TONY EASTLEY What up, world? I’m Steve, founder and CEO of Crypto Prue University, home of the number one crypto classes. If you want to take this complex world of crypto, make it super simple so that you have more success. This channel is for you. Hit that subscribe button right now and everybody hit that thumbs up button. I appreciate it. Bitcoin is on the brink of one of its most pivotal and critical moves of the past year and a half. This move coming up is going to be a major move for bitcoin and we’re going to be well out in front. We’re going to talk about this move. Exactly what you need to know about this move and our targets. Welcome in, everybody. Happy Wednesday. New video every single Wednesday. Hope you have a smile on your face. Hope you’re looking fresh. And I hope you have a beautiful day. So far, we have a major and I mean major announcement. In fact, it’s the second biggest announcement we’ve ever had on this channel. The biggest announcement was that I was going to be a father. The second biggest is going to be today. But also, we’re going to get into these charts. There’s a couple very critical pieces of information I need to share with you. There’s some brand new developments. We’re going to look at specific price targets and what you should watch for with this move. That’s coming up. It’s going to be a very critical move. Bitcoin has been in a situation where this next move is going to dictate the next six to eight months of price action. So we’re going to get into it. But first, I want to share with you this major announcement. This is something I’m so excited. I’m really, really, really excited to share this with you. Why? Because I haven’t been able to tell you for so many months. I’ve been working behind the scenes on something. Day and night, seven days a week, month after month after month. I’ve wanted to tell you so bad, but it wasn’t ready until today. I can not wait. 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Leave your comment below your honest opinion about what’s going on. And I look forward to reading them. And go get your payment plan. There’s no better time than right now when everyone’s on lockdown. It’s time to learn and it’s time to take control of your financial future. The time is now. If you have any questions, info at Krypto. Carina Versi, Akam. You can email me there. OK. Back to the video. Got him excited about that. OK. What I want to focus on first is where we left off a few weeks ago. We talked about leading in to the death cross and what to expect. We broke it down in such a way that it was really, really easy to comprehend. And by the way, if you’re new here, we take a scientific approach to the charts. We remove all emotion. We only focus on the facts in the charts, removing all emotion, removing all nonsense and just looking left at the facts. Right. So if you’re interested in this and also taking a big picture approach, we take a step back because everyone either makes all their money on these bigger moves or loses all their money on the bigger moves. We focus on the bigger moves because that’s where the impact is. So if you like that, then hit that subscribe button right now. Everybody hit that thumbs up. But this is a big day for our community. Now, with the death cross, what we’re gonna do real quick is just get rid of our 100 week, one hundred day moving average. We’re gonna focus on this death cross that we just had right right here when we’ve had the past. Death cross. Remember, we went on that large run. Forty three percent, but a classic. A classic death cross leads us back in and we roll over and we go down and make a lower low. Now we go back to twenty eighteen. We say, OK, what happened on the previous death cross? Well, we had a death cross right here on March twenty eighth, right after prices were down here, prices shot up. Fifty five percent right around the 200 day moving average. And then what happened? We rolled over and we made lower lows. The key is after the death cross, we went up to read about the 200 day, just like we did here, just above the 200 day. So it’s a large rally either at the 200 day or slightly above the 200 day. Let’s go all the way back to twenty fourteen and see what happened with this one. Well, we had a death cross right here, April 9th, 2014. Price was down here at a reasonable three hundred and seventy eight dollars. Right then prices shot up 90 percent all the way to the 200 day moving average. You can see each time we have a death cross. People get fearful. The exact opposite happens. We go in a large rally. Where do we go on a rally to? Right around the 200 day. And then what happens? Everyone’s really excited. They think prices are gone to the moon. And then what happens? The exact opposite. It’s always the opposite of what the herd is thinking. What happened? We rolled over and continued to make lower lows into our bottom. Right. That is a classic death cross. There’s one example, which is the anomaly. The only time to ever have a fake out death cross was here was here in September of 2015 when we had a death cross after we already made our low. And then prices went sky high. And we actually this was the beginning of the bull market. This was the absolute beginning. There was a couple of fake outs in between here for several months leading into the actual bull market. So the