What’s up, guys? Welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, we have some very important news. Bitcoin must break above this specific price. If we want to remain bullish, I’ll be covering that in today’s video. We’re going to be taking a look at the exact price action where Bitcoin has to reach if we need to and want to remain bullish. Right now, we’ve pretty much been going sideways for quite some time. Definitely on the four-hour charts. We’re going to be talking about that price. We need to break. We’re also going to be taking a look at a theorem and how that has actually gone ahead and crossed the 200-day moving average and how that is very, very bullish for a theorem. We’re going to be taking a look at what would happen if Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, would, in fact, go ahead and buy all the bitcoin in circulation. It’s a really interesting article. And yes, he can afford to buy every single bitcoin in circulation. We’re then going to be taking a look at bitcoin to the rescue as the U.S. Fed fake economy has to burn or burst at some point. So all that good stuff will be coming up in today’s video. Guys, as always, sit back, relax and get ready for the video. All right, guys, so welcome back to another video. Thank you for joining me again today. I really appreciate it. If we can hit that one key like target, that will be absolutely excellent. And if you do enjoy my content and you haven’t already subscribed, consider subscribing and taking that notification. Bill should get notified when I post my next upload. As always, guys, drop your comments down below. If you did want to enter into a win that trades a storage device takes two seconds and you can win something. So just drop a comment down below. So let’s get into today’s video and take a look at the bitcoin price. Right now, we saw that breakout from this channel here up to around about the highs of seventy-seven sixty dollars, which is really, really nice to see. Unfortunately, though, we immediately almost got rejected and came back below this seventy-six hundred dollar line. Now this seventy-six hundred dollar line is a major, major level of resistance we see here. It was a major level of support and now is becoming a major level of resistance. I really, really, really want bitcoin to break above this seventy-six hundred dollar line if we are to continue to remain bullish. I think it’s a must if we don’t break up of this line and we keep testing it and keep rejecting it. Well, we could either come down to this sloping level of increasing support and B, the seven thousand dollar range, which we know is a strong level of resistance or even worse, we could break and for lower than that. If we go on to the daily chart right now and take a look at what’s going on there, we can see that we’ve overall of the past month or so had a very nice growth and performance on the bitcoin price. If we can manage to break this seventy-six hundred dollar range, I do think we will be going up to this area here around the eighty-five hundred dollar level. That was a previous level of support after we came down from these kinds of ten thousand four hundred dollar peaks up here. We did come down to this level and I do think that will be a rather large level of resistance or the next step up if we were in fact to break this seventy-six hundred dollar level. If we go ahead and take a look at the 50 and the 200-day moving average, once we are in fact on the daily chart, we can see again, I’ve mentioned this before, we had a nice bounce from that 50-day moving average which is in blue, and we are currently below the 200 days moving average, which is in yellow here. I do think if we can break above this seventy-six hundred dollar range, we will come into contact with his 200 days moving average, which we all know plays a major, major, major level and a major key into the price of bitcoin. If we take a look back, basically anytime we are above the 200-day moving average and we see nice, good bullish price action and anytime we are below it, we see negative and bearish price action. That’s the basis of the 200-day moving average throughout the massive market cycle here back in June and July of last year. All that time we were above the 200-day moving average. We were producing higher highs in halo’s. And just overall being bullish. Then we dropped below the 200 days moving average here, came to test it multiple, multiple times, broke above it heavily, got rejected. And then we saw the massive downturn here, which we weren’t too pleased with. Again, we dropped below this 200-day moving average when we had this massive crash back on around the early March 8th, the 10th of March. We then saw a massive price reduction. And that’s currently where we are with current currently coming back up to test this 200-day moving average. Hopefully, we can test above it and show some nice bullish signs. As we all know, the halving now is less than 20 days away, which is absolutely crazy. I really, really hope we can see some bullish things for bitcoin coming up. I do want to quickly mention, guys, there’s only 13 hours or as you’re watching this, maybe less than 10 hours left on the Bitcoin blueprint sale. This is the final day of the sale. So if you were interested in picking up the Bitcoin blueprint at $100 off and learning more about these trading tactics, it could make you a profitable trader. Check out the link down below. So let’s go ahead and take a look. The area, this is actually a really nice theory as we can see the yellow mark here. We’ve actually crossed the 200-day moving average. We crossed this on the 22nd of April. So, yes, we did cross it a few days ago. However, we have continued to close 1 two, three, four times now above the 200-day moving average. Now, this does not necessarily mean theory and is going to be absolutely shooting up to 250, 300 dollars. No, it doesn’t. We currently are testing around this $200 range, which is here. It will be exciting to see if this kind of state does, in fact, go ahead and touch this 200 day moving 200 days. Sorry, the $200 price, not 200 days too many to hundreds if we do, in fact, test this $200 price level or do we come back down and find support at this 180, $790 range and then go back up and test this $200 level? We do come down and we do get rejected on the theory in price. We do have this very strong level of support here at the 200 days, which we’ve seen here, and we’ve seen this as resistance. And what we did, in fact, break and go below it, we were fairly bearish. So again, guys, a 200-day moving average is pretty much the industry standard in what people use to determine if something is bullish or bearish, we’re currently above it. That doesn’t mean we could pump up crazy levels because as we’ve seen here in the past, we’ve been above it for quite a few days and still continue downwards. Again, we’ve been above it for quite a few days, still continued downwards. We need a real break and a good amount of time of Buffett’s to confirm a complete trend reversal for a theorem. But I do want to bring you this analysis as a theory has been doing really, really well recently. It was actually a trade call on theory this morning where some people made a lot of money due to this