In this video, big news from Plan B, the author of the most famous and so far the most accurate Bitcoin price model has just made a new price model with an updated price prediction. And this model predicts a beautiful price of at least two hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars within the next four years. But that’s just the least. This model predicts the Bitcoin could go as high as maybe four hundred thousand dollars within the next four years. This probably sounds crazy to most of you. It actually sounds crazy to me, too. But I want to take a look at the evidence because this is a very, very well thought out article with very, very valuable information. And I promise you, you will not be disappointed in at least the thought that went into this prediction. This is not a prediction that was just taken out of nowhere. There is a lot of evidence backing up his theory. And guys, thank you so much. I just I literally just reached one hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and I froze the screen here. And now I’m just gonna refresh because now I would expect this number to be higher. Yeah, it’s already above one hundred thousand. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel. I appreciate all of you. You are the reason why I make these videos daily and I cannot thank you enough guys, all your likes, your comments and the fact that you watch my videos every single day. Thank you so much. Breaking this one hundred K level has been a dream for a very, very long time. And it’s very, very cool to see that I actually reached this level. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. But enough about that. Now we’re gonna predict a bitcoin price. And if you think that that sounds interesting, then nothing. And you should definitely. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Khan, and I’m here to bring you this cryptic present video. First of all, I want to show you this major update by Plan B. And if you don’t know who he is, he’s very famous, encrypted because he created this stalk different racial model, which is by far the most famous price model for Bitcoin and how to predict the future price of Bitcoin long term. And this is based on the ratio between the stock and the flow. Let me talk a little bit more about that before I get into this big update. So, first of all, this is the regular stock to for ratio model that he came up with. And this is the very famous one. And you can see these red dots here. That’s the Bitcoin price month over month. Evers’s back when Bacal was created. Up until now. And behind these red dots, you have this. This area, this gray area, that is the stock to flow ratio. All right. So first of all, what is the stock? The stock is the already existing supply. So the bitcoins that are already mined and the flow is basically the inflation or the newly created supply. Year over year. So the inflation basically. So we’re measuring the ratio between the supply and the inflation. And obviously, in an asset that is supposed to be a store of value or is supposed to be a money, you want high stock to flow ratio because you wants the inflation to be low. So the inflation should be a small part of the big supply. Right. So a high start to flow ratio. If we take the US dollar as an example, it has a very low stock to fool ratio. Because the already existing supply is is X, but the inflation can be controlled and decided by a central authority that can print dollars out of nothing. So the inflation can potentially be very, very high. Just like we’ve seen many other fiat currencies around the world. So fiat currencies, overall, governments, currencies have a very low start to flow ratio and that is a very bad thing for money. Obviously, gold, however, has a very high stock to for ratio because the inflation is very low and very controlled. It’s very, very hard to inflate the gold supply because it costs so much money to mine gold. And this is good because if it’s going to be store value, then this is a very good feature because you can predict the future value much better because there will be no big surprises in the supply. And the idea here with this doctor for ratio is that the Bitcoin price seems to be following this ratio. And every four years the Bitcoin inflation rate gets cut in half, which means that the stock to a ratio becomes higher and higher and higher. And so the theory goes with this doctor for ratio model here, that in the future, Bitcoin will continue to follow this model. And according to Plan B on Twitter, he says that the beacon price will reach one hundred thousand dollars here within just the next one or two years, probably because that is exactly what this stock to for ratio model is predicting. And this is because the having is coming up in only 14 days and after the having these talks to flow ratio jumps up a notch here. And then in another four years to stop, the flow will jump up another notch. And the vehicle price, in theory should go up even higher. All right. But this is the update because talk to flow cross asset model. So this is an updated version of the stock, the fro ratio model, which is predicting not one hundred thousand dollars, but two hundred and eighty eight thousand in the not so distant future. So in this article, he will salute, solidify the basis of the current stock distribution model by removing time and adding other assets, silver and gold, to the model. I call this new model BTC stock to float cross assets model stock to float. Cross asset model enables valuation of different assets like silver, gold and bitcoin with one formula. So let me now try to go through this and explain this in a simple way for you. First of all, this is something new that he has introduced these phase transitions indicating