question becomes, well, Steve, is it going to play out like this fake out or is it going to be a classic death cross? Leave your comments below what you think. And we’ll get into it right now. So we need to compare what’s happened previously for the classic death crosses and compare it to the fake cow. And then look at the action we’re seeing right now and we can determine what is this? How is this going to play? What what’s more of a potential? One thing I want you to notice. And one thing I want you to draw on your charts is this trend line. We’re going to talk about a few trend lines I want you to draw. This is a short term trend line that I would like you to draw. Why? Because on a daily chart, if we have a body, a body close below this trend line, we’ve broken that trend line and we’ll be in trouble. All right. So, for example, today, as this candle is seven hours away, we can go as low with the body to six thousand four in. And we’re fine. There’s no worry. There’s no worry because we haven’t broken our trend, which started on March 12th. Right. But what happened is we ran into the 50 day so far. We ran into the 50 day, which we’ve done on every previous time as well. Every time that we had a death cross, which was, by the way, prices were here around six thousand six six thousand seven. We’ve only gone up a mere 9 percent since then. But we were ready as a community for the prices to go up. After Death Cross, we made it very apparent that every time in its past history, we’ve gone on a big rally. Now the rallies from those three, if we averaged them out, we’ve got 4 6, roughly 60 percent on average. We went up after the death cross substantial, right? That means this death cross, if it would be a, quote, average death cross, a 60 percent increase would put prices pretty high. Right. We would be well up here. Wow. That would put us over ten thousand five hundred, which would change the trend if it were an average classic death cross. But let’s break it down, because the question becomes, is it going to be one of these scenarios or is it a fake out for the fake out scenario? We’re going to utilize this right down here. The ADX in D.I. We’ll get to that in a moment. But let’s look at well, how do we know if it’s one of these classic ones? Well, the classic one went right around the 200 day. The 200 day sits at a very critical price of eight thousand. Why this is so critical? We’re going to get into it from a few different angles. But 8-K, I want to be embedded in your brain right now. Write it in your notes. 8-K is a big test for bitcoin with the 200 day being right there. So with the structure of it, there’s nothing to indicate fake out or not yet, but there’s key prices that 8k in this test will be one. And if we’re looking at the fake out scenario, this is really interesting because if we if we look at the ADX and D-I, what’s happened recently is we’ve moved in. To a bullish cross, the bullish is when the green is on top. The green is on top. While the trend the yellow is very low, the trend is weak right now at about a 15, meaning we crossed bullish. Its bullish now, but the trend very weak. Why this is important. If we go back in time to the previous fake out, it was very eerily similar on both the Golden and the Death Cross. So we’ve compared this fractal many times. When we had the Golden Cross, it was after we made a high, which is what we did present day. Then when we made the death cross, it was after we already made our low, which is what’s happened. Present day. And at that time we were very, very bearish. The trend was really powerful and the exact opposite started to happen. We had the trend come down, form its weakness, and then we had a bullish cross as we entered into the 50 day. Sound familiar? That’s where we’re at today. We’re at the 50 day. We crossed bullish in our trend is weak. Look familiar? That’s exactly the scenario we had with this fake out. Not only wasn’t the previous high, the previous low with a weak trend, with a bullish cross, and that’s when the the official bull market started. We’ll be following that closely. But the first test is going to be how do we play with 8K? Well, that actually rhymes. So it’s easy to remember. How do we play with 8K? That’s not the most important test. The most important test, which we’ve made very apparent for months now is ten point five K. That’s the major test. That’s the major test. The first preliminary test 8-K The next major test in the only major test is ten point five. That will help us create our first ever higher high that we’ve had since this 14 K peak. So for almost 300 days we haven’t been able to create a higher high. We’ve continued to create lower highs. We’ve continued this downtrend. This would change everything. There would be a lot of money entering the market. And if we went higher than ten point five, we would be very quickly to 14K, which would be our next level of resistance. So let’s dig into some other charts to understand, hey, is this going to be a classic death cross which will roll over and create lower lows or is it going to be the fake out? We’ve only had one fake out in history and this could potentially be our second. Let me know in the comments down below what you think. But we’re gonna get to this chart. This is a three day chart you see up here, three day chart. We’ve got our 50 