BITCOIN HALVING DISASTER!! [DUMP IMMINENT] China article – Programmer explains


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning, Krypton. Here on an Ivan Ontake, we are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do this show each and every day at 8:00 a.m. central appearance, something. I can’t do like an atomic clock. Each and every day. Today, we are going to discuss the having because it is today it is only 87 blocks left to go. Eighty seven blocks left to mine, which means that we are approximately to have eight hundred and seventy minutes until the Halling. So it’s here. It is happening is happening quickly. And today we’ll be discussing why you should hold your horses. I think it’s a good idea to hold your horses a bit because we might actually dump. We might actually dump when the hopping happens. And don’t expect anything spectacular to happen after this particular block has been mined after eighty seven blocks. In particular, when we’ve been mining all of these blocks. Nothing spectacular will happen. I can assure you the hubbing will happen. The block reward will be cut in half. We might potentially dump a bit. And hubbing is really a long term play. But all all an overbill. We’ll be discussing that. What’s interesting is that we have Chinese media coming out and writing about the halving. We’ll be talking about that. We’ll be talking about truly some unchained analysis in regards to the halving. So we’re actually going to go deep into the block chain and inspect what’s happening on the block ch’ing level in terms of halving. And in terms of miners capitulating. Because, you know, one of the reasons why would dump after the humming is because miners need to sell off. The miners that are not profitable need to sell off. And we’re going to look at some statistics, how they have done it in the previous hoardings. And then, of course, we’re also going to talk about the situation we’re seeing right now in regards to the Fed, because there are many articles right now coming out. The Fed is going to go even more into the market, going to buy even more CFS and how we can position ourselves at the end of the day. This is only good for Bitcoin. This is only good for Bitcoin. And therefore, you need to be thinking a bit long term. Hold your horses for the hoarding, because I think nothing spectacular will happen and we’ll be talking about that. Why? I even think we might be a bit bearish and then release the horses after the harvest. All right. Be a bit more long term, the horses, then you have to be released. But a bit later on, you have to be thinking a bit more long term. And so all of that is coming today. All of that content is coming today. And also, we’re going to discuss some privacy comments at the end of this show. And then, of course, Q&A, of course, we’re going to have a Q&A at events. OK. Welcome, everyone. Who is watching this on. I don’t take that. Com slash live. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. 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No milk, no sugar involved. As always. As always. All right. First and foremost, we have some very interesting news before we get into the market update. Well, some very ancient news in regards to the Chinese state media. Believe it or not, they have been pumping Bitcoin. Believe it or not, they are bullish. And this is coming from Chinese state media. The same Chinese state media that is usually quite bearish on Bitcoin and that is usually basically warning people about crypto. But now they published this article yesterday saying that Bitcoin is soaring again. Bitcoin units price once again exceeded ten thousand dollars. So this was basically before with dumped. And here they are talking about Boulter Jones. They’re talking about the fact that the prices have increased tremendously after the last halving. They’re talking about the fact that prices will probably increase after this hubbing as well. This is very interesting because we’ve never seen this happen before. Really. This is the first time a Chinese national media is talking about Bitcoin pump. The finance section of CCTV, the biggest national television in China, posted an article about Bitcoin today. The article said Bitcoin third hubbing is close and that the price bumped up to ten thousand dollars on May the 8th. So this is very, very exciting. And by the way, we have more important events happening in China that they will cover in this video as well in regards to Bitcoin, because China is turning around a bit, at least in the media, at least in the media. You are seeing them being quite bullish. And that being said, the markets today are also a bit bullish with. Zero point eight percent upwards in Bitcoin is Sitaram zero point three percent. Well, XP zero point twenty eight percent. Looking at the biggest, Gainer said we have status cryptogram, Repu Credit Network and B, Hecks. I mean a coin. Mark-Up has added all kinds of coins lately. We have aive Zill Zilkha red coin. This is double digits. Double digits. Greenan So congrats if you hold these coins. And the biggest losers are Hyperion and Xerox and they take state, the DSV, Detroit and these systems. So most actually most of the winners are completely killing with double digit double digit increases while losers are basically single digits, most of them. So congrats. If you’ve made some money during the past 24 hours and if you haven’t yet signed up for our completely free webinar, a completely free webinar where we will teach you step by step how to stack massive, absolutely colossal amounts of Satz in this bull market. If you haven’t been in this webinar yet, you have to join the right now straight away, you find the link below sign up. And if you’ve been here before, you don’t have to sign up. And if you are in the academy also, you don’t have to sign up. So do it right now. And we have also our collaboration with babies. As always, you can trade Bitcoin, Astrium, USX, or