What a world. I’m Steve. Founder and CEO of crypto CRU university Home of the number one crypto classes. If you want to take this complex world of crypto make it super simple so that you have more success. This channel is for you. Hit the subscribe button right now. Everybody hit that thumbs up but bitcoin markets are screaming bearish with an upcoming death cross and a recent Double top. But is bitcoin about to do the opposite. Welcome in everybody. Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Happy Wednesday new videos every single Wednesday. Hope you got a smile on your face during these difficult times. We have a very incredible video planned for you. The death cross is something that really interests you but we’re going to dive really deep and we’re going to cover information we’ve never covered before about these death crosses. There has been six of them in the history of Bitcoin and in the first week or two something really fishy happens that surprises everybody. And then the following block of a few months really catches everybody by surprise. Again you can see in our chart right here we are moments away from having our seventh death cross in the history of Bitcoin. But before we get to that this is a difficult time. And I just want to let you know I’m here for you. Last week we went above and beyond. As you know if you’re new here we do videos every single Wednesday we take a scientific approach. We throw out the emotion. We only focus on the facts. We don’t focus on the news and we really keep it simple so that you can have a lot more success in this market. Now we do videos every single Wednesday but last week was a difficult week for everybody. So I went above and beyond and did a bunch of extra videos just to let you know I’m here for you. And we covered a lot of material to keep everybody level headed and emotionless. This week I want to take it to a whole new level. You know I love giving back. So this week is going to be massive. 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Death crosses six of them all time. We are about to face our seventh but there’s two distinct things we need to talk about and we’re gonna go back in time and look at each of those death process so you can be well prepared for what is Hap in the past. So the first thing that generally happens which really catches everybody by surprise is this little sequence here when we had our death cross what happens in the past and what’s what’s really taken people by surprise. Is this move we have our death cross and then prices spike up catching everybody by surprise. Now most people are still a little bit confused as to what is a death cross a death cross means a long term analysis of the market that things are getting really bad and potentially picking up momentum heading into more bears territory for a long period of time. What it doesn’t mean is that prices just continue to go straight down. That’s never the case. There’s no market in the world that just goes straight down or straight up. It doesn’t happen when you go down usually you walk down stairs you go a little bit up and down and a little bit up and further down and up and further down. And that’s what’s happened. You can see right here we go all the way down we go up. People get excited but we don’t go make a higher high. We continue to go down then we go up. People get excited but we still didn’t make a higher high we go down we go up and you get the point. But usually within the death cross we’re going to unlock this first type of move that catches everybody by surprise because we had a death cross here on October 26 and then for the next couple of days prices went up pretty astronomically and then crashed down even lower. So it gets everybody into this emotional state of mind in the herd get destroyed. So we went up a bunch and then we dropped down quite a bit. Right. So again death cross is moments away. So we’ve had six death crosses in history in one faker. But let’s get to the previous one in 2018 previous death cross in twenty eighteen happened like this. You can see that we were over here we had a death cross on WoW April Fool’s Day April 1st right. Prices were down here at six thousand five sound a little bit familiar. Seems seems to be pretty much the same price same time of year. So be cognizant of that. We had a death cross price rose fifty five percent. Fifty five percent up to our 200 day moving average and then crashed down historically all the way down to three thousand two. So again same type of scenario where this move gets everybody very excited. The herd starts yelling We’re going to the moon but they always get slaughtered. That’s why it’s important to always be on the other side of the fence and just thinking logically only looking at the facts and the charts and not everybody’s emotional opinion. Now let’s go back even further and see if this has been repeating itself for some time. So this is 2014 and this is coming into 2015. Right. We just looked at 20 18 what did we do back here. Well. We had a death cross here wow actually on April 8th it seems like that time of year which we’re in right now is death cross season. We may want to rephrase the title of this video to call it death cross season. Now we had a death cross and look at what happened prices were down here at three hundred and fifty five and we rose almost one hundred percent right to around the 200 day moving average 200 day seems to be this level that we’re always getting rejected from when we enter a bear market you may be asking well Steve where’s that 200 day right now. What does it mean for us. Could we potentially rally up one hundred percent. Now look at what happened. We went into this period of pretty. This was kind of an anomaly where we had a death cross. We rallied up so high that for a moment’s time it brought us into a fictitious bull market right where we entered. We entered this golden cross here. Prices were above the 200 day just momentarily. But again we did not create a higher high. All right. If you look at these moves even when we rally all the way up here we still are creating a lower high still