Bitcoin is DUMPING now…


Yo, yo, yo. What is going on? One song to create here and welcome back to another episode. For all those people who were asking, this is the emotional Titanic flute by slim work. OK, this is some kind of a parody. But anyway, guys, welcome, everyone. How are you guys doing? Let me bring back the in here. So, yeah, the stream was absolutely not planned. I was actually planning on taking this whole weekend off. But of course, I mean, if the price of bitcoin is moving. I mean, you never really have off, right? I mean, if you’re really interested in the bitcoin price in the markets, what’s happening right now? I mean, the markets I mean, the Bitcoin market does never sleep. The group the market does never sleep. I mean, also not real. Doing all too much exciting stuff. From what I’ve seen all last couple of days, I mean, real looks like that people have a very negative sentiment right now and ALDS, but not just on Alz, also bitcoin. And yeah. So we just saw another dump below the six thousand dollar level. And of course, it is very important for me right now that we can check the sentiment of the community. What are people thinking right now? I’ve seen a lot of bearish videos of bearish outlooks. I’ve read a lot of bearish comments. So I’m not quite sure where people are at right now. And I thought, why not jumping into Lifestream on a Sunday evening? And apparently it snowed a little bit here in Switzerland, which is kind of weird. That weather is weird. What’s going on in the world right now is weird with all that pandemic situation and so on. Quite sure if we’re gonna talk about that, we’ll see. But the main focus today is obviously Bitcoin yo, Emily and me, that I miss the Titanic music. Yes, you did. Men sell their first born for BTC. I would definitely not recommend that. That’s not a good idea. Long now and get Corona. Well, OK. That will not be a good outcome. Maybe, but I’m not sure. I mean, there’s so many different theories about Corona about. Yeah, maybe we gonna do that again. If the video moon showed Monday tomorrow. Not so sure about that, but we’ll see. I mean there’s not that much volume going right now. That was the site that I just brought back up. And I mean for son, I mean if I would have told that right now, you’d have said I’m crazy because a couple months ago, I mean, a 700 million someday would have been absolutely not absolutely phenomenal, but would have been great. Right. I mean, we had a I think we had an 80 million. So like. One ninth of what we have right now. OK, so this is still decent, actually, but over the last couple weeks, over the last couple days, I mean, not over the last couple days, but a weird last couple of weeks, we’ve seen way higher volumes. OK, so where we are right now in the cycle, this is low volume. But if you expand the time frame, then it’s actually. Well, yeah. Yeah. Anyway, you guys I think you guys get what I’m saying, right? I think I. Yeah, I think you do. It’s actually quite weird when you’re not livestreaming that often. And then sometimes you don’t know how to explain something. But yeah. Anyway, so I think we will. Bitcoin go back to six K and later retrains. BTC will go to six K. Dude we already are below six. Came in. We are already in five thousand nine hundred, actually, we bottomed out here locally. Let me check that real quick. I haven’t even checked that. This is the five minute chart, by the way. So we’re looking at approximately five thousand eight hundred seventy two. So the week is exactly five thousand eight hundred and seventy one, five thousand eight hundred and seventy one to the dot. All right. Let’s do that. OK. So this was where we’re at right now. And for me personally, to be honest, I don’t really care all too much about these ranges. But if we fall significantly lower, I’m definitely going to buy Bitcoin, that’s for sure. Yeah, I cannot exactly tell you when. And I don’t really wanna give entry points or anything like that. I mean, you guys know I have a decent amount of bitcoin. I have a little bit of cash. And potentially I could actually buy bitcoin here. At this point. I could, but I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it. Because to be honest, guys, I mean, you can see how the sentiment is right now. I mean, people are people who are ultra bearish right now, kind of it’s kind of weird, which you could actually say, well, is a good sign, right. But it’s weird. It’s weird what’s going on right now, especially with the economy. You know, I mean, we have still this situation going in here where Bitcoin is clearly correlated to everything else. And, well, basically everything is correlated to the S&P 500 or the Dow. And here we have gold. And in the middle here we have BTC. Yeah. So I don’t know. Guys, it’s really hard to say right now. It’s really, really hard to say. I just can tell you that you should be ready for both sides. If we fall into the. I don’t know, maybe. I mean, I mean, I’m definitely going to. Consider heavy buys in the $3000 range, three to four thousand dollars. There is one really, really start to think, OK. Do I really want to go in or do I really want to increase my humble position by buyer but by a decent amount? By it? By this amount? Yeah, that but that is just my personal strategy. I already hold bitcoin guys. OK, so for those people who were thinking about accumulating, they should keep accumulating right now. Those are nice prices. So let me know, by the way, guys, let me know and chat. OK. Are you buying bitcoin right now or are you buying bitcoin right now? So type in chat. If you’re accumulating, you can just type in accumulating or you can you can. You can you can even type in selling. Are you buying? Are you accumulating or you choose haggling? What exactly are you doing right now? That’s going to be super interesting. And in the meantime, I can check what’s happening here with my what’s happening here with my tweet on Twitter. Dot com slash sun decrease. You guys are interested? Yeah. Basically, I posted this because it just fell below $6000. What’s next one? Bitcoin actually fell. And you can see here, three thousand one fifty BTC per BTC. I just keep accumulating. All right. No idea. Men are. Key support level, bro. Bearish sign five point five K. Bounce back. Me buying more? Well, it’s actually quite balanced in here. It’s actually quite balanced. But if you check some indicators, like if you check social media in general and also greed and fear index, I don’t know. It feels like that is a little bit weird. I mean, my community probably is very biased. Right. So it doesn’t make ultimate sense. OK. So what do we have in here? Not buying, accumulating, buying, maybe. Accumulating? Sure. OK, accumulating. Nobody has money left to buy the dips. OK. Interesting. Always brought. Yeah. Just bought to accumulate. Look at that. Wow, guys. OK. OK, guys. It has been a long time since I’ve been saying this. And this is real talk right now, guys. OK. This is real talk. OK. I’m very proud of you. So just I mean, I’ve just started to read and there are so many people accumulating. OK. There are a lot of people also selling. That’s totally fine, guys. If for you, for your personal finances, you have to sell bitcoin right now. I’m not going to tell you you’re an idiot or whatnot. I’m just saying. Well, it’s it’s probably not a good idea. Keep at least some as much as you can afford. Right. But make sure you’re not investing money that you need later on. OK. If you have to be selling right now because you don’t have any fiat snacks or not a little bit left or right to be prepared for at least let let’s say three month or maybe even half a year, you should really get that buffer in in liquidity in liquid currency for you. And if you have to sell bitcoin right now because of that, because of the crisis, that’s that that’s then you bought too much, basically. OK. So here we have some hollars waiting, selling, accumulating, selling, waiting, waiting. OK. Well, a lot of people waiting, selling, buying, buying, accumulating, selling. I mean, I would say that there are little bit more buyers. Microsoft coin. Yes or no? Nonsense Diamond. Well, I have not checked everything, but I read the article or started rhetorical. Absolutely. No, absolutely no. It’s no threat for Bitcoin or it’s most probably going to fail like all the other Alz kind of. Or have you ever heard anything about JP Morgan coin? I haven’t. So, um. Yeah, probably. Same thing’s going to happen. I don’t know. It’s kind of weird. I mean, it’s just the patent, right? So who knows what it what they’re gonna do. Maybe they’re going to do nothing. I mean, they’re already announced that they gonna do some some I.T. stuff, I believe, on the Bitcoin blockchain. Couple of months ago. But who the hell knows what they’re doing? OK. So shorting, waiting, accumulating, selling, selling, waiting. Two