Bitcoin nears $10k – which way will it break?

Bitcoin has been slowly rising to $10k over the last few days. Will we break above and move up to $14k over the next few months? Or are we headed back down to the 200 week moving average potentially? Here we dive into some custom charts and and also remind you of the macro-scale.

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  1. Do a fib retracement from the most recent swing low (March 9 ) to swing high (June 1), .618 places BTC at 6.3k on the mid term (months). Although this can be negated if next week's candle closes above 10.5k. If not, then 6.3k is incoming in the coming months

  2. We need to dump it. We still have to help out the CME fill those lower gaps around 3.5k. We are losing their trust the longer the gap reminds unfilled. The market agrees bitclin is over priced and under-dumped with a professional scale reject of the 10k.
    Time to show the SEC a 5k bitcoin and move down from there, let them know we want to also help institutions in that missed out.

  3. Stomached, hard forking with Bitcoin cash wars, Plus one Token scam, China's pump and dump, bear market 2018, ETF dumps, the Corona Virus crash. I have no more food now to fit in my stomach.

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