BITCOIN ON-CHAIN MADNESS!!! BTC BIG $10,000 SIGNAL, Bank Shutdown, Trading Stablecoins


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning, Krypton. Here on Avalon Tech, we are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do this show each and every day at eight a.m. Centropa and Summertime. Guys, I come to like an atomic location every day. Today, we have an urgent and very important and very significant signal that we need to be paying attention to. That is an unchanged signal that is basically signaling that we are going to go higher in Biscayan price, potentially going to K. Very, very quickly. You know that already right now we are seeing a lot of moves for Bitcoin. It is right now establishing itself above seven point nine K Web theorem. Absolutely killing it, killing it today above 200 yet again. And that is going to be the first topic, by the way. Blake, thank you so much. Already received the first donation. And if. Thank you so much. Appreciate that. That is going to be the first topic. I’m going to show you the important indicators that right now are yelling, yelling, bullish, yelling green, yelling that we should really be paying attention to the markets. That is number one. Number two. Unfortunately, we will have to talk about Lebanon yet again. Banks are shutting down. Absolutely amazing how this has deteriorated, deteriorated the situation. Banks are basically saying, hey, we’re shutting down. Well, until further notice. And imagine living in a country where the banks shut down. And you should never have more money than you can afford to lose in your bank because they can literally shut down and you can try and protest like people are doing in Lebanon. You see that they are doing fire on the bank and a lot of things are going on, but it’s not going to help. It’s too late already because they have your money. They are in full control of your funds. So we’re going to discuss that as well, because people are, of course, worried that their savings will be hyperinflated away, just like I said on Twitter. Imagine working for decades, saving money for future of your children because you want to take care of your family. So you save money, you work hard, you cut expenses in the store. You always speak the cheapest option because you want to cut expenses. You want to save for kids. You know, you see to macaronis your big V chip McCarren or not macrobiotics buy gets you the chick one cheap one or you see two meats, you pig the cheap one. So that is unfortunately what many people are doing. But what’s even more unfortunate is the fact that they’re living frugally. They’re being disciplined with their money. But it’s all disappearing overnight. It’s all disappearing overnight. So that’s very important to discuss. And you cannot say it enough. Finally, we’re going to talk about how to make money trading stable coins. Believe it or not, even the most boring assets, such as stable coins, open up enormous opportunities for people that know defy that, know how D5 works and know how to use the arbitrage. And another donation. Thank you, William. Thank you, William. Appreciate that. So that being said, welcome everyone who is watching live on Ivano. Take dot com slash live. This is the only place to watch us live. I already see donations going wild. Welcome to now. Welcome, Catalist. I see the shot rolling. Andreas Krypto Koala Mag’s Johnson. Jennifer Silvis, Danielle Krypto Micko Bernat Group to Huddle Gerrold Candra Derek women Jake and I leg. I even saw Fabrice before and V up and they’re not against. Welcome everyone who is watching this live. If you are watching on YouTube you should guys go to the com slash alive and you will come to this page. Just click subscribe here. Click enable web dollars and watch live here on this page. On our page. This is the only way to watch this live. And today we really will be starting with this with this situation right here. The fact that a lot of companies, even high tech companies like Uber, they have to cut like crazy. They have to cut like crazy. Basically, one fifth of their staff will be gone. And you understand that they are being hit a lot because nobody is taking Uber nowadays. Everyone is just sitting at home and being in the current. But at the same time, you’re seeing Uber foods performing very well. But it’s not not even close to how Uber performed in the past or even the high tech companies need to cut a lot. And it really shows you the fragility of our economy, the fragility of the banking system and everything that we’ll be discussing. By the way, guys in the chat, let me know exactly what you’re what where you’re watching from, where you’re based right now at this point in time. Which country, which planet, which continent. And let me know what you’re drinking today. We’re drinking black coffee, no milk, no sugar involved. Justin, thank you so much for another donation. Big up for academy, great courses. And the features are amazing. Justin, we are moving it every day forward. We’re pushing it. Now we’re seeing Bitcoin plus one point eight percent. We see ethe plus four percent. We see X or P plus nine percent. Finally X or P. People see some light as well because you know that we’ve seen our small alter rally, our small old. In the beginning of 2020 and the excerpts did not see a lot of love from that rally, but