In this video, the Bitcoin having has now officially taken place. What does this mean for the bid comprise, which is currency trapped in this triangle? Will Bitcoin eventually break out? I want to show you this chart that clearly is showing us that after these have things, we see huge bull runs. And why would this time be any different? Just look at this chart and it’s obvious that from this having most likely Bitcoin is going to go on a huge bull run. And if you think that that sounds interesting, that I think that it should diffuse. Guys welcome to the moon. My name is Carl, and I’m hearing you this crazy video. And while, guys, the day is finally here, the having has taken place. So happy having a day to everyone out there. This is a historic moment in time because this is the first having that is taking place during a financial crisis when we’re seeing trillions and trillions of dollars being printed in a historic amount. And this is very, very bullish for Bitcoin. Of course, every new dollar printed is another reason to buy Bitcoin. And we are seeing unlimited quantitative easing, unlimited money printing. And Bitcoin is doing the exact opposite. Right. So we see a quantitative easing from the Fed and on other central banks and Bitcoin is doing quantitative hardening. So it’s like a big divergence between Bitcoin and the rest of the financial markets. This is a historic day. And this begs the question, where are we four years from now? And the next Bitcoin having, which is coming up in 2024 and more specifically, in one thousand four hundred and fifty-seven days, we will see the next Bitcoin having or in two hundred and nine thousand blocks of approximately what will the price of Bitcoin be and how much currency will global central banks have printed and will be in the process of printing? Please share your price prediction for four years from now. Downbelow right now. And just like I said on Twitter here, the Bitcoin had just occurred and nothing spectacular happened. That’s the point. This is by design. The having is not supposed to be felt by the market immediately. However, fundamentally, of course, this is a major change for the supply of Bitcoin because the newly created supply or the inflation gets cut in half. So this reduces the selling pressure from miners, of course. And it also basically makes Bitcoin more scares every four years. You could say and right now it is actually official, the bitcoin inflation is now low, were then gold. And if Bitcoin is going to go and take over the same market cap as gold, then Bitcoin has to go up to five hundred thousand dollars per coin to match that market cap. This is something that I think is very possible in the next four years. So, guys, we are going to see very interesting times ahead. But let’s first take a quick look at the Bitcoin price action before I talk more about the Bitcoin having, first of all, we are still trapped in this big triangle. And interestingly, we can see how Bitcoin is currently getting supported by this 20-week moving average. And for everyone who watched Total Vaisse Livestream yesterday, I was in a Livestream with Tony Veis, Mike Novogratz, the Winklevoss twins, and many other interesting people. And in this Livestream, I shared my thoughts about the 20-week moving average because I really believe that this is the most important moving average in Bitcoin history. And you can see here how Bitcoin is currently above it. And we actually came down and almost tested it here. And what I’m seeing now is that we have this major, major resistance coming down above us. And we have this important point to support in the form of the 20. Eventually, there will be a tightening ratio would be going to have to choose either to break through the resistance here or break through the support. And if we do break the 20 weekly, then I think that would probably go down to five foot two key to test the support here again before breaking out like this. So this is the bullish and bearish scenario. Of course, if we could break through this level here, then in my opinion, I think that we are most likely going to go to twenty thousand dollars much sooner than people have expected so far. And remember, guys, look at this. Bitcoin still has this big see me futures gap all the way up at approximately ten thousand dollars. This is the biggest see me futures gap in Bitcoin history. And as you may know, these gaps, they tend to fill sooner rather than later. But let’s get back to the having here. We can see the blocks leading into the having. And this was the last block with twelve point five Bitcoin in that reward. And this was the first Bitcoin block with the half of the block reward. So six points. Twenty-five. And this is what’s called the having because the blocked award was cut in half. Until it gets halved again in twenty twenty-four. This block was mined by and pool. And interestingly, look at this. This is funny. The last block before having was mined by F to pool. And look at this. They embedded this message New York Times 9th of April 2020 with two point three trillion injections. Feds plan far exceeds 2008 rescue. And most of you already know exactly what this is a play on. It’s a reference to the. The very, very famous article, chancellor on brink of a second bailout for banks. So that was a very nice little historic moment, I think. And this goes to show that nothing has really changed since back when Bitcoin was created. Federal Reserve and other global central banks are still printing trillions of dollars. The only difference is that they are printing much, much, much more today than they did back then. And I think this trend is going to continue. And speaking of the having ledger, they just created a new promo here with 50 percent off your ledger Nano. S. This is having a promotion. So if you go down into the pind comment and click the link and also use this promo code, we are the bull run. You will get 50 percent off in honour of the Bitcoin having. So you’re getting half the price. A disclaimer is that this is an affiliate link down below. So I make a commission. You don’t have to use my link, but if you do, you are supporting the channel. And also, if you don’t have a ledger yet, then I’m not sure what you’re doing. You need to protect your crypto. And if you do wants to protect your crypto, the ledger is by far the most legit and the most secure product on the markets. And we are familiar with the stock. Original model. Now having has already taken place. So now it’s going to be interesting to see will Bitcoin go to one hundred thousand dollars in 2021 based on this stock? It will raise your model. And remember, the next having four years from now, Bitcoin will, according to this model, get pushed up to one million dollars approximately. And here I think we can see a very, very obvious pattern where after the having here, Bitcoin goes into a huge bull market. And there was a bear market accumulation and then a small expansion, re accumulation. And then after this having, we saw yet another big bull market and then we saw the bear market accumulation, a big first expansion and then a very accumulation. And right now, as the having just taken place, I mixed it, expecting another huge bull market where Bitcoin is going up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Like I’ve said before, I think Bitcoin is going to somewhere between two and a thousand to five hundred thousand, approximately something like that. Of course, it’s impossible to predict the future but just look at the trend. Look at the previous patterns. And if we were to expect this pattern to continue, then we should expect hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next couple of years. And here we have a very interesting image where someone put the Bitcoin inflation above the U.S. dollar, inflation or the Federal Reserve. And you can see how the Bitcoin inflation is, of course, going down every four years while the Federal Reserve is printing more and more and is currently going completely parabolic. And this is what I’m talking about. This a divergence. They are basically doing the exact opposite. And eventually, when the confidence in the U.S. dollar is lost, then all of this value will eventually just flow into Bitcoin. That’s what I think. And in other news, YouTube actually cancelled coaling telegraphs. Bitcoin having Lifestream for being cool. Harmful content. So yesterday we saw many live streams. I was on told Vaisse Lifestream, which was by far the most successful one. I think we had fourteen or fifteen thousand live viewers. But Coach Telegraaf, they also had a live stream, but eventually, it actually was pulled down. They had Tim Draper, Roger very and et cetera. And I think by now it’s kind of obvious that this is probably because of this scam give away lives, truths, and YouTube does not seem to be able to differentiate between a legit Livestream and a scam Livestream. Very sad. I’m very sorry for telling you that this happened to them. And this is something that is affecting all of us. YouTube is on YouTube and even everyone in crypto actually, like we just talked about, Google also changed its algorithm alongside YouTube. Of course, Google owns YouTube and many crypto websites have been affected negatively by the new algorithm update. So everyone in Bitcoin crypto is affected by this. And this was the latest update about the YouTube Bitcoin censorship. And guys, if you enjoy this video, please leave a thumbs up. Make sure to go and buy a legend nonetheless. And if you haven’t seen my review and unboxing of the legend of S, you can click right there right now and I’ll see you get to mine.


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