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The big coin haul thing is going down in approximately thirty-six days from now. In today’s episode, we’re going to have a look at the past and how Bitcoin behaved before previous have things. And what can we expect in 2020 for the Bitcoin price due to the having also? Believe it or not. But on Google Trends, the search term, bitcoin hopping is moving again. And we’re going to discuss when FOMO when mainstream FOMO will get started. And what the impact to become price could be. Also today, we’re going to have a look at the bitcoin price on lower timeframes. Once again, as you probably already figured, Bitcoin broke out of this ascending triangle and is currently trading nicely below seven thousand three hundred U.S. dollars. All that and more in this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said, what is going on, everyone? Sunny, decree here. And welcome back to another episode. First of all, if you guys like this kind of content, it would be very much appreciated if you guys could hit the like button. And also, I’ve heard that people are not getting notifications all the time when I upload a YouTube video. So definitely make sure that you are subscribed and you also activate that notification bell. So what we’re going to talk about today, as I’ve already said, is the bitcoin morphing once again. Most of you guys are watching this YouTube channel for quite a while. And we have seen numbers over 200 days, over 300 days in here on this countdown. And now we’re currently talking only about a little bit more than one month. Thirty-six days from now is when the Bitcoin thing is going to go down in 2020, which is approximately on the 13th of May 2020. As I’ve already said, what we’re going to have a look at today is not just a bitcoin price and lower timeframes, but also the Bialek’s ticker and what Bitcoin did in the past before previous Hopfinger, because this is not the first Bitcoin boffing. We had one in 2012, in November 2012 and one in July 2016. And now we’re going to go right into the charts and see what the performance was exactly. Thirty-six days before those two previous half things. And this is what we’re going to take to make a Bitcoin price prediction. What’s about to happen? Most probably what’s about to happen, most likely before troughing here in 2020. Now let’s dive in. So what we’re looking at in here is the bitcoin halving in November 2012. So what we’re going to do right now is we’re going to take the clothes off these candles and compare exactly what the gains were 36 days before the whole thing until the close of the day of the whole thing. And here we’re looking at approximately four point five percent gain. Thirty-six days before the whole thing to the day of the thing. You guys probably all know what happened afterwards. And that’s not going to be our main topic of today because, well, it is quite clear that after every hall thing, the bitcoin price was actually going up quite fast and quite strong, actually. But we are interested in what happened before the whole thing. And here we had a gain of approximately, let’s say, 4.5 percent. Now let’s move on to 2016. Now, in 2016, probably guys already figured from close to close here, 36 days before the whole thing we’re talking about, let’s say approximately 13 percent. So we have 4.5 percent gain and then thirteen point three percent gain. And for all those people who are saying right now, well, in 2016, the price plunged after the Bitcoin whole thing, which is to have to come out a little bit in here. And you guys can already see that. Well, even in here, it maybe took a month or two. And we also had a flash crash right here. But the direction of bitcoin was clear. So what we’re going to do right now is we’re trying to stay as realistic as possible for the current situation. And we’re going to take the average of 4.5 percent and thirteen point three percent for the current situation where we are right now. And that would be a price gain of approximately 9 percent. And well, this is not really a moon boy prediction, but that would take the price of bitcoin at exactly eight thousand US dollars at the day of the Bitcoin boffing in 2020. Now, let me know your opinion down below in the comments section. Do you think that is way too bearish or that is way too bullish? I personally find that very, very realistic. Once again, what we did was we were taking the average of gains 36 days before the previous hall things and added the average in percentage of gains to the current price levels. And that would bring us pretty much exactly to eight thousand U.S. dollars at the day of the halving at the 12th or 13th of May. Two thousand and twenty depends a little bit on how difficult the adjustments are going, but that is the plan. Now, once again, what do you think? Let me know down below in the comments, section eight thousand dollars at the day of the Bitcoin. Laughing And I would say that we all pretty much agree. What’s going to happen off the wards is actually quite clear. The direction mid-term and long term is definitely going to be up. And if you still have a hard time to believe Dad, I would say that this chart is telling you the truth. All right. Now, before we’re gonna talk about the Google Trends, just real quick, something about the sentiment of the community. The community is very indecisive right now. I have two examples. Yesterday I posted I’m going to sleep now. When I wake up, the bitcoin price will be. And it’s pretty much 50/50 among people who believe that the price will be higher or lower. And also in the survey on yesterday’s video is asking people, what do they see more? This is sending triangle, which would be a bullish pattern. Here we have approximately 60 percent of the people agreeing with that. But we were also talking about the possibility of this rising, of this ascending in here. And 40 people see this as a potential pattern that is forming right now, which would be a bearish sign. So doesn’t matter. On Twitter, on YouTube, people are very indecisive about the bitcoin price right now. So, yeah, exciting times ahead of us, that’s for sure. But what we can definitely say is and those numbers are not lying is that people are looking up Bitcoin morphing once again. So people are getting excited about Bitcoin halving. People want to get informed about the bitcoin morphing and not quite sure how many people are new here. Probably not all too many. But also, you have to ask yourself the question, how many people who are already invested in cryptocurrencies? How many people who already know about bitcoin are Googling Bitcoin hopping right now? I’m pretty sure I’m pretty convinced that some of the people looking at bitcoin hovering right now, they’re new. They want to get informed about Bitcoin. And what do you think are they going to do when they hear about the inflation of bitcoin, especially with the current situation in the economy right now, with the fetches printing money, with the government doing helicopter drops and so on? This is definitely a very interesting and hot topic right now. And the closer we’re getting to the Bitcoin morphing and the more mainstream media attention we’re getting, the bigger the formal will get. So I’m personally definitely very excited for Bitcoin morphing, very excited for the Bitcoin price development. And I’m definitely looking forward to bullish times. I mean, of course, it can happen that we’re going to dump again. There’s not that much liquidity in the markets right now. There’s not even that much volume getting traded right now. I mean, we saw a little bit of an increase in volume over the last two or three days, but there’s not that much volume in the market. Aweil can still dump the bitcoin price, but overall, mid-term and long term, definitely a bullish event. And Google Trends is confirming that to me. And yeah, I think you can see the same picture in here as well. Now let’s go on lower timeframes. What we have seen yesterday or basically overnight was that break out in a year off this ascending triangle. We’re currently trading slightly below seven thousand three hundred U.S. dollars on Coinbase. The price of bitcoin went all the way up to seven thousand four hundred and sixty one US dollars. So we almost touched seven thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. I mean, some days ago, people would have never guessed that that is going to happen right now. But we have to stay realistic once again, as we can see very clearly. And of course, for Bitcoin maximalists, that is actually kind of sad. Here you can see the top of Bitcoin, as I said, at approximately seven thousand five hundred U.S. dollars or almost seven thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. But you can see exactly the same pattern here. Once again, was forming on the S&P 500. We have here it is top right here and then the decline again. So you can clearly see that there is still a very strong correlation. We had a very green day on Wall Street yesterday and Bitcoin basically just followed. That is the reality right now. So note the decoupling Bitcoin from the stock market has not happened yet. There will be a day where this is about to happen. I’m very convinced about that. But today is not that day. I’m sorry, but this is it already for today’s episode. Once again, if you enjoyed it, please make sure to leave. Like also, let me know your opinion down below in the comments section about your price prediction at the day of the bitcoin boffing. If you guys are interested in trading bitcoin and all coins on leverage, there is a famous video tutorial popping up by my side right now. Make sure to check it out. A sign, a blink. Down below for up to a one hundred twelve dollars bonus. Thank you guys very much for your awesome support and I hope to see all of you in the next one. By.


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