Bitcoin is POSSIBLY Poised for a large DOWN MOVE.

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  1. With the current economy I too am expecting a healthy correction. Bitcoin is propped up by tether printing criminal amounts of a token backed by nothing. The stock market is being propped up by the inflated printing of the dollar. I'm not even considering bitcoin above 6-7k. I sold at 9800 and am riding it down to the bottom.

  2. I'm looking @ $9450-$9650 for a top on this corrective move up. Got a solid long entry to ride it up. If i had to choose i think the top is about $9550 and at minimum we'd have to test the 0.382 of the uptrend/$7680. Time will tell, good thought, and good luck!

  3. You don't do EW like other ellioticians. Your's is closer to market behavior. You have a video explaining your method for intermediaries in EW theory?

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