you can go long. You can go short. You can use leverage up to 100 bucks. If you go to I don’t think that comes fleshlight. You find the bonus land. The bonus land is right here. We have by bit where Fenwick’s we have cryptochrome. But please be very careful because if you don’t know what you’re doing and you start trading here, you will be wrecked. Right. You got to go straight to Wreck City. So this is only for experienced traders, guys. Only only four experienced traders. If you’re reducing leverage and you’re not experienced, I don’t know what you’re doing, to be honest with you, because once again, straight to Rake’s Wreck City for you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Now, let’s talk about why really hubbing is so important and why so many people are pumped. First, let’s talk about some form of news. Let’s cover some form of perspective, and then I will bring to the FUD perspective. I mean, the fundamentals were repeating this over and over again. But the fundamentals are so clear, the debt is growing exponentially across the world. But obviously, everyone is looking at the US because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. And whenever the US that is expanding, really, it burdens the whole world because everyone is holding dollars. Now, it took United States 200 years to reach one trillion in debt. It took 200 years. And this quarter alone, U.S. will be boring to three trillion. I mean, it’s absolutely insane how exponential movements work and how and how people are bad at considering considering the exponential nature of some on some of some growth, such as the debt growth. Also, look at this. We see a disaster in Lebanon, human disaster in Lebanon. And this is also why Bitcoin is so important. This is why personally, I am so extremely bullish on Bitcoin this year, not in particular. Maybe this week or in the next week, because I think we’re going to see a small dump. But this year, I’m very, very bullish on Bitcoin. Look, Lebanon arrests head of money exchange. This union is absolutely crazy. You know that Lebanon currency is completely garbage. They’ve lost 50 percent. It’s absolute disaster. The government has really messed it up. And obviously, people are paying. People are paying. And they cannot truly access their dollars. Nobody can access their dollars. You’ve seen this protest. People have been burning down the banks and so on, so forth. I mean, is it’s not proof of what’s going on there. But here is the issue. Here’s the biggest issue now. They’re going after people who exchange money. If you have some kind of business where you can exchange money, when you exchange, where you exchange foreign currency, you will be prosecuted. So basically, you will be charged with tampering with the value of the Lebanese pound. Believe it or not, money exchange houses have been buying dollars at the very high price. Driving up the exchange rate. So the whole currency is failing. Government has failed their people. Central bank has failed their people. But now they’re blaming everything on this dirty money exchangers. Basically, it’s not us. Is this money exchangers, they are buying dollars too expensive, which means that our local currency is dumping. And this is exactly what will happen in your country and my country. In all countries where the currency is failing, you will not be allowed. You will not be allowed to own any foreign currency. You will not be allowed to own gold. They will take all assets away from you. So you can only hold that garbage. You coin that garbage currency. And and if you try to do something to protect yourself, you will be charged. You will be prosecutors put in jail. And if you are in some kind of business where you exchange money, exchange currency will also be charged. But anyway, the pound has been pegged to the dollar at one point five case since 1997. You know that the Lebanese pound, it has been stable against the dollar because it’s been a peg. It’s it has been pegged that peg is now gone. Completely gone. Why? Because we’ve seen the central bank basically ordering the exchange, a exchange officers late last month to cap the rate that three point two thousand. So central bank basically told everyone, hey, do not exchange for more than. Three point two thousand Lebanese pound to a dollar, but the market price is not that I mean, the market price is way higher for a dollar right now. And some of this money exchange is basically used the market price instead of this fake price of three point two thousand dollars. All in all, over the past two weeks, around 50 money exchanges were arrested. Those who have a license signed a pledge to abstain from tampering. I mean, what kind of tampering is free market, bro? What kind of tampering are you talking about? But anyway, if you follow the free market, you are tampering with the value of the dollar. And. And they were later released. But anyway, guess this is this is a Corrimal. This absolutely horrible and other horrible thing that also happened is that Iran completely ditches their currency. They completely destroyed. There is no more Iranian reale. It’s completely ditched. No more. They are restarting the currency from complete scratch. And it is going to be called TOMEN is basically the same currency, but they have removed four zeros from the currency. And this is something that we’ll see over and over again in all kinds of different countries. So I hope you understand that the case for Bitcoin is bullish, extremely bullish, like we’ve never, ever, ever, ever seen before. Bitcoin is the most important asset of 2020. It’s already outperforming all kinds of assets. In 2020, it just 2020 is the best performing asset. In 2020, it. But about where the hubbing everyman span for the hiving everyone is is extremely bullish, extremely excited. And here’s also where we have to talk about some chain metrics and on chain analysis. Number one, we see the hype. We see the