Bitcoin Tale of Two MASSIVE Patterns! March 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis


Once again we have a tale of two massive patterns. My. Son. Led me into my. Media. My staff. Me and my son. Me and add me and my son. Met. Me or my son. Me. Welcome back to Crown’s crypto okay. People of Chemin number one over here waking up for a very sunny and late morning over here on a Tuesday morning from Helsinki Finland. Want to wish you well as always and we got a shit ton to talk about. I am freshly out of the doctor’s appointment from the other. From last night and feeling a lot better after that perhaps more a bit later but all is well and good. Just still recovering a little bit. I do think that we’re gonna do a twitch stream a little bit after this perhaps as I have nothing else to do. Quite literally not only are we on quarantine but I literally by doctor’s order cannot even fucking move around all that much so with all that said we have a lot to talk about on price action right now. I want to fall from yesterday’s analysis as while I didn’t think that is very likely we did obviously hit the the the the upwards targets that were kind of based upon those next pivot points and I want to kind of follow up and how that’s changed the picture for now. And now we do have some pretty massive patterns actually being shoved right in front of our faces right in front of our very faces. Anyways before we get to that I do want to say that the Crown trade application is right trading as it is right in your face right here and it can be had for when I’m sent free at Epcot crown the net and in Burgundy folks in a big amount on this today. So we’ve been so we’ve been following these numbers for the last well really for ever since I’ve since I have this up but but more importantly we’ve been following these numbers for the last week or so with regards to the open interest as the open interest has still count is still has still come down as we did get a little bit about 5 million for a brief second early in the week about 550 million on that last down move. Now going back up in price action while open interest goes down in volume is still coming down as volatility also comes down. We now have a narrative that fits from an underlying market dynamics perspective that fits into the patterns that are going to be looking at plus just a general technical analysis. Also I forgot to fucking mention it once again. Jesus Christ man because we are because it is this quarantine week I suppose and I don’t know if it’s going to be ending anytime soon unfortunately. We did it. We did decide to extend the discounts on all the programs make sure that they are outside make sure to watch the videos on them if you are into them then they’re going to explain who they’re for how to get the most value out of them. And as always with any one of these programs I won’t go too deep into the details of them right now that’s what the videos are for but I do want to say make sure that if you are considering them make sure to take advantage of the free content on this on this channel first because it is literally can more than 3000 hours plus of free content and that’s pretty good. That’s probably what most people about to the level that they want to be anyways so you don’t need to invest and make a massive time or financial investment in those Anyways let’s get down to it right and over here at La starting off with our lovely chart that we had yesterday on Jeet X and as you can see we did. We did head back down to that to our horizontal routing over here. But contrary to what to what my bias was yesterday I said that we were likely to have a bounceback around here and head back into the low 6000. However I was looking for a rejection there especially a alongside this blue box territory right here about sixty 400. Obviously bitcoin has exceeded that that area now and that’s going to initiate and kind of define the next sort of set of targets as well as the next set of bases right here. Now here’s the thing and here’s what this analysis is all going to hinge on so going to show both the Bush and bearish narrative for this. And then the critical pivot points for this. You know for for these next target. So first and foremost the most important level right now is our last local high run over here. You can you know I’ll do it on like a four hour total closing basis just because that does seem to be a good timeframe from you know not too low over time frame but not too high of a timeframe that gives us you know a nice little act area of action that you can see right here. As long as we are closing for our dollars below this area below our last local high which is 67 50 ish region or maybe this is a little bit higher than that actually we could we can conservatively say it’s about sixty eight hundred in fact I’ll make a little bit of a zone right here for now. I do. Sorry. As long as your closing below is below this there is no continuation be looking at of course. Yes we did get a week above that’s fine but as long as we’re not closing for adults above there even to our is probably gets it as well. I would not be looking for what I’m about to describe next. So we have to delineate between low timeframes medium timeframes and high macro timeframes where we’re looking at right now is low timeframe bullshit. So with that said let’s go into our side that was actually a 10 hour that we’re looking at. But for our you know pretty much the same read and over here as well. In fact we can move these areas of action down. In fact this actually fits the narrative significantly better. As as as we are testing that area right now as you can see so we do get a nice Wick above but no closures as of yet although we’re definitely have a chance to close above on this next for our data which is going to be the next twelve hour delay closed as well. And if you are using the 10:00 hour as I just was then we could use