Today, for the Bitcoin price, Bitcoin is exactly breaking out here out of the entry zone. We mentioned with a vintage A15 here in this video and we are going to what’s our first price target of nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars? However, guys, the question right now is, are we going to be rejected right here or is Bitcoin going to be able to decisively Pushtu and go all the way up to this specific price level? Well, guys, we will not only share what specific trading set up right now, our game plan and our price targets in the immediate short term, no. We will also show you something mindblowing because data right now shows that U.S. Dollar Teather has been printing hundreds of millions of new U.S. dollar teather immediately after the halving, bringing us to this exponential all time high here. We will talk about the impact on the Bitcoin price in the immediate short term. Guys, you will be excited about that. But also, we will show you a second statistic here, something which we call the Hafidh Indicator. And right now, his toric the in 10 years, for the fourth time, this has been flashing a massive, massive buy signal for Bitcoin to day right now right there. So, guys, make sure you take a seat, make sure you smash up the like button right now to at least at least three likes. Thank you so much for the support, guys. And that being said, welcome crypto friends, and welcome back to my trip. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight to full content. OK, guys, we are here on the Fali Candles for the Bitcoin price. And as you may remember here recently, yesterday with David Projet 15, we told you that we are going to open a trade at the 8000 U.S. dollar levels and we are planning to take it all the way up here to nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. The question right now here, immediately after the HAFID is, of course, can we surpass that level and even breakthrough here to 10000 U.S. dollars to break this key market structure and finally break this eight hundred eighty-eight hundred eighty-five day downward sloping trend line here, which was coming all the way back from the twenty thousand U.S. dollar levels, guys. Well, this is exactly what we want to talk about today. First of all, let’s focus on this trade here, by the way, guys. Let us know here in the comments section down below. If you took the trade, it would be great to see a fair. Yeah, some people were able to take some profits year over. Always great to have a look into the community, of course. By the way, guys, let me play you this clip here from yesterday’s video with DaVinci so you can see exactly how we have set up the straight 466. And we’re going to enter this at eight eight thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars. But we can also you can see that the market coming back. So we can also like look go down to a lower timeframe to see if we can time our trade so that we can get a little better positioning. Now we’re seeing the play from a position of strength. And then we take this trade all the way up to the nine thousand five hundred and thirty dollars. And you’re like, what, are you crazy? Well, come on, you know what? So as you can see, we have set it up here, approximately here. And as you can see, as expected, and we are very happy about that. Of course, Bitcoin got this break out here. And right now we are very close to the first profit taking area at the time of the recording. If this is a little bit too dangerous for you guys. Well, of course, you might as well consider taking profits, right? I mean, taking profits, it’s never bet people always are hurt if they have opportunity costs or if they are missing out on potential gains. But as traders, we only want to get a significant cut. Well, guys, we are planning here to take our first profits right here. I will show you our trade later on. First of all, of course, it’s very important to talk about what is happening for Bitcoin right now, because, as you can see, we had this double-dip immediately after the halfling, right? The first dip. Then the second dip. You’re also at eight thousand one hundred U.S. dollars. And we have been several times talking about, by the way, guys, stay here until the end. These data points regarding US Dollar Teda and the halfling indicator are completely mind-blowing for everyone with unchanged data and for everyone who is in two yep signals which provide us very, very good buying opportunities. First of all, on the Daily Kandace guys, remember, once again we have the 100 and the 200 days moving average here providing finally significant support. And why this is so bullish, guys. I can just go back in time and show you how horrible it was always when Bitcoin came down for a test and we didn’t get tested successfully. You can see Bitcoin was in for a very severe downtrend. Every time Bitcoin was not successfully testing this Pacific, 200-day moving average. And right now it seems that at least the first test here was successful for Bitcoin. But guys, we do not want to get too excited. Nine thousand five hundred. It’s a very nice pitstop. We are taking profits here, but the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar level is still extremely important, guys. By the way, let me pull this out. I mean, this shouldn’t come with any surprise to you guys. But the most important resistance level we are facing since. A year or so, guys, is, of course, this specific area here between the nine thousand nine hundred ten thousand U.S. dollar level to the ten thousand four hundred ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar level, we have been not successfully testing it right here. We weren’t able to break out right here as well. And also, the last test we actually had here, unfortunately, was not successful. But right now, as we see this downward sloping trend line all the way back from twenty thousand U.S. dollars developing here to the downside, we can see that if Bitcoin is able to surpass this, we have a very high likelihood with a successful confirmation of bitcoin finally breaking in above. And, yes, finally breaking this key market structure. And if this happens, guys, I’m gonna say it once again. We are turning full-on bull mode right now. We are cautiously bullish. We actually cautiously, very bullish, but still cautiously. We have to see Bitcoin not only surpassing the nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollar level but then successfully retesting this tunnel stopping trend then and also going above the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar level that we can say with a high degree of certainty, guys. Well, we are breaking a key market structure. We are going into the next parabolic bull run. But with that being