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What’s up, guys, crypto savvy here, I hope everyone’s having a wonderful day, welcome the channel where you subscribe. We get daily updates every single day on Bitcoin like coin a theorem and the Dow Jones Industrial. We also look at that to get a feel for what’s going on in the traditional markets. Don’t forget, we have a free desk group in the description below the video. Definitely check it out. I do believe we are going to have a huge move most likely this week. We’re going to take a look at that. Definitely. Stick around. Should be a good video. And yeah. All right, guys. Always remember, read the disclaimer on the bottom, this is not financial advice, trading advice, nor is it investment advice. Always do your own due diligence. And remember, this is my opinion, not yours. All right. We’re going to take a look at the Bitcoin headlines just to get a kind of a feel for the sentiment. See if the headlines are more bearish than bullish and just kind of get a feel for that bitcoin. Wale’s suggest Bitcoin price will crash. Having already priced Daini saying so, that’s bearish. New stock flow forecast puts average bitcoin price at two hundred and eighty eight thousand by to a two thousand twenty four. Bullish Fear Force and Staind Bitcoin correction sparks a frantic gold rush. Bitcoin having a new class of bitcoin millionaires may arrive. Bitcoin not a safe haven, but maybe something more on chain metrics. Pay bullish bitcoin price picture bitcoin markets hide vast risk free profits study shows Chinese city known for Bitcoin Mining Seeks Black Chain Industry to help consume excessive hydroelectricity. So anyways, it’s kinda still mixed in the news. Let’s look at Fear and Greed Index, where at twenty seven one point up from yesterday, still in fear, we are out of the extreme fear. So we are rising. People are getting a little more confident. I don’t. I am not confident in the price right now. Although if you guys watch Channel, you know, I’m a long term bull. I totally am a believer in Bitcoin. As of right now, I still am bearish, though, and I’ll show you why. The Monthly, the AVMA still sitting at seventy eight forty five area. We have broken out of this channel in the monthly. If we can close out here in the monthly. It may be, you know, it may be a good sign, but I still believe we would most likely come back and test this trend line was going to be around the sixty eight hundred dollar range. But we’ll take a look at the targets and see what’s going on. We also have the fifty five BMA still down here at forty eight fifty. I do want to remind you guys, check out my wife’s web page, Inkerman dot com. There’s a link below in the description. Also put one in the page and comment. She does aluminum signs, T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats. There’s also long sleeve tees, hoodies. All you gotta do is hit her up in the contact to ask for those. But she could put any any crypto you want. Does it have to be what you see, any family picture, any saying anything on him that you would like? So I appreciate everybody that’s been checking out her Web page and supporting the channel. All right. Let’s look at the weekly. So as you can see, I still have these lower targets down here. That’s not saying they’re going there. I’m just showing you guys the possibilities. This white trend line on the bottom here. If we came back down to retest that, which would also retest this trend line here would be around the twenty five to twenty six hundred dollar range. And then I have the worst case scenario here at around one thousand thirty between one thousand and eleven hundred. And that’s just a measured move measuring this here as a flag pole. This being a bear flag. And if we were to break down here somewhere in the 1000 to 11 hundred dollar range, again, guys, I’m not saying that’s going gonna happen. I’m just saying keep in mind, that is a possibility. Let’s take a look at the e-mails on the weekly. We are getting rejected at the fifty five C.M.A right now at seventy five hundred. I also have this strong resistance that just just below eight thousand. We could get a wake up there and, you know, crash back down. But the e-mails are looking bullish. They are turning up the fifty five here. The twenty one is turning up. If that does cross, you know we may get a boost up. I guess if we were to look at the bullish case here and look at this as a falling broadening wedge and do a measured move. If we were to break up, pass this ninety three hundred dollar range, we obviously there is a trend line here that gets some resistance around the 10 five. But if we were able to break up and this is a falling broadening wedge, we could have a target of around fifteen thousand eight hundred dollar range. I’m a little less confident in that. But again, keep in mind, it is possible we are going to see a big move here soon. I as you can see in this pink, I have this big price label at eight thousand sixty one. And that is, as of right now, the top of this rising wedge that I’ve been watching. Let’s take a look at. We also have the 200 e-mail on the daily right round this seven thousand eight hundred eighty five range, as you guys know, I’ve pointed out before. Made this trend line here on the bottom of all these, Wick’s over here. I cloned it and I put one on each one of the top of these wakes up here. Actually, this one needs to move down a little. There you go. And as we went through, they were resistance. I’ll zoom in so you guys can see it here. As we went up, we caught resistance, then it became sport resistance, became support the top line resistance and then became support. We broke back through, tried to break back above. It did not quite make it. It became resistance. And this we just broke straight back through, came to the bottom of all three again. And now we are back inside. So I guess you could say that it is bullish. As of now. But until we break this top trend line here. Actually, it’s a little bit lower than that, somewhere