stepping down the stairs. We can go back and look at the move here. Remember in 2018. Also on April 1st you can see that we’ve rallied all the way up 55 percent but our previous high was here eleven point five K.. We only rally to 10k stepping down the stairs further. That’s the key. A lot of people get really hyped but not you you stay level headed during these times and you just look at the facts and the charts and you say OK we rallied up to here. It’s the 200 day and we didn’t make a higher high. All right. So always stay level headed same thing happen year. And we had a historic crash 76 percent down to one hundred and sixty two. Now to the first ever death cross in the history of Bitcoin happened on this date September 20 5th 2011. Oddly enough. Not in April. All right. So we had this death cross first in history and the first thing we did rally we rallied out of it 20 percent again getting everybody very excited and then we continue to crash down even further. Another Sixty five percent again when we rallied here up 19 percent we did not create a higher high. We created a lower high and continued stepping down the stairs. Now we’re let’s take this learning and apply it to the death cross right now and see what does it mean if we have a normal average death cross. What does this mean or what’s happening with this one. This is the only time in history right here on September 13th 2015. So we’ve got to September death crosses and we have a whole bunch of them. In April the beginning of April. Now what does this mean for bitcoin. Because this is the only fake out death cross. We had a fake a golden cross here. This is the only fake a death cross. And again we compared this move this is a very very similar move to the one we’re in now. So let’s take those learnings and go back to today now. Not only are we moments away from having a death cross we also just had a double top. The double top here just at about 7 k. So this is really important right. A double top you may be asking well Steve what’s a double top a double top is this. For week after week after week after week after week we were really screaming ten point five K we had to get above that to make a higher high in reverse the trend we didn’t we ended up stopping right at ten point five K not right here but also right here. So we had a double top a double top is a classic trend reversal meaning prices will reverse to the downside which is obviously what happened and we also broke the 21 week moving average remember we put that as the pivotal level if we broke the 21 week we were going to have a massive drop to the downside which we had so double tops are our things to definitely pay attention to just like a double bottom is a trend reversal to the upside. So this is a short term a short term Double top. It’s a short term problem. We still have this trend line in place that we’ve been following since March 12th. We haven’t broken that. So things are OK but what if we had a typical rally out of this death cross where would it put us where would it put us. You can see that if you just look at these rallies you talk about a 40 something percent rally. You talk about here with further rallies to the upside. These rallies coming out of bear markets are sorry. Going into a death cross are pretty substantial. And if you average them you’re talking about a 40 45 percent rally being the first move from a death cross. So where would that put us hypothetically. Let’s just take a look. If we take prices right now six thousand six hundred if we come out of this and rally up it’s putting us red at about 10 K which would clearly be still a lower high still continuing to walk down the stairs because that ten point five K is the be all end all but it would be a little bit different because this 200 day moving average is the one that’s really played a significant role in the death crosses so far. Remember we look back in history and a lot of these rallies rallied right up to the two on the 200 day moving average. And if we did that. We’re looking at a 24 26 percent rally coming out of it which would put us at about eight point three still stepping down the stairs. None of these scenarios would be such that we come out of it on top unless we’re following the fake out. So again if we go back in time here this move coming out of it was actually a double fake out a golden cross fake out and a death cross. Remember this was also a double top. Just like we had a double top at ten point five K so again we’re looking back at this to 2015 and we’re analyzing if it’s a fake out what does that mean. We had our top one here at 318. We had a double top here just like the ten point five double top of present day. We crashed through the 50 day through the 200 day and in historic fashion court everybody really off guard at this point. Everybody thought we were in big trouble and going significantly lower but we did the opposite. It’s always the opposite of what the herd thinks. And we came out of this. So essentially to make this really simple. We had our Golden Cross after we made our high and we had our death cross after we made our low which so far is exactly what we’ve done. So we talk about a double top which boom we had our Double top. We talk about having the Golden Cross after we already made our high. And we talk about having the death cross after we already made our low. This could very well be a fake out which we’ve been covering now for one or two months getting everybody prepared for potential fake. But no matter how you cut the dice no matter how you cut it ten point five K is the level to watch because we still have to get above here to change the trend so we can rally all we want we can get up into the seven thousands and that eight thousands in the nine thousands and it means nothing in the big picture because for two hundred and almost two hundred and eighty days we’ve been in a downtrend. Plain and simple but it’s very interesting how this April late March early April is death cross season historically. Right. Fake outs have been happening around September. So we here we are in late March gearing up any moment now