BITCOIN MINING ATTACK! Shadow Mining, Chain Reorg, Difficulty and 51% Attack – Programmer explains

Bitcoin Shadow attack can result in chain reorg which could lead to double spending. Get blockchain certified: join 20,000 students. Bitcoin has a golden rule which says that the chain with the most PoW is the one that all miners need to accept, which could result in shadow mining attacks in which malicious miners try produce a longer chain without triggering the difficulty adjustment algorithm.




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  1. Ivan, the Deep State has infinite resources and are pure evil and not doubt hate the concept of Bitcoin. It could happen if you control Brrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. As I understand, both miner and shadow miner take transactions in the block from the mempool checked by full nodes. If there are no fake transactions in the mempool, how they can appear in the block?

  3. If it is just a question of buying expensive hardware then surely the Fed could easily take BTC down? All they have to do is create 100 Billion give it to their friends and there you go.

  4. About the only thing that has any potential in this area is quantum computing, but when some entity invents a quantum computer they are not likely to keep it secret and conduct an attack on a blockchain. As one of the comments below says, a hard fork is always a solution anyway. Good video in terms of education on blockchain theory though, I like this guy he teaches very well.

  5. Ivan – Why not make a hard copy of the chain, periodically after a certain number of blocks, that cannot be changed or rolled back? like a save point in a game that you can restart from if anything truly crazy happens such as one of these attacks. I'm sure there must be a reason why its not feasible to, for example every 100,000 blocks make it a point of no return in the network? this would give much greater robustness and make the chain less fungible. What am I missing ? thanks for all you do!

  6. If you are mining a shadow blockchain its still the same as the real one so you would still have only two weeks to get ahead. Why ? because ( correct if Im wrong ) after that even your version of the longer chain is now adjusted to your mining speeds ? Right ? Or is the difficulty adjustement coded somewhere else ?

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