What up world? I’m Steve. Founder and CEO of Crypto CRU University, home of the number one crypto classes. If you want to take this complex world of crypto, make it super simple so that you have more success. This channel is for you. Hit that subscribe button right now and everybody, including you hit that thumbs up on bitcoin right now as we speak is forming the largest bull flag in its entire history. But it doesn’t mean what you think it does. Do you know what it means? Write it in the comments down below. We’ll see if you’re correct. But welcome in, everybody. Happy Wednesday. Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Hope you and your family are safe during this difficult period that we are all faced with across the entire world. I hope you genuinely are doing well. Today is going to be an incredible video. And if you’re new here, this is where we take a really a scientific approach to the charts. We avoid all the news. We avoid all the emotional opinions and only the facts in the charts. And we keep it incredibly simple so that you finally understand technical analysis for the first time. If that interest you hit that subscribe button, hit that thumbs up button really helps us with the YouTube algorithm. So today we’re really going to dive in to Bowflex. This is something you’re going to learn a tremendous amount about in this video. And by the end of the video, you’re going to have tools and skills where you can go and look for bull flags no matter what the time frame is. And you’re going to have all the protocol to look for and and how to know when they’re going to break out, how to trade these, how high they can go, how long they stay in the bull flag. You’re going to have all of those answers as well as this massive bull flag that’s forming right now with Bitcoin and how it doesn’t mean what you think it means. By the way, are you sure you know what it means? Comment down below and we’ll see if you are correct. But I hope you’re taking notes during this video because it’s going to be jam packed. But going back to the Corona virus, I just it’s a difficult time. It’s it’s uncharted territories for my lifetime and your lifetime. But we’re in this together and I’m here for you and our community is here for you. But one interesting thing that’s happened during the Corona virus for bitcoin is an explosion of demand for online Bitcoin courses have soared by over 300 percent. Not just our courses, courses all around the world. People are flocking to Bitcoin courses during the Corona virus because simply they have more time. So this is your opportunity to not let people really jump over top of you and leave you stranded behind, take control, take control of your learning. Right now, every trade, there’s somebody on the winning side and the losing side. 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Number one, there’s a pull in. Number two, there’s a flag. Now with the pull. The pull is high majority of the time, an explosive move to the upside. It’s a parabolic move to the upside followed with high volume. And that forms what’s called the pull. Why is the pole important? Because you can take the pole. You can see the pole here and the flag here. You can take the pole, the length of the pole and add it to the breakout point. And it will tell you more often than not, the high point of the next move. Where that move is going to. So. I also want you to understand the flag before we get to that. There’s bull flags and there’s bare flags. How do you know which one it is? It’s simple. Where’s the pole coming from? At the pull is coming from down here, up with the flag generally pointed down. That’s a bull flag. If it’s coming from an explosive move to the downside with the flag generally pointing up, that is a bear flag. And these flags, bear or bull, are essentially just a continuation formation. You can find them on any timeframe, whether it’s the 1 minute chart, the 1 hour chart, the 1 day chart, the 1 week chart, the 1 month chart, the one year you can find them anywhere and they all will follow these same guidelines that I’m explaining to you right now. Right. So this is a bear. Sorry, a bull. How do we know the pull is an explosive move to the upside with the flag pointing down? With our consolidation standpoint, in our instance, it’s during a bear market now with the flag. Two things I want you to know with the flag. There’s two lines at the top of the flag. In the bottom of the flag. The top of the flag is our resistance, right? It acts as resistance for the entire time during the flag in the bottom of the flag. Is our support. Plain and simple. They must be parallel. These two lines must be parallel. To be a traditional flag. If they’re not parallel, they need to be almost identically parallel. And then it would be considered a textbook flag. So we have our resistance. We have our support. Now, how far can the flag go down? Well, some traders will argue that as long as the flag doesn’t go below our previous low, then we’re fine. But in my experience with all formations, they’re not 100 percent