Today, for the big kind of laughing, the big kind halfling is happening today, and their very, very important question right now is this pre huffing dump here only the beginning of a very, very severe continuation of the big con downtrend? Or was that only a short pit stop to wash out the weekends before we can see much, much higher price targets for the big comprise? Well, guys, there are on-trend data right now giving us a clear indication of what might happen to the big corn price in the immediate short term. We will show you that and we will put it into consideration here of the past price action, why the last half thinks 2016 and twelve were happening. We will pull all of these data points together and tell you exactly what we think is going to happen for the big price here in the immediate short term, guys. You do not want to miss out on that. So make sure you take a seat. You scroll down. You smash up the like button to at least three thousand five hundred likes. And look at that. We have been getting so many likes recently. Thank you so much for that. And that being said, welcome, defence, and welcome back to Imam Krypto. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight into the content. So first of all, guys, we are here on the daily canvas for the big countries. And you can see all these vertical lines here. They are the Bitcoin halflings. And they will play a very important role here in today’s video. And in today’s content, first of all, before we are going here into this very important data points, I want to tell you something. This whole thing is ongoing under the same premise here. We have actually put out in the last video because for the Bitcoin price to remain bullish also after the halfling and continue this uptrend, we need one premise to be fulfilled. The yellow line is the 100-day moving average and the blue line is the 200-day moving average. We have to stay above the 8000 U.S. dollar level. This has not changed before we go into the data and also here, if you will, not your golden pocket guys. I mean, I cannot stress it enough. We have to stay above the 8000 U.S. dollar level. We might go down, a test that a second time. That would be even more bullish, guys. But let me put that out here. We have to stay above otherwise, guys. We will make an emergency episode and we will update you on our updated thoughts. So far, so good. In case we stay above, guys, this is very important to consider here before the halving. Let’s go into the last half and see what happened there. You can basically see and let me also pull out the 200-day moving average. We had one pre huffing dump here, as you can see it right here. The miners most probably pre dumping here on Bitcoin just as it happened right now, yesterday and the day before. And then we had a second after condom after the consolidation is second Dampierre down to the 200 days moving average. And guys, I can tell you something, we already the frontrunning was, of course, very severe here, but we already had this retracement here, at least dangerously close here to the 200 days moving average. So, of course, one question, one legit question might be, was that already the retracement we needed? Was that already us shaking on the weekends here prior to the HAFID? Well, this might be true, but we cannot pull out only this one 200 days moving average and say, well, guys, this dump is over. No, guys, of course not. We have to consider other data as well. And yet the question is now, of course, can we expect a second dump here immediately after the halfling? Or was that already the dumb? Well, I guess I want to pull out something which I consider to be the most important data. And, you know, we are focusing a lot on trend data, by the way, guys. This is glass not you can get a lot of unchained data already. If you scroll down to the PIN comment and you check out this freak last, not link, you have to click on more here in the PIN comment and you’ll get with this link here. You get a free account on glass, not click on there and you get a free account on the glass. Not you can update. You don’t have the necessity to upgrade. But of course, we have the professional account since we love on trend data. But this is important content right now because this is the exchange balance. And guys, I can tell you something. How is the price of Bitcoin determined? Of course, it’s with every good in the world if it’s phones and yet chains or whatever, like microphones. The price of all these goods and services is always determined by a play between supply and demand. Okay. And the supplies, of course, hardcoded in the Bitcoin blockchain, 21 million bitcoin until the year 2000 at 130. Right. But what we are focusing on today is the supply, not on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is hardcoded. And already some hot priced in the Bitcoin Kreiss. No, we are looking at the exchange balance. We are looking at the supply on the Bitcoin exchanges. And this is what we consider to be very important here, especially in light of the Bitcoin laughing at the price. Because what we can see right now is, Drew, throughout the whole year, 2019 and 2000 and 20, we saw a severe accumulation of Bitcoin held on exchanges. The yellow line is the balance on exchanges. They were accumulating more and more the retail investors and also the miners. And what we were able to see with that huge dump of Bitcoin dumping down from 10. Thousand five hundred two-three thousand eight hundred. The exchange balance going down and right now we can see a divergence of the price going up, whereas the exchange balances going down. And guys, this is unprecedented. I can only tell you if you are sticking around for that. The insights we are getting from that are astonishing because usually, we do want to expect from a Bitcoin halving the minus two deposit that Bitcoin before the laughing. The retail investors to deposit their bitcoin before the whole thing to be there with that uncertainty as what good is going to happen with the Bitcoin Alvie. And to be ready to sell? Well, this right now clearly indicates that people are taking their bitcoin from the exchanges, not being really ready to sell. And if we are going here into the timeframe of 2016 and we are taking it and we are keeping in mind that the second-half thing, what’s happening on the 9th of July 2016, then you can see the minus and the retail investors were putting their bitcoin on the exchanges to what’s the laughing? But look what’s happened ever since the Hafen he had this specific area was happening. Of course, we saw the dump. But the people who are putting their Bitcoin on exchanges beforehand and off of the halfling, we were seeing the Bitcoin, the people pulling