Bitcoin is above 10000$! To the moon! (Right?)

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Bitcoin price broke the triangular formation and it is reasonable to see if the crucial price zones hold to confirm the strength of the rising trend.

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  1. After I published the video, price dropped to 9300$ – that's what I was worrying about. Unsustainable growth. Will see, what will happen next.

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  4. I saw the 10k number last night while watching the news and went right to my computer. I was actually nervous because I had been waiting for this. I saw that Coinbase was down and that added to my anxiety. I went to trading view to check the range and see where we were going. I couldn't believe how quick the range changed. One minute, it said it would be between 9400-10.2k then 9400-104k. The sudden rise and sudden drop seemed fishy. I turned my back for a second and missed the opportunity. I thought for sure it would go higher to 10.5k in a few day or weeks then to 11.2. Now I will be back to wait and see. i do appreciate how you look on the bright side of things. I didn't lose anything so that 's a plus. As the fundamental reasons for the sell-off are not readily available, the move might have been triggered by speculations and intensified by technical factors. So we might experience a downtrend, But the picture is not clear yet tho, so, for now, you can only make a profit by trading. For me I advise you multiply the little you have with Walter Arrav’s strategy, I was able to make *7btc with *I.5btc in 3 weeks with the same Walter’s strategy, reach him on Telegram: Waltertrading12 viaWhatsapp+1(760) 913-7481 or mail Waltertrading10@ yahoo com

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