Bitcoin Halving Blueprint for 4,000% SUPER BULL RUN – $300,000 Possible?


Today in crypto updates to the stock and flow models show that Bitcoin could be preparing for an amazing four thousand percent run, pushing the price up to almost three hundred thousand dollars. Wowsers. And the Bitcoin having it is the match lighting the fuse for that crazy run. Another country falls victim to the Fiat scam as life savings disappear overnight and pieces of paper with numbers written on them lose half of their value. And UN unbelievable theft happening over in the U.S. by banks just helping themselves to the stimulus. Honey pot. The crypto lark. This is where you subscribe for all of the hottest and all of the latest happenings out there in the wild, wildland of crypto. And of course, for anyone who is new to crypto, I have a beginners course just for you. It explains all of the basics that you need to know to get started and to be able to invest in Bitcoin with confidence. There’s a link Downbelow in the description where you can learn more. So let’s go ahead and dive into the charts to get started with today. Firstly, I would like to point out that Bitcoin is up over a hundred percent since the crash in March. That’s just it’s wild and it is up around 10 percent so far this year. Bitcoin, man, bitcoin. Anyway, Bitcoin is still stuck in a limbo zone right now, around seventeen hundred dollars. We are now on our fourth attempt to break and hold above seventy-eight hundred dollars. And in spite of all the bullish momentum that we have been seeing recently, a lot of reasons to be bullish about Bitcoin right now. The volume has actually been on a bit of a downtrend, although volume does remain higher than it was before the crash. That’s definitely a positive sign overall. Still, though, I would like to see some really strong volume backing up these moves higher for the price beyond seventy-eight hundred dollars. The real line to break is the 200-day moving average, currently sitting around seventy-nine hundred and fifty dollars. It really eight thousand dollars. That is the target. Let’s get close above eight thousand dollars. But of course, we do run the risk of a short term correction if these tests to break seventy-eight hundred do fail, possibly bringing the bearish diverters we currently see playing out on the RSI actually to the forefront, dropping has down a few hundred dollars is a decent area of support, around seventy-four hundred dollars if that does happen. But even if there is a short bump, the wide picture remains very bullish for Bitcoin Plan B, you know the guy behind the stock to flow model. He has just released an update to that model, which is showing that Bitcoin is getting ready for something very, very big. You see, once the having happens, the stock to flow model really starts to kick in for the next run and we see a steep increase in price. So if, of course, the price does follow to the model, then Bitcoin could hit around ten thousand dollars mid-June. Nice. Nice. OK. Aw, man. Not bad, not bad. Possibly as high as thirty thousand dollars by the end of the year. Yeah. That’s Rob, an Internet man. Give it to me. That’s the good stuff. Gimme that good opium. And are you ready for this new peak? Highs of at least a hundred thousand dollars by the end of twenty twenty-one. Oh, yeah. That is good stuff, internet man. Keep it coming. Keep it coming. But it gets even better. Update to the model predicts that Bitcoin could see a maximum cycle peak of two hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars. And it could happen very soon. Two hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars. That would be around a four thousand percent gain. Well. Now, if that sounds like some crazy woo hope the, um, no, let me just remind you that last having Bitcoin rally by 3200 percent from the time of the having to the peak. So, yeah, 4000 percent. That is actually possible. And that could carry us up to nearly three hundred thousand you as dollars wowsers. Remember, bitcoins either go into millions or it is going to zero. Personally, I’m not in the zero camps. I’m in the millions camp. The bitcoin having is only 13 days away. Stack Satz and chill my friends. The next few years are going to be a wild, wild ride. There is a very strong likelihood that this having like having before will indeed trigger a massive cryptocurrency, super Bullrun run, which will rocket bitcoin along with a lot of other cryptocurrency occurrences like Ethereal Theorem and Catano to new all-time highs. Many, many more millionaires will be made during this time. You can be one of them. If, of course, you are positioning yourselves right. Slowly accumulating those cryptocurrencies for those long term gains. And yes, there will be more dollar gains happening in the old coin market when things really get heating up, because while Bitcoin doing a 40 X, it’s pretty good. It’s pretty good. There’ll be multiple all coins doing 100 X plus moves. So something to keep in mind. Bitcoin, definitely a safer play. That’s why half my portfolio is still in Alte coins. But the other half is in Bitcoin. It is the rock of my portfolio. The rest of it is kind of for the growth, you know, and gains the old coin stuff. Anyway, having me to make a portfolio video free guys for ages is still a long list of things to do. I will get to on these days soon anyway. It does seem that the message is getting out about Bitcoin because more and more people are apparently buying it, as is evidenced by this great new milestone. The number of networked addresses holding at least zero point one Bitcoin has just crossed over three million. I see this as a super important metric since it means that more and more retail buyers are coming in. Whale accumulation is nice. It is nice to see new all-time highs for people holding a thousand or more bitcoin. That’s great. But really