interest. We see everyone now getting into crypto. And it has been seen also with statistics. If you look at the actual metrics on different exchanges. So, for example, on April the 30th, approximately one and a half weeks ago, we saw the second, the stronger single day for volume on the record, on record, according to reports published by Crypto Compare. We’re seeing records everywhere. If you look at the past few weeks leading up to the hubbing, we’ve seen a lot of new people join, a lot of speculation. So we’ve seen it also happening on the on leverage exchanges. We’ve seen it on spot exchanges everywhere. The volumes are exploding. The volumes are actually absolutely closing. So we are seeing a lot of interest in the hiving. And obviously many people are excited. By the way, I see the first donation from a ballistic banana hepi hiving. Thanks, Ivan, for all info. Thanks, man. Thanks, man. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. Now, what’s important to realize here is the situation with the miners. I mean, the miners, they cannot sustain themselves, some of them. And therefore, it’s important to look on chain what’s going on with the miners. And that we have this data that’s important, where the data from previous miners and this data is coming from crypto quant, basically how fast it took for the miners to dump and how fast it took for them to liquidate their positions. Those miners that are not profitable. And usually it takes a few months. Usually it takes a few months. So basically, using the miners position index group to quantify found that over the last three months, miners have been avoiding selling. So usually it happens after the harvest. And we’re seeing it already right now that miners have not been starting their sell off yet. So the dump we saw yesterday was actually from a few wells also, like we discussed yesterday. It was from a few a few wells and not from the and not from the mining community. Yep. So basically, they have this metric where the MPI, when it goes above two, it means that miners are selling their BTC for four for you as a man. Charles. Ivan, I miss your channel. Got a new job and haven’t had the chance to watch life, man. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Charlie. Really appreciate. You really, really appreciated with your generous 60 dollar donation. Means a lot. It means a lot. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thanks so much. Big shout out to Charlie Kanichi. And thanks a lot for the general, the nation. Really appreciate it. So, anyway, basically to conclude, miners haven’t started to dump yet. Historically, we’re actually seeing it after a few months after the harvest. If you look at this analysis and you look at this metric of fun, MTI, MPI, and you compare it to previous Hobbins, we might see it’s just playing out after having that miners start to dump. And they are not able to mine anymore. And all in all, when we saw the peak of Bitcoin bubble in twenty seventeen, this MPI index actually rose to three point nine. So you know that when it switches above two, it means that most miners are now selling instantly. And when we had the peaks of 2000, 17 miners basically offloaded all the time. As soon as they got Bitcoin, they sold because they felt that it is over overvalued. It’s it’s overbought. So they just dumped every time. So, by the way, this metric is very important from crypto. To look at what miners are doing, and right now they’re not selling. They’re not selling yet. And that is something that I expect they will do. Unfortunately, I expect they will do it after the hiving, because, as I told you always, there is someone who cannot continue after the two previous hoardings. The Bitcoin price did not skyrocket immediately after the hogging, the bitcoin price had risen over several months. If traders want to avoid trading risks, the most important thing is to monitor whether wells and miners are cashing out rather than expecting short term price changes. So, once again, very important to look at what miners are doing. Also, we do have the block resolution CEO saying that I think we may get a bit of the buy the rumor, sell the news. So basically, we’re going to see a dump today or tomorrow because we’re going to have the news about the hiving about. But this buy the rumor, sell the news is that is sometimes saying that is not truly a plane. It’s not truly applying because it’s not news. It’s just that something really happens. But we still say buy the rumor, sell the news. And so in 2016, we’ve seen a significant run up before the hiving and that got sold into the hubbing and the day after the hiving was sold off further, which might happen again. We’re bottom three weeks beyond the hiving and began an amazing bull run. This time we haven’t had the run up, but we’re getting some some some some buyside demand presently. During the past two weeks, you know, we’ve been rallying like crazy or ballistic bananas. Sorry, sent wrong amount. Having gone to my nice man. Nice. Yeah, I saw. So you said like six cents previously, but thank you so much. I truly appreciate your ballistic banana. Truly appreciate that. So that that’s a few important news to keep in mind. I think it gets sold right into or after having this time. He says as well that this time probably we’re going to see the same. But I also think that the sell off will be smaller and shallower because we didn’t see this huge run up like last night. All in all, guys, you see some important, important signs to hold the horses. I hope you now got it. Hold the horses. Do not get disappointed if we do not skyrocket. Do not get disappointed if we actually drop maybe by 10 percent more. Maybe by 10 percent more. Not completely impossible. So be prepared mentally, because I know so many people are excited to get going to get disappointed and then began to leave this space because they thought that it’s going to take having will take them to