With Bitcoins prize taking a nosedive last night and they’re only being 24 hours left till halving, what can we expect over the next 24 hour period and slightly beyond? How is Bitcoin’s price going to react to the halving event? Will it bump up in order to make the hash rate profitable again for miners overly crushing to oblivion as miners start capitulating? Coupled on top of this, we still have the issue of is Craig right, Satoshi or not? Now, I know that ninety-nine point nine percent of people on Earth believe that he isn’t including myself in that. But there is always that zero point zero one percent of people that do believe they could be an element of truth to it. And in today’s video, there is a complexity that has arisen in the Craig Wright case. I’m going to tell you about it’s regarding tax complexities of dumping two billion dollars worth of Bitcoin in a single sale. Other than that, we are going to look at the traditional market sector where the Dow Jones index is looking very, very Szekely. And like we’re finally going to get that jump that it’s been looking like it’s going to occur for an increasing amount of time. So if you are interested in crypto news, traditional news, market analysis, please make sure you have slept like on today’s video. Make sure that you are subscribed in less hill. Dubai’s in a VIP. Just Ryan Gosling eyes on me when I’m on a fun up in a weirdly styling. So starting out today’s video and it’s with a heavy heart that I say this, but yesterday’s market analysis was 100 percent correct. And this trade is now 400 percent in profit now have closed most of that at this point. However, I do believe Bitcoin is going to continue to blow. I think it looks at least like we’re gonna retest the eight thousand two hundred dollar level before ultimately breaking below 7900. To me, it’s looking like a very tempting level to retest all of the costs for the next 24 hour period. But we are going to get deeper into that in just a moment because there is actually some upside potential for Bitcoin with these larger market moves being made on the weekend. But again, I’m going to get into that in just a moment. You’re going to start today’s video by talking about Craig. Right, and the fund that Craig writes. Although we discussed this story yesterday about him filing a motion for summary judgment against IRA Kleinman, because this was done on a Friday, three days before Bitcoin halving would take place, it probably means that this motion for summary judgment will not be granted by Monday, meaning that he cannot abide by this statement that he made, saying that he’s giving long term advance notice to sell a large number of bitcoins. Not only that, but the Craig race Satoshi case is going to trial on July 6th, hence why he put forward this motion for summary judgment against IRA Climbing because he doesn’t want to go to Cox. It’s more than likely that he will lose is not the first time that this court case has been thrown out. Coupled on top of that, Craig has got a big old problem, which is regarding taxes, because the state tax in the US where this case is taking place is 40 percent, meaning that Craig would have to sell two billion dollars in order to pay the estate tax on the money that he owes to IRA Kleinman. I almost point out I do own a substantial amount of Bitcoin S.V. because just in case this is all true, I mean, in the very unlikely event that is true, Bitcoin ASV v will more than likely. And if there were to be a displacement of value between the two, then Bitcoin S.V. could well be like a ten thousand dollar coin and like a two days time. How incredible would that be? I mean, to be terrible for bitcoin, but I mean it ebby a weird situation to be in. I think it’s also important to bring up the fact that there’s been a lot of Bitcoin sent to exchanges recently. One of these transactions is very early in this transaction here. You’ll see that there were 90000 bitcoins sent to a different wallet address. And we if we trace these transactions down the line, we’ll see that these 90000 bitcoins ends up in a cold wallet here, of which thousand five hundred of those bitcoins were actually sent to an exchange. Now, there have been some quite significant speculation regarding the origin of these funds. And it is this Craig dumping his Bitcoin RTC via bit Phoenix because that would make sense, providing liquidity. Of course, nobody in their right mind would market sell Bitcoin to that extent on an exchange. Is Craig doing some backdoor dodgy dealings and in turn not dumping the price of Bitcoin? I’d like to know your thoughts on that in the comments section below. But as you can see here, the money actually arrived within this address here. And this is a bit Phoenix wallet address. People always talk about Bitcoin as the secret Internet money that’s so hidden and dodgy and drug dealers. It’s not the case. You can trace exactly where those coins have been throughout their entire existence. And so before we do today’s Bitcoin analysis, the first thing that I’m going to do is show you how the Dow Jones index and other traditional assets are performing and how we expect them to perform going into the new week. Looking at this chart here, you’ll see I’m not expecting the prices to perform particularly well. Now, this is partially due to news like this. American companies spent years in an economic boom and this thing hit. Can’t say that word, unfortunately. But if we go over to CMBS money economy page, then you’ll see that there is a lot of bad news all of a sudden. And you know what that means. That means that is more than likely that all the government officials are now out of their position on his. Time to resume the dump, because ultimately a lot of these major market moves are made by retail traders trading on derivatives exchanges and panic selling. So kind of expecting the panic selling to continue again next week with a mom expecting a huge jump in the Dow Jones index. Once it starts going, once he starts moving to the downside of his head and shoulders formation that is currently in. And once it breaks below around twenty-three thousand three hundred weeks, we’re going to start chugging downwards very, very quickly. A nice something to be deeply, deeply concerned about with regards to the FTSE 100 here in the UK. Same things happening with forming a gigantic bear flag right here. And we’re going to dump to the downside very, very shortly as the markets open on Monday morning and everything goes very, very wrong. And I don’t want it to happen. But part of me, the anarchist inside me. I mean, I love stuff like this. I love to see bankers losing money because we see it time and time again. And the market cycle for this seems to periodically speed open. You know, we see them messing around with finances. We see them lending money to people that can’t afford to borrow the money. And we can see that in the fact that people are now really struggling for money and they’ve all got loans to pay them, bills to pay. And