those same numbers about 67 50 to 60 100 each region. Again they’re pretty damn close here regardless of the fact. So I would just be going blue box to blue box in this current trajectory. Now what I wanted to what I wanted to start this off with is that because of the price action yesterday we do have a new pattern going on right here now don’t we. We do have a nice little falling channel which is typically going to be is off to the upside as far as as far as statistics statistical analysis does go. Actually maybe I should be doing this on it. Maybe I should be doing this on a two hour it’s gonna be about the same regardless of that but a little bit more precise a little bit more precise here. Anyways there we go. That I think that’s good enough and we can make a mesh move on this. We actually have initiated the upside of this now. Now haven’t we as we did close but this blue box territory right here which would be of course what’s called resolving that to the upside. Now this does initiate a move from a measure move basically back around a prior week high right around about 7000 bucks. So technically speaking should be looking for a move within that region. This is a more conservative estimate actually because we could just as easily draw this in the same way. Right around here which would a long gate that target about another hundred bucks higher I believe somewhere right around about 70 50 to seventy one hundred seventy one fiftieth ish region. Now this is what is interesting from this narrative though because while we do have a short term bullish formation right here in the formation of a following channel which right now is potentially could turn into a little bit of a swing filler pattern especially if we start to close for our dodos back below. This higher low right here at about six five hundred but we’ll get to that later. Remember over the last few days we have been working on this as well. Unfortunately or fortunately for the Bears. Unfortunately for the Bulls we do still have this massive rising channel right over here so it’s a tale of two channels. We have both a falling channel which typically bullish which we already got the Bears the resolution to the upside right there and you could even say that this target was perhaps even front ran which I think is I think that’s relevant. And then we also have a bear the greater bearish pattern right here which we are unfortunately in in beneath or in between and beneath. So I I’m I’m operating off of like low hours of sleep. I still feel like shit by the way but I feel I feel good enough to to do some march do some actual twitching later perhaps. But you know but as it stands we do have this. Well let’s actually draw this right maybe we do have this rising general technically Bear Flag still in the making as well which we are living below as long as we are below about 70 300 a Saudi 400 ish region right over here. Now going back to what we began this video with we realize that open interest has been coming down this whole way as price action has been going up slowly and volume has been more or less steadily on the decline in volatility further confirming that factor as we do see a nice steady decline coming in all the way from you know essentially March 13th like Doomsday and going back on over here you know if we were to follow the trend line on it and if we were to maybe even bring this around a four hour out imagine. Yes. That’s exactly what you’d expect. It’s curtailing its contracting and that further confirms the look on this and the analysis from the open interest perspective that I still would have an overall bearish bias on the greater formation here. I’m still very skeptical on this price action. You know. So it’s essentially reverting the whole the whole cycle back from Bear to bull this quickly I think that this is perhaps or a sorry it’s not perhaps it’s very very likely shorts closing doing all this price action. I say this this chart is so fucking convoluted I apologize about this. We can get rid of a lot of this stuff we can get rid of the short term falling channel right here and all these other levels are important and I actually do want to keep them in because they likely do hold weight over time. If anything we could get rid of this guy right here for now. Maybe get rid of this guy. There we go. Okay. That cleans it up just a smidge in there but anyway so that would still put in the bias of this being essentially a redistribution pattern over the long period of time which does fit the pattern there which does fit the structure narrative. Does that fit the open interest narrative would just fit the volume narrative which does fit the. It’s like like a fuckin robot right now and the volatility narrative as well of course. And that is essentially available as long as we are below about 73 to twenty four hundred. But that also means that we can rally up to about 73 to only 400 as well and still not really do anything all that crazy from that perspective. Now does that match up with anything else that we’re looking at in fact. Well it kind of does because that would be around the measured move if we were to take a more aggressive measured move on this baby of what we saw and I had I had Porsche to Ron before I wanted it right around the last prior little spike high right there which is what we got. You can see that this measure move is more or less coming in line with the topside resistance of this proverbial flag formation. I would say it’s more of a channel than anything just because well if we do make it into a bear flag it’s just going to it I think it’s kind of I think it’s kind of gone on for a little bit too long for that to really fit but. But more importantly as long as you blow this area about it over here that does still fit the narrative unfortunately so I do think that bitcoin can very easily have some more upside here especially if we close this next for our dollar