thousand eight hundred in some cases. This guys sure to. OK, so we have some bears in here. All right, wait. We definitely have some bears in here. OK, so what we’re going to do right now, guys, is what we’re gonna do right now is we’re gonna do a Twitter, Paul, to figure out what you guys are doing, OK? And we’re gonna make it like this. I am Bitcoin, OK? Then we’re going to do the first one. Houghtaling. Hotaling accumulating. Selling well, wall, wall selling. I’m currently handling, accumulating, selling. What else? Buying. Just buying. Well, that’s actually accumulating, right. So what else could we do in here? OK. We want to have the best. We want to have the best survey, guys. So we have real results. What what will you add in here? I am currently gonna let a letter write for one day and the first choice is hobbling. So for those people were having bitcoin accumulate and waiting, waiting is actually good waiting. I’m currently waiting to buy. It will be right. Waiting to buy. OK. So I’m currently Houghtaling bitcoin accumulating bitcoin selling bitcoin where I’m currently waiting to buy bitcoin or. Yeah, but what if people do none of them. Mm hmm. They would probably be his world selling them, right? Ciro’s ults only, yeah, we need to see results only. We definitely need see. Yeah. I ain’t shorting guys. Shorting is basically selling, right? Shorting is basically selling. I mean, we have selling shorting together. We can actually do it like this. Shorting, OK. I’m certainly selling or ends. OK. I am currently hobbling Bitcoin, accumulating bitcoin selling or end shorting bitcoin. I’m currently waiting to buy Bitcoin. Is that is that good? The problem is that everyone who is not involved in Bitcoin and it’s just a Bitcoin hater is just going to go for selling and shorting, right? So it’s not quite fair. We actually need one more, but we can remove anything. What about what about if we remove Houghtaling and go for. On the sideline. Well, we could replace. I’m currently. Sidelining Bitcoin, signed lining, is that even a thing, sidelining, probably not, right? Sidelining Bitcoin, can we do that? I mean, that would be better, right? So basically just I’m currently we will we can say observing, observing, just observing that will be better, I guess. Yeah. Observing, observing. Yeah. No, I’m not a native, guys. OK. I know that. All right. Anyway, it’s that good. I think that’s good sign shorting accumulating. OK. We have I I’m currently Hotaling Bitcoin accumulating, bitcoin selling or in shorting bitcoin or I’m currently observing Bitcoin. What do I think about that? My man said longing. All right. Well, longing is basically accumulating, right? If you’re accumulating your longing. Kind of. Or Houghtaling. I mean, if you were longing, then you’re either hobbling or accumulating. I would assume, right. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense. OK. Can we let it? Is that OK? What do you guys think? Should we lay it right like this? Make the chat slower. Who can do that? Some of the moderators actually did that last time. I still don’t know how to do that, to be honest. Wait a second. This is so weird. Viewer activity. No, that’s not it. Stream settings. No, that’s not it. I still don’t know how to do that, guys. That’s actually a little bit pathetic. That’s a little bit pathetic. I have absolutely no idea. That’s great. All right, anyway. Sell for toilet paper. Yeah. Probably not going to do that. OK, we’re gonna do this, guys. We’re gonna do this. So what I want you to do right now is take this link and yeah, basically just walked in here. That will be very much appreciated, guys. OK. So we can see what people are actually thinking. And I will definitely have that in tomorrow’s video. That’s for sure. That’s for sure. All right. Anyway, so what is currently happening? So we’re going to continue, guys. Why, sir? Why is there so many people? Wait a second. It’s pitch if they’re here. K. option called do bitcoin. Yes, you can do that. The ribbit is offering that, but I’m not real trading on their tribbett anymore. Let me check my telegram in here real quick. OK. No, he’s not online anyway. What is the next level? All right, so we can have a look at the Bitcoin price right now. I’m sorry for those who are actually waiting for something. Yeah, more or less some serious, which is probably not going to happen today, but anyway. OK, so this is the one hour BTC chart. We’re still way above major support level in here range wise. But the thing is, I mean, I’m just looking at this for the first time right now, to be perfectly honest, it’s not really going into detail this weekend. But what we can see here is that we have massive support you, but that support is actually quite low already. I mean, this is already the five thousand dollar range, five to five five. OK. But here with massive support on the one hour chart and. But if we fall below that level, then who? I don’t know. I mean, then all these low price levels, people are calling for like 2, 8, 3, 3, all that kind of stuff is temporarily possible. If we fall below this level, then that will be possible. I mean, there is no support anymore. Kind of kind of OK. I mean there is little bit of support, but yeah, not that much anymore. OK. So on the daily chart, we can actually get rid of this and this. I mean, and it also all depends what the stock market is going to do tomorrow. I don’t know what the stock market is going to do tomorrow, but. Yeah. Bitcoin is not looking all too good in here. Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, do we really want to go back to the areas from 2018? I’m not so sure about that. I’m not so sure about that. What we can do it for fun. But as you can see, we are currently actually trading already below major support, which would be at approximately six thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. I think a lot of people are talking about that. We have to volume profiles by. Right. But I mean, for me personally, if you really want to go in this high timeframe, then I would say you have to respect your pretty much the whole range. And we’re still in there pretty much. Right. I mean, yeah, of course we fell out a little bit, but I don’t know. I mean, if you have a look at those weeks in here as well, I don’t know. I would say. And also here. Look at that. Look at that right here. How can I show that real quick? I mean, look at that in here as well. So, I don’t know. Something like this makes more sense to me. So I would not say that we have broken this main support here in this in this horizontal level here in this horizontal level. But yeah, we’re definitely on the edge. That’s for sure. We’re definitely on the edge. That’s for sure. That’s actually quite funny how this where this dip in here got bought. If you think about it, I haven’t ever seen that before. Actually, I can use that. Maybe tomorrow is actually quite good. Look at that. Didn’t see that before. Yeah, but I mean, it kind of makes sense. It kind of makes sense. I mean, at some point, market makers, they have to buy, right? Not just market makers, but I mean, just the big players, not market makers. They buy and sell at any point. OK. Yeah. So I don’t know. I mean, I see the next targets. I mean, Bitcoin definitely falls from here. The next level, which is going to be interesting. Are those lows right here would be at five thousand six hundred and fifty US dollars. That’s what’s the next interesting thing for me. And then the range of five thousand two hundred approximately five thousand to five for. Those are the next ranges. But those are not ranges where I’m personally going to buy. OK. I’m just going to tell you that right now I’m not giving you any recommendation if you don’t have any bitcoin. You should start buying bitcoin now. You should be smart. You should start accumulating. By the way, what are people doing right now? Well, look how balanced this is. This is great. Three hundred votes already. I’m going to post once again, guys. By the way, guys, if you want to support a child, make sure you hit that like button real quick. Go to that Twitter link and also participate. I mean, the more votes we have, the better result. Okay. I’m currently holding, accumulating, selling or shorting or observing bitcoin. So, yeah. This is actually quite interesting. But selling and shorting, we have the least numbers in here. OK, interesting. But then again, people are watching my content. So they’re probably I mean, they’re pretty surely a little a little biased at least. Right? To say the least. All right. What else we have? I vote everything. Thanks a lot, man. Does this tool takes current books in calculation? No, this is not order books. This is volume, but not this volume right here per time unit. OK. So basically, if you use this volume right here on