accurate. To make it more accurate, here’s an additional rule. Don’t allow the flag to go more than half the distance of the length of the pole. Plain and simple. Don’t let the flag go more than halfway of the distance of the pole, and then more than likely it will be a positive outcome. Now how to trade these things? If you find one of these in any timeframe, I want you to trade the confirmation. This is where a lot of traders go wrong and you may route really well. Think the same as where a lot of traders go wrong when they want to trade patterns. They’re also trading other forms as well. And they have some concentration over here and over here. If you want to be a pattern trader, only focus on patterns. I suggest to really focus in on one in Maastricht. Now you want to trade the confirmation. Most people will see one of these flags forming and they’ll just buy at any point during it and just hope for the best. But you have to trade the confirmation. Meaning. When was this confirmed as a breakup? Was it this candle? What do you think? No, it’s not this candle. Why? Because we haven’t confirmed this line as support. Remember, it’s been resistance for. I think this one’s 180 days and we have a candle that’s broken through. But we haven’t confirmed that we confirmed it with this candle. That’s where traders will enter a long position at this candle. Now, you may say, well, Steve. OK. I kind of understand these bull flags better. But you said in the beginning of the video Bitcoin is forming its biggest ever right now, but it’s not what I think it means. What does it mean? Did you comment down below? Because we’ll see if you’re correct. The end of it. So we’ve gone through pretty rapidly a lot of information on both legs. Do you feel a lot better about bull flags? I want you to go find some in charts after this video. But let’s understand them a little bit better how bitcoin deals with them over time. We need to understand how long we’ve been in these bull flags. Right. This one, we were in for a hundred and eighty two days. I want you to remember that number. So this one started back in 2011 and went to December 2011. So about six months, 180 days, we’re inside of this bull flag. But let’s fast forward because we entered another one here. In 2013, we entered another one, and by the way, it was also during a bear market. Now this one was a little bit longer. Again, we had a very explosive move to the upside. You can clearly see our pull here. You can clearly see the flag here. We did not go more than halfway down the length of our pull and we stayed within our pull with confirmation that this level was our resistance throughout. Touching here in January, touching here in June, touching here in November 2014. Fast forward to July 2015. Still acting as resistance. We have our parallel lines, the bottom acting as support. Again, the breakout was with this candle here in October 2015, which, by the way, was also our Golden Cross. So we had a golden cross and a breakout of a long bull flag. How long was it? We remember our previous one was 180 days. This one was more than six hundred days. Do you sense a pattern now? First 180 days, you can see the beautiful pull and the flag. You can see this next pull in this flag. Let’s look at it from one other angle. We have another one here. And this is the total market cap. Bitcoin and all of crypto formed a long standing bull flag starting in 2015. Right. Starting in 2015. See this beautiful pull up? You can see that we held this resistance line and held our support line for the entire time of the bull flag. This was one that we also covered on our channel and told everybody, be ready. And we saw about a 300 percent increase from our bottom here to the top. This was our breakout candle in April. Twenty nineteen. So now you have significantly more knowledge and tools about Bowflex. But let’s look at what is taking place right now and we’ll see if you’re correct. By the way, make sure you hit that subscribe button hit that’s sub hit that button right now. Look down there. And if it’s red, do not let it be red. Hit that button and everybody hit that thumbs up button. You’re learning a lot and it will really help our YouTube algorithm. This is where we stand today, and you may say it will, Steve. One of them was 180 days and the other one was about six hundred. This one doesn’t look like much. But it is these are three month candles, so to back up, our first chart we were looking at were weekly charts, right? We were looking at this weekly formation. And then we looked at a monthly formation with the total market cap. And now we’re looking at a three month chart. Just so you can easily digest this information. We’ll look at it on a monthly timeframe in a moment. But what I want you to notice is we really respected this level and respected this level for since 20k. Right. We’ll look at it on the monthly and we’ll make a little bit more sense to you as we zoom out here. OK, so this is. The monthly chart, right? We’re gonna go right to the bodies here and you can see that this