said, that put aside, guys, is there some news out there which indicates, well, guys, we are most probably going into that parabolic bull run? Guys, I can tell you, yes, there is. And we have been sharing that today on our channel. Look at this. The first thing, the U.S. Dollar Teather Treasury has printed a new US dollar teather directly after the Hafid, immediately after the halving. They have been printing another hundred of millions of U.S. dollar teather. You can see it right here. And we have been talking about that. Every U.S. dollar teather, which is printed, why the big corn prices going sideways are going down. This creates an asymmetric divergence and this creates additional buying pressure. We will be monitoring here on glass, not, by the way, free glass, not link in the comment section down below. We will be monitoring on glass, not the balance of the US dollar tether on exchanges. And we will be sharing with you guys whenever this U.S. dollar that is being put on exchanges. But of course, guys, U.S. dollar today being printed. Why do Bitcoin prices going get a little bit sideways, slightly upwards? Why we are seeing these huge pumps off the supply to the upside. Of course, this creates a severe buying pressure for the Bitcoin price. And yes, guys, we will keep you updated regarding that. But this is an actually bullish news to share. You know-how assets in the real world are behaving when the Federal Reserve is printing fiat currency? Well. Guys, this is exactly how it goes in this system, unfortunately, as well. For the long run, this is nothing but for the short term. This is what we want to consider. Pam, pimentos. And yes, the next newses actually also very bullish because the Puel multiplier and we will tell you exactly what it is. It’s very easy to understand yet extremely effective because this one has been flashing four times so far and it is actually some kind of a minus halfling indicator. And every single time we are going with this orange China, with the Puel multiplier in the green area, this means that Bitcoin is oversold. When you compare the big comprise the daily issuance of Bitcoin. Remember before the Half-inch 12th Bitcoin parabolic block, twelve point five Bitcoin off laughing six point two five Bitcoin. It sets this daily issuance value in relation to the myna revenue. And this is very interesting to see because what we can usually see after the half is the big con price is not dipping down into that buying area. This time, however, because we have been already severely I was sold. Especially if you said it in relation to the minor revenue we saw after the huffing. Look at this. The Bitcoin price did down once again. And I want to show you something. Four times before, we have been dipping down into that specific area for the pure multiplier. And you can see the first time we did it was in 2012. Bitcoin hit the bear market low. The second time was in 2000, the beginning of 2015. And guess what guys? At the exact same time, Bitcoin hit the bear market low. The third time, by the end of 2019, we went below and we saw Bitcoin being oversold. In regards to this pure multiplier. And what happened? We had the three thousand one hundred fifty U.S. dollar level and Bitcoin hit the bear market low. The last time was at the Korona Financial Crisis Dampierre. When we went below, Bitcoin dipped down once again. And what happened, guys? Guess what? We hit the local low here. And right now, guys, you saw it after this slide. The Bitcoin selloff immediately before the halfling towards the 8000 U.S. dollar level for the second retest. Here you can see we went down once again into this oversold levels. And guys, hopefully, if history repeats at this 10-year history repeats, this means that and we have been sharing that on Twitter. If they had 10-year history repeats, we won’t see. See sub six thousand U.S. dollars, again, we are only talking about historical confidence levels. These can be broken, but the probability, the risk-return ratio is right now on our side when it comes to this date, guys. Let us know what you think about that and specifically, let us know. Do you think we can break the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar level? Finally, within May. Let us know in the poll. Just popping up on top of the screen right now, guys. That would be very interesting to know. And let us know in the comments section on below. If you have been taking this specific trade here with us, it would be very nice to see that people have been making profits, that people are making profits. And of course, guys, as promised, I wanted to show you here, the trade on fee makes you remember that our first three or four trades even were very, very profitable and that the last one was actually not profitable. So what you can see right here is that I’ve been able to get a little bit better entry here, even at eight thousand seven hundred fifty U.S. dollars. Right now we are here at 73 percent and profit, which is quite nice. And of course, guys, we are going to take our first profits right here, as we said it before. Approximately between the nine thousand four hundred fifty U.S. dollar levels and the nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollar levels. And the rest, we will right up here immediately to the 10000 U.S. dollar price levels. So, guys, let us know what you think about that. Also, join the comment section below and update us about your own trades. That would be very amazing to see. And of course, guys, if you want to trade like us here on BYB it or on Phoenix, do that only if you’re an experienced trader. But if you are drawdown and immediately on the first comment, you on top of the comment section, you will find the Bible link and the Phoenix link. And by clicking these links and making your initial deposit of zero points to Bitcoin or zero point five Bitcoin, you can get up to these bonuses here completely for free. You can trade with a free margin and you can withdraw the profits from the exchanges. But very important only if you are an experienced trader, guys. And with that being said, thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for smashing up the like button, for coming back to our channel. Subscribing to our channel. Coming to the telegram group and whatsoever. Guys, thank you so much for all your support. It is really appreciated, especially at these nice and green times, guys. We have been waiting for that for a very long time. So, as always, guys, we miss each other very soon at the next one of M-m Krypto. Make sure you click to click the subscription box. Right. And you click the Bible to tell which is popping up right there. And as always, guys, as always. Bye bye.


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