the bottom, I’m going to do that in the one hour chart in here real quick. Go consume in a little bit. OK. So basically what this is right here. This right here. This is volume per time unit. In this case, one candle is one unit, OK, and one candle is one hour. So relatively this is the volume traded compared to the other hours. So this is volume by time. OK, buy time units. But what we have in here is volume per. Price range. OK, so the longer the price of Bitcoin traded at, for example, at this area right here. Right. OK. It’s getting aggregated in this bar. OK. So you see relatively. At what price level Bitcoin got traded the most. OK. And but I’m not going to tell you that this has to work or I’m not going to tell you when this will work or if it will work or what not. Right. But it is a tool to see where Bitcoin got traded a lot in the past. OK. And traders can only use history, right, for the tools. They can only use history because they cannot see the future. And this basically tells you a lot about history. At what price levels? Bitcoin traded the most, yeah. So that’s about it. I hope that was clear. And by the way, guys, I mean, yeah, you don’t have to do that. OK. You don’t need this tool if you’re just and if you’re just looking at compress, you don’t need this tool, but you can only get it with trading your premium. Yeah. But yeah, as I said, you don’t need it. All right. Let’s go to other questions. Sonia, decrease their tool to secret order books and see the support resistance in that way. Yes, there is. It is called Tenzer Charge dot com. But I’m not quite sure if this still work. Oh, it does. It does. It’s Tenzer charged dot com. But it actually all man actually deleted my stuff here. Yeah, okay. My settings are gone. But this is something like that. I mean, I’m not quite sure if this is what you’re asking for, but that’s Tensor Char Starcom. You can see Coinbase preorder books and stuff. So you can see it six thousand. Wait a second is not OK today. Right. Oh, well, it is. It is it. Is it. OK. So we have. I’m not used to this, but we have some wild 6 one right now, and this is not much. This is not much from what I see right now. And yeah, I mean, we also know that there’s not that much volume getting traded right now. So I’m not quite sure if in times like this, especially on a Sunday, I’m not quite sure if something like tens of charts is deck rate. Also, you have hidden orders on many exchanges. I’m not quite sure on what exchanges. You have hidden orders, but there are definitely exchanges where you have hidden orders and there’s also spoofing going on. So you see something or you see a big order. I don’t buy or I either on the aske or on the bedside by reseller. But. Then when the price gets close to that level, then the order is just going to get removed right by a board or anything. So basically they’re trying to kind of stimulate the order book, if you will. Right. They stimulate the audio book by showing interest on the aske or on the bedside. But then in the last second, pretty much. Right. The order is going to get removed. And you would also see that in here. So basically when the price drops, let’s say, to 5 5 and then those orders are just gonna get removed like dollars before that. Then, yeah, the price could just plunge through, but you expected a bounce here, so it is weird. It is weird. I mean, order books. It would be very nice. This book would be very nice, but only if there wouldn’t be spoofing and if there would be hidden orders. So, yeah, I’m I’m I’m sometimes I use it. Sometimes I don’t know really, but I’ve definitely worked with it already. But I cannot tell you that, hey, this is absolutely phenomenal or anything. Not all. Um, can you say listen to your son Dakota and buy a big one for me, please? I want to Sentelle clip to my mom. Listen to your son, Dakota, and buy Bitcoin a quarterback’s mom. You should really do that. Okay. I’m just kidding, by the way. Best regards the quarterbacks on the kriken who say, yeah, I’ve already did that. Where multiple people actually asking for that. That’s kind of weird. How soon do you think we’ll be in the 4 K level? I’m not quite sure if we’re even going to go there slash bot. I’m not quite sure if we’re even going to go there. I mean, once again, we still have to break significant support here in this structure, in this structure right here. And I’m not quite sure if we’re gonna do that that easily. To be honest. I’m not sure I mean, it really depends what the markets are doing tomorrow, whether the futures trading. They’re not yet, right? No, they’re not. So tomorrow is going to be very interesting as far as the American economy is concerned and well, therefore, the whole economy in the world. Right. I mean, everything is dependent on the US economy. And we cannot really deny that because that’s just how it is. Right. Let’s see how the futures are doing right now. I mean, they’re not training right now. But let me see. Let me see where we’re at in here. Let me see where we are at one day school like this. I mean, I already know the numbers more or less, but I want to be sure. I’m talking about the right thing here. OK, so drop us like 36 percent and the rebound. Proximately twenty one percent. Interesting, interesting. Yeah, it’s very interesting, guys. That’s very interesting. I personally don’t think that this is over. I mean, do we even have stock funds in here, guys? For those people who are following the economy, what do you guys think? Do you guys think this is over? I don’t think this is over at all. To be honest for me, this is a dead cat bounce. I mean, does a bull market real look like that, guys? I mean, The Wall Street Journal was already reporting a new bull market because the stocks day went up 20 percent. The Dow and S&P 500 went up 1 percent. Not so sure about that. Not so sure about that. S&P futures trading in 45 minutes. Oh, that’s great. That’s great. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that actually have to write that down in. Actually, I don’t. I can’t remember it. What price are you accumulating? You have not said yes. I mean, I really tried to keep that. Do not make that, you know, like all too public. But the perfect and honest answer is, I don’t know exactly when, but definitely in three to four thousand dollar range, I would definitely start to buy because again. Yeah. Even if it would be just in small fractions. Yeah. But I mean I can’t resist anymore if we’re gonna go to three to four thousand dollars I believe. I don’t think I can resist right there. And the whole thing is coming up guys. The whole thing is not all too far away anymore. Right. And people seem to forget about that. Nothing changed fundamentally about Bitcoin. Yes, we lose some speculators. It’s totally fine, right? We also lose some people. We’re not speculators, but who really need the money. OK. But that’s totally fine, too, because eventually there will be a buyer. And if the price goes low enough, maybe I’m going to be a buyer. But yeah, I would personally say down in the three to four thousand dollar range. I definitely gonna add two more position. What are your thoughts on the Seamy Gap offer this weekend? I don’t care, to be honest. I don’t care. I mean, with so many gaps to the upside which weren’t filled yet, so I don’t care. Thanks. That was epic. She said she might buy some. OK. All right. With $1200 check. OK. OK. What’s your best advice for people who. I don’t know exactly what you were saying there morphemes sorry, but my bacons in the price level of 12K. OK, well, that’s a hard time right now. But the question is right now, do you fundamentally believe in Bitcoin? And if the answer to the question is yes, then you’re just going to buy more because there’s a cheaper price right now. So that should be great right for you. But if you don’t understand Bitcoin and you just need the money and you cannot see it as a long term investment, you cannot hold it for four years or something like that, then yeah, you should probably not buy more. So the Fed is printing so much it will be worthless soon. That is actually a good, good, good comment right there. GUEVARRA But I don’t think it’s gonna be that fast. I don’t think it’s gonna be tapped that fast. And Bitcoin is actually plunging further. Guys, another $9 and we see a new local low here in this dump. That’s interesting. That’s very interesting. I mean, it is a Sunday right now, so I don’t really care all too much now. But maybe this could be an indication that people are expecting a stock market drop. How low can we go? We were just talking about that bitcoin hyper to scroll back about, let’s say 15 minutes. And there was talking about volume profiles and what the next levels are and so on. And, you know. Will it make content about stocks? I mean, we’re constantly talking about stocks. We’re constantly