formation, this trend line is the most significant that we’ve seen in all of Bitcoin. If you were to draw one trend line, one trend line in your charts, I want you to have this one. This is the be all end all of trend lines in all of crypto. You have to follow this one. Why? Because you can see the bodies here and you can see all of the bodies here in the bodies here. This, in my estimation, will be a very pivotal trendline for at least the next year. So have this on your charts again. We’ve talked a lot about ten point five K. That’s to reverse the trend. Now we’re in a bull flag. Right. We’re in a bull flag here. You can see here in 2015 is when we started our poll and we’re in our flag. Now, you remember it was 180 days and then about six hundred days in. Why is this one different? Well, let’s just take and get an idea of how long we have been in here so far. And we’re in here almost 900 days already. We’re in here almost nine hundred days already. What’s different is these past formations saw moves from the top to the bottom to the top to the bottom to the top to the bottom to the top. And you can see the one we’re in now went from the top to the bottom to the top. It’s very slow moving and you can see the correlation that we pointed up before the first one hundred eighty days. Next one six hundred days. These appear to be getting a little bit longer as time goes on. Although not a lot of data points, but plain and simple. This is our resistance line and this is our support line. Meaning if this were to continue and we touched the bottom, where does that put us in? Around what timeframe? Well, we can easily see this candle that we’re in now, right? This is a month candle. If we were to suddenly plummet, which would be fairly unlikely, but if we were to suddenly plummet in this month all the way to the bottom trendline, it would put us right at about 2.6 K. If we were to plummet down in a few months from now, say, July or August, we’re at about 2.4 K.. This is our trendline that’s acted as support. Again, it’s acted as resistance back here in August. Twenty seventeen had acted as support in October and then continued support back in November. Twenty, eighteen all the way through February. Twenty nineteen. It’s been a critical support level for us. So with traditional bull flies, you often see at least three touchpoints inside of a bull flag. We’ve got one, two, three. We’ll see if we continue our fourth and have our bottoming with the ABC correction forming a lower low and we’ll see if we can come out of that. The one thing that’s apparent in all bull flags in order to break out of it is volume. There needs to be significant volume coming in. Why? Because we’ve got to break through what’s has been an incredibly powerful resistance point for an extended period of time. So that’s what we need to see. Enter the market now. Why is this different? I said at the beginning that we’re forming the largest bull flag we’ve ever had, which is right in front of us. And it’ll be a little bit different than what you expect. Well, when you hear bull flags being discussed, it’s generally on short timeframes and it usually means to your ears that good news is right around the corner. An explosion coming not with a big extended bull flag such as this one. This one’s very slow and methodical, but we’re staying within our channel. So how is it different timing? When you hear bull flag, you think it’s time to go to the moon? This one, not so much. It’s time to be patient and see if we can actually break above this top resistance here. We tried to do that. We got rejected back in June. Twenty nineteen. We fell all the way down here to 64. We came back up with another move that we tried. The bulls really tried to get us through this critical resistance line and we couldn’t. We were shot down with the bodies of our candles here and it pushed us even lower. We’re trying to gain some momentum to retest. And if we fail again, we’re going to be pushed down more than likely even lower. The good news is this Wyk this week represents a ton of buying pressure. A lot of buyers stepped in at this level. You remember the drop all the way down to 3.7 K.. It caught everybody by surprise. Unless you watch our channel and we said if Bitcoin breaks point 6.4 K, which is way up here, we’re gonna have a very rapid move directly down to 3.7 K.. All right. And that’s exactly how it played out. But a lot of buyers stepped in. It’s good news if you really want Bitcoin to continue up, but it has to break above this level. So how do you think it’s going to play out? Let me know if you think we’re going to break above this resistance level or are we going to continue in our bull flag formation and for how long? Let me know in the comments down below. And I want to show you one other chart. One other chart that’s critical. This is a two day chart, 2D. This is the two day death cross. This is a killer. I want to discuss this on our next video leading into the three day death cross, which is even more of a killer. And what I told you with this formation, we would need