struggling to break through this trend line that I’ve shown you a few times before. And interestingly, we’ve now seen one and two bounces or rejections off of this trend line. And if Bitcoin is not able to breakthrough in the next hours or the next day here, then then I’m afraid that Bitcoin is looking bearish and we are going to have to expect some lower prices in the immediate short term. And what I’m going to be watching, of course, is this uproar, certainly, support if this report breaks. And if you see a big spike in the volume, then that is a big bearish signal. Bitcoin is basically running into a lot of resistance here from the previous support area right here. You can see how Bitcoin is struggling to breakthrough. And I think that the. Yep. And just like I said, I think the immediate test for Bitcoin to break through this resistance here, of course, we have tested it several times. And the more times we test a resistance, the likelihood is that we are eventually breakthrough. And if bethought, is able to break through this resistance, then I think it’s possible that the bulls might have a chance of taking back their control. But as of right now, we are still in a bear fly. I’m still below key resistance. And I think that we should be aware of that as we’re looking at the chart. And before I show you the clip with Chris, I want to tell you that the Amazon stock is up 7 percent almost in one single day today. So it seems like Amazon is the safe haven right now. And if we go over to the Amazon stock, you can see how the stock is basically pushing towards all-time high here. And that is, of course, something that stands out in the current environment. Most stocks are plunging currency. We’re seeing most of the stocks being in a huge bear market after the big collapse we’ve seen for the past few weeks. And the big corona crisis has led to many physical shops closing down. And, of course, this increases the demand for online shopping and e-commerce. So this is probably why the Amazon stock is doing well now. People are bullish on online shopping because people believe that this crisis might go on for much longer. However, if you zoom out, I still think it’s quite obvious that the Amazon stock, just like all the other big stocks, has been in a huge bubble for the past two decades. Look at this. This is just extraordinary growth. This was back in the dot com bubble. And Amazon has come a long way since then. But remember that ever since 2008, we’ve seen zero percent interest rates in the US and even negative in other countries. And we’ve also seen the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars and other central banks have also been joining the party in printing trillions of dollars. So basically, I think that we should be very, very cautious when we’re buying assets that are propped up with so much cheap credit. But now right here comes the amazing collaboration I just recorded with Chris from M.M. Crypto. And he’s going to show us an amazing signal in the Bitcoin price that has worked out very, very well historically and over the past few years. It seems like this was a perfect buy signal. So let’s now take a look at this collaboration. All right, guys. So now I’m here with Chris from M Crypto and he will share some interesting thoughts with us about some unseen stuff. And I also asked him about the Bitcoin has, which is coming up in approximately twenty-eight days. Now it’s getting closer and closer. And you also saw the graph of the fact that the Google search term for a Bitcoin having is currently at an all-time high, even way above the previous have back in 2016. When you think about that, isn’t that a great sign? I think this is very, very important. The last time I checked the search term, it was a two year high. So but the fact that it’s now higher than the last time it was a trending topic, this shows us that we don’t only have much more people in this space, but also much more interest from the outside world because it’s, of course, a lot of people just hearing the keyword halving interest going on Google and searching for it. So it’s a very, very important thing because everyone knows for the next ball and we need new money entering the space. And this is a very interesting indicator to observe within the next few days and weeks. It’s even 28 days left to the having. So we’re probably going to see this spike even higher. All right. So that’s one bullish sign that we’re seeing currently, which is, of course, also this is a fundamental thing. It’s not like a technical thing in the chart. So and yes, speaking of fundamental indicators, I know that you were talking. What about on-chain indicators on your channel? And I would love to hear if you could share some thoughts about that and if there’s another bullish or bearish signal that you can see. So everyone who knows me and who knows I am crypto will not be surprised that it’s a bullish signal. And what I want to bring up is the hash ribbons. We have been talking about that a few times already on our channel. And this one is interesting. It’s not only an unchanged data, but it’s also driven by the hash rate of bitcoin. This one you can actually also at your home observe on trading view where you can all have all the technical indicators. And I’m gonna show you right now what it is saying. So right now we are here on the weekly candles for Bitcoin. And you can see, of course, the Bitcoin pricing on the upside and on the lower end, you can see the hash ribbon’s vertical lines. Here are the halfling saw the first halfling was in 2012 and November, the second one in July 2016. And the next one is coming up in twenty-nine days, just as we said it before. But the interesting part though is that the hash ribbon’s, which I actually if we are zooming in a little bit, you can see the green line. This is the shorter moving average of the bitcoin hash rate, whereas the grey line is the long term moving average of the bitcoin hash rate. And the interesting part, though, if we are zooming out and we are going back into the future, back into the history, we can see that coinciding with the first and second halfling, we had a minus capitulation because always zooming in here when the shorter moving average is going below the great long term moving average, we can see this red area here popping up. And when the red area pops up, it is when this great circle is created. And we saw the exact same thing happening here in 2012 and also in 2016. And the interesting part is that we always saw either before, during or shortly after the halving