pump. That’s very, very nice. As always, guys, I did want to talk to you about a Phoenix. I pretty much is my number one recommended exchange right now. I’m really enjoying trading on there. You see my trades in the past. And you know what Phoenix is about. If you did want to join, if you deposit 0.2 bitcoin to your trading account using my link below, you’ll actually get a free $112 bonus. And it’s really simple to do. Simply click the link down below deposit, sign up, deposit 0.2 bitcoin to your trading account and then within 24 to 48 hours the support will actually go ahead and manually add that bonus for you if you see a 72 dollar bonus on the website. That’s if you just join the website. Normally if you join using my link, you actually get that extra bonus and if you deposit that 0.2 to your trading account, I really like it as many great features. It’s got good leverage and it has the ability to have sober counts as well as you can trade long on one trade show on the other, which some leverage exchanges don’t offer. Of course, guys, if you are a new trader, I don’t recommend leverage trading. It’s mainly for the more experienced traders. So let’s take a look at this article, which is actually really, really interesting, Jeff. If Jeff Bezos bought all the bitcoin in circulation now, I first want to point out two things. One, yes, he can afford to buy all the bitcoin left in circulation and still have a very sizable net worth left, too. Could he really buy all the bitcoins in circulation will? Probably not, because it would be very, very hard. And the second he starts buying up all the older books on the exchanges, people would not really want to be selling their bitcoin because they would see the price skyrocketing as the supply would the available supply it would be reducing. So he could potentially do. But really how you’re going to get 18 million bitcoin, OPEC, it’s just not practical. You’re never going to do it. Some people won’t want to sell. So it’s just a bit of a fun article. I thought it would bring you to I would bring you this anyway. Hoarding a network of about 140 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos could theoretically afford to buy all the bitcoin in circulation. Of course, he could only buy the liquid BTC on exchanges, massively driving up prices in the process. Bitcoin has a current circulating supply of around eighteen point four million. We know there’s a total supply of 21 million. At least some of the supply has been lost by the early adopters and miners who are not any longer able to access their original stashes. If you didn’t know the total supply, 21 million is actually probably all the available supply which we currently have. When we do in fact mine every bitcoin, there won’t be 21 million bitcoins available because yes, there’ll be existence, but a lot of them will be lost in our wallets and they’ll be stolen and lost. And just a lot of stuff like that will happen. So the total supply when everything’s mined will not be 21 million or the available supply. Sorry. Will not be 21 million as a lot of it will be lost. Additionally, the BTC, which is currently for sale on exchanges also called liquid bitcoin, is only a small fraction of the coins in circulation. It’s hard to say how many coins for sale right now and at which price level investors would stop holding them to sell their coins. I don’t think you could buy a large percentage of BTC this way because when the price starts going up, people will not want to sell their coins. Is very true. If they just float the BTC markets with buy orders, all the liquidity would rapidly disappear. With surging prices blocking out all the buying. It goes on to say oh, as well as picking up stocks from coins from miners. It would be difficult to buy. OPEC wouldn’t really be practical at the press time of them then writing this article. Bitcoin. Seventy-one hundred dollars. We’re now at about seventy-six hundred dollars. The entire market caps it’s 130 billion, which is crazy. And his current net was a net worth basis. Could theoretically afford all the BTC and still have about 10 billion spam which is crazy. Majin owning all bitcoin is still having 10 billion spent. So a bit of a silly article, but I thought I would bring it to you as it is fairly interesting. Moving on to the final article of the day now, bitcoin to the rescue. As Ron Paul says, U.S. Fed a fake Fed fake economy has burst. As you know, I’ve been telling you mostly every video. I do think the economy and specifically, the traditional markets like stocks and stuff will in fact burst at some point and will tank in price when that will be. I don’t know. I’m just simply waiting for that day. The United States Federal Reserve fake economy has. First, former presidential candidate Ron Paul has announced as a money printing takes his balance just to six point six trillion, which is crazy, according to the pro-Bitcoin retired politician. Neither coronavirus nor the brief uptick in stocks can hide the impact of the Fed’s actions. The Fed’s fake economy has burst the stock market. Even if it rises, it cannot hide the damage that has already been done. He goes on here to say that on American ideas of government micromanage and micromanagement and the Fed central planning of the economy have failed and will continue to fail as long as they clung to the time to rebuild with the American ideals of liberty and sound. Money has arrived, and of course, Bitcoin is hopefully going to be very, very popular. Paul’s common as come as the Fed’s balance sheet reached the highs of 6.6 trillion purely due to money printing and associated economic bailout measures. It goes on here to say how there’s a lot of similarity about the 1930s Great Depression and the stock‘s current rise from last month’s crash merely echoes the behaviour after the 1929 Wall Street crash. Sleep well tonight. We are all lucky to be living in an era or in an age when the Fed will bail us out, which is absolutely crazy. It goes on here to say they tell us the government can spend on more spending without taxing at all, that it could continue to pile up debt without ever paying it off because we owe it to ourselves. A really interesting article here, guys. I definitely want to know your thoughts down below in the comments that will also enter you, too, in that transit storage device. So, guys, that’s pretty much it for today’s video again. I really want Bitcoin to break above this level here, above the seventy-six hundred dollar level for us to remain bullish and test this eighty-five hundred dollar level. If we don’t, we could be coming down to sloping levels of support here. First of all, coming down to around 70, 300 and then down to seven thousand dollars. The worst-case scenario, as always, guys. Don’t forget the bitcoin Leuprecht sale is literally nearly over only 13 hours left if you did want to get your hands on that hundred dollar discount. The link will be down below. And don’t forget to join fee using my link. If you did want to use leverage trading to get that extra hundred and twelve dollar bonus if you deposit 0.2 bitcoin or more. So thanks for watching today’s video guys, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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