it is retail that is gonna move the market into that next big bull run and increasingly is seeing more people show up. By the way, for those you who are stacking Bitcoin for the long run, please, please, please take your security seriously and get yourselves a ledger. Hard where wallet. I have heard way too many stories about people losing their cryptocurrencies recently because they didn’t take their security seriously enough. These devices are so simple and they’re incredibly secure. And just a great way to hold onto your cryptocurrency is also a reminder that there’s actually a 27 percent discount going right now for family packs. You can get a few of these, you know, one for yourself, one for a backup for me, one to give way for a friend or family member. So great time to grab one. There’s a link Downbelow in the description where you can get yours. So let’s talk about banks. Oh, banks. Good times always over in Lebanon, bank protests have turned violent as the local currency has tanked more than 50 percent in six months. It is unsurprising that Lebanon’s banks are the target of people’s anger, says the bank’s imposed severe capital controls on their customers in the middle of a currency collapse, limiting withdrawals of the Lebanese pound and actually prohibiting people from withdrawing foreign currencies. Fed-up citizens have torched at least five banks with Molotov cocktails in the last couple of days. Now, I’ve been covering the UN covering the unfolding chaos in Lebanon for a few months nowhere on the channel. It’s just it’s such an insane situation is heartbreaking seeing this happen. Just imagine living this situation yourself. All of your retirement money cut in half as you see the value of currency just plummet. All your savings cut in half. All your award for decades of hard work cut in half. At the same time, food prices are going up, especially anything that is imported paper money. It’s worthless because it relies on faith in corrupt governments. Oh, sure, some of them are OK for some times, but long term all Fiat’s going to zero. It’s backed by nothing but lies. Personally, I will take mathematics any day of the week over the faith and promises of any government. Any Lebanese person who bought and held Bitcoin, they’re so lucky because they now have a life raft, they can access their funds, they can send it anywhere at a time to anyone, those who did not. They are the ones burning down the banks, the banks that are now stuffed full of worthless pieces of paper. And the final story for you today, American banks. They always take the cake, don’t they? They’re handling the government‘s 349 billion dollar loan program for small businesses. And in doing so, this was just for the first tranche, by the way. And in doing so, they made more than 10 billion dollars in fees even as thousands of small businesses were shut out of the program. Just think about how many businesses could 10 billion dollars have helped. And to make matters worse, to really a disgusting degree, such a large percentage of that loan money, it did not go to your mom and pop cafes didn’t go to your local barbershop or your local mechanic. Oh, no. It went to hedge funds. Are you ducking kid me? Man hedge combo. Come on. Come on. This is they’re so brazen. It’s insane. And yet a lot of other big businesses do besides headphones. You had like Shake Shack and all these others out there got their hands out, taken that money. It was intended for small businesses. Here’s an example of how all this played out. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse received a loan of 10 million dollars with JP Morgan acting as a lender. JP Morgan took a one hundred thousand dollar one-time fee to process this transaction, for which it assumed no risk than could pass through with much fewer requirements than would normally be needed for a regular loan. All of the incentives for the big banks were to hand big loans to big businesses to get their slice of the pie easier, actually helping small businesses. That would be too much hard work. And he is not like the taxpayers have bailed the banks out before and could use a little bit goodwill from them. Now, there is no goodwill from the banks. This is an absolutely broken system. This story was also just really the icing on top of the cake of a story that you saw from last week that came out about banks taking stimulus checks to pay for things like account overdrafts and other outstanding payments to the bank. Because really, what better way to help people already overdrawn and in desperate situations in the middle of an economic crisis who are struggling to put food on the table to feed their kids than to take their aid money? Banks are Grossman, seriously, stories like these. They’re not surprising. We’ve been covering these stories for a long time. They still make me sick. Banks are just like, wow. But banks have long overstayed their welcome in our society. I really believe this. It is time that we move to a world without these greedy middlemen. Bitcoin is the key to opening that door to financial freedom. Stories like these ones today, they only reinforced my conviction that the future of finance is cryptocurrency in all the systems they’re developing around it. So anyway, those are just my tools. So she’s your question for today. What do you think of the updated stock to flow model predicting bitcoin up to two hundred eighty-eight thousand dollars? Crazy stuff. Or do you think it’s inevitable? Let me know your opinion. Down below in the comments section. Oh, you’re having an amazing day. Thank you so much for stopping by the channel and saying hi. Really appreciate it. As always, make sure that a thumbs-up video on your way out the door. And subscribe to channel. If you are new around here. Long live the blockchain and peace out next time.


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