What’s up, guys? Welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, guys, of course, we’re going to be celebrating the Bitcoin halving. We’re going to be taking a look exactly on what’s going to be happening with the Bitcoin price in the next few days. And taking a look at this little dump we had, which is fairly interesting. Also, guys, of course, we’re going to be talking more about the hoarding as well and having a little bit of a look into that and how that could affect the Bitcoin price. We are also going to be talking about how YouTube actually cancelled and took down, took down sorry, coin telegraphs, BTC halving Livestream, which is absolutely ridiculous. And this is just getting completely out of hand right now. And we are then finally going to take a look at the final Bitcoin halving block, having a secret message in it and what that secret message was. Our guy. So make sure you do stay tuned until the end of the video as we are doing the giveaway of that Tresa storage device. So stay to the end and you can see if you are, in fact, a winner. So, guys, without any further ado, sit back, relax and get ready for the video. All right, guys, thank you for joining me again. I do really appreciate that if we can hit that one K like a goal, which we did actually hit on yesterday’s video, that will be absolutely amazing. And if you guys are watching this video right now and you do enjoy my content, make sure to subscribe to the channel and take that notification bill. She gets notified when I post my next video. As always, guys, we are having the giveaway at the end of this video. If you want to be ended for the next giveaway, simply common anything down below to be entered to in that Tresa storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin. So guys without any further do less jump into the video. And let’s take a look at this Bitcoin price. But before we do that, guys, let’s take a look at the recent blog. So this is actually a screenshot posted last night and the block was mined by Underbool. And we can see the reward now is six-point to five Bitcoin, which is really interesting to see as we have, in fact, completed the halving. This is really interesting. And it’s great to see the whole thing has happened. Finally, it’s come around. Seems like it took quite a while to come. However, it’s finally happened now and now we can wait until the next one. Let me know down below in the comments, guys will also enter. And you two in that Tresa storage device. What were you doing last night for the halving? Were you watching any live streams or just let me know what you were doing down below? So now we have around two hundred and ten thousand blocks to mine until the next halving. So, yeah, the next halving is going to reduce from six-point to five to three-point one to five. And that is in approximately one thousand three hundred thirty-five days. So, yeah, hope you’ll be around for the next half. I know. I certainly will. And they’ll be very nice. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the Bitcoin price, guys, over the past few days. We’ve actually had a little bit of a drop. We’ve had around about 20 percent drop in the Bitcoin price. So I guess you could say a reason, fairly reasonable drop. However, we are back to these levels where we were back on the third, kind of third, fourth of May. We’re now currently sitting at eight thousand seven hundred dollars in my previous video, guys. I did actually say be careful. The Bitcoin price could actually come down and test this 200-day moving average. And look, guys, pretty much exactly what happened. The Bitcoin price did come down and test this 200-day moving average within a few dollars. So that is really interesting to see. We did then have a short, sharp bounce upwards back up to this. Around eight point eight K level. And we’re currently sitting at this eight-point seven K level. So a couple of levels, I think are very important for us to watch. Of course, this eight thousand dollar level, which will be changing with the 200 days moving average. I think that is a big, big price to watch. As we know and I’ve covered many times in the past, the 200-day moving average not only result reacts as a massive level of support, but also a level of resistance as well. Also, another level I think we should watch out for as this nine-point 2k level. We’ve seen it come into play many times before, and I do think it’s an important level to keep our eyes on. So what do I want to see the Bitcoin price do? I want to see it go up and test this nine-point two K level. That’ll be really nice to see if we do, in fact, come down and test this AK level again. I really hope you don’t work below that 200 days moving average or even worse, close below that 200-day moving average as that definitely would not be the best thing to go over to the for our chart, our guys. And go ahead and take a look at the price. We can see that around the halving, the price was pretty choppy. If I can actually drag the chart up correctly, we can see that the price was pretty choppy in within the space of the halving. The price actually went crazy and we had around a 10 percent price fluctuation. So, yeah, some people probably entered the longs down here when we did come down to this around eight thousand one hundred and fifty dollar level. And they would’ve been fairly nice. But definitely let me know your thoughts down below if you traded the Bitcoin halving. I personally didn’t, as I just wasn’t trading it during the Bitcoin halving. It can be very, very volatile and we can see all these massive AWEX here and this massive work up here. So any trading analysis should do or fundamentals can instantly be wiped out by a week in a few seconds. So that’s