Bitcoin: Measuring valley to valley

The last video did not go into the lows of each BTC market cycle. Therefore, this brief and unplanned video shows the time between Bitcoin valleys. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

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  1. To me it just feels like we have too few cycles to draw any conclusions. It only takes two points to make a line but usually the conclusions made from the line is wrong once more data is available.

  2. Love your work, but it feels like I'm watching the same video over and over again now.

    Time to drop the "4 year cycle" thing, just let it go.

    Whether it is or isn't a 4 yr cycle, who cares, we won't know until it happens, so let's just see, it's getting old

  3. Its the same tards who said, "Yep, havening is on 'this day'" — Guess what, the havening was a big nothing burger… People want to be told what to do or how to invest, or they watch Bob Lucas and think, "Yep, if everyone say's it's that way, then I follow…" cause its easier not to think for themselves. These are the same types that watch Comedy Central or CNN and think they know what's up…

  4. Hello Benjamin. Thank you for your analysis. It is good to see original mathematical and chart based analysis of the sort that a very few, provide. I was wondering what your thoughts would be considering something in particular. To my memory, you have provided videos where you explore what would be the best day of the week in which to buy BTC, and also have given thought to what is the best hour of the day in which to buy. So, my question is, given that out of 12 possible months in any given year, within the last two, "4-year" halving cycles, the peak occurred during the month of December. So December 2013, and December 2017. It is possible that among the many factors that are involved in the events that lead up to and involve a "4-year cycle" peak, one of them may possibly include , December.

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