for another death cross. But this one is quite different. You can see that we had a golden cross into a death cross. And again it clearly resembles the structure of that fake up. So what do you think is going to happen. Do you think this is going to be a fake out. Do you think we’re going to get above ten point five Kay. Do you think we’re going to go lower or do you think we’re going to rally out of this death cross in the first week or to get everybody really excited come up here somewhere around eight thousand three hundred and continue lower I will mind you of this I will mind you of this if we have a classic death cross which rallies somewhere up here what happens next is a lower low I just want to paint this clear picture if it’s a classic death cross it will rally up. Get everybody hyped it will continue to fall back down and go lower than the previous low if it’s a classic if it’s a fake out we’ve already made or low. So what do you think is going to happen now. Again what I want you to do if you haven’t done so already is subscribe. We’re going to be keeping you updated on this. So hit that subscribe button join the movement and also it’s really important. This is a difficult time. I like to go above and beyond. I like to give back. We talked about giving back on this channel all the time and it’s so important and I feel so happy to give back a free bitcoin trading class to you right now. Right. Just go to crypto creative vs. dot com. Pass this video if you didn’t do it earlier. Pause This video crypto creativity icon scroll all the way to the bottom. Plug in your email address. Hit this click send my free class now and. You’re going to love it. You’re going to love it if you already participated over a month ago in this campaign than you already have it. But this is a limited time only wanting to give back. Greed and fear. Now this may be our indication of how things are playing out. Right. What does that mean. This is really important when you look at historical data here to analyze what is the pulse of the crypto market the pulse of the crypto market right now is quite fearful. And it’s been fearful even yesterday. Also last week and you can see this cluster here of fear we’ve been down below 20 now for a whole bunch of days in a row. Not many times in history have we done that not many times in history have we been below 10. So if you want to ask yourselves hey a death cross is moments away we’ve been pretty fearful for a bunch of days. What do you think is going to happen you always want to do the opposite of the herd if the herd is really fearful you should be licking your chops plain and simple. You should be licking their chops. And if there was one trend line I would be watching and I recommend you draw this on your chart right now. It’s this one. If we break it we’re in trouble. If we don’t we’re gonna continue to follow the trend. This is our short term trend. Again our long term trend 280 days is a bad one. But this is a short term trend. This is just a bounce off the bottoms which usually gets everybody pretty excited which generally continues. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s just the facts of trading. This bounce usually gets everybody excited. More than likely it will continue and it will continue to get people excited. But the bigger picture trend is your friend and that’s two hundred and eighty days of walking down the stairs. All right. But short term short term could be could be good over the next two ish three weeks we’ll have to revisit and see where we’re at but the herd is definitely bearish now. What I want to get into is this corona virus. The situation right now. The lock downs. I have an idea that I think a big revolution is going to come out of this. That could be very valuable for your pockets your career your happiness etc.. I want to share with you what it is so you can try to stay ahead of the trend and it’s something that I don’t hear people talking about which is usually the topics I like to talk about. So let’s get into that. Now. Again if you don’t if you have twitter you can go follow us here. Feel free crypto crew you we post stuff to keep everybody focused on the right things during difficult times. So crypto crew you on the Twitter if you haven’t subscribed already I don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for. Hit that subscribe button now if the subscribe button is read. You don’t want bad luck that will give you bad luck. Hit that red button hit the subscribe button you already know you like our videos show some love and support and subscribe. And if you haven’t hit the thumbs up hit the thumbs up now revolution to come out of this time. This is going to be a good one. I’m excited to talk about this topic. There’s going to be a lot of things that are going to be bad to come out of this time. I don’t want to spend our time talking about those but there’s something under the radar. That I believe is is going to be pretty big. But before we get to that let’s just talk about this monthly candle. I’ve been getting a lot of messages Steve. Is this a dragonfly do G. Because it’s got this long wick. This is a monthly candle that is six days and seven hours away from closing. The short answer no no no. When you look for either a gravestone dodgy or a dragonfly dodgy it has to have a small small body with a large Wick. So if Bitcoin were to rally in close Ray at about eight thousand three hundred OK we can be very excited about that monthly candle. But we’re not there. We’re not there and we’ve got six days. We’ll see what happens. You know we’ve got the Golden Cross coming maybe it pushes prices up and we close here and we have some really you know extraordinary rally coming. But again I’m not getting too emotional about it. We’ve been in a continued downtrend for 280 days. I’m staying level headed and here’s our 21 month staying in that golden zone territory seven point three K. OK. I got a little sidetracked now back to the topic. So obviously it’s a difficult time. Obviously people are going through lockdowns in different situations. This will affect the economy. In my opinion