talking about stocks. I mean, maybe not as much as, you know, like stock market YouTubers, but we’re basically talking. Well, no, we’re not talking about stocks. We’re talking about the S&P 500. We’re talking about the economy. Right. And stocks where percent the economy quite well, actually, because they measure how the companies are standing against each other relatively. But also, yeah, of course, they produce speculative bubbles or that is what we see right now. But we see that everywhere. Right. I heard someone saying something very good. If you if you if you care about money, the only thing you have to do is you have to pull your money from one card house to the other card house during the right time or with the right timing. And that’s about it. I mean, nothing is safe. Bitcoin is not in value, OK? From a speculative bubble, nothing is safe. Not gold, not silver, not bitcoin. People can speculate on it. Put the price in2 to the moon literally. Right. And then crash. It can happen. It happens in the economy right now. It happened for bitcoin. Bitcoin at twenty K. Right. But the problem with the economy is that what I see is this is just what I see right now. Is that next they’re going to save that for tomorrow’s video guys. I’m actually going to save that for tomorrow’s video. I guess I mean, I’m I really don’t want to talk about that whole coronavirus stuff right now, guys. But the reality is that the economy is slowing down when people are not working. Right. And it looks like that people are not going to go back to work, but maybe they will. OK, maybe they’re getting sent back to work. I have no idea. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a politician. But the situation does not look all too bright. OK. Fundamentally for the economy. You can tell me whatever you want, but fundamentally it does not look like that. There should be. At Freking, 20 percent bounce in the S&P 500 during such times. Where this in here is still going on. And no, it does not really seem that it’s under control, especially not in the US, guys. I don’t know. Wow. Actually, it’s not. Wow. OK, guys, it’s getting serious. I mean, it’s not going to. I don’t want to cause panic, but I mean, I’m looking at this number every other day and the number is going up fast. I mean, it went up not so fast. And now it’s go up. It goes up fast. That’s exponential growth. Right. So. Yeah. But I don’t want to cause, you know, like adding drama or anything. By the way, for those people. Exactly. For those people who are training guys, for those people are trading on by bit or bit, max or any other leverage exchange and want to diversify deleverage exchanges. I recommend Fenwick’s. They’re still going. Many new people are actually trading in here and they all think it’s a very nice platform, kind of minimalistic, but a very nice platform. And so far, they have not disappointed. They’re keep going. You can trade gold futures there. I mean, I’m just doing it for fun pretty much. Right. Because I have a little bit of physical gold. But you can trade gold or leverage, which is very special link. And you have know there’s really not that much going on. Also go to literature exchanges. But anyway, if you’re interested at the links, you can find them down below. You guys know how it is. You support the channel when you guys are using my links. If you look things all down below in the description and yeah, let’s say let’s go back to the bitcoin price right now and let’s bring back up the chat to some degree. Could you please share that link where you see the stance of comment 19? Yes, I can actually do that. Not quite sure if this is going to be the best euro, but you can have it. The finance minister of Germany, Thomas Shaffir, suicide because of an upcoming crisis, as the police say is OK. I’ve no idea about that slide. I’ve no idea about that. Let trading is casino gambling. I disagree. I disagree, but I don’t think we should have the talk right now. I disagree. Sunny, have you heard about imex trading? No, I have not for such a small contrary live so much contaminated. So sorry. I know proudhon real, but I think that, by the way, for those people who don’t know, I live in Switzerland. And yes, we’re quite high, actually. We only have eight million people living in here. And we’re one of the highest if you have population to total confirmed ratio. I would say. But the thing is that I think we have a very solid infrastructure in Switzerland. So I personally believe we have more people being tested in Switzerland because we have a very, very strong infrastructure compared to these other countries. I mean. Yeah. So I don’t know that that’s that’s what I think. OK. I don’t know that, but that’s what I think. I don’t know the actual numbers, but I’m not very scared about it or anything. To be honest. And I feel good. I feel strong. And I’m I’m running I’m running like every day or every second day, like five times a week. I’m running and I’m eating quite healthy. I drink a lot of water and of sleep. I mean, I try. Right. So. Yeah. I’m not all too scared myself, but yeah, I practice social distancing and I stay at home when it’s possible. Of course, I was on a walk to yesterday and actually where we were going to the woods and making a fire and grill something there. Yeah. A few people pass, but, you know, wholesale dish holes, the whole social distancing stuff. I think people are taking it quite serious and we can diminish the speed of the spread a little bit, but then it bit. But at the end of the day, it’s exponential growth. And yeah. Sometimes so many people are talking about some conspiracy theories and so on. I’m not sure about that, guys. I’m personally not sure about that. I mean, some of them, they seem kind of interesting, but I personally do not believe in the biggest conspiracy theory ever. But I’m definitely thinking that the elite or some of the elites wants to abuse this to either gain power or money or power and money. Well, actually, that comes together kinda. So yeah, of course, there are bad players who are abusing what’s happening right now. Absolutely. But at the end of the day, I don’t think that this is the whole international conspiracy theory from all the elites which are meeting in a bunker and decide how they can rule the world even more than they already do. I just don’t see that. That’s me personally. OK. That is me personally. All right. Let’s see what Chata saying. Some degree. Are you in any traits right now? I am currently still in my bitcoin long on Fenwick’s. Yeah, of course. It’s not doing as well anymore as it did well couple hours ago actually, but yeah. So I mean that BTC USD trade here on Fenwick’s and on a very small gold trade basically just two. I wanted to test the contract in here so. Yeah. And the interesting thing about the BTC contracts is that people are still shorting right now. The funding rates are negative, so that means I’m getting paid with my loan. I already got paid in here a little bit something but yeah, I mean it’s not really an all too big trade but quite solid 10x in my pay. Not too risky. The entry wasn’t for 6 there. I should raise my stop, but I don’t know, I kind of learned from the last time and less time. I mean, I made nice profits with the last trade. I was back on by it back or imbibe it, but it could have ended up better. We’ll see. We’ll see. All right. Actually, we bounced from local low here. I just missed that. I’m very sorry. Maybe you’re going to go to the 1 minute here. Look at that. The perfect bounce right there. OK, so let’s see, maybe some traders just woke up and they were like, hey, wait a second, we cannot let it fall that low. Can you ask Fenwick’s defs to ask what exactly what exactly, what’s your advice for people who want to buy for long term? Put the bitcoin on a lecture, OK? And if you would buy a lot, then two lectures or three lectures and stored to private keys differently. OK. You don’t want to have a single point of failure, so you don’t want to have your bitcoin on an exchange or only on an exchange. You want to have hardwire wallet. Also, you can find all the links for all these products down below. You won’t have the hardware wallet, a solid exchange which sells you bitcoin and then send your bitcoin to a hard Rawat. Learn how to set it up. Learn how to make a bitcoin transaction. Learn how to trek to track your bitcoin transaction on a block, explorer, et cetera. OK. You really have to learn to stuff. The most important thing here or the first most important thing is knowledge. OK. You have to be able to send bitcoin from a hardware well to coinbase. Sell it, buy it again. Send it to your your your lecher again and so on. Where do you live? In Switzerland. In Contin. Zurich, Central Bank Digital Currency. I heard about it or I’m hearing about multiple of them. It seems like China has