above our last prior height about 60 700 on a four hour total closing basis and especially above about 60 70 50 if we if we closed above there which this can be the 12 hour total closing basis. I would look for likely extension all the way up to maybe 70 150 to maybe even 70 400 ish region right here. I mean it’s getting quite it’s not that’s not very precise so it’s not. So it’s obviously not very helpful. But as long as we are within the bounds of this region I do think that we likely are looking at redistribution but that could also include the five had all moved to the upside. I do not believe change around my overall perspective on Bitcoin from bearish to bullish intel. I mean there is a lot of ways of doing this but if I wanted to be as aggressive as possible I would probably wait for a weekly closed above Sunny 500 if we could do that that would be obvious. Even a daily closed above Sunny 500 is quite obvious. Or or just a daily close above above the top of the channel formation which is again it’s coming around 73 50 to sunny 400 ish region. So Bitcoin sells a lot of work to do here but it could very easily have a little bit more upside. The problem with this also is though is that we are creating some hidden bearish evidence on some time frames that actually do matter like a daily. You see that daily RSI is getting well above where we were even on the 10th of March which was this breakdown right here when Bitcoin was hanging around 8000 bucks so that’s going to be an issue. You know all the way up basically until a thousand dollars unfortunately you know as suit you know assuming that our side. Well the other is obviously way higher than that so yes it will be an issue pretty much no matter what. So I just want to show that while things are looking a little bit a little bit nice right here and we and we actually did and while we did talk about these scenarios yesterday while I didn’t necessarily think that they were very likely to happen. Still you know more planning to come with this territory. So it’s a little bit a little bit difficult of the situation here. You also can see that perhaps we might even be working on some some some regular bearish divergence on our lower timeframes like a 4 hour. But while we are here on the lower term time frames I just want to also show that some momentum also is asking to get a little bit hotter. Got for our stocks getting way up there but that’s OK. They can still they can still another stab higher. I would imagine that around the you know the seventh a little bit above 7000 7000 dollar region they should start to get pretty damn hot. Three our gonna be about the same thing we should see these more or less in line two are going to be the same thing as well in hourly kind of flip flopping around here so I do think that we prolly have another drive higher is what they douche is what they do suggest we do have enough momentum here for of drive higher at least and then I would be very very very very defensive in the in the in the lower 7000 or region especially around 70 150 ish region I believe that does match up also as also with our two day look. Yes indeed. OK. So this is what I’m very concerned with as well coming in that region remember the two day that we’ve been looking out for for quite some time. We do have the two day death cross still looming. Now of course with this last upwards move it’s obviously going to be a lot less of a it’s going to be lot less of a slope. So it will. It will kind of postpone the death cross on this perhaps even indefinitely especially if we get back above seventy nine hundred bucks. That’s quite far away right now. But fair enough you know that you never know in bitcoin land blights you know as as this area does come around. We do see the 20 when I speak to an average Hain out where on this timeframe right around Sony 350 ish region. So Bitcoin did pop up to some 350 ish region test of this region essentially the top side of that rising channel formation and we still see open interest essentially coming down or remain at flat as well and in volume still kind of on that steady decline. I would look at that as a test of the two day deal to death cross right over here. Also pattern formations and and I would actually be interested in a position at that point in time also because it’s you know it’s relatively easy to manage and like as with anything it’s game Massachusetts doesn’t mean that it’s actually going to 1 percent work out. But I would be comfortable putting on some risk there just point a position as ever really played a position in quite some time here. Other than that what also I want to say do we have a two day closing tonight. I believe we do. Yes we do. So if we close the two day tonight and here’s kind of like the Don’t Say foolproof way of doing it there’s no foolproof way of doing anything but if if I really wanted if I really wanted to be what’s the word that I’m looking for confident. Confidence bad word but back confident that we are going to reach into the low 7000 Daraa region which this will come down again once we get this new two day total closure which are going to happen tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. If we close above the 10 simple I do believe that we will test it. We will very very likely test it at that point in time. It’ll be coming in somewhere right around thirty three hundred member that is essentially the top side of our channel resistance right here. I have this at about 70 to 50 so close enough is close enough especially when talking about a two day that’s fine. And that’s also gonna be meeting up with the next measured move off of the short term falling trend that we saw that is that is showing probably that we do have a little bit a little bit more bullish momentum which is also mediated by the lower term timeframes much more sort of saying that you know we likely have a little bit more a little bit more upside