Bitcoin logarithmic regression and under/over valuation of cryptocurrency marketcap

We discuss the logarithmic regression curves to show our entries and exits based on historical data, dive into under/overvaluation of the crypto marketcap, and look at Bitcoin price moves over the last few weeks.

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  1. I like 13 min mark. If your net worth drops 50% when bitcoin drops 50%. That's not good, but when your in your early 20's…who gives a fuck. haha especially with current market/jobs conditions on planet earth… ; )

  2. Drops are great opportunities to accumulate more BTC, little bit by little bit. A few years from now, you'll be glad you did. Patience and persistence, and looking at these broad perspective charts…. Thanks Benjamin!

  3. I love the long overview and find the content fascinating – what I do not understand is why we cannot zoom in once in a while to see the prices more clearly (in fact everything more clearly)!? These old eyes and this tiny phone screen offer less understanding. ZOOM IN SOMETIMES!!

  4. it would take some crazy shit for bitcoin to hit 10trillion bubble in this 4 year cycle that is more crazier than what we are expriencing now….. with covid and economy crisis but then $1trillion is a fairer valuation of the market after this bullrun.

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  6. I appreciate when you hammer home the points. There's no reason to focus on a new indicator each day when you have a handful of really informative ones.

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