made some progress, but also the United States was already talking about a digital U.S. dollar, which would actually be quite handy for them right when they have to reform their currency. Make a Sony wallet. No, there’s no need for that. There are very good wallets out there already. Anyone with real funds doesn’t care about their dumps. We’re only going to get more. All right. All right. Good approach. We’ll make a bit about Babbitts USD trading feature. I’m not so sure about that because I’m personally not really trading on it anymore. As you guys know, I’m personally more on Fenwick’s these days or I’m since a month, actually, and. Yes, I’m not quite sure. I mean, and also Biden is already offering those, right. And you guys know probably I have a guidance tutorial, Biden’s futures tutorial, which is actually doing quite well. And yeah, the service seems to be nice. So I don’t know, I’m personally kind of getting a little bit away from it. But bybee’s is definitely still my, you know, like my go to second inverse pour pump inverse per petrol swap exchange. I mean, bit mixed. No one is using bit mix anymore or feels like that. Well still most people are actually using bit Max. The real big wheels because liquidity. Right. But for the smaller traders, the medium traders I think they left bit mixed kinda. They all went to to buy bits and now new platforms are popping up which are performing quite well like physics for example. And now for me BYB, it is my second best option. OK. So if I do multiple trades and multiple platforms again, I mean your Informix, you can do sub accounts so there’s not really need for another platform. Right. But you want to be hatched. OK. I mean if one platform goes bust, for example. Right. If they insurance fund cannot handle a certain situation or what not. Right. Or whatever happens. Right. Whatever happens, you want to be diversified. You want to be diversified with your bitcoin. Harder wallets. What? Your Fiat exchanges, but also if you’re trading also with your leverage exchanges. That’s my personal approach. That is my personal approach. Why do you prefer Fenwick’s? What’s better about it? Well, you can actually tell the deaths what coins they should add and what, you know, like what what improvements we want and so on. So, um, yeah. And I think actually currently the bonus is better, but that does not really matter all too much. All right. What else we have? I think we should start talking about the price of Bitcoin and get another leverage exchanges. I think most people would appreciate that. OK, Sunny kuronen pandemic scenario was discussed early on, two dozen 19. So decided to do it for big profits for d.o.a.’s. The timing make researchers video. Yeah, but I’m not quite sure it’s grown. I mean, I’ve not seen that video. I’ve seen some videos which are basically implying that. Right. But it’s a little bit too far fetched. Most of them. OK. It’s a little bit too far fetched. I mean, think about the organization that would have required or that would require. Was absolutely crazy. Can you ask the feminist devs to implement options? Actually, I can do that. Actually, I can do that. I can actually choose screenshot that real quick. And actually she’s gonna do that right now. OK. Someone someone, someone enchante is saying implement options. I’ll catch a sentence. But I’m not sure if they got to do it or not. I’m not sure if they’re gonna do it or not, OK. I mean, I’m only to deliver of information. They told me, hey, we are glad for every information you give us. Your community is saying and that’s what we’re doing. Right. I mean, we even have a little thing in here. When we checked out real quick, I’m not quite sure if I can show it, but I’m going to do it anyway right now. OK. So this is basically the list I’m reporting to Cecilia. What we want and so on. And yeah, I’m pretty sure that tomorrow she will do the next update in here. Last update was we can actually see that. I don’t know where I can see that. I think that’s an old one. Anyway, doesn’t really matter. I mean, I think all this stuff has been done or most of this stuff has been done. But for me personally, well, yeah, I mean. There is nothing. Well, OK, for me personally is only one thing. There’s only one thing which I don’t like yet, and that is. But they will change that to it is when you hover over things. Not everything is described. And I don’t like that all too much. I think that should be good, of course, for experienced trader, which levers traders, which leverage trading platforms are for, right? You should know what what what these things are. But sometimes you want to have the exact wording or anything like that. I don’t know. All right. Anyway, let’s not talk about leverage or exchanges anymore. Guys, let’s talk about the price of Bitcoin, which sexually bouncing your little bit. Do you still use the CFF ticket machine to buy bitcoin? No, I don’t. I don’t. I just did that at the very beginning of my Bitcoin career. Maybe for once to ask Templer intimate risk miniature similar to the one on dude ex. Well, people are just telling me right now what I should add. I’m going to think about that. I’m going to think about that. Because the thing is, I don’t know how that looks like because I never traded on the decks. Would you mind telling me your YouTube average e._s._p._n? No, I don’t think I would do that, but I don’t know. I think like $9 or something like that. Yeah. But I’m not really checking very often. To be honest. By the way, thanks. Pitch Schifter for your awesome workman bodaway pitch Schifter. Can you can you can you can you send me something in discoursing and how to do activate slow mode? I think we figured it out last time, did we? Top Chad’s. No, that’s right. I believe. Right. Weird. Huh. All right, anyway. Hey, Sunny, what do you think about the Microsoft promo wife of Bill Gates? That is just a scam. Shanley, China. That’s a scam. OK. All these giveaways, they’re scams. They’re scam. Hundred percent. OK. Durex is OK, but it has flaws. OK. Bitcoin looks pupae. It does not look all too great. Let’s be real. It does not look all too great. Do want to switch a time frame and hear what you guys want to watch here. I probably think like the one hours, the most interesting one, I would say. But yeah, I mean, there’s not that much happening on that time frame actually. Going to leave the 5 minutes here. You do it in your studio settings. I think studio settings. Oh, Lifestream san. Oh, whenever life chat and ables slow mode. Perfect. I enabled it. Yeah, but you probably have to tell me that like 100 times again, I’m pretty sure about that. But thanks, man. Schifter I appreciate it a lot. Is the hashrate concerning you? No, it’s not. Hashrate is not really concerning me. We can actually check that out real quick. The thing is that hashrate is always following. Price writes of the price falls. It is kind of obvious the hash rate is falling because miners are not profitable anymore. Right? Can you actually see the guys? You think you can see that? So ashtrays is down actually by quite a significant amount, but it does not concern me because difficulty adjustments happen. It’s gonna get easier and gains or profitability or D. The break even level is getting lower and lower and lower so more miners can actually mine again. So everything is perfectly, perfectly fine. I mean, we were already talking about this so many times and so many people, so many times people were talking about death spiral scenarios and so on and so on. And every time it actually went quite well. It’s a long time. I didn’t come into the crypto space. What happened with Betamax? Everybody was trading with leverage on it, but it seems everybody are now owned by it or other platforms. Yeah. Chuckles The thing is that bit mix has become the biggest one or is still the biggest one. And obviously they had the most eyes watching on it for all the flaws and everything. And we have seen some weird. Wix The most recent one was that X or P WYK to the downside. I believe it was were. Yeah. I mean, people were just, you know, like looking for other options because they kind of lost trust a little bit and bit mix. I’m not sure I really don’t wanna see and I personally still would say I still trust bit mix but. Well other platforms are just. Performing as good, but with less, you know, like wakes and stuff. I mean, Fenwick’s, for example, Phoenix uses six exchanges for 40B comprise average for the mark price range. Six exchanges, Big Macs only using three. But also only using three. So I personally rather have the average of six exchanges for my Mark Price compared to three. And that is what is something that is on Fenwick’s. And by the way, someone was asking about the one hundred twelve dollars sign up bonus, that full bonus you can only get with the link down below. Not if you register