for the next five years minimum it’s going to affect human behavior for the history of your life whether you like it or not this will affect everybody’s human behavior for the rest of your human life. However there is a revolution that’s going to happen from this time with people losing their jobs or about to lose their jobs and there’s a lot of uncertainty. There’s going to be a massive entrepreneurial revolution to come out of this time. Mark my words. What does it mean for you. I want you to start something and it may seem like oh my God Steve I don’t know how to start a company. I don’t know how to. I don’t know what’s the first step. Luckily you have me. I’m going to tell you the first step right now solve a problem for your self. Don’t think about anybody else. Think about a problem you have had. Maybe it’s this week maybe you’ve had this problem last month maybe you’ve had it for the past couple of years maybe you’ve searched for this problem on the Internet and you’re like somebody hasn’t created a solution to that problem. That’s what you’re gonna do. Your excuse before. Well Steve I got work I’ve got kids I’m really busy now you’re not. You’re on lockdown. Go solve that problem. It will change your whole life. Now what I don’t want you to focus on as well. If I solve this problem how am I going to sell it and what am I going to charge and when am I going to name it. That is all crap. Don’t worry about any of that right now. In fact you shouldn’t worry about any of that until you’re done with the actual solution. The solution is everything. And if you solve your problem and you make a really good solution that’s not out there right now. The money will come to you. You don’t have to think about that and what to name your company. You shouldn’t even spend 10 seconds on it. If you have a really good solution it doesn’t matter what you name it. People will come because they also have your exact problem. That’s what I want you to do right now. You’ve been listening to my videos week after week of the week we talk about how to make your life better. How to achieve more success more financial freedom so you can travel and give back. This is your calling. You’re not going to get another opportunity in life again where you’re in quarantine. You’re on lockdown and your only job right now is to watch TV. Nine hundred days 900 hours a day you’re not going to have this opportunity again. So close close the TV put away all the crap. Think about your problem and solve it. And if you can do that there’s going to be incredible things coming in your future. I guarantee you. But in my opinion there’s going to be a massive birth of entrepreneurs from this time in human history. And I’m excited. Now if you’re thinking Well Steve I would love to start a company. But what if I fail I guarantee that’s your biggest day. What are people going to think about me if I fail. Failure is learning and I’m supposed to lie to you. I’m supposed to say every company I started before was a big success in everything. No. No. I’m supposed I’m supposed to tell you that so that I look like a true expert but that’s B.S. That’s complete B.S. nobody there’s no entrepreneur on planet Earth that will tell you. Oh yeah. I started all these companies and all of them were successes. Never never as a fun project. The other day I counted how many things I started since I was a kid and it’s 17 or all of them successes. Know where some of them big failures. Yes. Now what’s funny is I took some problems and I tried to solve them in different ways. I’d started two other companies to try to help people with money and investing. And it just wasn’t sexy. People didn’t like it. So those failed right. So what I want you to do is think about this from a positive standpoint. If you’re not failing you’re not learning. Plain and simple. And if you look at the most successful people in the world the only difference between them and you is they failed a lot more than you. Plain and simple. And that’s a fact. Read any entrepreneur book from anybody that’s been successful and they have failed a lot more than you. So don’t be afraid to fail. I want you to go solve your problem and only thinking about how to solve it. Don’t think about anything else. So let me know what your thoughts are. I want to know your idea. What problem do you have right now that you want to solve. Let me know in the comments. Let me know what you think about this entrepreneur revolution that I believe is upon us right now. And yeah I hope you have a beautiful day. I want to do another class another video this week so watch on Twitter for when that is going to be. Now if you haven’t done so already hit the subscribe button. YouTube is telling me something like 30 something percent of you watch my videos every week. And you’re not subscribed so you’re gonna have bad luck with a red button down there. Go hit the button and subscribe. And again if you haven’t gotten the class the free class. This is gone. This is a game changer. If you’ve already gone to the month to go then there’s nothing you need to do but tell your brother tell your sister about it and spread the love. You have family. Tell your mom tell your dad they have a forum one K. they’ve gotten beat over the head and I have a free class that will help people right now. Tell your neighbor. Tell your dog. Tell your cat. Tell your cousin tell your uncle. Tell your aunt tell somebody else about this opportunity. Because this is incredible. I love to give back. This is going to be an incredible campaign especially during this time right now. And it might be your wakeup call. It might be your calling to really change everything in your life. So crypto created a virtual income scroll to the bottom. Typing your email address. Hit this box and boom click this box and you’re going to have your class. It’s that simple. So I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day. I will see you back here on our next video next week or may be. We’re gonna do an extra one for you during this difficult time. Peace and love. To the crypto crew.


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