Yeah, we definitely went to the moon. Absolutely, 100 percent absolutely bet your life on that. Two plus two equals four. So that’s why moons and red aliens with MINDMELD and given the technology are bad aliens, not Donald Trump told me. Are you surprised the marches were influenced by demons keeping marriage alive and dead? You don’t exist, Joe. Doesn’t exist to exist. While the last time bitcoin got squeezed in between this fifty day simple moving average and the twenty one day simple moving average, here on the daily chart, things got absolutely crazy. We’ll show you exactly what happened last time and what the target for that is. Guys, we’ve been bouncing around in between these trend lines and specifically in between these moving average and a big break is most likely coming. Not to mention we’ve been in between this very small trading range for four consecutive days, barely moving. You can see four candles that absolutely barely did any price action as well. We’re talking about yesterday’s downside targets. But there is a small chance as well that we could break to the upside of this very key level is broken specifically. I think we’ll know before April 17th. Okay, guys, very, very soon we’ll show you what the target of that is as well. Yesterday we talked primarily about downside, but today we’ll show you what a break to the upside would look at. And specific price trajectories. And as well, what is the chance that Bitcoin could hit $90000 this year? We’re not talking the next few months, but we’re talking last few months of this year. Could that be a reality? We’ll show you why these humans think it is. Pullets get loose. What’s going on, my little simpleton? Welcome back. Another extremely jam packed episode. We have a lot to talk about in regards to Bitcoin price. Specifically the last time this pattern consolidated in between these two moving average, we saw an explosive break in Bitcoin’s price. So that’s going to be the primary focus of this T-A today. But we have so much more to cover as well. Things are getting so Crunchie lately, guys. Remember, if you want to know for these letters, make sure to leave a comment below. Make sure to hit those dings, make sure to hit those comments and make sure to hit those lights. And we can just hippity hop, hop, hop into it. Wow. Today is the last day to get access to TI4 for 30 percent off everyone to learn. Now we draw lines like that who make sure to sign up more on that later. So without a dad, we got to check out this chart here in the weekly. Just take a big picture. Look at everything going on. One, two, three, four. Now, will this be the fifth green weekly candle in a row? OK. Massive red ones. So it makes sense that we’ve had some green upwards momentum. Will we be breaking up to our specific target here finally or will we continue trading sideways? We’ve been trading sideways for a fair amount of time. If we switched to the start, you can see we’ve actually traded within the same like hundred two hundred dollar range for the past four days. Now we’ve had breaks, but we’ve essentially immediately gotten pulled back to the center line right here, which is also right on this line. So currently we’ve been really toying with this and the momentum as I’m filming this now is pushing upwards. But more importantly, we have the 50 day moving average right here in the 21 day moving average, you can see. This is really important in finding bounces and resistance there. And now this has been absolutely massive resistance for I mean, the last time was up there was there four days in a row and wasn’t able to break it. Now actually consolidating into this pattern here. OK, so we have seen this before when the 50 day moving average is on top and the 21 day moving average is below the last time that happened, guys. You see it squeeze right here. This happened actually as we broke out of the inverse head and shoulders back at the very beginning of 2020. You see funding resistance at the top here, finding support here at the bottom after we squeezed into it. And what happened? One, two, three days where we were just trading right on this. And then as soon as we broke out of it, things got really explosive. We found resistance at top of this descending channel there. And then we continued up, basically, and that’s when the breakout really started after we got squeezed into that. So the moving averages really decided, hey, you know what, guys, we’re going to make a move. We better make the move soon. And that kind of really just made it explode. And that was the last time that the patterns were this exact with a 50 being on top of the 21 and them squeezing together. So is that saying that we’re going to get a massive break to the upside? Not necessarily. It’s still likely that we’re going to get a pullback over the next week or two. I’d say there’s probably a 60 percent chance of that. But I would also say, guys, what does that mean? There’s probably also a 40 percent chance. There’s a little less chance, but it is likely that we could see a price explosion. We’ll talk about specifically to the upside was like about specifically what target that would be if we switched to the start first. The 70 one hundred dollar range is the most key level that we haven’t been breaking in. As this time’s been going on, we’re gonna have less and less price action needed above these levels to get a breakout. So basically within a year, I think if we actually break above 70 100 in the next 24 hours, things would be absolutely wild. We could get a break to the upside. We could get a pretty big explosive break to the upside. Specifically, I think the target of that would be the seventy seven and seventy eight hundred dollar level. Okay. So if we over the next day or two. Solid data continuously in here we could see a break all the way up to 77 or 78. That’s to the upside. Now, remember, we talked about a lot of downside targets in yesterday’s video, but in today’s video we’re gonna focus primarily on what a break to the upside might look like as well as in my own opinion, tends to do as we do have a CMO gap. As of about a week, a few days ago, right here, right around the 70 to fifty seventy three hundred dollar level. So it would make sense if we came back up here, guys. Remember the last time something similar happened. Look at this. We had a gap here. We had this massive gap. And what happened? Naturally, it came up and it basically filled the entire thing ended up going down, but then it ended up going up more. OK. A completely fill that gap. So we could see this gap filled because of that. And again, that’s another reason I think it actually might be likely that we see some upside momentum in the short term. We’re still kind of in no man’s land in terms of our trading right now. We’ve just been really consolidating and even really since April 2nd. So basically almost two entire weeks we’ve just been fluctuating in here with not any significant price action. We see a big Pompe here, a decent dump, a few hundred dollars on