and 200. But on a on a three day chart, it represents the 150, 600 representing a three day death cross. Now, we may be heading into a fake out, meaning this is actually going to be the beginning of our classic bull market. But this stands in our way. This is a major thing standing in our way because the three day death cross, remember, we covered this weeks before it happened and nobody said we were going to fall below 6k. We said not only we’re going to fall below six, it’s gonna be a pretty drastic fall below 6k. Now, what happened was after the three day death cross, it was it was devastating. We’ve never had a fake out three day death cross. And the reason I bring this up is look at the trajectory of our green line leading into a three day death cross. It doesn’t look pretty. We’ll compare it to here so you can get an idea. We’re going to go to our trend angle and see what the angle of this green line is here. We’re talking about about a twenty eight percent trend angle leading in to. The death cross and you can see today it may not be as steep. Actually, it’s pretty much the same. Twenty seven percent trend angle, meaning this angle from here leading into the death cross is the exact same angle as here. The difference is this red line was rising and this one is rising slightly, but pretty much stable, meaning it’s almost inevitable. We’re gonna have a three day death cross unless bitcoin starts to rally in the next week or two. It would need to be a large rally to avoid a three day death cross. If we go back in history, remember there’s only one direction. You’re looking on the charts when you find a situation like this. You’re looking left. And when you look left, you say, OK, how we how have we interacted with this three day death cross previously? Well, we had one back here and it was very ugly. And that was the only other one we’ve had. We’ve never had a fake out three day death cross. But again, ten point five K is the critical. We can rally here. Everybody can get excited and feel that we’re going to the moon. This is the test. This is the be all end all. If we get above this, it’s highly probable. We started a bull cycle for years to come. Plain and simple. If we’d fail this, we’re in trouble for the next year. Plain and simple. This next move is critical. It’s a big one and it impacts arguably the next six to 12 months very strongly. OK, so let’s continue with another chart. We’ve talked about this one, the gossip channel, for a very long time. We wanted to give an update because there’s some critical things that have taken place recently with the gossip channel. Now, if we were rewind the clock back to here. November twenty nineteen, we made a video about the gossip channel, we said, look, we have entered the gossip channel. This is bad news. Why? Because when you look left, any time we’ve entered the gossip channel we’ve been in or below for one year, meaning prices were in trouble for one year. Any time we entered the gossip channel at the time of the video back in November, nobody wanted to believe it. They said, Steve. I highly doubt we’re gonna be in this channel for a year because we’re so bullish. The market is so bullish. We had just went to 14K. Everyone was still really excited, but we said the facts and the facts. If you look left, there’s never been a time in history that we haven’t been inside or below the gossip channel for at least one year. Well, here we are almost six months later. We’re still in the Glosson channel. It probably sounded really crazy back then when I told you, but the facts are the facts. And we as traders, we always have to just look at the facts. We’ve got to take that emotional opinion. No, this is it. We’re going to the moon or if you believe we’re just going to crash down. Those are emotional opinions. We only can look at the facts and that is it. The facts are the facts. We’re still in this Galson channel. But take a look at this. What we’re approaching now is the median line of the gossip channel. The median line happens to be read in about 8K. Why is 8K important? We said that’s right where the 200 day is. And that’s our big test. And by the way, when you go to this chart. That’s right. About where the 150 day is our green line here. It’s very, very critical. This 8 K test. Okay. So we’re going to see how this starts to play out. And by the way, this was our golden zone. We made a whole video about the Golden Zone. If you bought anywhere in this golden zone, you looked like a superhero. Right now, you’re dancing in your chair. The Golden Zones are very important. Sometimes we stand there for a bit longer. Sometimes it’s quite short and other times like here it’s quite long. But the golden zone is the golden zone in. And that historically are incredible times to pick up some bitcoin. Now, another thing I want you to watch is the RSI on the weekly, as we’ve talked about for months and months and months. Fifty six represents bullish, bearish. Where are we now? Bearish. It’s no surprise. We’re in the gossip channel. We’re down here with the weekly RSI at 46. If we go on a run, watch the weekly bullish bearish scenario. OK. So some very critical pieces to keep in mind. Now, I want to give you a very large picture. This has taken a couple steps back. We posted this on Twitter. But I want to give some more context to this. Right. So if