the moon instantly. Now, it’s important also to note that obviously this time around 40 years later, after the last halving, the fundamentals are also very different. We’re seeing a whole new dynamic where miners actually don’t really matter as much this time around. Why is it so? Well, because most of the of the stock that we have on the market, most of the circulating bitcoin is already produced and it is already circulating. So who knows how much they can really affect with their sell off? This time we’re going to see if they are going to do such and such things. And I think it’s just natural because they will not be able to continue some of them. So that’s one. Number two, we’re seeing way more people on board that into crypto. And here is why I am so extremely bullish on Bitcoin long term and long term, really. I am not even talking about years. I’m just talking about this year. I am extremely bullish. 2020. Why is it so? Well, number one, we do have the new supply and demand mechanics kicking in a few months after the harvest. That’s number one. Number two, we’re also seeing the situation with the strength of the market. I mean, even when Bitcoin dropped to three point seven K, the market instantly bought it and we started to increase and we started to go up very rapidly. Also, we are seeing this capitulation. When we went to three point seven K, so many people got capitulated. I mean, people sold like crazy. And people really loved the space. And this means that we only had strong hands left in the market. And that is why when you only have strong hands, nobody is going to sell more. However much the price downs, if you only have the true core believers left, the price can not go further because they’re not selling. So that is why we’ve seen this very fast recovery. Now here we are starting to accumulate a bunch of weak hands. Again, when we are seeing record record levels on exchanges, I mean, it means that many people are joining the space and they do not have strong hands. So that’s one of the reasons why short term, short term, we might see a bit of a dump to shake out the weekends we have accumulated during the past two weeks, basically when we saw all of this record volumes. So when that shakeout is over, when we have shaken, I’ll disguise the joint recently and that are not here for the right reason for the long term. And they’re going to sell instantly when the price just goes a bit a bit against them. And we will we will end up in another state of strong hands where strong hands dominate the market. And that is when we can see another leg upwards. That is significant. And it’s always like that when you have a bit in a big increase in the price like we’ve seen from three. Simon Kay, it’s been absolutely mind blowing. Increase in the Bitcoin price, you’re going to get a lot of people who just want to ride the wave. They’re not here for the long term and they’re going to dump as soon as the price goes goes down again, they’re going to dump it because they’re not here for the long term. And that is why usually you have the psychology of the markets that when we go up a lot, we have to have a pullback. We usually have to have a bit of a pullback to wash out all of this short term thinkers and then the price can continue upwards. So it’s kind of how they can call analysis connects to human psychology in a way. So that’s a that’s a way where you can explain why it is always that when you have a big bump, you expect the retracement to some psychological level and then it continues up. It’s all about when that we need to wash out this week, weekends. So we’ve been talking about this. We’ve been talking about this. Let’s get back to China a bit because this is important as well. And it’s also bullish, by the way, now that we have we’ve had some negativity in regards to to the even then future into the very near future in regards to the hubbing. Let’s get back to a bit of formal and a bit of positivity, because the China action is now super bullish in all kinds of regards. I mean, you have the state media pumping Bitcoin and now they also have declared that Bitcoin is an asset protected by the law, protect, protected by the law. And that’s very important. Why is it so? Well, because it wasn’t clear up until right now. It wasn’t clear. And they said that our viewers are right now at eight hundred on their own Web site. Wow. Eight hundred live viewers. So what kind of off record do we have? I think we had a bit more. Right. Did we have more than eight hundred previously? And we get so good that you’re here. We’re breaking all kinds of records. Even our own streaming Web site. Nine hundred thirty five. Someone says that we had the most let let’s see if we can get there. Let’s see if they can get there. So this is important. And this might seem like like an obvious thing that your property is protected by law. At least when I read this article first, when they read the headline, I thought to myself, well, what was it? Was it in any other way? I mean, isn’t that the only way that your assets are protected by law and even Bitcoin is your asset that is protected by law? Well, not really in China. In China, that wasn’t that clear. And it’s very important that now it is clear and basically it is this case of three Chinese people and a Malaysian person breaking in to the home of an American and his Chinese wife in 2018. They stole 18 Bitcoin. Eighteen point eighty eight Bitcoin and six thousand four hundred sixty six sky coins. Believe it or not. So this was actually SCCA coin hodler that they broke into. And what’s important is that when they did so, they got caught. They got some jail time, but they only returned this guy coins and they did not return the bitcoin. Why is it so? Well, because they claimed that Bitcoin is not protected by law. They basically said that, look, the central bank of China said that bitcoin is not something that they recommend. So therefore, it’s not protected