that Bitcoin is going through different phases. And basically, he says that water, the U.S. dollar and Bitcoin have this thing in common. They have different faces. Water, for example, can be solid as ice. It can be liquid. It can be gas and ionized. And in every different state here, water has different properties and therefore different functionalities. For example, ICE has a different use case rather than the liquid water and gas has another use case rather than the liquid and the solid. So different forms gives us different narratives, different use cases in different ways. We can use this and the same goes for the U.S. dollar. He says, of course, the U.S. dollar was once upon a time complete the gold. It was one dollar, was one gold coin. This is how the dollar was born. And then, of course, we saw these these paper notes get introduced. They were actually at the start. One hundred percent backed by gold. So if you take took one dollar bill to the bank, you got one gold coin back, fully backed. And then we ended up into the gold exchange standard where the dollar was partially backed up by gold. And then we came into the new phase where the dollar was not backed up by gold. Ask at all. And what I would like to add here, after these three phases here or four phases, I would like to add that today the dollar is almost purely digital. So it has shape shifted once again, just like water, shapeshifters. We are seeing the dollar shape shift several times and it is currently almost entirely a digital dollar as most dollars only exist in computers nowadays. And you guys already know how much I want to talk about that all the time that banks create credit, they create a currency and money by lending out currency. And that is a whole other topic. Let’s not talk about Bitcoin and how this plays into Bitcoin. So the same is true for Bitcoin. Plan B says you’re Nick Carter and how soon showing their 2018 study, how bitcoin narratives changed over time. I thought this was a very interesting graph because this is something that we don’t usually take a look at. Basically, since 2009, up until today, we’ve seen the Bitcoin narrative change. So back in 2009, the main narrative, this blue area was EA Cash, Pru’s of proof of concept. And we saw a smaller part of the narrative was Cheap Payments Network and also censorship resistant E. Gold. Is this this yellow area? And we can see that this is censorship resistant. Eagled is still a narrative that is used today and is actually one of the main narratives. Right. However, this EA cache proof of concept is no longer a narrative. And we can also see that cheap payments network is also not really a big narrative anymore. And we can also see how a new narrative came up here back in 2009 10, how anonymous darknet currency emerged as a narrative as we saw Silk Road and Bitcoin being used for criminal purposes. However, this narrative is now also no longer anything that people pay attention to because criminals basically don’t use Bitcoin anymore. And we saw another narrative emerge, this green narrative reserve currency for crypto. Basically, Bitcoin has been kind of the reserve currency for all the other all the coins and crypto assets and everything is priced in Bitcoin terms. So that’s another narrative. And here we have this this new pink narrative, a uncorrelated financial assets. And I think that this narrative will grow bigger and bigger in the next two years as we see this. This narrative chart change and Trez morph and bitcoin is basically shapeshifting into different types of assets, just like the dollar and just like water. That is what Plan B suggests here. And I totally agree with what he’s saying here. Bitcoin today is not what before was a few years ago. And Bitcoin in another 10 years, 20 years is going to be a completely new type of asset with a whole new type of narrative. Let’s go to the next part of this article. So here we can start talk about price and this this cross assets model. So here we have these bitcoin clusters. We have Bitcoin monthly data. So the different months and we could see that the different months, they afford these clusters basically. And after each having we see these clusters end up higher and higher. And the theory goes here that the next cluster will end up much higher here as the next having takes place in just a few days. And according to Plan B, he says that these four clusters could indeed indicate phase transitions. And quantifying these clusters can be done by minimizing distance between monthly Bitcoin data and clusters. And here we see these Bitcoin clusters. Back here, we had the first cluster where because a proof of concept. And then we have the next cluster here when Baker was payments, cheap payments network and darknet criminal money. And then the next cluster was when Bitcoin trust morphed into this E gold narrative. And now we are in the next Bitcoin cluster where Bitcoin is treated more as a financial asset. And the next cluster will be somewhere up here. And who knows what the narrative will be? In my opinion, I think that the new narrative in another four years will be safe haven. We have already started hearing people talk about this in mainstream, this uncorrelated asset. I think safe haven will be the next cluster. But actually, it doesn’t. Really stop there, and I would like to add that the next major cluster could potentially be money, that the narrative for Bitcoin is money. Maybe it will take longer than that. But I think that eventually Bitcoin, because main narrative will be money. And at that point, we’re talking extremely high valuations for the Bitcoin price or it’s going down the article here with these phase transition perspective of Bitcoin clusters as different assets. I can now add other assets