Today for the Bitcoin price with da Vinci Jeff 15. This is an emergency segment before the actual Da Vinci J 15 episode starts because this tweet here big credits to car from the moon. Here on Twitter he shared a tweet of the FDIC and they’re actually talking about the banks. Can you remember how DaVinci J 15 recently said whenever the president of the United States comes out and talks about the U.S. dollar being fine the economy being fine. This is the exact moment we should weep that this is the exact moment we should start worrying. Well the FDIC is right now talking about the banks. Guys listen to the wording because this video might be as what we were referred to as the most apocalyptic video in hindsight. Guys listen closely. Listen to the calm piano song. Listen to the wording and how they want to keep the people away from the A.T.M. guys. The collapse is probably more imminent than we thought. Please take a seat. Watch this video and after what’s the DaVinci J 15 episode starts. We’re living in unprecedented time at a time of a pandemic like this. It is a way too easy to get confused and to have fear about what you should be doing with your money in your account especially as you’re looking at the volatility in the stock market in the financial sector. This is what I would like it to take away from this. Your money is safe at the banks. The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks. Now thinking that it’s going to be safer someplace else you don’t want to be walking around with large wads of cash and you suddenly don’t want to be hoarding cash in your mattress. It didn’t pan out well for so many people. And I will tell you this. No depositor has lost a penny of their insured deposits since 1933 when the FDIC was created. So if you’re talking about having your money in a safe place please keep it in an FDIC insured bank today for the Bitcoin price with J 15. We would talk about Bitcoin and also these breaking news here that Donald Trump is planning right now is 6 trillion U.S. dollar fiscal bomb towards the United States. We will talk about how that will impact the big comprise in the immediate short term but we will also bring up some numbers some economic numbers which will certainly blow your mind. We have the one and only one Da Vinci Jeff fifteen the number one person to talk to in these uncertain times and that being said I really want to come to the most important question of the day. Da Vinci J 15 How are you doing today man. I’m doing good. Here in the locked down Chile. Turns out actually in my area where I live is the most amount of people. How’s the virus turned. Because the reason why is because in that area last contest most of the people have money to travel and so that’s where the virus outbreak is most concentrated here in Santiago. So I’m not talking to my neighbors I’m not going to refer any dinners or anything like that so we’re staying at home or being safe. How about you Chris. Pretty similar in Kupang young Thailand. So we are not in contact with many people as well and we are able to concentrate on content so thanks for carrying thanks for asking DaVinci. And now let’s get straight into it because the people are turning into day once again to hear your thoughts not only on the Bitcoin price in the immediate short term but especially they’re very interested to hear your thoughts on whatever is going on right now in this craze what we call financial crisis and I want to give a big shout out to everyone watching because look at the last two videos this one got more than 4000 likes and this one here got 4500 likes which is completely mind blowing four thousand five hundred I don’t know when I have seen that the last time on YouTube so thank you so much for smashing up the like button and DaVinci now let’s go into the charts and do it do you think we can get 5000 likes today. I think so. I think so. I really feel that we can get 5000 likes today. Thank you everyone for liking our videos. All right. So let’s head over to these charts and see what we can see. I think we’re going to see our our faces being painted pink while you’re gonna be pink painted yellow. Right. Exactly. I guess I’m getting that feeling right. Right. Well basically you just had to get up to the two week right until we can we can get up to the 80 500 and be so cool by the end of this week and close the week this the end of this week. Eighty five in this area in this general area just above the 13 May. I’ll be so happy. Wait so today. It’s Wednesday right. You are talking about the end of this week by Sunday or by Friday like this Sunday by Sunday. So we are talking you are talking about that. You still think it’s very much possible that we are closing the week on Sunday at eight thousand five hundred and do we do a central correctly. Yes that’s correct. I think it was very possible that we do that well at this point. We’re on track for that daily. I would like to see the daily come down and do a U W but I don’t think it’s got enough time to do that. So if I could just come back down and then come back up and just go. OK. See you want to see. That would be that would be epic Ray especially since right. And look at that the 200 day Lee is up here. It’s crossing over with that 50. Yes it’s crossing over with the 50 I think a ceiling’s 55. Yeah that’s a 50. The