by law. So they have appealed over and over again. This for dependent defendants. This a thief. They have appealed in all kinds of instances, reiterating that crypto currencies, including Bitcoin and sky coin, were not legal property under Chinese law. However, the news outlets reported that the Shanghai court has ordered them to return the coins, adding that the court found Bitcoin to be a digital asset that should be protected by the law. So it’s very interesting that for me and you living in the Western world, this is a no brainer. I mean, obviously, all your property, whatever it is, whether it’s digital, whether it’s physical, whether it’s some kind of other form, it is protected by the law, apparently not in China. It wasn’t that clear. Now it’s is clear. So Liu Giang, the chief judge in the case, explained that the documents released by the central bank have have never denied Bitcoin as an asset. And the laws in China do not prohibit citizens from holding Bitcoin. But you’re not truly allowed to, my understanding, to do business in Bitcoin. So that’s important. Obviously, China is a big market in regards to holding Bitcoin. This is a very, very big news for them. And that’s that’s key dusky and also obviously buff’s. We’ve all seen the China anti crypto state media is now bullish for the Bitcoin hiving. So this is an article really explaining this. And so just to reiterate, what they have written is basically that, hey, Paul Jones is now in Bitcoin. We have we have a hobby, which is a positive signal for Bitcoin. And the price should rise after the halving. They also said in this post. So all in all, very interesting times, very interesting times that we’re going towards. And, you know, China traditionally, they’ve always been talking about blocking, not bitcoin will block chain will have blocked shame, but not Bitcoin at the same time. You see that in China. You have very big mining industry and obviously they don’t really want to kill it. I cannot imagine them. Wanting to kill the the industry because it’s so big and they get basically freshly printed bitcoin from inflation, from the block reward. And I think all countries should strive towards that. All countries should encourage their citizens to to mine Bitcoin, because then your country gets this scarce, this very scarce digital asset. And obviously, you want that because then your industry grows in your country. You get more capital into a country basically from thin air because this is from the Bitcoin network. And it’s crazy that many, many countries still actually go after and they hand down their miners, including Sweden. By the way, I know a guy who had a huge mining firm here and he got so much troubles with tax authorities, with electric companies. I mean, it’s been there. It’s been a hell it’s been a hell for him. Absolute hell. So it blows my mind that we only see some countries, maybe China, that that is really pushing their mining. But at the same time, also publicly, they’re saying that they don’t like Bitcoin. But look at what they’re doing. Practically, practically Chinese mining is big. No question about that. Now, this is an interesting post about Bittman because, you know, Bittman has been one of these juggernauts, the juggernauts in the crypto space. They’ve been this huge company that controls a lot of mining. They’ve been handling a lot of production of A6. And they’re really doing a lot a lot of progress. At least they have been doing that. And you know that recently, you don’t hear a lot from mine. You don’t hear a lot from. You heard a lot from Bittman when they supported Bitcoin cash. Yeah. You heard a lot from Bitcoin when they did all kinds of other crazy things in bit mind, but not recently. Why? Well, because there has been a big conflict, basically a big conflict between Jehanne Voom and he is the co-founder Ajan. All in all, they go through how these two started this together. Basically, John took zero salary while VOO covered all administrative fees. John held 60 percent equities for the tech team. But this equities will be allocated only if they achieve two years of major tech development. So this this saga has been going on. And what about it has led to the end of the day is a lot of trouble for the company. And everyone is a loser in this situation because John, who wanted to capture control, obviously he got resistance from his partner because who wants to lose control like that? And you know that now, Bittman is not really that big of a company in terms of success, in terms of the people, really. This is the only place to go for miners. It’s not anymore. It’s absolutely not. So this is what happens when the founders, unfortunately destroyed their their their common business that they have in common. And it’s sad to see because they wanted to go public. And now that’s not going to happen. I’m sure it’s it’s nowhere near the agenda right now. Now, before we go into the Q&A, I just want to mention this. This is a crazy headline, completely crazy headline. I don’t even know how they could write something like this man. Why is it locked now? I mean, in my other browser, I could read the whole thing. But basically, this article described all about how today we are seeing the Fed completely going wild in terms of in terms of saving the market and in terms of really doing a lot a lot of interventions and a lot of people are complaining. But at the same time, this article suggests suggests at least when it wasn’t locked, when I could read it, it suggested this situation with you trying to get into the the very team by buying the ETF they are going to pump, which is insane, to be honest with you, that we even have such titles, such articles that basically everyone is aware that the market is rigged. So why don’t we just buy whatever the centrally planned money, printers, money printers will put their newly freshly printed money into? It’s absolutely insane. Anyway, I will link it, but you