each of those Duponts. But other than that, price has really been in between 67 and $7000. So about a three hundred dollar range for the past two weeks, basically with very small movements above that rejections here and then support here. So ideally, guys, we definitely think by like April 17th at the latest, we’ll definitely see a break one way or the other to the upside. Again, what I want to say is this area right here is going to be pretty big. But as time goes on, this goes this. This decreases. So as time goes on, we need to get less and less price action to the upside to really confirm a bigger breakout. But again, that eighty one hundred and eighty to eight thousand even is gonna be pretty big. And we also have the 200 day moving average up here, kind of looming right around 8000. So that’d be a pretty, pretty big breakout target if we get up to that level. And guys, interestingly enough as well, the point three to actually we’re kind of like right above that right now, right around like sixty sixty eight sixty nine hundred. Okay. On the Fibonacci from all the way at the top here to basically our low discounted like this massive whicker here just because it was very, very quick. But mostly we had a few candles close right in this area. So I put that as a low there. We’re right on this area here. And that actually ends up putting us to if a breakout target, you know, a little about the 8000. So pretty much the same area. But we’d have to break above this line, which we’re only like $100 away from right now, which is this descending broadening wedge that we’re currently find ourselves back in. Now, this began all the way back on like February 14th. OK. So quite a long time ago. And if you’re looking at it from this perspective, then we’re actually at the very top of this descending, broadening wedge. If we’re gonna get a break out of this now, this is something really interesting cause I don’t see many people talking about this because it’s kind of ugly, which is probably probably why they’re not talking about it. But think of it this way, guys. We were right here and this was like a pattern. People were talking about back in early March. OK. Twenty, twenty. We were in this pattern here and then we absolutely plummeted, destroyed the pattern because of what happened in the world economy now. Who’s to say that if that didn’t happen in the world, Bitcoin would have broken up? Because normally these break up to the upside, actually. Who’s to say that this wouldn’t have actually broken out and we would have maybe gone on another spectacular run? So obviously the past is behind us. So that obviously didn’t happen. But what we can say is that maybe this pattern is still valid where we tried to get back into it. And I think there’s a lot of debate exactly what’s going on with this pattern. Some people saying a bear flag than there was a lot of people saying this triangle. We talked about both of those, obviously, on this channel. But I think there’s been a lot of debate on it. So what if what about this third option here? What if we’re actually just back in this descending, broadening wedge? And again, this is a case for the upside. What if we did get a break ups? Currently, we’re still hovering right at this level ever since April 6th. So, again, over a week that we’ve just been kind of on the tippy top of this pattern. So, again, what are the chances that maybe because of what happened in the world, it took us out of this pattern and it put us in a weird pattern, a weird place, but then rate starting right here again, we found support and again after we broke into it here and now we’ve just been trading in again. What are the chances that’s the case? And what are the chances that we get a breakout out of this? Again, we’re talking about the bullish scenario in this video. If you want the bear scenario, check out yesterday’s video, because really nothing has changed at all. Those levels are still perfectly acceptable and perfectly relevant there. But now no such to is an article about Bitcoin’s price year on you today. Bitcoin price to hit ninety thousand in twenty twenty. OK. After the having. So let’s read a few things here. In his interview with Bloomberg, bitpay Chief Commercial Officer of Sony Singh, Sunny Singh stated in twenty twenty Bitcoin is very likely to surpass all time highs of twenty thousand dollars. And he believes that despite many people believing the price increase will be driven by approaching having in May. He says the price could rise due to some events. Nobody expects so. What he means by that is some sort of event. You know who’s. Who knows if he’s hinting it’s if he knows something or not. But basically talked about Libra last year. I personally think was more do the like coin having. But Libra was big news last year similar to this time here. But also here they are in Elby being stated Bitcoin will hit ninety thousand in 2020. In their research report. And that has to do with the stock to flow ratio. Guys, very interesting. If you haven’t looked the stock to flow ratio, I definitely encourage it. We’ve shown on the channel a few times in the past week. And again, billionaire Tim Draper actually voices a. Did you know about a surge of 250000 U.S. dollars by 2022? So within within the next two years, he’s saying 250 and he’s saying that that’s a conservative prediction. So very interesting. Let me know what you think about that there. And I want to highlight this point as well about the stock to floor ratio. The most intriguing question, of course, is what the future will bring. What is certain is that big one stock to flow ratio will increase drastically next month, about 15 days from now. OK. In 2020, after the next having from around twenty five point eight to almost 53. By contrast, gold‘s stock to floor ratio currently in the vicinity of fifty eight will only be insignificantly if at all higher next May. If May 20, twenty stock fill ratio for bitcoin is factored into the model, a price of about ninety thousand dollars per bitcoin emerges. And that would imply the forthcoming having effect has hardly been priced into the current price of Bitcoin’s current roughly seven thousand dollar valuation. So that’s big news. Guys, let me know what you think. And as well as we dug out earlier, guys, this is the last day to get 30 percent off with the code pumping edge because I get a lot of comments about the lines, everything like that. Guys, if you want information on that, if you want know how to do that on your own. If you want to learn basically everything I cover in these videos, but much more in detail about specific patterns and reasons and ways to look at the charts. And I definitely recommend checking it out. By far the cheapest course you’ll find on the Internet. And that’s for a reason. It’s continuously updated. So if you buy it once you have a Frevert guys. Awesome. Let me know what you think. Make sure to leave a comment below, guys, and I’ll see in the next one.


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