red here is the 50. So not not very bullish right now at this crossing today but we are we do have an upward momentum. So yeah if if we if we cross hopefully this will be mitigated through an upward move not very good of course but I really think that this thing has the power to more like the daily two to two psychics out of a little bit more hopefully not cross the 13 year may or if it does cross it it doesn’t stay below falls below it or stay below it on on the on on a daily close like it closes below it and then it pumps back up the next day that would be great. That would help put this momentum and push up to the 80 500. Looking closer look. That looks like we’re not coming back down to the screen like that. I mean it’s possible but I don’t see that happening. Please don’t go in is exactly at all bad. Thank you so much for that. And certainly this looks like massive volatility however even if we go down to six thousand. Talking about price target of eight thousand five hundred by the end of this week of course no certainties here. But this is in the room of possibilities than men. I mean there will be serious fireworks however before we started recording DaVinci. You mentioned that these. This is 6 trillion US dollars might be one of the reasons of that happening. So can you please elaborate a little bit more on that and also let us know what you think we’re all this crazy. All this money printing is leading to what’s coronavirus have a package to reach roughly six trillion dollars. This money printing that they’re going to hand out to everybody. Once it passes I think Bitcoin will have to move higher. The reason why is because the market is a forward discounting mechanism meaning that they’re not going to allow the people who get these checks to buy bitcoin at a 5000 six dollars. She’s not going to happen so it’s going to move the price higher so that those people can buy at a higher price. So and you know and the people who bought a lower price can get that sell it to them. So you’re going to see higher prices for sure on bitcoin and on a lot of other ultra crypto currencies and assets like gold and silver as well. One of the creepy things we need to look at for this. This is about this money. Six trillion dollars is that it’s a massive amount of money. Yes it’s like let’s take a look at the debt load. It’s half a doubled the revenue that the government‘s government spent double of what it takes in. And that’s not including its annual expenditures. Which is more than more than a trillion a year every year more. It’s ridiculous. Right. In debt they go into debt more than a trillion each year. And so so they spend more than this. They start spending like four four or five trillion dollar dollars every year. And so they’re planning to add another six trillion on tolerance. So basically this year they’re planning to spend 10 trillion dollars that’s half of the global domestic GDP that is how much they’re going to spend in total in total. Yes including just their normal budget. And this is only this is one injection right now. I mean they they might if this thing worsens just increased the number. Right. Yeah exactly. That’s exactly. Exactly and they might going for more. But let’s just assume they don’t just assuming that they don’t which they’re definitely going to increase this number. Yes they did it already like three times. Wasn’t it like two trillion. Unfortunately you know six trillion. Exactly. Exactly. That’s exactly right. They moved it from. They moved they’re moving this goalpost rapidly. So that means that they’re going to spend more than half of their gross domestic product. Meaning how much everything that they make in the economy and half of that today. This this year. And that’s going to be equal to like just t the six trillion alone is like what 25 percent of what they they’re already in debt. So they’re going to increase the debt load right by like 25 percent of what they’ve already gone in debt in one year not including what they already do every year. Yes exactly. Also guys we released a video today on Twitter which is going right now ballistic. You might check that out. It’s in the pin comment down below and we talked about the possibility of us going into a hyper inflation. In fact guys let me play that little clip. It tells you exactly what we can expect within the next few month maybe one year. A lot of people are asking right now what exactly is going to happen now that the Federal Reserve is printing unlimited amounts of money and pumping it into the system. Well we have some crypto we think that something pretty similar to what happened back then in the violent republic in Germany in the 20s is going to happen to the whole global economic system. And what is happening right now is not only that we have unlimited and free money printing. We also have a massive massive panic and fear in the whole world. And what right now is happening is that everyone in the world is cutting their spending. They are cutting their consumption. So now that the monetary base is increasing significantly you might not even recognize that in the prices you might not even feel this inflation because the monetary base is increasing. But the consumption is going down. Thus the prices will not necessarily increase in the immediate future. They might even