normal. So you have to use the link down below, ok. And there is also a deposit at this is a deposit bonus only if you deposit like 0.2 BTC or more. OK. OK. Great. Like I can actually tell you how much you get. Wait a second. Welcome bonus. So is for registration. You get two dollars a social media bonus where you have these requirements in here following on Twitter. You get $10 and then you’re not just getting sixty dollars. The funding bonus, if you use the link down below, you get one hundred dollars funding bonus. OK, if a deposit 0.2 beats or more. But once again, 0.2 BTC or more only experienced traders should do that. Right. Because if you think about a 0.2 BTC right now, that is 1200 U.S. dollars. OK. If you’re trading with more than 10 percent of your portfolio, that’s not really good. OK. So your portfolio should be at least 12000 U.S. dollars. OK. Before you can actually consider getting this right. OK, so I mean, I understand that some people want to try their luck, but if you choose one, try your luck, then it’s really gambling. Then I agree with all those people. We’re talking about how bad leverage exchanges are and stuff. Then I totally agree with you. OK. But if you have a solid, solid portfolio portfolio management and you want to use a little fraction to trade to try to, you know, like take better advantage of those swings. And we have swings in Bitcoin. Right. So yeah. Then you can take advantage of that. And and. Yeah, that’s about it. All right. Anyway, that’s actually where the people are so interested in. Well, no, it’s actually not weird. I mean the volatility attracts people who want to, you know, like take the swings. I mean, that’s understandable. So volatility brings interest for leverage. Trading platforms, actually. Yeah, makes sense. S&P five hundred to five hundred level or we alife already know we still have 20 minutes. Right. Oh can I still. Can I stream another 20 minutes guys. Someone was actually saying that. Yes. And it is futures. The simulative futures were opening up in 20 minutes. Can someone confirm that they’ll be great. How did you manage to get a bank account for your business after all? Yeah, fun. Reese, it’s not 100 percent done yet, but we are actually or I am actually in close contact with a bank and we are in the last steps of the process. So technically, yes, but practically, yeah. A few more days or one week or something. But I’ve sorted it out yet. I do think that the coming recession will push people to Bitcoin. I’m not so sure about that, to be honest. Maybe long term. Or maybe you just have to give people way more time as we expected, because it is very hard to understand Bitcoin and people only understand that there is something flawed in the current system. If they really suffer from, I don’t even know, hunger or or poverty or I don’t even know because people it needs a lot for people to start to think, OK. But at some point they will OK if they lose their jobs and so on and then they will. So the question right now is how does recession is going to play out? And. Actually, how good we do understand Bitcoin. Explain people why they need bitcoin or why they should start looking up Bitcoin because it is Schaus, it is limited by math, by rules, by code, by decentralization. To twenty one million bitcoin ever, right? If the price goes up. When gold price goes up, more people can mine gold, right? In Bitcoin, it’s not possible. I mean, of course, more minor can mind, but the difficulty adjustment just makes it harder to mine Bitcoin. So the inflation is giving and every point in time. And inflation is going down and people were losing their coins, actually making this a deflationary currency. So if you think about multiple years and you see the U.S. dollar getting inflated like crazy right now with helicopter drops, with tax rates, I would tax cuts or with tax delays, with interest rates, with bazooka money, with helicopter drops. I think that you said that would everything pretty much right. I mean, they’re they’re basically just, you know, like here, take it. Take it, take it. Money. Money for everybody here. Money. Yeah. This this will not go on forever. I mean, it can it could be that this is not a dead cat bounce in the stock in the stock market. Right. And people are going back to work and the crisis is not going to end up to be too bad. And we’re gonna go to new all time highs. It’s possible. Is it likely? I don’t think so. I don’t think that this is healthy in here. I don’t think that this is the start of a new bull market, guys. I think this is a pretty good then that cat bounce. And in fact, I actually want to see how Bitcoin bounced when Bitcoin popped. Let us check that real quick. Guys, what do you think about that? I think that’s a very good idea. Hmm. Wait a second. OK. Here we had a wee shape then didn’t went too well. We shaped and went too well. We shaped and went too well. OK. So. Yeah. This does not look good. In my opinion. This does not look good. So, yeah, all the cheap money it has to go somewhere. Right. It has to go somewhere. Probably it’s not going in Bitcoin first. It’s possible, but eventually it will. Or adventurously. Some of it will. Could you just please check this court, General? Let me check it out real quick. What is this? There’s so much written. Can you. There’s actually someone saying, can you just put it because Edelsten, your bitcoin life don’t want to donate with what it’s. Dude, guys, what are you doing? This is weird, by the way, for those people are interested in this quarter’s also the link down below. For those people are using discord. There is a link down below into discription discord. This is where our community is there actually for more than 400 people online right there. But yeah, I can tell you this. I mean, it’s definitely the interest in Bitcoin is definitely slowing down. It’s quite nice that we have so many viewers right now and thankful for every viewer. Guys, please make sure to hit the lights. That would definitely be appreciated, too. And you can support for free. How awesome is that? Right. And what price range are you ready to sell part of your BTC portfolio? Not before new all time highs. Not before new all time highs. I’m not even considering it before new all time highs. If it goes to zero, it goes to zero. I’m gonna go down with it. Sandy, will you create your own token? No. I will never do that. Mark Afridi’s on Twitter. YouTube sent your both system and money will fall completely next month. It’s time for BTC. Would not say so, and I’m not quite sure if it only takes a couple of months from now. I’m not quite sure if that is not too fast. I think. Well, I mean, it is realistic. It is realistic, but a more undead will take longer side. Yeah. If I had to choose on what side I’m on, I would more say it’s gonna take longer than that actually. And look, I cannot tell you exactly what moment people will figure, hey, bitcoin is great because first people will start to figure again. Hey, gold is great. OK. Be cool because gold has been around since 5000 years and gold is getting. I mean why do you guys think central banks have so much gold? OK. I mean, if the collapse is gonna come, they still want to sit on the gold. Right. And that’s what they are. That’s exactly what they’re doing. We see a high disconnect between paper gold and actual physical gold. Have you tried to buy physical gold lately? It’s impossible almost for most people, right? For most people. So Bitcoin at some point could serve the same purpose or will serve the same purpose as gold. But maybe that moment is not now, and maybe that moment is not tomorrow. And maybe that moment is not even in the Corona virus crisis. That would be a word for some people. That would be the worst case. Right. But even then, maybe in 4 years when the next hopping comes or when the you know, I mean, you guys know what you guys can see when we’re trying to go here. Right. I mean, those people who are in the chat right now, I think that at least 10 percent have understood bitcoin fully. Or the key points. Why the why bitcoin can be important or is important economically. OK, and human development, biskind, if you will. OK, a fair global monetary system. The first fair. It is the first. It is the first fair global monetary system. The first ever to ever existed. OK. And I would say that 10 percent of this chat right now, if the one thousand five people, approximately downers, took this fully. But the other 90 percent, I think most of them Marines for speculation, for just for speculation, but a big chunk of them were in for speculation. They see kind of that there is something there which could be great. OK. And the question right now is when the next wave comes in, first of all, the next wave is only coming in when the price goes up. OK, so we have to wait until we’re out of those low swings