that Bitcoin from the exchanges, contracting the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges and decreasing the detention centres, selling pressure. Right now, we saw this already be seeing before the half. So this clearly already gives us one indication that maybe the miners have been selling way before or already. Maybe this hold selling pressure was coming from the miners and the retail investors already preparing for that event. Then maybe the selling pressure right now with this divergence here is maybe not even going to happen, at least not as severe as everyone expects it, because everyone is, by the way, expecting a sell the news event and a huge Dampierre leading into the hafen. So this one at least indicates, guys, look at this. The halfling was here. And afterwards, we saw the dumb. And this time it’s the complete opposite of that, that this might be different. And also going into the year 2000 and 12th and now zooming here into the year 2000. True. Let me do this approximately. You can basically see the halving in 2012. This was the first half. Let me go here to the first half. You can see here the first half, by the way. Afterwards, we were off to the races. It was on the 28 of November 2012. And looking at this on-trend data here, you can see that before the halving once again, like in 2016 and unlike in 2020, the miners were depositing their bitcoin on exchanges and the retail investors were depositing their bitcoin on exchanges. And we’re already there to actually dump on Bitcoin and after the halving, the supply and exchanges got contracted. So it’s very interesting to see how 2012 and 2016 worked exactly the same in regards to the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges, whereas in 2020 we seem to see something completely unprecedented. And I think this at least points towards the fact that maybe but only maybe something completely different is going to happen. As to what everyone is expecting, of course, we could be wrong. And guys, I can tell you with our long term holding portfolio, we are not selling Bitcoin. We are not speculating on any cell. You see the events. And if Bitcoin is dumping, we do not care at all, guys. We are holding for the next few years, for decades, even forever. We want to spend our Bitcoin in 10, 20, 30 years. We want to buy a property with that. We want to pay for jet skis or whatever. With our bitcoin. We consider big country money and we don’t want to speculate too much on the short timeframes, of course. So right now, with the premise that we are holding the 8000 U.S. dollar level, we do actually think that maybe we are retesting it again. And if we are we testing it, we might see something very bullish evolving for the Bitcoin price. And of course, guys, I want to know from you before we go into this next very important data point. And as to what we think is going to happen for Bitcoin here, also in the longer timeframes, I want to know from you guys. What do you actually think? Do you think we will see a halving dump or halfling pump after the halving? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen up now and let us know. Huffing pump or huffing dump? The market sentiment is always very important to see. And for everyone who doesn’t know right now what is going to happen to Bitcoin in 2020, 2021, 2022. Where, guys, we want to show you something. Let’s pull out this piece of data, which we consider to be the most important data right now for Bitcoin because of this one here, plots, the most important fundamental data points of Bitcoin from the last half in four years ago to what’s the yeah. The values we are having today. And you can see that the Bitcoin address has been increasing in the last four years for 240 percent. The new daily addresses. Sixty-eight percent. The address is below point one, above point zero one, bitcoin 204 percent, above point one, Bitcoin 140 percent above one. Bitcoin, 64 percent. The Weil addresses are 13 percent up and the daily active resistance. Fifty-nine percent daily active entities, 56 percent transaction count, daily transaction volume. And especially the hash rate is up. Everything is up. All the fundamentals up. And you have people telling you that it’s over for Bitcoin. You have people telling you that with that halfling, we will see a death spiral. People migrating their mining equipment over to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin is going to die. Well, guys, you might as well consider the last 10 years of price data of Bitcoin in the last 10 years of fundamental data. Before you make these allegations here towards Bitcoin, we are very bullish for Bitcoin for the next few years, for the next few decades. Guys, we are sticking to that and we actually think we might see here the next few weeks evolving much more bullish than everyone else thinks. Let us know what you think about guys. Let us know in the comments section on below. And of course, with all these long term price data here, keeping in mind with all this very bullish data you’re keeping in mind, guys, if you want to speculate on Bitcoin with a small fraction of your portfolio and only if you’re an experienced trader, you’re on exchanges. Also, guys, you might as well just use our trusted exchanges in the PIN comment down below. You will find free bonuses and you can click on BYB it and fee mix. And if you’re an experienced trader, you can trade that for free and you’ll get a bonus on BYB it and a bonus on fee mix. So if you just click the fee max account, you can make your own account and after zero point two bitcoin deposit you get one hundred twelve dollars for free and you can use this free margin for trading there and you can even withdraw all your profits from fee mix and. Yep. This is actually very fair to you, which actually also applies to buy. But so make sure you take advantage of that and. Yeah. Guys, thanks so much for watching. And we will see each other after the halfling. If you want to see me during the half in guys, I will be on Taun Vaisse channel. He invited me to his Livestream. So, of course, I will be dropping some knowledge there as well. Please come over and make some noise in the comments section, say Imam Krip, the family or whatever. It would be a huge pleasure to see that guy. So thank you so much for that, guys. Thank you so much for smashing up the like button once again. Thank you so much for coming back to our channel. It is really much appreciated. We have been growing more than ever, guys, so thank you really much for your crosscuts. And we wish each other very soon at the next one. Imam Cryptome. And as always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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