around the eight thousand sixty range. If we break above that and especially close a daily above that, guys, then I get really bullish. And we will take a look at the measured moves for that. But as of right now, this is in the Daily. Let’s go down to the 4:00 hour. As you can see, I have my show you real quick these targets. This one here being measuring. This is a flag pole, although I think it would be up here, which would get us down to that thousand dollar range. But if we did a measured move, this as the flag pole here and we break down within the next sometime this week, my target would be the thirty four hundred dollar range. But as you guys know, if you watch the channel, my main target that I’m still looking for, unless we break above this golden pocket zone, which we could go, I guess, as high as 80 to 100, I don’t think it would go that high. I would look for a rejection before then. But if we did break that. That would knock out all these lower targets that I’ve been watching. So but as of right now, fifty four hundred, if you guys are interested in trading, I think there’s a very good trade opportunity coming, whether we break this bottom trend line or this top trend line. I’ll leave a prime XP tutorial up top. Definitely check it out. You can cheat trade a lot of stuff on prime expertise besides just the Bitcoin market. You can actually use your Bitcoin to trade the Dow, S&P 500 oil. Gold, silver. All kinds of commodities, forex, you can trade a lot of stuff on there. Definitely check it out, guys. And if you use my promo codes below Savvy 50, you get a 50 percent bonus on top of your deposit. And if you use savvy twenty five, he gets twenty five percent off of your fees. So check it out. And there some also some other links down there. There is by and do decs new decks has a pretty cool feature, a money management feature, risk management. Check it out if you’re new. But yeah, check them out. Each one of them has, you know, pros and cons to them. I use all three of these exchanges. You may want to check them all out, see which one works for you, which what style trading you want to do. So they all have bonuses, too. So definitely check them out there below and I’ll leave them in the pind comment. So like I said, the eight thousand sixty one is well, between eight thousand. Fifty eight thousand. Eight thousand one hundred somewhere in that range. I would expect a big rejection. As you can see, this top trend line here. Like I said, I’m still bearish. This still looks like a bear sign to me. We will take a look at some other targets. If I take this line right here, a lot of people are looking at this as a. We move this out of the way as a rising channel instead of the rising wedge and I’m looking at it, the reasoning I’m looking at is a rising wedge. If we look here, this is where this the first major burst of volume came. And as you can see, we are declining in volume. And if we look over here, this is where the channel starts. This is where the wedge starts. That’s why I do believe it’s a wedge. But I will take measured moves of the channel to so you guys can see them. If we were to break up today. Break the top of this channel, the measured move. That’s about ninety four hundred between ninety three and ninety four hundred. And if we broke down the measured move, depending on where we break down guys, this could be a slow move down. But that will get us to my target of the fifty four hundred, which is also the point seven eight six Fibonacci retracement. Do you see these white prices in here? These are just Fibonacci retracement. As you can see, this one is the point. Two, three, six. This is point three eight two point five. Can’t quite see that one. This is the golden pocket zone. That’s the point. Six one eight point six five is. Eighty two. And then we have the point. Seven, eight. Six at ninety one. So that’s what the white ones are. If you guys are wondering. But as of right now, guys, like I said, I’m still bearish unless we break this top trend line. So the only thing that’s going to turn me bullish. And then, you know, we could come up as high as testing as you can see, this rising, broadening wedge that we broke out of over here. We couldn’t come all the way up, I suppose, and test the top of this around ten thousand dollar range. Again, I don’t see that happening unless we break this 80. If we break this top trend line, guys, all my lower targets are off the table for now. Then I will have to read. Take a look at the charts. But as I was saying, what the volume here. I believe it is a falling wedge and not. A rising channel because of the fact, like I said, where it started and it started right here at this candle, which would make it rising wage. In my opinion. All right. Let’s look at four hours. Same thing in the four hour, guys. We are getting a little rise right now as of making this video. We’re at about seventy seven. Fifty six. And I have also made this trend line here. Let me. Zoom out a little bit. This white trend line off of these two weeks here, which matches up pretty good. With. The point six one eight and the top of this rising wedge here, so like I said, that’s around the 80 60 right in that range somewhere. Depending on what exchange you’re on, it’s going to be a little bit different. This is Coinbase that we’re looking at. I do want to look at the daily RSI real quick. And this is something we had been looking at since way back here, and I’d said it would possibly form a Ember’s head and shoulders, which looks like it has. Looks like we do have room for another move up to retests the top of this before breakdown. And like I said, that would get us up in this range. So keep an eye out for that. Let’s look at the four hour, four hour our size. We are riding on top of all of them right now. So that is bullish. If we break below, then we could be heading towards our downward area. A lot of guys are saying it could go up, could go down. My main concern right now is this top trend line is bottom trend line. Whichever one we break. That’s