What’s up, guys? Welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about one crucial price that Bitcoin needs to pass for me to remain bullish on Bitcoin. Now, of course, I’m talking short term, don’t think long term, but we’re going to be going into the exact price, which I would like to see Bitcoin cross in the immediate future. Not only that, though, guys, but we are also going to be taking a look at someone transferring over one billion dollars worth of bitcoin in one transaction for only 68 cents. Imagine trying to move gold for only 68 and especially a billion dollars worth. We’re then going to be taking a look at the number of Bitcoin whales reaching a new two years high and what that could potentially mean for the bitcoin price in the next bull run. But, guys, we’re also going to be taking a look at the crypto fear and greed index. And now it’s actually scaled down to a 10. Last week it was actually a 12. So we’ve had a 20 percent move in the Bitcoin, extra fear and greed index. So, guys, all that good stuff coming up in today’s video. Make sure you already. All right, guys, as always, welcome back to another video, I hope you guys are all doing well. If we can start off the video by reaching 1000 likes, they’ll be absolutely great. The past few videos are very nearly reached. So I really do appreciate your support. As always, guys, if you do want to subscribe and make sure you take that notification bell so you get notified about my daily uploads. As always, guys, like a broken record. If you do want to comment down below for the trees, a storage device. Get your comments in now so you can win this guy or the equivalent in bitcoin. The giveaway will be happening tomorrow on Monday. So drop your comments down below as it’s the last chance for the week. So, guys, without any further ado, let’s stop talking and let’s get into the video. So the bitcoin price right now is currently at six thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars over the past few days or two days. The Bitcoin price hasn’t really gone anywhere. It’s gone pretty much sideways. However, the volume is still decreasing. And this is something that I really don’t want to be seen from the volume. I want to see a big spurt up here and actually to break this downtrend in volume. I think they’ll be really bullish for Bitcoin. A couple of things I did want to point out. This is the twenty-day moving average and we can see Bitcoin is holding on it right now fairly perfectly. And we do also have this box, though, from which Bitcoin has been in multiple times and access support down here. A little bit of resistance up here. And this yellow line here, without making you wait too much more. And the video is pretty much the price, which I really want bitcoin to break. Yes. Seven thousand dollars. That’s the price I want Bitcoin to break. If we are to remain bullish, if we go over to the weekly chore and take a look, we can see that the weekly, a new weekly candle is about to form. So I really would like us to break above this seven thousand dollar mark to actually remain bullish. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And that’s just what I would like to happen in realistic terms. The bitcoin price, I mean, apart from a little brief pump up here the past few days ago on a big drop, there’s not really anything going on, to be honest, but $7000 is the real key price. I really would love Bitcoin to break in if we can break that. Well, 70, 200 or above will be absolutely perfect. So if we do see the price shoot up to 7000 tested and then shoot up to 70 200, I’ll be really, really happy if that does happen. On the downwards level, we have got this level here at about sixty-five hundred, which you’ve known to be a reasonably solid level of support for bitcoin. We go on the daily chart and come back multiple times. We have touched their back here. And if we go even further back, some you guys may not have even been in crypto in this time. We can see there is a very vital level of support and resistance back there. So sixty-five hundred is the level to watch if we are in fact, going to be going down on the bitcoin price. And that’s pretty much it for Bitcoin. I mean, nothing’s really happened over the past day or so, a little bit of a downwards kind of movement and a downward trend, a bit of sideways action as well. I did, actually. Well, I’m still in a trade on Fee Phoenix for Bitcoin for those of you guys who are interested. Some of you are commenting in yesterday’s video saying close a trade. It’s going to be in a loss. And I’m not really trading with a crazy, huge amount. I’ve only got a point to bitcoin capital in this trade. And yes, it might be a lot of money for some of you. I’ve been in Bitcoin quite a while. I do have my Stop-Loss set and I’m just going to let the trade run and see where it goes. Basically, if I get stopped out on my stop loss, that’s perfectly fine. And I should actually I was thinking of doing this today, moving my Stop-Loss to break even or just a little bit of profit just to cover my back. If the bitcoin price did shoot up to that 70 to 100 kind of level where I would love it to shoot up to our guys. Moving on now, we’ve only got three days left. I keep reminding you every single day because I don’t want to hear e-mails after the sale is ending. Can I get that discount, Jack? Because unfortunately, the answer will be no. So the Bitcoin Blueprint 2.0 pretty much goes through A-to-Z guide on how you can make a profitable income or trade profitably with cryptocurrency. Basically a no-bullshit approach