minus capitulation, not only because, of course, the minus profitability goes down, the future Bitcoin being mined is going to be cut in half. But you’re also a lot of things are coinciding here and the difficulty only adjust every two months, every two weeks. And the interesting part about that is that every single time we saw the miners capitulation and within approximately 30 days, the period after, what’s this buy signal popping up here every single time that every single time the buy signal popped up, this was a very, very, very bullish thing for Bitcoin. And if you have bought bitcoin always when this blue buy signal popped up after the miner’s capitulation, you saw that you coinciding in the charts that after what we saw a massive run-up here for Bitcoin. And I can show it to you for every single time we look at this half-year in 2016, minus capitulation right here directly after the halfling and then the buy signal and coinciding with that after what’s a massive run towards the upside. The same thing happened actually at every single buy signal here and every single minus capitulation. Of course, the exact same actually the most explosive. One year in 2012, we saw the capitulation. And then we saw the biosimilar and the massive run to the upside. And just to conclude that the bullish thing about right now is that we saw you probably remember Carly. Remember you talked about it on your channel. We saw the hash rate plummeting down also. And this created this massive minus capitulation, one of the strongest one we have seen to date. And yet right now we have to wait for the shorter moving average to go up. And then once it crosses the Graham the grey line, again, the long term moving average, which would approximately happen after the half in here, we will only from a historical confidence level, most probably see the next to buy indication popping up. And with that coinciding, also just from the historical confidence level, which is Sofya 800 percent, also the bitcoin price spiking up like crazy. So this is right now in light of the halving. My favourite on China indicator, which is actually very bullish for Mitt Romney. All right. So thank you very much for that explanation. I also want to ask you about the vehicle have coinciding now with the financial crisis. And there’s big coronavirus outbreak because in the past year we were talking a lot about the bacon, having was a lot of talks on Twitter. People were talking about it. But in the past few months, we haven’t seen too much. I think people are just so focused on other stuff. Now, what do you think about the fact that the vehicle having is coinciding with this environment we’ve never seen before? Well, exactly. Like you said, the fact that we have never seen that before makes it very hard to predict anything. Right. The only thing we can do is look at the technicals, look at the fundamentals, and focusing now on the phone fundamentals and also the exogenous factors and the in the economy. If you all know what the bitcoin huffing does, it cuts the future inflation in half. And if we are looking at what the Federal Reserve is doing right now is they are just like doubling down every single day on the future inflation, making it from 5 percent to 10 percent, potentially 15, 20 percent. They are pumping trillions every day, another trillion. And if we are looking at the big con future inflation being cut in half and the fear currency, future inflation, which is actually the currency we are denominated in the value of Bitcoin, in being just pumped up by a big multiple, we can see massive leverage being potential leverage being behind the price of bitcoin. At least the denomination in US dollar, euro and so on, whatever the purchasing power is going to do. Who knows? But with all of that having in our backyard, I think bitcoin is an amazing hedge, especially in light of what the Federal Reserve, the ECB and all the other central banks are doing right now. Exactly. I couldn’t agree more. And also, I do believe that Bitcoin is a hedge. But as you’re saying, it’s a hedge against what the Federal Reserve is doing. And even if we haven’t seen the bitcoin price spike yet, we will see it in the future, because it’s always the case with financial stimulus and financial solutions are that you see the effects much later. Whatever you do today with the printing press will have the effect maybe six months from now, maybe even up to two years from now. Some people estimate. So that’s something we should keep in mind here, that whatever is happening right now is going to t have its full effect in a few years, maybe. And that’s when Bitcoin is truly going to shine as a safe haven asset, in my opinion. I think we’re both agreeing on that. I can’t for these. I can read for these days. I’m sure all of your viewers also can read. I mean, the biggest gain us in bitcoin were always the long term holders. Always keep it in mind, guys, that all these effects, they are not coming tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Hold your bitcoin. I think that’s the best thing to do. Dollar-cost average until bitcoin. And don’t be too nervous because of all the noise out there in the financial crisis. Yeah. Can you imagine when the fiscal price goes about 20000? That would be crazy. I mean, I can see already like Bloomberg and all the mainstream media sites, finally, they start to wonder about bitcoin. They will be so many news articles. Everyone talking about it. And that’s when the mainstream people are going to jump in. And this is where the winners are found today with the people that are buying when no one else is watching, where no one else is paying attention to Bitcoin. These are the people that will be able to take profits into this big hype cycle. It will be also much easier for everyone who was buying right now to hold on the big like pumps and precious. afterwards. Everyone who buys in at 20000 will be washed out at the next crash from 20000 to 40000 or from 30000 or 20000. But we will be in a massive profit and it will be very easy to hold on all bitcoin. Thank you very much for your thoughts. Always nice to have you on the channel. Let’s do it again soon. Thanks for having me. All right, guys. This was it for this video. Please leave it. Thumbs up down below. If you enjoyed this collaboration with Chris. Let’s see if we could put this video to 3000 likes. That would be really, really cool. But that was it for this video. Please click this video if you haven’t seen it before. Analogy tomorrow.


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