decrease. Everyone will be very very happy once this virus sort of settles down and the party pending just disappears and everyone will think Wow we have so much money and the prices are not rising but guys. But the consumption will rise again. The people will start spending again and we will have this huge bunch of money in the world. In fact we will have the monetary base as it was 2007 seen with a massive massive multiplier because of all this money printing. And whenever the people start spending again whenever the economy starts at least to seem like recovering this is exactly when the prices will increase significantly by a big multiple. And this is exactly when something called hyper inflation is going to happen. And this is also exactly when things like gold silver and also bitcoin go to start gaining momentum. Guys I really want to know from you right now what is your personal projection for the economy for the financial system and also for the fiat currencies here. We talked about it so often already but this is six trillion injection once again makes it so clear where we are going towards. So can you maybe talk about the severity of that and what your personal prediction is let’s say for 2020. All right. Well I would if I could ask Kudlow or Stephen solution Hey do you think spending this kind of money will end badly because it doesn’t make any sense. And they did probably say yes. Well I would then ask they would probably say no would be fine. Right. And I would then ask Well can you please pass me the stuff that you’re smoking because I want to live in your reality. Yes. So because clearly you can’t print money out of nothing and give it to people when there’s nothing to buy except food. When our economy has completely come to grind things halt and you can’t buy physical things that are being that normally get produced because nobody’s going to work and if nobody’s going to work and you give them a bunch of cash and there’s not enough goods. Well obviously the goods that are left over are going to be built up in price. And I’m surprised you cannot see that. So I’m confused by their their lack of a vision here. And and I hope that I hope that they they they they realize this. But I know that they won’t. And so what I see going forward is that we’re going to have hyper inflation in a very short amount of time. Yes. That is very true and I actually believe that all of the elites they exactly know the impact of their decisions. They actually do that all on purpose to transfer the world’s wealth from the boat population over to their side. So yeah. Da Vinci thanks for educating us on top on that topic today again and especially the bitcoin outlook seems very interesting. I really want to know from the viewers today. Do you actually think we can reach this crazy price targets by the end of the week. Of course it’s not the most likely scenario maybe but it is very possible especially with the volatility we have seen within the last few days and weeks. Let us know in the poll which is popping up on top of the screen right now. Do you think we can reach eight thousand five hundred U.S. dollars by the end of the week or not. And if not let us know in the comments. Why if yes let us know as well. Thank you so much DaVinci and do you have any any updates to share about Pandora’s wallet maybe. Yes. So we’re working hard on Penner as well. Here we’re trying to add a theorem to ah. Why am I going to be doing a video shortly on explaining how to use Pandora as wallet. And then also if you subscribe to Pandora’s wallet you will be eligible to have access to my private Pandora wallet. A telegram group where we share my portfolio and what I’m buying what I’m selling. And also you we talk about different trades that I’m doing. So if you’re interested in that we are for a limited time until the end of April. We will. You will have unlimited access to that data group even if you just purchased one month subscription. You will be able to see you’ll have complete access to the group forever and ever after that it’s only people who have maintained their subscription up to date will be allowed to stay in the group. So yeah your deal you’ll get a bonus of unlimited access to my personal group. All right. So that’s the main theme for a brand new thing or Penner as well. And I look forward for to adding a theorem and showing you that’s how this thing really works. Thank you very much for that. I think this is a very fair offer. Everyone wants to take advantage of that scroll down check out the pin comment. And besides our affiliate section you will find their link for Pandora was one at dot com and click on it. Make the monthly subscription at least you can try the product and you can join this Ted Graham group. Thank you so much DaVinci and yeah everyone I’m watching right now. Thanks for smashing up the like button. Thanks for joining the comment section and revisit each other very soon at the next one off. M.M. crypto I want to ask. Do you have anything to share before wrap up for this episode. Yeah I always played from a position of strength and don’t get wrecked don’t get read. Guys thank you so much for watching and we will see each other very soon already tomorrow at the next one. And this always goes as always. Bye bye.


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