to hopefully gets you the results that you want. Now, I will be updating this in the next three to four weeks and adding more videos if you do jump on board at this discounted price. Well, you get access to the new videos for no extra cost. To see a really good section and there is a seven-day refund guarantee with that as well. So guys, let’s move on to this. Someone moved one hundred forty six thousand five hundred Bitcoin with one billion dollars in one transaction for only sixty-eight cents. This is absolutely crazy. And before we jumped in, jump into it, if you did want to follow me on Twitter, I am crypto Jaquith to the case. Make sure you get to the case. So you’re not following some random scammer guy or something. So yeah, this is absolutely crazy. If you think about how much it would cost you to send a hundred dollars to your friend with a bank. Well, many people, many or many banks would charge like. $30 sometimes on each end or $15, $30 total to in fact send just a hundred dollars. And the fact that you and we can send over a billion dollars for less than I mean, this is like less than. I don’t know what Amar’s bahat a Snickers bar or something like that is absolutely crazy. I will go on to the article here. One billion dollars in cryptocurrency transfer costs, just 68 cents, although the transaction is massive. That is not the interesting part. Over one hundred sixty-one thousand bitcoin worth over a billion dollars. To put that into perspective, many banks charge a flat fee. As I explained earlier, and this is only a zero point. Yeah, we can see the percentage thereof the transaction amount, which is crazy. And as I said, if you’re sending $100 to someone, you can be charged between 10 to 15 percent of that transaction fee based on if you’re just sending a small amount. So this is huge for bitcoin and it goes on to basically saying this is why many banned banks are actually becoming very, very interested in crypto and blockchain technology for this very reason. They basically have transferred are pretty much free. So, yeah, that’s really interesting. I did want to segway that onto the number of Bitcoin. Weill’s has reached a two year high. Now when it refers to Bitcoin Weill’s, it actually means people holding over or at least 1000 bitcoin in their wallet, which is about seven million dollars. That number has actually reached a two year high. I mean, can you imagine guys having a thousand bitcoin how great that would feel? I’m sure maybe there are some of them out there who are subscribed. Definitely not me or anywhere even close, unfortunately. But who knows? Maybe one day if bitcoin goes down to a dollar, we can all have a thousand bitcoin and the rapid influx of bitcoin. Weill’s replicates 2016 halving the twenty-twenty bitcoin halving is happening in a little over a month and this is actually happening really, really soon. And we can see this accumulation on the number of entries with a balance over 1000 bitcoin rapidly increasing near the halving. Many Weill’s want to accumulate bitcoin behold before the halving in hopes that the price will fluctuate. As we mentioned in yesterday’s video, the stock to flow model actually has bitcoin at 100K about this time next year. So we can imagine why many, many people are wanting to accumulate bitcoin, including myself, which is really interesting. So guys, the crypto fear and Greed Index, a fairly interesting index. I wouldn’t really trade based on it, however, is great. It’s a great index just for a bit of information. We’re currently at a 10 right now, which is extreme fear and was one of the greatest investors ever said be greedy when people are fearful, are fearful when people are greedy. That’s a really good motto on kind of quote to live by when it comes to investing. Of course, it’s one of the best investors ever out there. So we can see last month where actually nine. Now we are actually at a 10. And it’s really interesting. I keep me. I’m keeping my eye on the stock markets in traditional markets and they just keep going up, open up. And in my opinion, it’s all kind of fake with the money that’s being pumped in. So I’m really waiting for a huge pullback in the durational markets so I can actually deploy in the capital and enter over there. But as of right now, we’re not really seeing it. I wouldn’t know. Bitcoin has been going up quite a lot since the crash. However, we are starting to kind of flatten out a little bit. But as I said at the start of the video, I really do want us to bring this $7000 mark. If I am to remain bullish, we can see that on the weekly chart as I showed you early. But if we can break this $7000 mark, I’ll be very, very happy. So, guys, that is pretty much the end of today’s video. I hope you guys are all having a nice Easter as it is Easter Sunday, spending time with your family and everything like that. And if you did want to enter the giveaway, which would be going on tomorrow, to simply leave a comment down below saying literally anything, you can actually type literally anything and you can enter and win this treasure storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin. And as always, guys, if you did want to support the channel and learn more about cryptocurrency and trading, definitely check out the Bitcoin Blueprint 2.0, which is linked down below. There is a limited time sale ending in just three days, seven hours, forty-five minutes and twenty-five seconds to be precise. So thanks for watching today’s video, guys. I’ll catch you in the next one.


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