here to go as well so I do think that bitcoin probably has short term upside by the way we do have the twin expansion image on the foiled timeframe coming in right around 70 to 50 as well. So I do think that we prevent other stab to the upside but I would be defensive against against it chasm because still the greater picture is not the picture of health and fitness unfortunately. So again you know I know a lot of a lot like if I found to be wrong about some like this I’m I’m sure that I may get a shit ton of very mean and nasty comments which is fine. You know I totally understand that but but for the people having to give a fucking and for the people who have been here for a long time you understand that tentacle in our soul about statistics and with these sorts of things. You know I do need it as a trader I need to see confirmations or least well you don’t really need there’s multiple ways of trading of course but my but my particular style of trading is that I want to you know wait for wait for confirmations yes it’ll make me a little bit on the sluggish end sometimes but it does keep me out of it does keep me out of out of searching for longs during 2013 and searching for shorts during the middle of 2019 right here and more recently four furlongs once again. So I do like that but this next two day deal little closure is gonna be very very important. Now if we do start closing two days above sorry not the not two days but the two day chart above the twenty one right here which again it’s about 73 three each region will call. That would also be a good a damn good early indication or maybe not so early but the earliest for myself that I that it’s time to change round the bias. We’re gonna we’re very likely to pop back up above 8000 and this is all just like some very nasty shit how movements in the way that only Bitcoin can really do it. And perhaps if we want to bring up like the biggest possible hope him that we could think of then we’re doing some like this like some sort of massive Well I guess it’s not gonna make much sense on linear scale although I should probably start using that but it would make more sense from a log scale where we could be doing some sort of massive symmetrical triangle coming off the lows which for now the narrative does work on that and we actually are from a long term perspective getting closer and closer to the resolution point of this which I would say becomes extremely likely to break somewhere right around here right around June July. Late June early July is where I’ll be looking towards. I do like how this match up from a fib perspective as well we got the 6 1 8 at the breakout point to the upset at ninety 550 and we got well somewhere right around here we’d have the 76 right around our breakdown point at that at that time frame as well so for kind of making assumptions here to be fair. But you know just want to show you know just want to show that you know it is in the cards. So fair enough. You know fair enough. But here’s the thing still. You know while we do have the two day death cross looming and can be reverted especially if we start closing to date it was back above the 21 at 73 33 three fifty. We also do have the weekly 21 and 55 right over here and I do look at a lot of this price action especially as volume is kind of coming down in price sections popping back up to test around these around these major moving average crosses as the test of that cross which is going to provide insight into the efficacy of that cross are the bottom I was actually on the same side. Are they in switch on their sell programs around that area. That’s the insight we’re gonna get in that we’re gonna get clarity on probably probably by end of week I’d say. And and that’s where things start to become a lot more interesting from a long term trading perspective as I have not I haven’t really taken like a long term position in a while now I’ve probably been taking any positions cause I’ve been hopped up on fucking pain pills a shit ton recently for anyone who’s new here I just had a I just had a back surgery and it’s pretty nasty and it’s pretty disgusting and I just went back to the doctor last night and they told me the most enlightening thing of all time because there’s like a massive hole in my back and basically they said well you can you know you could you know you could use like some sort of swallow there’s some shit or you could try putting a tampon in them like what the fuck are you shit what hey hey doc what the fuck you to say. She told me to put Tamils in my back. Well it is quite engine ingenious but it does make me feel a little bit less manly than I typically do with my raspy lesbian voice. So looking at all this price action about it over here I do want to remain cognizant. Also the fact that weekly stocks have been nosedive in this whole way and they’ve got plenty of room down for the higher term time frames. Not only that but weekly RSI is just popping back up to test around the bearish controls and as it is right now. So these things still make me very very apprehensive. As far as a greater picture goes. But we haven’t really talked too much about the lower term timeframes just yet. So I think it’s time for me to go back down into the lower term time frames I think we can use this g tax chart right here. I think it’s pretty good. And let’s talk about the low term time frame. So I’ve only been talking about high end macro time time frames which actually do have a chance of probably doing some very interesting reverse. So variance in behavior is within this probably within this week but by now we can go down to the low term time frame now that we have all that mapped out and just and just talk about blue boxes and level by level so first and foremost I would say that some there is very very very very very obvious pivot point right around here right around 6 400. Because we are above 6 400. On the short term time frames