no one can survive this amount of time without making a decent amount of money. And so with Donald Trump deregulating the financial sector and with Boris Johnson deregulated the financial sector and then going, oh, this is fantastic, the economy is going better than ever. There is one big problem with deregulation that is that you’re getting rid of regulations that were put in place in order to stop bad events from occurring. And yes, when you do that, you may create a short course, but ultimately it’s a bad thing. You put that regulation there in the first place, although it may slow things down, it keeps things safe. The people at the top of the food chain at the moment are so fiscally irresponsible if fiscally think is disgraceful. How do these people get in power in the first place? It boggles my mind. He does not know that his time to analyze Bitcoin’s price, which is now eight thousand four hundred fifty-three dollars. Now, where am I expecting Bitcoins price to go over the next 24 hour period before Bitcoin having a curse? Bitcoin is looking quite dumpy at the moment, but honestly, I would be quite surprised if Bitcoin broke below the seven thousand nine hundred dollar level. Yes, a dump does look quite inevitable at this point in time. And what we’re having right now is obviously just a dead cat. However, recently Bitcoins Bilqis from these minor dumps has been significant and it has been quite quick. And one of the biggest bullish factors for Bitcoin right now is looking at the CMA group’s exchange. You can see right here that the CMC gap is all the way up at ten thousand dollars, indicates you want to have some huge volatility over the next 24 hour period. The volatility of this is like a thousand dollars worth of volatile bitcoin could literally cause the CMU gap in the next couple of days, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary pushing Bitcoin’s price all the way back up. So currently there are two scenarios for what could happen to Bitcoins price after halving has occurred. No one scenario would be that Bitcoin’s price rises to somewhere between 12 and sixteen thousand dollars, of which that would be profitable to mine Bitcoin at that moment in time. The other scenario would be that minus start capitulating, they all start turning off the high street starts to decrease massively and Bitcoin’s pricing turn starts to dump along with the miners that would have to sell their bitcoins that they’ve mined. And then you get into this whole spiral that we’ve been in many, many times in the past. This is what happened when we broke below six thousand dollars the first time around for Bitcoin. And if we get into that spiral, it’ll be very, very difficult to break out of it. And we could see two thousand dollar Bitcoin by the end of the year. Ultimately, I don’t feel like that is the most realistic scenario here. I think that the most realistic scenario here is we get a little bit of a shock dump. And I’m going to explain to you now with all the different timeframes, why I’m expecting Bitcoin to dump him, where I’m expecting to season support. So I’m expecting this shocked them to occur and I’m expecting it to occur at least two, you know, mid seven thousand, possibly as low as seven thousand one hundred dollars. But I’m not expecting to go that much below that. The reason for that being Bitcoin has value. Bitcoin’s value is around 7000 to 8000 dollars currently. That’s where I would personally put a person. I still think it’s overpriced at eight thousand four hundred dollars. However, on the one-hour time frame, Bitcoin’s price is looking quite nice, to be honest with the market. Just taking bullish to history. I’m just taking bullish on the RSI. Not looking too bad. I mean, he’s slightly oversold a little bit, but equally, you know, there’s room for recovery there. Looking at the four-hour chart, much the same. This, honestly, can you imagine it going much lower? I mean, yes, it’s perfectly plausible, but there is gonna be an element of recovery in between. You would expect is so interesting is this and the only way of knowing what is going to happen essentially is to make sure you trade with a stop loss. If we break below this level here and this is gonna be my analysis for the day for Bitcoin. If Bitcoin breaks below eight thousand one hundred dollars, I will be shorting Bitcoin till seven thousand eight hundred dollars. And if Bitcoin breaks below seven thousand four hundred dollars, then you can kind of expect Bitcoin’s price to resume trading at seven thousand one hundred dollars. If Bitcoin’s price Brigg’s back above nine thousand dollars, then I’m expecting Bitcoin to resume trading around the 10000 dollar range. Closing that CMC gap. Ultimately, there are only two scenarios that can happen here, but. The two is going to arise and we’re going to have some humungous volatility and I will be trading their hell out of this. Just yesterday, the largest trader on Betamax got liquidated for 20 million dollars of spot value. Bitcoin is going to be the first of many casualties. In fact, yesterday here, over a hundred million dollars worth of liquidations on BET. Max, make sure that you’re not trading during this pair of time with high leverage. You may notice that my short position I have opened here is a 25 X shot. The reason for that is air because the percentage looks much nicer and is quite high. But also it’s because when I open this trade, I open a fault. I was a forty thousand dollar short position that I opened at nine thousand eight hundred essentially, and I left 1000 just over 1000 dollars open to show you in today’s video the position that I had because it’s very difficult for me to articulate what trades I’m doing during videos, especially if I’ve got to open a trade for our video. So for me, it’s better to leave a very small proportion open and show you exactly what the result of yesterday’s video was. To gain a break below 8100 is going to yield. Some lower laws are least stopping around seven thousand seven hundred eighty-seven thousand eight hundred. And I do not note, guys, I really do hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video and takes positive away from it. And I hope you have like unsubscribed to the channel. So still not is a lot of people to watch. My videos aren’t actually subscribed. So make sure that you are a bunch of referral links in the description if you want to check any of them out. I really hope this doesn’t do too badly overnight. And the day after tomorrow is gonna be the day that I promised my trading tutorial. For those of you that are interested in that cause I won’t be posting it tomorrow because tomorrow will be Bitcoin halving day and that’s gonna get some volatility. I’ve got to talk about that. Have a great day. I love you. I appreciate it. This video is over now. You’ll find something else to watch. Just watch this video. I know we had a lot of fun, but you can’t stay on this handsfree forever.


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