when the price goes up again. Then new people are coming in and with every hype cycle, would every price rise, would every bull market. People were coming in. Some of them will stay. Maybe it’s exactly the 10 percent, but some of them will stay because they understand the fundamentals truly. And at some point, so many people actually understand. Why something like bitcoin is great, that it’s going to be more or less or that it’s gonna be mainstream accepted, but that will be there will be a slow process. OK, it’s not that today no one is accepting it. Tomorrow, everyone is accepting it, accepting it. This is a slow process. OK. And the question is, what are we doing or what are what are you doing? OK. Are you telling your friends about bitcoin? Are you educated about bitcoin? Can you really show them? You don’t have to convince them. You don’t have to be like a priest. You don’t have to be like a salesman. OK, you have to be a friend who is obviously seeing that. Hey. Something is wrong with our economy. Something is wrong with our global monetary system. But there are options and one of them is Bitcoin or one to consider of them. Is Bitcoin. There is no doubt about that. Bitcoin is a great idea. You can not talk that away. It’s absolutely no chance that you can talk that away. Bitcoin is a great idea. If if it’s going to do what it’s supposed to do at the end, we don’t know that. But so far it has been great. If you think about the last 10 years, Bitcoin was once getting traded for one cent. Now it’s six thousand dollars. OK. Bitcoin is once been traded for fifteen dollars, not six thousand dollars for three hundred dollars. Four thousand dollars even for 2016. Even for thousand see LUDLAM two thousand six hundred dollars. That’s when I bought it for the first time. And I was six thousand dollars. So, yeah, you’ll Todd Mullett’s with the 5 USD. Thanks allotments and it’s do you believe wealthy people are interested in Bitcoin simply waiting to buy? Or do you feel mostly recent original investors interested? Currently, I only see recent than original investors interested. Currently, right now, the new ones will only come when the price goes up and price has to first get pumped by people who were already in bitcoin. That is what I truly believe. OK, when everyone in the market agrees. OK, we had enough bleeding. We’re going up right now. People are the people who were already in start to pump it. And then slowly but surely, new investors are coming. And then when they’re not going to get spilled out, out again, when witches can keep pumping, then it starts to get rolling. Okay. Like a snowball? Pretty much. And then when we are new all time highs, it’s just going to explode. But the problem right now is that we had this black swan event. Right. Which is the coronavirus. And as long as it exists or as long as it is, it is slowing down the economy and everything. And it’s very, very hard to make predictions about Bitcoin because once again, we know that Bitcoin is currently quite heavily correlated to the S&P 500 or the Dow, whatever you prefer. I’m buying under six Cain. Does anyone think that stump? No, I don’t think that’s dumb. It depends what you want to do, but I don’t think that’s done at all. By the way, guys, can we please have some more votes in here? We’re currently on 900 votes. I am currently hobbling, accumulating, selling or shorting, observing bitcoin. What are you guys doing right now? This is very important to see the sentiment right now. What people are left in the market and actually like it. Guys actually like it. I’m once again very proud of you. Look at that. People are hobbling and accumulating. Not many people are selling and shorting. And 18, 18 percent are still absorbing almost 1000 votes in here already. That’s great, guys. That’s phenomenal. That’s great. That gives us some decent data. Of course it is biased. I know it is biased. But anyway, it’s good data. So what do you think about the $2 USD? Well, Lurdes, are they a lot of them in these days? I’m not quite sure which ones you’re talking about. I’m seeing most of them, but most of them, which are the bigger ones. I mean, I’ve not seen in two billion one. But most of a couple hundred million one artist. You don’t like swaps from like Tron to Theorem or whatnot or from Bitcoin to Tron or Oudin. I’ve no idea. Sandy, thank you for all your videos every single day. Appreciate your time. Yo, bless Babbage. It’s not every single day, but thanks a lot, man. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. And I’m glad that you liked the videos, man. SLB to see him by exampIe. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that. And I don’t think that many people in this chat would do that right now. Hell, I’m buying. All right. Bill Gates plans are only related to population reduction. Yeah, add water for tuna. I have seen such theories or theories into that direction. Yeah, but I’m not going to comment on it. Puppies, I have no idea. I no idea. Everyone here sounds we can maybe she’d wrap them to 1200 then buy at lower price. I don’t think so. They know. I don’t think that that many bitcoin whales are in my chat right now. Ansun, decrease hyper inflation realistic this year? And how are you preparing? I hold multiple assets, yoga essentials. I personally hold multiple assets. I hold a little bit of gold. I just recently uploaded my portfolio. I hold a little bit of gold. I hold a lot of bitcoin. I hold a decent amount of cash currently. And. Yeah, that’s about it. That’s about it. But it’s very hard to prepare, it’s very hard to prepare. I personally think that Bitcoin is good preparation, gold’s good preparation, but where you can you get guilty stays silver would be a good preparation. Same problem where you can get some physical silver right now. I don’t know where. I sent you deum gentlemans full of messages. All right, I’m going to check it later and then check it later. Guys, we have seven more minutes for the futures to open. I’m really wondering where they are going to open. Waiting to buy probably will drop lots more. We’ll see. We will see. Are you going to buy Theorem, Henry? No, probably not. I’m not really planning on it. Real estate is the best asset. Yeah, but Tom, you actually have to be quite rich to get really started in real estate. At least here in Switzerland and I don’t choose want to be a part of a fund, you know, like who is who is like 10 people owning one house or something? If I really would go into real estate, I would like to, I don’t know, buy apartments or something like that. Right. But I can’t afford that. I’m not rich or anything. I mean, I’m doing quite well, but I’m not like that rich. Right. And I live in Switzerland. I mean, do you think these things are so expensive here? And also, I think that real estate is also in a bubble pretty much where in everything bubble, that’s the best description. Probably already heard the word. I mean, we had the tech bubble, we had the big com bubble, for example. But right now where we are in this is the everything bubble that’s everything built. Everything is popping. Do you hold more than twenty one BTC now? I do. Then freedom. I can tell you that this is always gonna be the number I give out to people when they’re asking me, how many bitcoin do you have? I’m gonna tell them at least I have twenty one. Yeah. So that implies that I probably have a little bit more than twenty one. Right. But at least I have twenty one. Yeah. That’s the number I’m giving out. A world currency won’t function on something diminishing supply. Coins disappear forever and get lost. Others hoard wealth. There won’t be money for anyone to use. Enjoy the ride as well and send Kelly. Maybe that which is be our capital, our capitalism going backwards a little bit and people only buying for stuff they actually need and not for, you know, like stuff that nobody needs. What we have been talking about that already. But I get your point. Yeah, I get your point. Have you solved your issue with your bank? Yeah, kinda not 90. 