a catalyst to really push us down because of the amount of buyers that we saw. A catalyst’s would be the three day death cross, which is a serious killer. I want to discuss that on the next video. So make sure you subscribe right now. Look down, hit that subscribe button so you do not miss this next video and hit the thumbs up. But and let me know how you believe these are going to play out specifically with this one. Now, I want to get into Steve’s secrets to success. If you’re new here, this is what we discuss on the end of every single video to help you have more financial success. To help you achieve your dreams. Maybe you want to travel more. You want to give back more. You want to reach your your goals that you’ve always wanted to. And I give a lot of wisdom and knowledge that’s discussed around the world and all the entrepreneurship communities, but especially the things that have helped me. And it’s really inspirational to a lot of people. It’s become a favorite amongst a lot of folks. It’s my favorite part of the show as well. But again, make sure you subscribe, hit that thumbs up and share this video in one place. Now, before we get to Steve, secrets to success. This is something we’ve never done in company history. I told you earlier, the demand for Bitcoin classes are out of control with Corona virus and everybody is flocking. But I do not want you left behind. So I wanted to do something to really, really give back during this time. So we’re doing a 24 hour flash sale with an extra five hundred dollars off to help you and your family take control so you’re not left behind and you can jump over the top of of all these people and become a successful trader. 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Gold combo second link in the description or just go to crypto korina versus promo code. Corona virus. If you have any questions, just email me. But it better be quick. This is a flash sale only 24 hours. You better go to the Web site right now. Jump on this and this will. You’ll use these courses for years and years and years and years to come. And by the way, if you sign up to the gold or diamond now, you’re going to unlock that free class. I just made about what to invest in right now at this state of the economy. You’ll get that one for free. And then I just made a bonus class about trading you how to set up the charts like me, how to use all of these tools like I do, how to get the charts perfect. All of that and more with a ton of tricks and tips and techniques. You’ll get both of those for free. Right now with the gold or the diamond. So it’s. I tried to do everything humanly possible to give back. And I’m excited. I’m excited to welcome you in and see you on the other side. Krypto crew, you on the Twitter. You can go follow us there if you so choose. We do a lot of different things to help our community even more there. Make sure you’re focused on the right charts. Now let’s get into it. First and foremost, I want you to stay safe during this time. This is this is an unprecedented time, something I’ve never dealt with in my life. It’s something you’ve never dealt with in your life. But I’m here for you and our community is here for you. And we’re in this together. And eventually it will we will get into a better place. But in my opinion, I think it’s going to be a very difficult time for the world economy for the next couple of years. This is not financial advice, but it’s just my opinion. I don’t see how we can come out of this even with printing of ridiculous amount of money. It’s just sweeping the problems under the rug. Eventually that bubble will burst, which is incredibly important for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is going to come out of this on top. It’s going to take, in my opinion, a couple of years more for the world to really start to look for another alternative besides Fiat, especially after the economy is just going to take a solid several kicks right to the shorts. It’s going to be a little bit intense, but it’s going to be great for Bitcoin in the long run. You guys know, I love speaking about the big picture. That’s my opinion about the big picture. Now, during this period, take control of your finances. I really can not stress this enough. We talk about in a lot of Steve secrets to success, 50, 30, 20 budget breakdown. I want you to really button that up right now and get on top of your finances. This is how you become wealthy. Most people think now I just need to make more money. No. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck now, you’ll be picked it to paycheck. If you become a millionaire, it happens all the time. Whatever your situation is now, I want you to start saving twice as much money. And then when you become successful, you’ll already have good habits will you’ll save a lot more money and you’ll become that’s how to build your wealth. You know, its success is a series of small wins. As much as the media wants to hype everything up overnight successes, successes, a series of small wins, every single successful person will back me on that. I guarantee it. Now I want to start doing outs on these videos. Meaning comment down below with how my YouTube channel in my videos have impacted your life in a positive way. Maybe they’ve helped you with the Steve secrets to the set helped you or the charts helped you or or you started to avoid the news and get clarity, or you started to look left, whatever it is right in the comments down below. I want to read these comments, two of them on the next week’s video. I want to read one from a student and one from a non-student. How my videos have helped you. I think this is important for our community to show love to our community. And I’m pretty excited about it. So I’m looking forward to reading your comment. Even if you never commented before, this is your opportunity to comment and show some love for how you felt about these videos. Now the last deep secrets to success just changed. Here’s a fun fact. I already filmed this video right before here, but there was problems with the microphone, the sound. It took a long time to figure out what the problems were, troubleshooting and post-production. I do a check with the lighting, with the sound, with the quality of the video before I even upload it. And I was jumping through hoops trying to figure out where did the problem go wrong. I don’t even know if if it’s truly fixed because I can’t see it until I end the video. So I hope this is the version you get. But the secret to success is when things go wrong. Stay positive. It’s happened to me so many times. When things go wrong, it’s very stressful. Oh, my God. How did the sound? You know, why is this happening to me? Why do all these bad things happen to me? Why is this go wrong? Why is that go wrong, you know? Picture the last time you do misplace your keys. It’s like the world isn’t. Oh, my God. Where’s my key? Where did I put my keys? Obviously, you don’t need your keys now. You’re locked away in your home. But the point is, when something goes wrong. If you continue to stay positive, it will go right a lot quicker. And I’m living proof of this. It’s happened to me so many times. If I let my anger get in the way of, oh, why is this happen? Why is this gone wrong? Then things will continue to unravel and more things will go wrong. But if I laugh about it, which I did earlier, because, look, I put my heart into these videos and the video is over, and then I find out I have to redo all of it. It’s like a kick in the shorts. But I literally laughed about it and I’m like, okay, I’m gonna stay positive. And then suddenly a solution will just come right in front of my face. And that’s what happened. And I think this is a video you’re getting. I don’t know. I hope it is. I don’t want to help. I don’t need to remake it again. But the point is, in your life, when something is going wrong. Just stay positive and watch what happens. It will start going in the right direction really quickly. That’s my Steve Secrets to Success. Today I had a different one written down, but we’ll save it for next week. Let me know in the comments down below what you thought about this video. Share this video in one place. This will really help us grow our community, get our message out about positivity and the power of the mind. Looking at the charts, looking left, only the facts, avoiding the news of wanting emotional opinions. These are a lot of topics that are not widely discussed in in investing in specifically in crypto. We’re supposed to talk about, you know, prices just going to the moon all the time. And that’s what everyone wants to hear. But that’s not our message. And also to my point earlier, you can always count on me on Wednesdays videos. I don’t care what happens. I’m a man of my word. And I’m going to get you a video no matter how many times I need to remake it or what the scenario is. If you’ve been watching for a long time. You probably remember some crazy scenarios where I had to jump to crazy months of hoops, but I still got you a video every single Wednesday, so you can always count on that. I’m a man of my word and that’s never going to change. So one more point. I almost forgot this on the last film. I did this earlier. This is the twenty one monthly moving average. I always put a little tidbit of information in the last part here. 21 month is critical. What are we doing now? How are we acting with the now? You know, this is resistance. Why is that important, isn’t it? We’ve never played well once this becomes resistance. It’s usually pretty drastic and not very pretty. It never ends well. When this becomes resistance, we move in to our final capitulation. Just a point of reference, something I want to point out to always get a little tidbits of information here and there. Hope you have a beautiful day and hope you subscribe. Hit the like button. Go jump on that 24 hour flash sale and leave a comment down below with how my channel has impacted you. And maybe you will have a shout out next week. Peace and love to the Krypto crew. Have a beautiful day.


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