need to have a membership. It seems like the longer the article after after we went live. But anyway, you get the link there if you want to check it out. Finally, a shout out to our our friends over at cryptid dot com. You know that we are working together. And full disclosure, I am Houghtaling s.r.o.. I am also Houghtaling MCO. So I do have an interest in talking about them, but they are doing a great job, so I have no problem mentioning them every basically. I mentioned them a few times that week, but look, if they have amazing news every day would be covering them every day. But now they have support for the chain, soft staking basically, and then they have a lot of other clients as well. So that 50 cryptocurrency is, as you can, soft stake. This means that you’re not locking in your funds. So they have Bitcoin. You use the T you as DCX. I mean, all of these guys and now they have VAT as well. And it means that there is no commitment, period. Why? You don’t have to look in your funds. I mean, usually when you are staking and you’re getting interesting to look in and maybe three months or six months, but you cannot move your funds. So interest is paid daily in the respective cryptocurrency and funds placed in pending orders and zero used to subscribe for events. Anyway, you can get all of this if you go to the bonus land over it. I don’t think that. Com slash live. And you sign up using this little crypto dot com link right here. You get 50 percent for free when you sign up. And I also get fifty fifty dollars. So you get fifty dollars, not percent. And I also get. So it’s a win win situation. All right, guys. That being said, what is going on in the chat? I hope you are fantastic. I hope you are doing well and welcome. Now it is time for the questions. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Let’s talk about the hubbing. Let’s talk about the Fed. Let’s talk about everything that is going on and and what’s happening. Ivan, please check out page on CMC and compare the market cap with the market cap. So there is something wrong. OK. OK, so third page. Interesting. So you I guess you do you filter by market cap and then you go to third page. Man, I don’t know if I should be spending time on this experiment, but let’s do it. Dad, dad, dad. Dad, dad, man. Look, I won’t do it. It takes too much time. It takes too much time. I don’t think. Is that anything for the other viewers. But if there is something strange, I will check it. After the after the after the stream. What else? What else. What’s your stance on having to leave your crypto on crypto outcome for staking. Well my stance is that use common sense. Obviously don’t bet the farm on it. Don’t bet the farm. I’m not betting the farm on it because it is a centralized player. And obviously, to be careful needs to be careful in all centralized players. Ivan, what is the referral code for Kim Dotcom? I mean, if you use this link, the referral called should follow. But if it doesn’t work, you can, right? I don’t think you can. Right. I don’t think. And it will work. I literally just got into crypto a week ago. Nice. And I’m a newbie. I signed up to Coinbase and learned extremely quickly that they are. Right. Right. They are. Look, the interface is good, but the service fees are very high and they might also get down. They might might also shut down, completely shut down when you need to access them the most. That’s important. Our funds are safe. On crypto outcome. Look once again. Don’t bet the farm your funds are most safe in your own Hoder wallet. Nowhere else and nowhere else. Yes. Do you think that it is safe to use credit? Credit KRED. Not sure what you mean with credit dilek credit card or what to earn interest on cryptos when we are going to go soon into a global recession depression. I wouldn’t use credit for anything in crypto to be honest, because then you’re using funds you cannot afford to lose. If that is what you mean, and you should always only use funds you can afford to lose, as you said, after having there will be a drop on indeed comprise due to miners dropping. But oh man, man, man, man. My wife cryptid tonight. What’s up. Cryptid tonight. Rock on. Nice, nice, nice. Thank you so much, Shrimpton. I truly, truly appreciate that. Thank you so much for this big fat donation. Truly appreciate you, my man. So Edgar says there will be a drop in price due to miners dumping, but why would it have to be one this time? Less supply and more expensive? I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m not really sure what you mean. But miners dump because they cannot sustain themselves. So some small miners cannot sustain. They will have to dump. And obviously what will happen is that we will see a temporary dump, that it’s not some kind of major, major, major dump and small dump is completely, completely possible and plausible, in my view, because they have a stash. They cannot continue their business. They have to sell. So that’s that’s as easy as that is. It’s not the newly produced Bitcoin. They sell. They they have to sell the stash they have accumulated over the past years. So that is what I mean. Maybe that’s what she meant, but maybe that’s what she meant, that the less supply and stuff like that. I’m speaking about the fact that they have accumulated all read it. Oh, VLF, we got a send your drawing to date view you have bought at the drawing, you know, and we’re going to send it to you today actually. So. So don’t forget to check your mailbox. And I even written that. Hey. From Ivan to you. All right. Is this the link to the third page of Quite Maqam because, look, if this takes us here. OK. OK. The price is this. And then you have the market gap. Yeah. I mean, it looks strange for sure. I mean, this thing right here. Yeah. Some kind of bike, to be honest with you. I’m sure that they will fix it. But do you think that these guys have the smart cap? Absolutely not. Look at the price. Two hundred and