personally why I didn’t trade it. But if you guys were interested in trading other Bitcoin holdings over. Definitely. Check out the feedback’s link. Downbelow is my link for Phoenix, and it’s pretty much my number one recommended exchange. If you deposit only zero points to Bitcoin, you actually get a bonus of one hundred and twelve dollars. If you deposit that into your trading account fee mix is really nice, has cool calculator tools. You can find out your different target prices, profit or losses and you can also have subaccount as well. If you want to go long on one account, short on the other account or five X on one account and to X or something on the other account. So Phoenix will be linked down below. And if you don’t use my link, you still get a bonus. But the bonus is not as high. So if you use my link down below zero points to Bitcoin and one hundred and twelve dollar bonus. So let’s now go on to talk about YouTube cancels coin telegraphs BTC halving large screen for being harmful content. Now, if you don’t know what Coin Telegraaf is probably one of the biggest news publications for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. And to say that their content is harmful is a little bit. Probably false. So Telegraph had a full day of programming lined up for a Livestream that covered Bitcoin’s third block halving on May 11th. The agenda mostly went off without a hitch. People like Tim Draper, Rojava and many more shared their time and opinions with Coin Telegraph editorial staff. Over the course of a Livestream that lasted under seven hours, but the stream was blocked and deleted. Six hours and 42 minutes into nearly into a nearly finished program, locking more than 2000 viewers out of the coverage. It goes on to say that YouTube is notorious for bundes and censorship of crypto-related content. And it’s driven a number of crypto content creators to compete for platforms to operate under decentralized principles. We can see here it was actually taken down. Which is just ridiculous. Nothing was going on. It was just different. People speaking about YouTube. YouTube’s practices on this stuff are more than opaque than transparent. We were just surprised. We were just as surprised as the rest of the audience when the Livestream cut out, which is crazy. I guess they’re just monitoring and it’s the algorithm flogging these live streams if you don’t already know. There are so many different scam live streams where they have a video of, like Roger Ver saying he’s giving away a thousand Bitcoin. We send one Bitcoin, you get three Bitcoin back. That kind of scummy thing. So that is why they are cracking down on these live streams. So, yeah, it’s just ridiculous. And yeah. And there’s nothing really more I can say about that. I’m sure you’ve seen that covered. So let’s go ahead and talk about the final bitcoin halting block. Had a secret message, the bitcoin having just happened. But inside the pin, ultimate holding block is a homage to the very creation of Bitcoin itself. Here’s what it says. I won’t go on and bore you the details, but this is basically what it said. And the third having occurred today. But in the block, there was art or homage to the original origin of Bitcoin and New York Times 9th of April 2020, with two-point three trillion injected feds plan far exceeds two thousand eight rescues. The Block reads This text was written in the Coinbase transaction where the miner sends themselves their rewards as Bitcoin diehards. No, this isn’t the first time that a prince. A political statement has been put inside a Bitcoin block. The first-ever Bitcoin block, known as the Genesis block, also contain a message. This was the time. This the message was the Times oh three January 2009. Chancellor on the brink of a second bailout for the banks. So we can see there was another message placed in this block, which pretty much is referencing that the previous the first block, which was mined by Genesis Block, which is crazy and very, very interesting nonetheless. And it goes on to say, Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, include this message from the Times newspaper article on the day the block was produced in both timestamped the beginning or Bitcoin at the start of an era. And that’s a bit of a mouthful. So, yeah, that’s really interesting that there was actually a secret message inside the block. And it’s very cool that they’re paying homage to the the the block mined by Genesis back in the day. So that’s a really interesting video, guys. And before we do, in fact, go any further, let’s go ahead and reveal the giveaway. So there’s 571 unique comments, guys. So the winner for the trees at storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin is. Let’s see who it’s gonna be. It’s actually right. Ls insane time. Let’s pick up some cheap BTC. Yes, that would be very nice. And congratulations, dude. You are the winner of the treasure storage device or the equivalent in bitcoin. Somebody sent me an email and Instagram or Twitter D.M. confirming that you are who you say you are with this screenshot of your YouTube channel logged in. I will go ahead and get that deep price and out to you. So, guys, that’s pretty much it for today’s video again. I talked about two levels. Ninety-two hundred and eight thousand dollars for the Bitcoin price. I really hope we can stay above the 200 days moving average on this eight thousand dollar level coming into the future. Thanks. Watching today’s video, guys. And if you do want to join Phoenix and get one hundred and twelve dollar bonus for zero points to deposit, my link is down below. And thank you for watching the video, guys. I’ll catch you in the next one.


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