The search term big coin hall thing on Google trends is going completely parabolic but this is not just positive news in today’s episode I’m going to be as realistic as possible and I’m going to show you why this parabolic moves in the search term big corn hall thing on Google trends is not as bullish as you might think and why new people still do not understand why big point is as great as it is also in today’s episode we’re gonna do some technical analysis on big corn and it looks like that yesterday big one for the first time since a very long time has de coupled from the S. and P. five hundred from the traditional markets all that and more in this episode and now let’s jump right into it and with that said what is going on everyone sort of decree here and welcome back to another episode if you guys like this kind of content and want to support this YouTube channel for free all you can do is go down below hit the like button that would be very much appreciated it will be nice if we could reach two thousand likes on this video but now let’s talk about the big one price first off we’re going to start on the big coin daily chart and what we can see in here is still this potential bump and run reversal or if you do not believe in that pattern well what we can agree on is this trend line right here which is still holding up pretty much perfectly and what we’ve seen so far is a bond exactly from this trend line if we have a look at that one hour chart with the exact same trend line you can see that right here and that we bounced off multiple times off of this trend line so it looks like that this holds some significance but what’s way more interesting that I figured yesterday is yesterday since a very long time for the first time big point looked like that a decoupled from traditional markets of course we can only see that on the one hour chart right now by the way the blue line in here or to S. and P..

Five hundred mini futures which are representing the U. S. economy or to U. S. stock market rather into candles obviously is the price of bitcoin and this trend line right here is the trend line from the bump and run reversal that I’ve just showed you here on the daily chart so it looks like in here once again the big one has de coupled but we have to be very careful about that statement because if we can only see that one little time frames it does not really hold too much significance okay so we definitely have to surf this and if this keeps going today tomorrow and maybe over two weeks or something like that then I would confirm that big one finally de coupled it is a start that’s definitely for short that’s definitely positive but we cannot get all too excited yet because what I personally believe strongly is when big one finally the couples from the stock market stock market goes down and big point just hold its value that would be very bullish because then be corn could finally be seen as a safe haven and yesterday people were talking about that oil was punching then also the stock market was falling but big point went sideways I mean even gold did not really have to best day but B. Quinn was going sideways so the talk big one as a safe haven was getting started again yesterday but if the court is just a safe haven on one day well yeah that’s not really all too great and I would say that we can all agree on that that we need more evidence that big coin can be a safe haven and by the way if you guys want to trade bitcoin and altcoins will leverage and supports YouTube channel even further make sure you check out my description and also my comments section Derry can see my top three leverage trading platforms I’m personally using by far the best in my personal opinion the feminist platform that is where I’m trading right now with my son to bring down below we can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollars bonus and once again you’re supporting this YouTube channel thank you guys were much and this is not for beginners only for.

Work experience traders and now let’s continue with the video all right now before we’re gonna go into the main topic off today probably already heard about all prices and probably you also heard about that infinite money printing that was announced by the federal reserve already and it’s getting better don’t trump tweeted yesterday we will never let the great U. S. oil and gas industry down I have instructed secretary of energy and secretary of the treasury to formulate a plan which will make funds available so that these very important companies and jobs will be secure long into the future so basically the government at the federal reserve goal but it once again by the way for those who don’t know means money printing or infinite money printing a very interesting thing about the one thousand two hundred dollars stimulus check that we have not discussed on this YouTube channel because I was saying well maybe some of that money is flowing into big point and some people were laughing at that and they were saying that people have better stuff to buy like food and stuff like that and I totally agree but Brian Armstrong the C. E. O. of coin base posted this chart and this is very interesting and this shows us the percentages of bias respectively deposits that are exactly the same size as the one thousand two hundred dollars stimulus check and exactly on the day where does the most check was handed out well we had a spike here in percentages exactly one thousand two hundred dollars so that proves that some of those stimulus checks they got converted into big coin directly well not plenty of them but at least some of them all right but now let’s get into the main topic off today well if you have a look at this big coin offering search term on Google trends for the last five years worldwide this looks absolutely bullish I mean we currently already have more searches for big one hall thing than we had back in two thousand and sixteen on. The previous hopping we are not approximately nineteen to twenty days away from the next big one hopping and we’re already going parabolic but the sad stuff about this is that those are not new people looking up big coin hall thing how do we know well quite simple if we just have a look for to search term big coin well here we cannot really see a significant increase at all because new people they only come with price gains so first the price has to rise for new people to get interested and if no new people are getting interested the price is not really rising do you see the conflict in here but that’s not all of it it’s actually getting worse and this is something which is very important I know I’m definitely more on the moon boy’s side I absolutely agree with that I’m a big fan of big one I haven’t sold anything of my huddled position since twenty thousand US dollars I held all the way down to three thousand US dollars and now back up to seven thousand US dollars okay so I’m a big fan of big point I personally truly believe in bitcoin I even earn most of my income in big point but we have to stay realistic I’m going to show you something right now which is very concerning for the mid term outlook for big point and this is it big coin should serve as money right I would say you all agree on that is bitcoin cannot serve as money well then it cannot really serve as anything the use case for bitcoin the main use case for bitcoin is money so far only a store of value medium of exchange but lightning liquid and so on but not that many people are using it as a medium of exchange and unit of account only if enough people are in so it’s not as Bala tile as it is right now anymore okay but big point should serve as money and during times right now we’re Donald Trump is announcing once again that basically they’re just going to save everyone and everything and they’re just going to print money and the federal reserve saying they’re just going to print an infinite amount of money right now it is important to.

Get educated about money and guess what people are because if you look up money on Google trends you can see a very steep increase in people being interested about money but not about big goin because if we plot big point right here and compared that with money and pop this you can see yes people are interested in money but they have not figured out yet that big coin can serve as money and this is actually very sad and mid term this is actually quite problematic for big one because now is the time where people should be interested about money and the reality is that they are but they haven’t figured that be corn could actually solve exactly the problems that we have right now with quantitative easing and so on so it may be or surely takes way way way more time than I personally expected and maybe also you expected for people out there to understand what bitcoin really is because I’m pretty short you have been talking to friends you have been talking to family you probably have tried many times to convince them and probably you failed and that is exactly what we’re seeing right here people do not understand big corn yet but that is it already for today’s episode once again if you enjoyed this please make sure to leave a like if you haven’t seen my from extra portal it’s popping up by my side right now thank you guys very much for watching and hopefully she’ll if you tomorrow in the next one bye.


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