six dollars. What the hell is this? It’s it’s a bag for sure. So, Buck, for sure. This guy shouldn’t even be on Quoin Mastership by a research classic with 200. I mean, what what kind of crap quin’s this? Let me check. Actually, what exchanges trade this kind of garbage? Let’s see. Market bears that did it. I mean, what is this? What is this crap? Absolute crap. I saw it. Dan Simon, thanks to you. Thanks for you. I don’t know what the hell Komaki EP is doing. Why is it even here? What is this annua anyway? It feels that they’re adding a lot of coins lately and they need to be careful because this is the added hex. So congrats to all hex hurdlers. Hex holders have been complaining that they’re still not on the current market cap. But I guess hex holders are complaining that the circulating supply is not correct or something also, anyway. Thank you for pointing that out. The chap that coin mark-up is going absolutely wild. What else? What else? What else? Going into the chat yet again. The magnificent chat. I forgot. I forgot your titles. I forgot to call you guys by your title. The Magnificent The Honorable Chat. Welcome to the discussion. What is the difficult to level use for. So the difficulty level in Bitcoin is used for deciding how much power we need to spend to mine the next block. Man Numerics. Numerics. What is going on? Yes, man. Welcome. Welcome. Numerics to the chat. You are now officially the group to whale off today. Pritchett with a hundred dollar donation. Holy crap, man. Holy moly. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Numerics. See you even get this. The spa sparkles in your in your supercharges man. Thanks a lot. Really, really appreciate you. Solid group. What’s up. Hi, Ivan. I’ve, I finished the final version of the Block. Shane Hudes for I Evangelist’s investors. Hey, man, we’ll look. You will have to ruin this. You will have to rename it. I’m not interested in taking investment in like the name of Evangelist’s two goes with you. Could you please check the plans and how you think? Matt, we will not be taking investments. I can tell you that. Also, I have done a research on Ghana and Accra and Connect. So sort of crypto. What have you done? I know you’ve been doing things, but basically now you are going all in Africa. But look, in terms of investment, you know that we cannot be be calling it an investment. And I’m not taking any investment because, you know, it means legal stuff. So you will have to rename it if you if you will be taking investment because we want anyway. I love your project, though. I love your project. Basically, developing a mining community in Ghana in Africa does. Amazing. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. But yeah, just to be clear, we’re not taking any investment. If you want, of course, you can do that, but not in our name anyway. Solid crypto. You’re killing it. You’re absolutely killing it in terms of this progress on the basis of this plan. Self-sustaining smart home technology and reached house will generate its own water heat. I love it. I absolutely love it. And dividend and dividend. Each property will have its own bitcoin. Miner preinstalled and configured. Wow. Because of this, it is estimated that in six years the property will have paid back. Wow. What the hell, man? It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Local support. Creating jobs. Maintenance, to be honest with you. You should run with it. You should run with it 100 percent. 100 percent. Our focus is a Kazimi. Our focus is one percent Kazimi. So we will not be able to be involved too much in raising money and doing this project. But if you run it yourself, we will support it. That’s for sure. But just to be clear, just to be clear and set expectations correct. We will not be driving this. I simply our focus is a chasm. That’s the only thing I really, really putting all my time in and to do this project. Simply no time, man. I will be supporting it. I love Daisy. We’ve been discussed doing this mining in Sahara. So I love it. I love it. So absolutely. Roll with it. Eikon Aiken. You don’t have to. You have you don’t have me fooled. So. I know it’s you. Exactly. ACORN is also doing something like this in Africa. Man, I really love this idea that you have real estate and you have the Bitcoin miner. They’re already integrated and it hits the real estate, but it does sound as well. That is the thing. Do you need to also include the power of no noise cancelling headphones for people living inside your house? To be honest with you? It needs to be like either somewhere in the basement. We don’t hear it. Or you simply get noise canceling headphones when you move in. So you don’t hear this freaking miners. Or I mean, here’s the issue. Like, it’s hot during the day. I’m thinking maybe they could run it like during the day anyway. Anyway, anyway, I love it. I love it. Allow it. What else? What else gets more questions. Give me more questions, guys. Ivan, if having caused this small miners to exit, wouldn’t there be a risk of the mining network to be controlled by a few? Well, miners located within a few cryptos zone? I don’t think so. Why? Because it’s going to be whole other miners. My prediction is that the energy companies are going to be big miners because they have billions of dollars in excess energy. And you have billions of dollars of excess energy located across the world wherever you have some kind of energy extraction from nature. There is excess energy that you can put straight into mining safely. I don’t think it will be centrals because more and more people are understanding how this works. And I think that energy producers will be the biggest miners, oil rigs, some kind of windmill farms, because it’s very expensive and difficult to transport all energy to destination where it is consumed in the cities and in the factories. Instead, you have a bunch of energy that is wasted that Kingold straight into mining and that is