you’re new and you haven’t done so already, hit that subscribe button, join the movement. And if you haven’t, it’s already hit that thumbs up button. Show some love. This is a big, big, big day for us. Also a very large day for bitcoin. Eight hundred and fifty two day downtrend. Eight hundred and fifty two days. Now, when you draw the trend line, there’s a lot of ways to draw the trend line. You can draw them from the wigs, the bodies, etc. How I draw them is the bodies. The bodies are significantly stronger than the wicks. And when you draw from the bodies here back in the glory days, which you probably remember quite well, you can see that that was our rejection back here in June. Also in July. Also in August. You can see that we fell down below here, forming a short term low and then we rallied back up. Everybody thought this was it. And we got rejected right from this trend line again. What I want you to watch again is that 8-K first preliminary, but this is the big one. I want you to mark this in stone on your charts because you can get caught up in crypto so easily in the day today in these little moves up and little moves down and oh my God, I’m excited. Oh my God, I’m fearful. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. But just stay level headed. The only thing you have to watch is ten point five K. If we’re able to create our first higher high, it’s off to the races. And Bitcoin will move very quickly. It’ll be very explosive if we fail this. We’re in trouble. We’re going to continue this downtrend. And if we fail this, we’re going to have a three day death cross. Plain and simple. Three day death cross on this chart. They don’t end pretty. They do not. And pretty. OK, so plain and simple. Ten point five K is the thing to watch. And by the way, if we make a higher high, we’re going to start to hold this trend line as support, which it will be maybe around 900 days trendline at the time that that would happen. That would be incredibly powerful. It would be very explosive. So, again, this test coming up is very, very important for the next six to 12 months for Bitcoin. So I want to see in the comments down below, what do you think is going to happen? Do you think we are going to create a high or high with ten point five K or get rejected in form lower lows and continue this devastating downtrend? What do you think is going to happen also? How do you think it’s going to play out with 8-K? Are we going to play nice with a and start to hold it a suppor or we’re going to get rejected down with a fast rejection and breaking this short term trend line? What do you think is going to happen? Let me know in the comments below. But right now, if we were to look at the big picture, is there a chance for this to be a fake out like it was in 2015 to represent the start of the bull market? Yeah. Yes, there’s there’s a chance there’s definitely a chance right now, is there a lot of bearish scenarios that are playing out a little more bearish scenarios than bullish at the moment. But if we go by the historic golden zone here, this is another another case in point for the bulls. Anytime we’ve been down here, this is historically an incredible time to buy. Right. So it’ll be very interesting how we play with AK and then with ten point five K. I’m hoping hoping that we can get above 10.5 cake because that will mark the beginning of a new cycle for years to come. But it’s going to be very hard. It’s going to be very hard. This trend line, you can draw a trend line for a few days, a few hours and an hourly chart. But when you have one that’s years old, then then it starts to become pretty difficult to get up above there. We’re going to need something to come into the market like volume. We’re going to need a lot of buyers to come into the market. We’re gonna need something like a happening to really propel Bitcoin to have momentum to get through this. It’s a big ask. I’m being very honest. It’s not it’s not as likely right now, but it is possible. Okay. So what we talked about with oh, I do want to show you this because we dropped all the way down here. It caught a lot of people by surprise. But if you go to the video from November twenty seventh, November 27, you can look it up. Monumental Bitcoin chart. Nobody’s watching. We talked about this. That’ll save us. There’s two levels that will save us, number one. Six point four, K.. If we can hold this over the next couple of months. The next level to watch, if we break six point four, there is one level that will very likely go directly to and that’s the bodies of twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen the bodies on the downside till a distinct story and that’s that three thousand five three thousand seven Aryana. So that’s why it’s important to take a look at the big picture. We said if we break 6.4, very likely we’re going quickly to 3 7 3 5. And that’s exactly what happened with this candle here. That’s why looking at the big picture is not something you know, there’s nothing special about me. You could do this. You could do this. But it takes discipline and focus. Now, earlier, we talked about the biggest announcement we’ve had since I announced I was becoming a father on this channel is the second biggest announcement ever. We told you about payment plans. We’ve introduced payment plans for the first time ever. I