95 percent of it is solved. Yeah. Sorry. Are you scared of Corona? I’m not really myself. Not really myself. More for others. So what? Which time, Sean, are you on? I’m kinda on the one minute chart, actually. One minute chart. That is some one minute chart. Current low of five thousand eight hundred seventy one, actually. That is where we are right now. OK. So we have four more minutes. Do you know Marcus Krall? Not personally, but yeah, I know who is. Did you buy those 21 bitcoins or made them here? Both, both, both. Real estate investor here. Buying a small city where the capital is capitalization rate is high. Higher end. Low mortgage buy in a small city where the capitalization rate is high. High rent or low mortgage. Oh, ok. OK. Interesting. Interesting. But I mean, what if those what if those people can’t buy, can’t pay for their mortgages anymore? What is then going to happen? I mean, if people cannot work anymore. What? I mean, it doesn’t matter if the mortgage is small or big, right. Or high or low or is there a misconception in that? I mean, I have no idea in real estate investing. OK, so don’t get me wrong. Maybe at some point in my life I will be there. But that’s not now. Sure. You’ll run Ryan with the 10 Canadian dollars on the worst case scenario and the U.S. economy collapses. Is it safe to buy it to say BTC price will die down well below expected towards BTC to call and take off? Could terror use d.t then fall? No. Actually, Ronan, if if people would sell massive P.T.S.D. And Tedward would rise, ok. If BTC getting sold for U.S. dollar terror as an exit, that means you a story teller are getting bought. Then U.S. dollar terror would actually go up if that happens. But I’m not saying that happens. I hope I explained that. So you can understand it. And thanks for the ten Canadian dollars, man, appreciate it. Real estate, bad investment, no job, no rent. Exactly, Tony. Exactly, Tony. That’s what I’m thinking right now. So you’ve bought Accumulate 21 BTC over these years without selling RDA for long term sell? They are for long term Hoddle Colliery. Therefore, long term Hoddle. OK. Therefore, long term Hoddle. How is the lighting that we’re going on now? Probably nothing too exciting going on right there. I mean, they’re definitely constantly making developments and stuff, but I’m not quite sure about the stats. Let me check it out real quick. Lightning network stats. We can do that real quick. Network capacity probably went down. I mean, definitely went down in US dollars. That’s for sure. But notes are still going up. Notes are still going up in here very, very slowly. But notes are still going up. Channels are going up again. From what it looks like, so. Yeah. I mean, people don’t have to I mean, obviously, right now nobody’s using Bitcoin as payment. Right. I mean, people have other things to do right now. And we kind of did not make it in 2017 for the full hyper Balkanisation mainstream push. Right. We tried for a mainstream push and we kind of failed this time. So, yeah, I mean, not that many people are interested in Fremantle’s and is not really high incentive to actually run a node in lightning. That’s also a problem or it’s not really a problem. Actually is not really a problem, but it’s just why it does not develop all too fast right now. But I mean, it’s still great. Lightning is still great. The technology is still great. I mean, bitfinex, I think just recently enabled withdrawals and deposits and lightning. I believe it was Beatrix or both, maybe even I’m not sure anymore. Too late to short this crap now. I’m not going to give investment advice like that, man. It’s quantum computing dangerous for bitcoin. Quantum computing is dangerous for everything on the internet. It’s going to get into bad hands, but no, not really. I mean, it is long term. Yeah, but we have solutions for that. OK. Like quantum resistant algorithms and so on and. Or cryptography. So, yeah. When Sydney futures go life, someone actually sent right now, someone actually said, and it must be right now, but it doesn’t look like it. Yeah, maybe he was wrong. Maybe because no, actually it’s summertime right now, right? Yeah, it is. No, they actually should call life now. Yep. They should call life now. We should see did first Kendall in a minute. Or are you guys excited? I’m actually quite excited right now. Are you gonna see the first 10 women right now? We should, right? I mean, this was twenty. So twenty two, basically. So 10 p.m. and now it’s 11:00 p.m. and we have summertime now. So this should open up in a minute. Or we should see that first can limit or am I wrong about that? So what else we have? Trump speeches are entertaining for sure. No politics. But yeah, I agree. Kind of. In one hour, pre-market is life now. So we’re not going to see it right here. So where can I see it? That actually sucks, guys. OK. I thought we going to see this right now life. Forty three. What are you talking about? Where do you guys see these stats? Where can I see these stats? OK. I only checked out real quick, guys. Let me check it out real quick. E is one. See me pre markets. We’re going to see the guys. Trading S&P for fundamentals are leaping 10 minutes. OK. Yo. John Fund Riese, thank you very much for donation, man. Appreciate it. It’s another hour, I think. OK. So I just got here. You still have other BTC or you sold my hotrod position. I still have everything of my Hollywood position, and that will not change until we see new all time highs. Joe from Italy, what do you think about Bedore? I’ve no idea. Never heard about it. Never heard about it. And that’s not a good sign. OK, guys. So someone said that it’s actually delayed by 10 minutes by half premium. And I not locked in. I am locked in, right? Yeah. It’s actually I have premium. All I need to really is real time data package. Oh, yeah, K show me that package, man. All right, guys, have to bite us real quick. Why? Why? Why do I not have this? Subscribe to real time markets. Yes, please, monthly. Oh, wow. It’s actually quite expensive. Seemy even included. Oh, wow, that is one hundred and ten dollars a month. Guys, that is one hundred and ten dollars a month. What? That is one hundred and ten dollars a month, guys. Oh, wow. OK. No, I actually know why I earn some affiliate money with trading view, I didn’t know about that. So people are actually buying these packages? No, I’m not going to buy that package. Holy crap. Why should I buy that package? No, not really. Right. That’s way too expensive, man. What? That was weird, guys. That was a little weird, actually. All right. We’re gonna wait another ten minutes, but some I’m pretty sure someone no stone actually sent nine hundred drop, but I highly doubt they’re. I highly, highly doubt there is scandal that’s expensive. All right. At that price, we can live with a 10 minute delay. Yeah, I think so. It’s for traders. Absolutely. Cesar Martinez Absolutely. Absolutely. sbx 500 USD sbx 500 USD. sbx five hundred used to that one. No, that one is not life either. That’s not life, No, not life. Or too late. Or too early, rather. Yeah, that’s probably it. Are we too early, guys? Can someone please confirm this? They open in one hour check we can Wall Street. OK. OK. All right. I believe you. I believe you. You should check Benoit’s first Bynum’s stable coin. OK. Why is everyone shilling that right now? Chill, guys. It’s all good. It’s all good. It’s APM. All right. OK, guys, to sum it up, what we have seen Bitcoin dropping again, we are in five thousand on our dollar range. I will definitely keep you all up to date tomorrow. Once again, for all those people were interested or who were good traders were experienced traders and I mean, preferrably those who want to diversify our platforms. Make sure you check out the Femke Sex Change Dentist Exchange. I’m currently using link down below for up to one hour and $12 bonus. You guys know when you guys use my favorite links, which are all down below in the description, you support a channel that is very much appreciated. And of course, keeps me going as well. I mean, nobody can live without money, right? So let’s be real. But anyway, guys, I really enjoyed it. This was a very nice livestream. And I think that the people who were here today were all very nice, kinda, although we dropped. So this is a very good sign. This is a strong sign, actually. And this actually makes me not like ultra bullish short term or anything like that. But it gives me a comfortable feeling. And you hope. I really hope that you guys feel that as well. I’m going to post you this some little poll in here once again. I think we will have that into tomorrow’s video, see what the sentiment is of people right now. So, yeah. Down in one way to second. The Dow is down nine eleven on Bloomberg. Well, I’m going to check it out later. I’m going to check it out later. OK, one more check on if you can see anything right here on Twitter. I’m pretty sure if it would be open, someone would have already posted about it. No, no, no. This is not the dude. Okay. Okay. So, yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re one hour too early. But anyway, guys. So once again, guys, thank you all very much for being here. All of communal groups against Iraq. Thanks for being here. I wish you a very good start into the next week. Stay healthy, guys. Okay? Really stay healthy. I would say practice social distancing. Don’t exaggerate, but practice social distancing. And yeah, that’s that’s all I’m saying right now. Thank you guys very much for being here. And I hopefully see all a few tomorrow in the next one. Bye bye, everyone.


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