is you know is the bias to the upside. I mean like here’s the problem is that I should have gone over this yesterday because 60 400 I did not think was cap broken about yesterday but once it did that initiated our next move to this blue box right over here. Becka prior high I believe I did say that yesterday though. So I hopefully I can feel good about that. No it doesn’t matter what you feel good about it only it only matters what you positions on four. But here is a thing. If we close above this blue box that we’re currently operating above right now we will create another higher high on the four hour and I believe we would also confirm a higher hang the 12 bar as well. Yeah. Yeah we would. Yes yes indeed we would. I know they’re gonna be closing at the same time so this next for our total closure of 8 hour our site is actually not a meeting now in eight hours but four hour and twelve hour can be pretty damn important because if that does happen I would look for a retest. Back around our prior Spike high at about 7000 bucks a little bit north of 7000 bucks and then realistically I don’t really see any reason I don’t really see anything in Bitcoin’s way between there and basically like 70 to 50 to semi 350 ish region. That’s where I do think hunting behavior and trapping behavior can can come back again for this asset. So that’s what I keep an eye out for right now as far as a lower term time frames go. As we said momentum positives are still still okay here. Still a little bit more upside but in out and out essentially be cautious here on the low timeframes and we can get rid of this one too. Okay that’s good that’s actually great. Let me get rid of this blue box right here it’s not it’s important but it’s not too important to get rid of this guy right here as well. Okay so as long as bitcoin does remain above 60 400 you know I’d be more or less cautionary Ashley bullish on the very short term time frames although I’m not trading this at all at all right now. Fuck that if we do if we do start to break 60 400 even on like a two hour dollar closure even just taking out this spike low right here actually. Which conveniently enough is right around 60 400. If we if we take out that Spike low I would look for and I would look for another move back down all the way to the top to this little this little block territory right here actually. Very short term time frame stuff but it is relevant especially to what we’re talking about because it’s not only going to be this this little block right here but also the bottom side support of our potential flag formation. So I would be looking for another bounce off this region. This is coming in right around about 58 50 to 59 50 ish region right here. After that I go back into complete. What’s it called How to Speak English. Fucking God damn it man. I swear it like sometimes that is completely forgot the these pain pills are like the worst thing ever. I absolutely despise taking them. They are pretty fun but I do despise taking them anyways. If we you know if we came back down to this region I will look for an initial short term time frame bounce. I don’t have any real targets on that bounce just as long as it doesn’t get back above 60 400. It is fair game and I’d look for that bounce get sold into and then we’d actually resolve this massive rising channel right here to the downside. Once we get that then we can actually have another measure move. And now that we really have a solid three tests on both sides we can see this this this trend over here is for the volume not for anything else then we can actually see that we would have a measured viewpoint it’s all the way down. Basically decide we need to position this a little bit better because it would make. Like where would it actually be maybe somewhere right around here. This way this would actually invoke a measured move all the way down to the low for thousands that forty two hundred ish target that that I still think is likely bitcoin gets into the reason why say that is because again if if bitcoin is going to reverse off this formation I think it’s quite unlikely. Just from a historical standpoint the reason why I say that again is because we’ve never seen. We’ve never seen a reversal on Bitcoin as far as the macro or even the higher term time frames without without bullish evidence on at the very least the daily. And do we have any bullish evidence as it is right now. No. If we came back down to forty two hundred would we create bullish evidence. Yeah absolutely would we. I mean very likely and let’s be just absolutely shouters which would be. That would be pretty problematic but we’ll get to that bridge if we cross it and and then. But you know. But going back into the time sorry into the history of Bitcoin we’ve never even seen like a major reversal without bullish evidence on the daily. And I’m talking and just for example right here I’m talking about this one right here having two drives before about a 3000 4000 dollar rally from sixty five to ten five so four thousand dollar rally we had this guy right here know the three drives three thousand dollar rally right after that and it works for the downside as well. This one I’m having three drops the tops of right here before 10 sorry 14000 down to. I mean you could say that we even where we are right now and then on the you know like on our current cycle low at about thirty one hundred right here one two three drives. Same thing on the high of twenty eighteen running over here and there were several instances of more of of divergences during these during these parish pumps essentially the before that we have to go all the way back down to of course 2014 2015 as I was our last major reversal and you just see the same thing here as well as as well as 2013 and even all the way back to 2010 and 2011. So. So that is pretty consistent with Bitcoin’s history and we’ve never we’ve never seen a full on markets like a