want to talk about a second thing that we did on this Web site. Our whole mission as crypto screen diversity is to change lives. Plain and simple. That’s what we tried to do with our classes. That’s what we do with these videos. That’s what I do with Steve. Secrets to success. That’s everything I live and breathe. I try to give back as much as I can to the community, to all these places. But I wanted to do something for you, especially during this time. Corona virus is very difficult. A lot of people. And maybe you lost your job or you’re afraid you’re about to lose your job. I wanted to do something to help the community. So we created. Affiliate’s. This is huge, huge, huge. Why? Because you can create affiliate. Any human can be an affiliate. You get a link and you have friends, you have family. And when they sign up. Not only are they going to have their life changed with the classes and take control of their financial fortune and their financial future, you will be impacted with a very large payout. So this is phenomenal. 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So this is a game changer. Nobody’s doing this in crypto with those kind of payouts between five and seven hundred dollars for one person to sign up. It’s incredible. And I feel just so blessed to be able to help change that, especially in this world today. So if you want to be an affiliate marketer, go go get your link right now. If you want to take advantage of the payment plans, go right now. We just launched them. And even if you don’t want to do those things, go to the Web site, check it out and leave your honest opinion down below. I’m going to be reading everybody’s comments. This is a really exciting day for me. Oh, I recommend you go to the review tab. This is really cool. This is really, really cool. I love the way that this came out with the review tab. Go take a look at what’s happening with our students. You can watch some videos. You can look at some picture reviews. It’s really cool. So you can see the layout right here with the RU. I just love I just love what’s going on. And I want to thank you our community for supporting me, even though I wasn’t able to tell you I was working on this for months and months and months now, you know. Okay. Let’s get to Steve. Secrets to success real quick. If you want to follow us on Twitter. That’s cool. It’s right here. Krypto crew, you on Twitter. Krypto crew. You now, obviously, by now you’re subscribed. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. You watch my videos, you like my videos. Show some love. Join the movement. Hit the subscribe button right now and hit the thumbs up. One that will really help us and make YouTube happy with their algorithm. Thumbs up means a lot. So if you come into the videos right away and leave a thumbs up, that’s incredible. That that’s special. I really appreciate that. Now, Steve, secrets to success. This one is big. This one is big right now with this situation. You know, you probably on lockdown no matter what country you live in. This is a situation we’ve never seen in my lifetime, nor in yours, unless you’re about 100 years old. You’ve never seen it in your lifetime. What I want you to do during this situation is focus on your side hustle. Why? Because everything else is unknown. You don’t know if you’re gonna keep your job. You don’t know if they’re gonna start laying people off. Or you may have already lost your job. And it’s even more important for you to have a side hustle. That’s yours. You control it. You have another source of income that you can’t let yourself off. You are in full control. I want you to start to take full control and also your budget. The 50, 30, 20. I want you to take this time. You’re on lockdown. You have the time. Break down your budget and see where it’s at. You’ve seen in previous, Steve, secrets to success. The 50, 30, 20 breakdown. Where are you on this breakdown? You’re probably spending too much money on wants. You’ve got to get that in control. You know, you’ve got to get your budget locked down. I want you to start a side hustle and your first question maybe. Well, Steve, I have some ideas. I have a lot of ideas, but what do I do? What’s that one thing I should do for a side hustle? How do I know it’s that thing and what I told you before. The best things to do. Solve your own problem. Solve your own problem. Most people, they think, OK, I’m going to start a side hustle and I got to chase the money. What’s going to make me the most money? How much can I charge? How much can I get? And if you focus on that, it’ll be a complete failure. It’ll be a complete failure. You have to focus on actually solving your problem. And then you can give it to the masses. So I’ll give you an example for me. I solved my own problem. Why? I started trading when I was 16 and I was terrible, actually. I’ll take that back. I was pretty good on paper when I first started, but anybody with half a brain was. Was really incredible because the market was going straight up. The market was going straight up. I thought I was a genius. Little did I know I was. I was really terrible because the market turned, everything turned. We had our bubble. And it turns out I was just another idiot. I had no idea what I was doing. And I kept trying all of these different things and different things and different