the direction we’re headed. I will be longing at a break of this. I will be shorting at a break of this actually short if we get a good rejection up here. So but that’s where I’m at. Guys, you guys seem the targets. Fifty four hundred is still my you know, where I’m keeping my eye out for. And let’s look at the 4:00 hour for hours. Looks like a. Symmetrical triangle in the 4:00 hour, and we do have room to come up, protests this one more time. Now, I said this yesterday. If we close a four hour above this trend line, then I do believe we’re going to go up much higher and that’ll probably be breaking this area. So keep that in mind. But it has to close a four hour with the RSI out because it can pop up here before the close of the 4:00 hour and then come back down and be below. So keep that in mind if you’re watching that. So get light coin. Same thing we’ve been watching. Guys like Coin and Bitcoin seem to be lagging in the semis or in the wedge compared to a theory which a theorem has already tested. The top could get another run up for theorem breaks this. That could be a clue that Bitcoin and light coin are going to follow. Let’s take a look at the measured moves. And if we measure the wager, go up to. Around to 62, if we are to break this two hundred and five dollar area, I would be looking for actually depending on where we hit this. You know, it could go as high as 210. But looking at two or five area, if we break that, we could be heading towards a two sixty two, although we have the same trend line here as we have in Bitcoin. And that would be around the 240 dollar range where I would expect some resistance, maybe come back down and test the top of this wedge before continuing up. If we break this, the measured move down, guys, depending on where we break it, it’s gonna be around the 113 range. Also have target looking at this as a flag pole. This as a big bear flag. And what would that get us to round the thirty dollar range? And if we go all the way back. Go into the daily. You can see that would be right around the breakout time of two thousand 17. So definitely a possibility. Like you said, guys, I’m not saying to go in there until we break this wedge. We are pretty much in limbo unless you’re in the smaller timeframes trading that. But, yeah, the daily theorem looks pretty bullish. You got the 200 EMH here. The aid has already crossed. Thirteen is crossed. Twenty one looking across. Now, if that happens, could be a huge, huge move up. Just be careful, guys. This is a crazy range. And like I said, like coin and Bitcoin have not. They’re not in the same position in a theorem. Could a theory and be leading the way. Definitely a possibility. Also I have a lower targets for light coin. If we were to break down with light coin, we’d be looking around the twenty four and that’s a break of that forty two dollar range. And if we looked at this as a. Bear flag could be going down to the 18 dollar range. But again, the bullish case scenario, if we are to come up here and able to break the top of this rising wedge, which can be around the fifty three dollar range. My target’s going to be more around the 70 dollar range, which obviously old support and resistance. It actually looks like a inverse head and shoulders here that broke and that would be retesting the neckline. We’ll see what happens there, guys. Anything’s possible at this point. So. Just be careful, be cautious out there. Let’s look at. Theorems are Assai. See if that tells us anything. Same thing in a symmetrical triangle here may get another push up before breaking down. Markets on the Dow Jones refreshes. Real quick. Right now, we’re up in the pre markets. Almost three hundred and fifty dollars, which is one point four percent. Look at my targets on the Dow Jones. If you have not seen it, guys, these are what I’m looking at. I am looking at this as a rising wedge and the lines could change on this. This is the four hour chart. But how I have it as of right now is looking at this as a rising wage and a break from the rising wage. My target is 19 seven. We could come up, retest the top of this wage, which is also 200 DMA and the four hour, which also lines up at the point six one eight. And let’s see, that would be right around. Let me tone that down a little bit. Let’s do this go down 20. So right around the twenty five to 40 would be retesting this wedge before continuation down. But as you can see right now, we are getting rejection at the point three eight two fib of this whole big move. I do want to look at the measured moves we’ve had here for a while, for a breakdown of this rising chain over we broke out of. And that gets us down to about 17 to if that doesn’t hold. If we make it down here, which I still believe we will. And that does not hold. I have a measured move. If you look at this pink line as a support white line as a resistance, we have a megaphone pattern here. We have broken back up in it. But I still think if we break this 17 two, we would be looking at ninety one. Ninety two. And I know a lot of guys are saying this looks like a V bottom. I just I don’t buy it. Guys, the economy is not doing good enough. I understand they can print tons of money, but eventually that’s going to end up biting in the ass. And I do believe a lot of people are gonna get suckered in here now. You know, this could be the disbelief stage. And I’m in disbelief that this is a true rally. But I have lots of reason to believe that this is not a true rally. And I do think it’s still a sucker’s rally and people are gonna get wrecked in here buying into the market. But that’s my opinion, not yours. Do your own due diligence. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to hit the like button. Leave your comments down below. Subscribe if you haven’t already by clicking the crypto savvy logo above my head. Thanks a lot for watching. I appreciate each and every one of you. Please share the video. Get it out there. If you enjoyed the content. And I’ll see you later.


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