reversal without without bullish or bearish evidence that actually works on both sides on the daily and we do not have that as it is right now on on Bitcoin. So I am very I’m very skeptical here. I’m a little bit stumped with this price section and there’s going to be. And right now I need to see it say a healthy amount of I don’t know. And I don’t and I don’t really have like a full on bias right now. My bias boner is very very very very very very weak. So unfortunately you know does Bitcoin talk about where we are right now. Just Bitcoin move to 70 300 maybe top out there. Does Bitcoin completely shatter expectations. I mean expletives terrible to have of course but does Bitcoin essentially reverse the trend and make me just feel a complete fucking moron by getting back above like 70 350 and closing a daily above there. I’m open to all these possibilities. So I want to not have too much of a bias right now. I know where I want to be taking my trades. I know what my risk is more importantly and that’s really all that trading has to be don’t have to know where in the end to go just have to come up with a nice little trade plans. But with regards to that we can’t come up with probabilities. Let’s get ahead let’s go back on over here. Now I would say this I would say this if we do close this next for our deal for for our dollar below the blue box basically in line with our last prior Hi this is going to look a little bit more like a top right here we’ll have a nice double top and we’ll have bearish evidence present on the for our total time frame as well as well as making a nice rising channel here albeit not perfect but maybe maybe we could try formulate this bet on a 12 hour. Yeah. In fact we’ve got a right here. Yeah. Yeah in fact we got it right here. Okay. So it does work on the twelve and by the way the 12 hours can be close in that same time as a four hour and same sort of issues right here. So. Fair enough. So yeah. Okay. Fuck what was I just on. Yes that’s right. Okay. Lower term time frame. Let’s go back to the lower term timeframes. Bring up the areas of action. This this one again right here 60 400. Only relevant to the very short term if we do break to the downside or even just close or even just tick below it. Actually I would look for extension all the way down about fifty nine fifty nine fifty to 58 50. Price more bounce here and then and then carry this on over. Now if we do close closes for our deal above we’re basically about where we are right now. I would look for probably extension all the way to the two hundred around so many 250 to something 300 ish region. Let’s look at probabilities to kind of come up with an idea of what’s most likely. It’s obvious gonna be the upside it’s obviously gonna be the fucking upside. No shit. Wow enlightening information ground you fucking moron. I agree. I am a fucking moron looking at this right here would you see the tops out of the first aviation where presently speaking right around 70 chief 50 so I do like that as in line with the top side of our we’ll just we’ll just refer to it as our flag formation. The rising channel that we kind of open up this video with by the same token to the downside of what do we see that the bottom side the first aviation ride around 58 50. The bottom side. Blue Box. So is it likely that we confirm a reversal above that critical region to the upside today. Well less than 16 percent chance is it likely that we confirm that we could confirm a continuation pattern to the downside below fifty eight fifty fifty nine hundred well less than 16 percent chance. So it is kind of neutral as far as the bigger picture goes. But of course when we’re talking about probabilities we also want to be looking at the low term time frames as well and we can see very obviously that’s closing above. So where’s where’s my little pain. Hey where are you. Where’d you go Molly. Must be. Must have forced it away. Oh it’s actually right here. Okay there we go. Nice. All right. Got it. No problem. Okay let’s see. Let’s let’s input our single side. Target 2. I think I think 67 50 would do it on the next for our total closure which is by the way going to be the same thing as the next twelve our total closure which is closing in two hours and 47 minutes and 45 seconds. And what would our probability of closing above that region be. Actually pretty fucking high almost 47 percent so pretty damn good. What’s our probability of closing below that target which would essentially look like make this look like a rejection once again and basically dump looks like a double top also bearish divergence president as well. Well the probability for that is 53 percent so a little bit more likely to be fair. However I do think that well that that that that is quite relevant so no I won’t. I won’t say that. I think the most obvious thing that we could be looking at for the downside is just any sort of a four hour total closure below eight hundred is very likely. Not just I mean all these blue boxes are likely to be bounces to the downside but I do believe that ultimately we’d find out we’d find our footing somewhere down around 40 to under this region. That’s well and far away. I’m just checking out the time right now. Looks like we’re 30 minutes in already. What the fuck. How did this even happen. Nobody knows. I also want to check out the twelve hour momentum all sodas. He’s one man so lovely. And what you see right here. So we see two things we do see a sport trend line forming over the long term connected with our last few lows coming in early or sorry late fed early March of 20 20 of this year and then our last major low at the 10th before major breakdown and then our last major low at the March 13th at about 40 two hundred ish region or forty five hundred on a daily closing basis. Not only that we do have a competing trend line going on right over here potentially to touch this does not make a trend but you can kind