things. And it was a failure. I had to solve my own problem. And over the past 19 years, I’ve done a pretty good job at solving that problem. And then it’s become my life mission to help you and everyone else have the answers to that problem. So you don’t have to go through the years and years and years of chaos that I had and massive losses in a ton of mistakes. And that was solving my own problem. When you solve your own problem, you can help other people have a better life because they also have the same problem as you. So start a side hustle. Think about the problems you have right now or the problems you’ve had the past year or the problems you’ve had the past three years and solve it, create a great solution for that problem. Don’t think about the money. Don’t think about how am I going to get people to sign up? Don’t think about what am I going to call it? All of these things are useless. Thoughts solve the problem and make it a really good solve in your life will change because you’re going to get that fulfillment of helping other people and it’s gonna be incredible. So now is the best time ever to have that side hustle to get your budget in line. And that’s today’s Steve. Secrets to Success. I hope you enjoyed this video. Go check out the Web site, Krypto University, dot com. Go get those payment plans. Now it’s time to learn. Take control of your financial future and your financial freedom. Go sign up to be an affiliate. Incredible opportunity. I’m just so proud of this Web site. And if you’re a student, then we’d have the most advanced learning platform for crypto classes. Period. End of discussion. It’s incredible. Go sign in there. And by the way, I just want to make it clear. Don’t fall for any scams. There is a ton of people trying to claim they have my classes and they can sell it to you. I’ve got a ton of emails with all sorts of people being scammed. There’s only one place on planet Earth that has my classes. It’s a zero percent probability anywhere else, has it? Nobody else. It’s not possible. The only places right here, crypto create diversity dot com. And the only place is right here where the classes are. That’s it. Don’t fall for anybody claiming anything. They’re all clowns. Don’t fall for that. All right. So hope you have a beautiful day. Go start that side. Hustle. Let me know in the comments down below what it’s gonna be. And I’ll see you right back here next Wednesday. Oh, I almost forgot. There’s two other things I want to talk about. Was is really cool. There’s an 11 year old student who took my classes with his mother. This is really cool. I got an email a few weeks ago. I believe in if you’re watching this, leave a comment down below. I got a few email and an email weeks ago. Steve, I’m 11 years old. I took classes with with my mom and I’m thinking this is for real. Eleven years old. I always say whether you’re ten years older or a hundred or a hundred and ten, you’re going to understand my classes. But he said, I am eleven. And then I got a comment on a YouTube video. Hey, Steve. This is the eleven year old. I took your classes with my mom. I have a YouTube channel, so I thought. Wow, he must be telling the truth. Let me go see a video. So yesterday you’ll watch a video? Yep. He’s eleven. And I gotta say, he’s buttoned up. He’s buttoned up. I watch this video and I commented unofficially impressed. So shout out to this 11 year old. I don’t know his name. I hope to find it out. I would love to show your channel here. I never do promotions for anybody under any circumstance, but this is pretty cool. An 11 year old, 28 on bitcoin and he knows his stuff. I watched his video and then I gotta say, I’m very impressed. So shout out to you. And if you also have a YouTube channel and you do Bitcoin stuff. Leave a comment down below. I think that’s really cool for our community to help each other. This is what the world is all about. So leave it down below. Last but not least, I’m feeling better. And thank you for all the support it was. It was a tough situation. You know, I told you on Twitter that I went to the doctors and they basically just looked at me and they said, have you been to China or Italy or New York in the past 14 days? I said no. And he’s like, you don’t have Corona. And that’s absurd. But I guess it’s happening all around the world. We posted it here on Twitter, Krypto for you. But we got so much support from the community. It was really tough for me to make videos for a few weeks. It was really tough. I didn’t tell you the extent of it, but. It was tough, but I’m a man of my word and I delivered a video every Wednesday. No matter what. I didn’t think people noticed, but I saw a ton of comments like, Steve, you did not look very well. And they heard it. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable, but I appreciate the support. I’m feeling much better and could probably tell, especially today’s a very happy day for me. So thank you for the support and I hope you have a beautiful rest of your week. I’ll see you right back here on Wednesday. Keep positive. Always look left. Stay level headed and watch those prices. We talked about in today’s video. Make sure you subscribe. Leave a thumbs up. That helps the channel so much. And I’ll see you next week. Peace and love to the crypto group.


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