In this video, the Peace Corps having is coming up in less than one month. And I’m going to show you this chart showing us that the Bitcoin price has never been this oversold at a Bitcoin having historically. And look at this, guys, in the seeming futures chart. We have a new seeming gap. I’m going to show you exactly where this gap is and whether this is going to get filled or not. Then if you think that that sounds interesting, then I think you should definitely see. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl and I’m it’s been the descriptor, crazy video. And first of all, we see that since yesterday, Bitcoin has had another small dump to the downside. However, looking at the volume, we can see that so far we have not seen any volume that indicates that Bitcoin has broken out of any pattern. And we’re still in this bear flag, basically. And basically, we shouldn’t expect any larger movements to the downside until we see a big spike in the volume. And yeah, so far we have not seen it. One thing I do want to show you is that Bitcoin right now has formed. They see the futures gap, as you can see here. This is on the four hourly timeframes. So this is a four-hour gap right here. And this means that Bitcoin needs to come up and fill this at approximately seven point three thousand dollars. You know that gaps tend to fill sooner rather than later. And going out to the daily, we can see that there is not a gap here. However, of course, there are two different ways you can measure these gaps. Some people measure from the close to the open. And if you do that, then, of course, you can see that there is a gap here. But yet, regardless, we do have a gap on the four-hour timeframe. And also on us daily, if you do measure the gaps from the close to the open guys, the bitcoin having is coming up in twenty-nine days. But as you can see from this chart here from Plan B, he says that the RSI has never been this week before the having. And you can see down here that this is the RSI. You see that having takes place when the blue turns to red. So that was you having and the RSI was at 17. This having the hours. I was at 60. And look at where the RSI is currently right at the point of the having already had one month before having. We’re way below 50 here. So. So it is true that the RSI has never been this low before a having. And if we go over to this chart, I can show you more specifically what he’s talking about here. So the red vertical lines here are the hangings and the orange line down here is the weekly or is I? And if we take a look at the week last time, of course, in the first having here, the RSI was all the way up here at approximately 70 at this having we can see that the answer was at approximately 60. And now we can see that your side is way below 50, all the way down at 44. And yes, the bitcoin price has never been this oversold at a having sold, in my opinion. We are seeing the best opportunity to buy bitcoin based on the. Yeah. But based on the historical price action. And I’m not necessarily talking about the short term, but I am talking about the long term. I think that these are fantastic levels to accumulate bitcoin now before the having because we’re seeing so much fear around not only in crypto but around in the macroeconomics. Also, the financial markets are all very, very bearish. So yeah, in my opinion, Bitcoin is in a fantastic buying opportunity right now. And next up, good news from Nored VPN. They have another 70 percent off now. And if you don’t have a VPN currently, I suggest you get one. This is a very good tool for everyone in crypto to hide your privacy. And also, this lets you trade on all the exchanges that are banning certain I.P.S like the US or Hong Kong or other areas. So from some countries, you can’t trade on by with Vitamix and whatever. But if you just install Nored VPN, you can trade everywhere at any point in time. And right now they have this Easter bonus where if you grab this look deal, you either get one month free or one year free and if you are lucky you will get one year totally for free from your VPN. And this is only if you use my specific link down below in the pain comment to go down. That’s an affiliate link. My link will take you over to this site. Just click grab the lucky deal. And then you choose this three-year plan. And look at this. I mean, Naude VPN currently is only three dollars and fifty cents. This is completely dirt cheap. So yeah, if you still don’t have a VPN, make sure to go down into the PIN Comet and get Naude VPN right now. And next up, look at this. This is the bitcoin hash rate and we did see a big plunge in the hash rate and people were a little bit fearful. But you can see that the bitcoin hash rate has now surged. One hundred and twenty-eight percent since the recent low in the hash rate. So basically, we’re still in a very, very healthy uptrend in the hash rate. And this is one of all of the fundamentals that are looking extremely bullish for bitcoin right now. And next up, JP Morgan Chase to raise mortgage borrowing standards as economic outlook darkens. So from Tuesday, customers applying for new mortgages will need a credit score of at least 700. We’ll be required to make a down payment equal to 20 percent of the home’s value. Why are they doing this? Well. J.P. Morgan, they know that we’re going to see more and more defaults happen. And they know that if they extend credit now, most likely this credit is not going to be paid back. So they are raising their standards. And this is something that is going to further push real estate down because it’s going to be more expensive to buy houses. And we now see the big housing bubble probably deflate. I think that that is very likely to take place. Borrowing has been too cheap for too long and this has pushed up asset prices to extraordinary astronomical historical highs. And we are now seeing the deflation of this bubble. And let’s take a look at the Federal Reserve balance sheet. The blue line is the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve. And as you already know, when this goes up, this means that the Federal Reserve printed money and bought assets and now these assets end up in the Federal Reserve. And so the balance sheet goes up. And you can see how since 2008, the balance sheet went up rapidly as they printed historical amounts of money. And as I’ve told you before, the plan was to go from this point up here and then back down again. But you can see how they short tried, but they were not able to do it. And now they’re already starting to print from these already very high levels. And interestingly is that we can see the S&P, the yellow line here behind and you can clearly see how this is very correlated. Whenever they print money, we see stock markets go up. And now that we see the big fear of a big deflation, and now we’re seeing them reacting by printing trillions and trillions of dollars, and this balance sheet is going to 10 trillion. And I really believe that we’re going to see the Federal Reserve balance sheet probably reached 20 trillion who maybe 30 trillion. I mean, there is no end to this. They can print how much they want. There are no limits. It is literally unlimited quantities of currency that they can print. So the Federal Reserve is doing heavy quantitative easing while Bitcoin in twenty-nine days is going to go through a heavy quantitative hardening as the inflation gets cut in half. This is very, very exciting, of course, for the price of bitcoin. I believe that this is a very, very bullish environment for the price of Bitcoin. And guys, if you also think that the bitcoin having is going to be a bullish thing for the retail price, please leave it thumbs up down below. This is it for this video. I truly hope that you enjoy it. And if you haven’t seen this video, then please click right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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