Bitcoin Miner Capitulation Over? | BCH Failing… | Defi Value Over $1B Again!

Bitcoin miner capitulation already over? Less than 1 month after the BTC halving the Hash rate fell from 120 EH/s to 90 EH/s and bounced back up to currently 111 EH/s. Different scenario playing out for Bitcoin Cash… Miners are not returning to that crypcourrency. Defi is back over $1B locked up in its Dapps.

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  1. Yes do the review. I have some weird doubts. The whole set up is so amazing and genius that I get suspicious. 1. They have many jurisdiction 2. Their app is so buggy in many ways 3. My wells fargo declined the purchase multiple times as fraud 4. The charge coming out was d2clared to come from Gibraltar. 5. My European friend sends them money to the UK. All these indicators are your Typical ponse scheme set up. They sit in hong kong, the ceo seems to have a russian or eastern last name and money gets withdrawn from Gibraltar or UK london. Just Hard to pin this company down, gives me red flag. I'd like to believe they are great BUT please everyone try doing research….basically you are buying the credit card by giving them money thru staking and all the set up smells like a mega genius ponse scheme..I'd like to really get a good feeling about this….but the set up was so buggy that I wonder if the universe is trying to warn me..

  2. Great video as usual bro. Please i have a question and i need your honest opinion. I have been studying chainlink and watching your videos on it and now i have decided i would like to have some in my portfolio as i believe strongly in it. At what price would you recommend that i wait to get some? i know the price has gone up at the moment and i regret selling the few ones i bought at $2.40. Do you think the price will ever come down towards the $1.90 – $2.50 range again for some buying opportunities? or should i buy at current price of the $4 range? i would appreciate your reply

  3. Yes please do a review.Just applied for this card (USA).Used your link and received $ 50 MCO tokens. Thanks for all your hard work and great content.

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