Bitcoin is ‘digital gold’; this is the true power of the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has the potential to not only be used on a broader scale as a form of payment by consumers, but also be adopted by institutions and governments on several levels, said Michael Casey, chief content officer at CoinDesk.

Casey discusses the way bitcoin’s uses will evolve, and the places most likely to adopt the cryptocurrency on a government level.
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  1. Tether is to Bitcoin as the Fed's printer is to the stock market. I don't want to hold the assets that are being propped up with paper printing, I want the assets being suppressed with paper of which there are two. Gold and Silver.

  2. Bitcoin is based on wasted electricity and can't be used without internet access. Perhaps someone could come up with a way to monetize sewage.

  3. Not a very convincing convo for bitcoin. The fed is going to use bitcoin as a model for their own digital currency. There’s 0 chance of them adopting bitcoin but a very good chance they will copy this idea and use it against people.

  4. The type of marketing that most of you are trying to sale to the public,
    is very fake and anachronistic.
    Please make up your mind whether
    Is gold or silver or bitcoin that will
    finally make it ……

  5. I dont agree with people saying bitcoin is backed by nothing. It is backed by technology that instantly allows you to transfer value across the world without going through central banks who can devalue it. People without a bank can transfer value from their phones. That is very valuable to them. That being said, buy gold and silver stocks!

  6. The reason they say gold , they are desperate to link Zero value to real value .. hope it will rub off . They always show a Bullion Coin as bitcoin , that would be a better option by far .

  7. I am so glad that I threw out all my investment guides by Warren Buffet and stopped listening to Peter Schiff who routinely calls it wrong. I have gone all-in on Bitcoin and Cardano.

  8. The world doesn't need the federal reserves permission. Someone tell Janet the fed and its fiat is the root of the worlds problems. Jeez this fella is a comedy game show host. What a great comedian, Hurry up and bring back Danella from her maternaty leave ASAP,

  9. Think of cryptos as here today and gone in a flash. All exchanges subject to hack, slow trades, long time line for redemption, difficult and cumbersome to navigate, lousy customer service. Gold and silver coins are true freedom and simple for transactions.

  10. Bitcoin is garbage. Soon there will be apps to make your own custom fart coins. Crypto has no scarcity at all because competition coins have no limit.

  11. Bitcoin is expensive to transact, has no stability and nothing backing it except air. It is merely a trade in vast markets that dwarf digital currencies.

  12. … in the meantime, gold/silver are sitting there, being ignored by most of the people. Im going to start a campaign in my country to demand our central bank to acquire more gold and slowly get rid of dollars.

  13. the digital gold argument is trash… bitcoin maximalists are deluded in that that they think JUST because bitcoin has lasted 12 years without a far superior tech dominating it that it will last in the number 1 position forever.. that is literally their argument, it's #1 yo… nothing can beat it… well bitcoin is useless as a medium of exchange, 5 TPS is worthless, as for scarcity this entire industry is built on that concept, bitcoin offers nothing but branding and network dominance, these are transient

    a VIABLE cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin, one that offers better security, is actually scalable to a global population and many orders of magnitude more decentralised, there are already various contenders… it might take another year, 5 years or a decade for these cryptos to gain market share but it will happen

    digital gold is the biggest load of bs… the smart money is on a bitcoin dominance decline in market share relative to other cryptos from this point forward

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