of if we were to draw regression. Actually no it’s it’s not gonna work like that. OK. I call myself out that’s wrong Crown you’re fucking wrong. It’s like I’m having an internal discussion and I’m both wrong and right at the same time it’s like fucking Shorten’s Schrödinger’s fuckin schizophrenic. Anyways we’re curling back up right now doesn’t look all that strong to me but I would look for potential you know potential pressure right around this point as well how far does precession get around that point. Well either why where you here right now or it gets all the way up to the top of the next resistance so that’s sensing my look right now I think I think we either top out here or you move up another few hundred but outside not few hundred like five or ten bucks it’s like seventy two hundred seventy three out of this region and properly put in the top there and then if we’re gonna play at some downside that would be the good area to do it from the obvious areas that would further enhance that buys would be for the short term break it back down below six forward is taking below there initiate a move back down around here for another four to six five and our plays very very trainable very very nice or or or closing the sex for our on on a ha ha. I mean that’s how hard hard to hit an uptrend hard to hate an uptrend maybe fair and then and then like the obvious you know return back to the lows bias would be if we if we close for our doubles bluffs 58 58 50 ish region would be good for me. OK. All right this analysis will self-destruct in about five minutes so it’s completely useless anyway. What else do we have. Do we want to look at traditional Argus. Yes sure why not. Still following the downtrend all rallies fail and direct as fuck. And now we are on my. This is like this is the blue box that I did not think was going to get hit anytime soon gets it the next fucking week. Nice nice one traditional markets why did you just go to zero already. I mean this this is such an intense downwards move I think that we probably will see real capitulation on this one before we do get a nice local low. You know it is a blue box going up gonna provide that do we have another swipe down into like 215 ish region. And test the bottom side of it. Maybe yeah. I don’t know of a strong pin on this. It looks like we are trading about three and a half bucks up premarket. I don’t really put too much weight on that. We still got about six hours left or sorry five hours left to go until open. The only way that I call I mean you if you’ve been following this channel for a while now I’ve been moving down the point I recall to sorry to call a reversal. Like every fucking day and we can move it down once again to this point right here about 247 and third spot 3 6. As long as we’re operating below that and I’ll put it in a nice alert right now I’ve stood at 247 as teaser as you know. As long as long as we’re live and blow here I don’t think that there’s any real talk of a reversal. Obviously we do have this very aggressive downwards trend line which is relevant. It’s just so aggressive that I don’t know how much longer is going to hold to be fair. We do have evidence building on a daily as well but we need a local low in place to confirm a local low is not going to happen. Well it’s not yesterday I’ll put it that way unfortunately it looks me like making a slightly lower low at the very least and then potentially have another chance to make one down around there. But after that the after after that I guess the next error that I’d be looking for for potential low to be put in is I mean that is again this is getting just like so deep so deep baby so deep probably around 2 and a 200 and a little bit above 200 but around 200 would be the next major area with bounces in between somewhere right around about 2 0 8 as a well I’d be looking for but I don’t think that that would be a bottom but probably somewhere right around here between 200 and 2 0 3 I think it is somewhere in this area right here and I’ll put in another blue box. It’s like we’re accelerating so far as so so fast to the downside it’s like I need to do like three analysis is a day to keep up with it now. Unfortunately I’m usually asleep during the time that this one is. Jesus Christ. He must be doing a stream too. I wonder if people actually heard that anyways. Maybe he’s fucking long spy. Who knows. If you couldn’t hear that there was like a man screaming like very very violently outside. Now I guess that was hurtful it hurts me more than it hurts you though my friend. Anyways if we do it’s very likely to happen today but if we were to trade above this level right here I would look for extension not just to the 10 symbol but overall to the 21 somewhere right around like 265 to 270 each region. But this is just getting more more aggressive here. Yeah I mean that means say something very profound. The trend is down and the trend is your friend until the end and until the other trend now that’s not. That’s obviously not very helpful I think that this is I think this will probably be a little bit news driven not necessarily news driven but actually fundamentally driven due to the fact that we actually do have a legitimate fundamental threat to humanity right now I suppose. I mean I don’t think that anyone truly thinks that you know everyone is going to die but at least I hope not. But some you know a lot of damage can be done to the financial infrastructure before you know even if not that many people do die anyways. So that’s getting personal right now. All right enough of that. More of this. Let’s see um our site. Let’s talk about a continuation point now. I don’t really have a continuation point. Maybe like now they didn’t close blow to 14. It looks to me like we’re going to test that region regardless of the fact though. So at least another swipe down and maybe has another chance to put in a local Oh but God damn nasty does