like silver and gold to the model. This makes it a real cross assets model. And you can see here plotted against this linear regression line that Bitcoin is currently right there on this. This stock to four ratio and silver is not far away from big concurrency. And gold is all the way up here. And if Bitcoin were to come all the way up to gold, then that would put Bitcoin at a price of approximately 400 to six hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin. But isn’t this chart very interesting? We see the fact that these assets seem to respect this stock to flow ratio very, very well. It’s not only Bitcoin, it’s also silver and gold. And if Bitcoin is going to compete against gold, then we will see Bitcoin come up to these valuations and Bitcoin will eventually have the same stop the flow ratio as gold. It is inevitable as the beacon having happened every four years, all the time. Right. And eventually Bitcoin will have a higher start to flow than anything else in this world. It will be the most scarce asset on the planet because the inflation will eventually go zero, maybe even slightly negative. And this model, if anything, is a measurement of scarcity and bitcoin will eventually become the most scarce asset on the planet. It is already the most scarce asset on the planet based on the future predictability of Bitcoin. You know exactly how many bitcoins will be circulating at any point in time in the future. And it can never change. There is no degree of doubt at all. You could argue that there is a hint of doubt with gold because if gold price goes up rapidly tomorrow, then more people will mine gold and the inflation will rise a little bit. And also, I think it’s a ridiculous example, but theoretically, a big asteroid could crash down on earth with billions and trillions, quadrillions of ounces of gold, and that could affect the supply. But none of this can ever happen with Bitcoin. It’s not possible. Bitcoin can never exceed the limit of 21 million because that is unique to Bitcoin. All right. But let’s talk some numbers here. This new formula and this equation, according to him, says that this translates into a Bitcoin price given 19 million bitcoins in twenty twenty to twenty twenty four of two hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars. So basically within twenty, twenty and twenty twenty four, Bickell will go to two hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars. And further down here, he says that this model and this formula has a perfect fit to the data, ninety nine point seven percent. So I think plan B himself, he’s extremely certain that this is going to take place. We will see Bitcoin reach these prices within this time period. According to him. All right. Now, I want to go down below this video because Plan B has been answering some important questions here. First of all, safety net moves. Famous for writing the book, The Bitcoin Standard. A very good book. And if you haven’t read it, go down below this video. I have a link to the best Bitcoin books out there. Make sure to read all of these four very good books. But Seifeddine, he also agrees here. He has been talking about that. He prefer to think that because is a different good at different prices. So he agrees. And Sean here asks. So just to be clear, the original stock to predicted fifty five thousand dollars in 2020 to 2024. The updated to ratio predicted one hundred thousand within that period. And this new model now predicts two hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars within this time period. So he has been shift changing his predictions and plan B. He confirms that. That’s correct. And this other guy asks him, forgive my ignorance, but does this mean that the value of two hundred and eighty eight thousand will be the peak sometime in this time period? Or that’s what its value should be overall during that time. And he says that two hundred and eighty eight thousand is a cluster’s center. So high will be higher and low will be lower than Kluster Center. So what does this mean? Well, this means that the vehicle price will go much higher, probably than two hundred and eighty eight thousand within within the next four years. If we go back to this model, we see that in this previous cluster, we saw the highest point of there and the lowest point down there. So if the next cluster is two hundred and eighty eight thousand, then there will. Points higher than that, which means that based on the previous clusters here, the beat comprise reasonably could maybe go up to three hundred four hundred thousand dollars within the next four years, according to this stock to flow updated ratio model. I personally think that Baker will reach somewhere between one hundred thousand three hundred thousand in the next cycle, top within four years. But then again, plan B has a lot of evidence here. He has a lot of data proving or backing up his theory. So, yeah, please just leave your comment down below. I would love to know just think about this, because this is it for this video. Thank you very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing to my channel. One Thousand. That’s amazing. That has been a goal for me for a very long time. Even before I started YouTube, I thought it would always be so cool to have a YouTube channel with a hundred thousand subscribers. Now I’m there. Thank you so much for helping me take me to this place. Thank you so much. Please, with thumbs up down below if you enjoy this video. Let’s see if we can push this video to 5000 likes. That would be amazing. I’ve never seen my videos get 5000 before, but this is it. And if you haven’t seen this video, if it’s right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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