going to be decentralized. What else? Any much more value in cat? Cat? Guess you’re not sure which I mean, to be honest, Ivan. What do you think about Bilkent centralization in mining? Yeah, well, I just said I just said what it is. I think that energy producers will be the biggest miners and mining is always changing shape, just like Bitcoin is changing shape after each having bitcoin before the last forming is not the same bitcoin that we have right now. Completely different fundamentals because stock to flow is different. Bitcoin is really merging from one answer to another. And now we have a whole different set of stocks to flow with a whole different set of fundamentals. So Bitcoin today is not the Bitcoin. It was in the past. Like we also, by the way, discussed earlier last week, because just like the dollar was just the gold coin from the beginning, then it was a paper backed by gold. Then it was just a paper backed by nothing. Now it’s all digital, some kind of credit in your bank, an IOU from the bank. They are all called the dollar. But but they’re different. The same thing with Bitcoin from the beginning. It was an experiment. Then it was payments. Man numerics. What the hell. The true well the true chadwell today numerics. You’re crazy, man. You’re crazy. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Truly, truly appreciate. And truly, truly, truly, truly appreciate that. Thanks a lot, man. Really appreciate it. Carving stream. Yeah. I mean, the hubbing is in the coming hours. Maybe we’ll do a stream in 12 hours. Exactly. Approximately twelve hours. Sounds like a great idea. But at the same time, I mean, also, I told you nothing spectacular will happen when the halving happens. Like we would just do the humming. And it’s over. And it’s over. I’m not sure that we’re going to see anything spectacular happen on the day on the day of the halving. But we I think we still have to celebrate the fact that Bitcoin has now shifted shape completely. But anyway, big, big shout out to numerics completely killing it with donations. The true group to wail of this chat. A big, big. I appreciate you a lot. Thank you so much. I will write it myself. I’m not asking for direct funds in time. I will ask you for crypto knowledge. Thanks, man. I appreciate that. But this is long term. Thanks for reading solid crypto. Thanks a lot yourself. Really appreciate it. Don’t forget to establish an evangelical church in that settlement. They say it’s a bitcoin church from evangelical movement from. I will tell you that that concept life movement. It’s all powered by the miners. You enter this, the chart, the church, you hear all kinds of miners were mining proof of work. We’re staking we’re doing all kinds of contributions to all kinds of networks. This evangelical church, it will also be running all kinds of nodes because we won’t even be charging for that, you know, just running a bunch of Bitcoin nodes to support the Bitcoin network. We’re also gonna have our own fosset on the Internet. So, look, this evangelical church, we’re doing it straight, straight into the Sahara Desert. And this is gonna go big. It’s going to go big. Anyway, guys, I’m joking. I’m joking. People like Ivan stop blemishing. Yeah, I’m. I’m joking. It’s a joke. It’s a joke. It’s a joke. But Evangelical church does not a joke around. It’s a very serious, very serious scripter movement, I guess. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for contributing to the stream yet again. I appreciate that a lot. Always fun. Always fantastic. Always amazing to be here with you. So good to get to chat with you to ask answer questions. You have always great questions, too, to contribute with the show as well. That was amazing. And yeah, I mean, happy, happy hubbing. The hubbing is here for sure. We are having a bunch of fantastic times in front of us in regards to Bitcoin and what’s going on here. Be sure to check out our completely free webinar. Completely, completely free on wanted that com slash webinar or you can just use the link below. I just got my first Evangelic Academy certificate Loveth Martin. Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoyed that, Kasmi. I hope you enjoy it. We’ve really been that crazy building it. You get the personalized Dataplan plan, personalized style it counselor. You can contact any time. So that’s amazing. Thanks to. Look out. Thanks a lot. Thanks, love. Truly appreciate you. Truly appreciate you. We see you all. I think we will go live this evening. We will see it. We’ll see. Yes. I mean, it depends if we have something like two to discuss, really, except for the hoarding heating. To be honest with you. But we’ll see. We’ll see, I guess, if not tomorrow, eight a.m., as always. If not tomorrow, eight a.m.. Anyway, go and check out the Webman are completely free in the in the description or at the top of the page. Man, I guess you really want to halving stream. You really, really want to having stream. All right. Right. Right. Let’s do a halving stream at. But the humming is happening in. Let’s see. What is it like. I won’t do it on YouTube. I will only do it here, to be honest with you. I will only do it here so we can have just a big Q&A. Maybe we can have a big Q&A when the halving hits and then I can just publish it on on YouTube lateral. So, yeah, in 12 hours. So you keep an eye on the on your inbox. I think maybe we’ll go live. I want this dream to end when the hogging hits, when the halving hits. That is when I want the stream to end. And that’s. Yeah. So that’s also where it will end. So maybe 10 hours from now we’ll go live. All right. Perfect. Perfect. See you then. See you then. It’s at seven p.m.. Or what is it in 10 hours is going to be seven p.m.. Yeah. Seven p.m. Central Park in summertime. See you there. See you here on our own Web site. And the good bye kiss. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.


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