really make you think though are we going to see decoupling between Bitcoin and traditional markets. We actually are going to a chance here especially if Bitcoin closes as this monthly above like 7000. Jesus Christ man I’ll be powerful gold. I think gold is probably put in the nice top right here. We did talk about the move yesterday likely popping back up to 50/50. We got that move. Now is the time where the bias can change once again. But I would not change my bias towards further upside until we get a daily total closure back about 15 90 ish region at that point. I would not target this blue box right here actually target all the way up all the way up towards our last breakdown somewhere right around here somewhere right around here. We can do a nice box. My boxes my boxes right around here. If that does happen but I think I think what’s more likely is we’re gonna put another local to high right here. Weekly is weekly OK weekly weekly actually could reverse if the weekly closes above fifteen eighty five. I would call a reversal backup to sixteen sixteen seventeen hundred and region and that’s kind of how Bitcoin’s action right now has Bitcoin made a new weekly high above last week. I don’t think so just yet. It’s gotta be gone. It’s gonna be damn close though. Yeah we haven’t got there just yet but if it big if bitcoin is going to follow gold and act like an actual like and act like an actual uncalled Das ad then they’ll be a damn good time to do it anyways. Okay. Anyways um um should we go over some of the other top shit coins in this market. Yeah let’s do that. Yeah let’s do that. What about Mr. Boudreaux the house he’s looking. Do we have any major buys. He’s here to be made. I mean you know S. same thing on this one has a death cross pop up to tens of twenty one. You can. I mean you can you can almost visualize a nice rising channel in here skeptical about this one as well. See the twelve hour looks like twelve hour looks looks like good looks good for some short term continuation though. Same thing with four hour maybe backups like 146. Like what’s like we’re doing. Same thing. Yeah. Forty one and a half for forty two. You know not not not out a question but still same same thing. You know has this has this nice rising channel that we’ve been following and that’s gonna be an issue as long as we’re below basically 40 for some like this. Yeah again not perfect but I don’t want to do and I don’t I do it perfectly primed to do a different time frame. Um what about Ripple has ripple doing. Same thing. Mm hmm. This one actually did prior bullish evidence on the bottom though. No it did not. We did not make new lows. All right fair enough. But again you know if Bitcoin takes a step up 17 17 and three quarters we’ll be looking towards iOS. Same thing yeah. You know but basically most deals around there twenty one is where I’d be looking towards two and a half bucks. Neil. Seven seven and three quarters Tron cash. All right around the prop the price spike. When one and a quarter let’s go look at Lincoln’s Well I should just add a link to the to the list see only one. It’s only all that’s really worth looking at because it might be doing some different to the general market. Link yet they think it’s pop. It’s pretty popping back up here as well. This one’s the only one with actual bullish evidence that I’ve seen thus far coming off the lows. And I do think that it will. Well we only got the test 21 but I do think it’s gonna pop back up here and test it again. So yeah mult most things looking like they do want to have short term continuation the upside so I think I think I will be saying with that I do think that Bitcoin’s pricing to get another test to the upside is somewhere around like ultimately like 70 to 50 to semi 350 ish region. That’s where I start to really look at this price action as if we are going to turn back down. I’ll be a damn good area to do it and get everyone super bullish once again. Now we’ll stop on this because 30 40 minutes long. Sorry about that. My bad anyways. For those of you who still happen to be here I salute you. You fuckin O.G.. Anyways some here would be the most obvious thing for me to get bullish on bitcoin macro as well. Monthly closed back above the twenty one expansion an average which with awake all the way down here to test our prior low holy leaf fuck but even with all the price hedging that we’ve seen thus far still monthly stocks are down still a month the RSI is nose diving. Still if we looked at accumulation distribution they could still be down as well. Yep. I’m still skeptical but short term do we have some more upside. I think it’s I think it’s I think it’s quite possible. Uh I think that’s going to do for right now. I guess I’ll briefly go back on over the longer term time frames the sex for our little closure if it if it happens back above about 67 50 we’ll call it. I would probably look for the for the next number to be hit two to semi 300 ish region and also test the tops out of this rising channel. At that point I would look for at the very least a short term pullback and maybe even higher term time frame such turned back down once again. The two day closure can be absolutely critical as well later tonight. But I won’t be awake for that so it’s not really not really relevant to the short term and then in the most obvious thing for the four for the downside would be just a tick below 6 400 again on on git x. I’d be looking for a move back down a 58 50 to 59 50 ish region by a bounce there and then the bounce probably fails and then we play out the rise and handle talking to the downside so I is going to do it for right now. I will. I’m going to go eat a shit ton of food very very soon and then if I’m feeling well if I’m feeling good I think it’s twitch time baby so with all that said I want to wish you well. Once again take care. And until next time.


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