The total money supply is increasing. We are getting more closer with Bitcoin to be quantitative hardening BEHA thing is approximately nine days and CNBC was talking about Bitcoin half-Finished well, in today’s video. I want to have a look at the hash rate. I want to have a look at the Bitcoin price. And I want to have a small talk about the situation in Lebanon right now. So, guys, all about that in today’s video. With that being said, my name is your room. This is the Block J Today D channel where you subscribe for daily crypto videos. And right now, let’s jump into the content and let’s start with having a look at the Bitcoin price in the weekly timeframe. Well, in the weekly timeframe, everything is still looking old, troub, bullish. We have the. Yeah. Green candle in a row, which we are going to close today, which, yeah, we’ll be quite extraordinary because we are not seeing this that much in the year. Historical Bitcoin price action that we have seven green weeks in a row. We have an increase in volume. We can see Andy Meqdad at the weekly Magdi Momentum as well, having a bullish cross, which means that the weekly momentum is shifting towards the bullish side, which we are already clearly seeing in the price. But you make the as a lagging indicator, so the information is later processed right there. So but this is quite logical. It is a good sign for Bitcoin and only daily timeframe. Bitcoin is still trading above the 200 days moving average. A very important moving average, which right now is at a proximally 8-K. And as you can see, the whole thing is coming fairly close. And that is directly a warning, guys because at the time of the huffing, we can definitely expect some turbulence, the price with Bitcoin either to the upside or to the downside. Right now, any forward time frame, we can find a better divergence. Certainly, Abbasi, we made a lower, high and indie price. We were making a high, a high. That is a bearish divergence, which is telling us that there might be some bearish momentum in the price of Bitcoin. But, Jack, guys, I do want to give a warning that even though we are seeing divergences right now, we are at a ferry funeral boat place with the price because the Bitcoin Hopfinger event is coming. We are going to get a lot of irrational behaviour and outflow of Bitcoin. I think so, yeah. I think we can definitely expect some turbulence either to the upside ought to be a downside, and it’s going to be fairly hard to predict that beforehand. Like, for example, guys, the hype of the whole thing and I’m not talking about the hopping itself, but the hype of the whole thing could already be priced in right here. And we could see a sell the news kind of sand ride that we ride before the whole thing. We are seeing a dump because people are selling on the news, selling before the news, trying to outsmart other investors. But it is also possible that the hype of the whole thing creates in the coming week and weeks even more interest in investors and which can boost the price of Bitcoin even higher. But, guys, the argument that off to be bitcoin, halfling bitcoin is more scars and has a higher sort of flow ratio. Rich is true. I don’t think that we see disgustedly of Bitcoin directly expressed in the price of Bitcoin. The same with inflation. Right. When money is getting printed, we don’t see any inflation yet in our society unless it is approximately like six to 12 months after that money was created. And that is the same. We’ve discussed the of Bitcoin, in my opinion, when Bitcoin is becoming more scarf’s due to the halfling, it will take at least some time until we see disconsolately being expressed in Bitcoins price. But that doesn’t mean that the price can go up and down due to the hype around the halfling and where we have to look at the hash rate guys. We can see that we created a lower, high indie chart, which is yet not the most bullish sign, of course. And if we shoot in on the hash rate right now, we can see a small decrease in the hash rate over the past couple of weeks. And this might be some miners who stopped the operations due to be Hopfinger event because they expect they won’t be profitable anymore after we have seen the Half-inch event occur. So, guys, the halving is coming up in nine days. And as I said, I think we can expect some turbulence in the Bitcoin price. But do take in mind, even if you want to take advantage of this volatility, don’t touch your huddle backs. The hot opposition is fairly long term and you should not risk any short term gains with your hot opposition. The whole thing he sends reminds us of the importance of SkyCity and discussed the Bitcoin. This is going to be an extra important halfling SD inflation rate of. Bitcoin will be below the inflation rate of fiat currencies. Andy SkyCity of Bitcoin, measured with the stock to flow ratio, will be higher than the Scotch city of gold. So, guys, don’t forget to huddle. We have a new emoji and that is this emoji holding a bitcoin. This is the new HODO emoji. And I have added this photo emoji to the Dischord chip as well. And guys on CNBC, they were talking about Bitcoin as well, and especially about the halving event. How bullish the halfling event will be for Bitcoin and that we might see a break out to the upside after the big run that we have seen right now. Guys, I just want to give a warning with this. We are seeing bullish news. Any halving of Bitcoin is definitely bullish. But, yeah, we can also see some sell-off during the halfling. We have seen it in the previous hopping as well, that we have seen a huge drop. And if you are trading and especially if you are trading with leftwards, then you might want to lower your leverage around the period of the offing due to the volatility that we can see in Bitcoin’s price. And of course, you can take advantage of the volatility. But again, it is very difficult to predict if we are going to see it break out to the upside, if it will be a logit break out or if we are going to see a sell the news kind of event. And I am still watching the same levels in the Bitcoin chart as I was talking about yesterday and to the offsite. That will be the nine-point five K level. Where do we shift? This is off to downwards trending line and below us. I’m watching right now the 8-K level because the 20-week moving average ended, the 200-day moving average is lining at that level. And I think if we would break below that level, we could see a further show off any Bitcoin price. And I think if we are going to break the nine-point five K level, then that is definitely looking bullish for Bitcoin. And guys, quick talk about Lebanon, because Lebanon is right now in a crisis. The inflation rate of January 2020 was right here at 10 percent. Saudi society is experiencing this loss of the fiat currency right there. And they are protesting. They are going into the streets and protesting against the fiat currencies, protesting against the central bankers because they are seeing right now devalue of their fiat currency decelerating at a high pace. And people are getting worried. If we have to look at these short term inflation or hyperinflation, we can see that in Lebanon. Yeah, we see a massive peak. Any amount of churches fight. People are getting interested in this topic. And I tried to find some evidence that people are buying into Bitcoin in these periods. But honestly, I couldn’t find it on the local bitcoins, on local bitcoins decides where I usually check the amount of volume that is being traded in a shirt and country. It’s not showing before you that it’s being traded in Lebanon. So, guys, I’m definitely going to watch this. And if you know more about the situation in Lebanon or if you have any proof that people there are buying into Bitcoin due to the crisis that we are seeing right now, there, then let me know any comment section down below. And guys, I’m going to end this video with a fragment of what is happening in Lebanon right now. Some protesters, they fictionalized a famous meme and they put their fiat currency on the coffin of that mean. I thought that was quite funny. I want to show you. So, guys, if you like this video, please leave a Topshop. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel, then please do so. I’m uploading every day a new crypto video, and I will see you all tomorrow. And don’t forget.


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