BITCOIN IN 2020: What's next?

After the Bitcoin Halving in 2020 the interest for Bitcoin shrunk quite significantly. In this episode we are going to have a close look at the Bitcoin price, some Bitcoin fundamentals and the public sentiment. The irrationality of the traditional markets (S&P 500) will be covered too.

00:00 Intro
01:13 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
05:14 Google Trends
07:09 Bitcoin Hashrate
08:08 Traditional Markets (S&P 500)
11:47 Something personal


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  1. I would welcome a video about money supply and where it goes with trends etc. I know it was talked about but maybe in more accessible and detailed way

  2. I’m definitely bull on bitcoin for the long-term…the majority of macro investors and hedge fund managers think the same. I believe bitcoin will 50x to 100x in the next5 years

  3. There was a huge shortage of dollars on the market that's why the price on world markets has continued to be in a bull market, with world currencies all pegged to the dollar and everyone wanting dollars to do business in, there will not be an over supply, no matter how much has been created over the last 6 weeks. The reason why the stock market has continued to rise, is that the big whales fear inflation, pointless holding onto huge pots of cash if it becomes worth less and less.

  4. Sorry Sony, but you are telling us that we cannot trust the real economy and the stock market which is based on performance of real companies? I have been trading bitcoin now since some time and I just can counter losses because of the fucking manipulation of the whales and exchanges and whoever. Sorry I lost totally confidence in bitcoin and actually will take out all my funds and move into stocks trading. I will not feed anymore a bunch of thiefs, doing market manipulation and ripping off us just because there are not regulations. It's a wild market and we have no protection. We are just meet for the lions. So, no thank you. The can continue manipulating the market themelselvea a DM not with me.

  5. Interested in other asset classes. Maybe not swiss stocks, u.s. equities ok corporate bonds ok, I follow asian stuff alot like singapore stocks e.g. capitaland….

  6. Julian Hosp was first. Now Sunny Decree is following. With Bitcoin you can't make much money any more so they switch to traditional markets to shill new and other affiliate products. Since the godfather of crypto shilling (Julian Hosp) switch to stocks I am waiting every day that Sunny is doing the same. It took 6 weeks, respect!

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