now now we’re seeing it fabricating. Welcome. Welcome, fabrication. Welcome. How are you doing, man? I really appreciate it. Really appreciate it. Welcome. Welcome. Have you seen, by the way, fabricating. We have crypto donations as well. So now as both of you, I think crypto. Another one. Another one. Thanks, bro. Thanks, bro. So that’s deep. That’s key to understand. Right now, we are in a very bullish position, even if even Teather is down a bit, because the people are selling from Teather into crypto right now. So they’re dumping tother for crypto. We have Hyperion. Did you buy it? Yuni Bright Beecher’s Liske outperforming the rest today. And we are seeing hive digital futures and steam while man man fabric. King fabric. Big shout out big shout out to you. Truly appreciate that. Now we have whales coming back to chat with whales coming back to the japa fabricating big shout out. You never disappoint. Never disappoint. One of our O.G. original gangster chat whales fabricating. You know him when he comes. He’s going to be a big explosion and fireworks. Also, do not forget that on Wednesday, which is today. It’s today we have our completely free webinar, completely, completely free webinar. How to stack massive, massive amounts of Satz in this bull market, completely free. This is the last time for you to sign up. So do it right now. 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We’re literally seeing the sun them butches bitcoin logo. Sometimes I’m envisioning when the sun goes up, it could be the bitcoin logo because it’s round and it’s orange. But we we’re seeing this dawn right now unfold. So this bitcoin sun that is rising up above the horizon is really signaling a new era. It’s an era of freedom. It’s an era of prosperity and fairness, because right now all are human potential is being capped. We are being capped by middlemen. Whatever transaction you doing, financial transaction, somebody will take a cut out of it without adding any value to that transaction. And they thought this was so important to show that the banks, which are these middlemen, not really ising a lot of value, just taking out energy, are human energy from our daily transactions. Because whenever you’re really trying to fulfill your destiny, your dream, you’re trying to build a business, you have to do financial transactions. Financial transactions are really at the core of what is being human. We all transact with each other. We all do services and goods for each other is just natural. So you want to perform, you want to build something amazing. You want to be seen in the society. You want to reach your potential. But whatever you’re doing there are always taking a gap, by the way. Do you have. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you so much. The chat is really, really performing like crazy today. Thank you so much, you guys. You have says, what will you do when you get your first 1000 cryptid? Whatever makes it epic mile. I don’t know, man. What we will do. I don’t know what we will do. It will go wild for sure. You mean when somebody sounds like a thousand? Yeah. We will go wild for sure. Thank you so much. Thanks so much. So what’s important to note is that the middle men right now are taking huge, huge cuts from the from the relief stimulus package that is being distributed to the small businesses. So, you know that the federal government has done this loan program for small businesses and sealed the banks in the middle, are making it, kill it, killing on it. They’re making a killing on it by taking out huge fees. So the banks, they assumed no risk, had to do almost no work like Cryptologic says, and the taxpayers foot the bill right now. So this is the issue with having middlemen, financial middlemen, whatever you’re doing. They will have their cap even if they don’t take any any risk. What’s important to note as well, like I said in the beginning, we are seeing this situation with middlemen, with the banks really deteriorating right now in Lebanon. Unfortunately, it is really deteriorating. So the reason why the whole society is being held hostage by the banks, unfortunately, is because we have to use them in many instances before tripto you had to use them. How else will you do digital transactions? It’s impossible. You did not have aero freedom, prosperity and fairness. You do not have crypto. So you had to rely on middlemen. And still, most people in this world they do rely on. But sometimes in the world, we’re witnessing a situation like in Lebanon where simply the banks shut down, they are shut until further notice. People are protesting because their currency is being hyperinflated the way they obviously want to take the currency converted into dollars or into crypt or into something more legit and something more stable than their national fear. But it’s impossible to do is completely impossible to do. Unfortunately, we are seeing this deteriorate into violence and unfortunately into fatalities as well. But Bob the Builder. Thanks. I appreciate that. Appreciate it. So this is even fatalities right now, unfortunately. I appreciate that one man passed away in Tripoli. By the way, with Krypto, you learn all kinds of geography. Apparently, Tripoli is a city in Lebanon. But you all know Tripoli from Libya. You know, when the Libya was a big news in 2011 12 with Gadhafi, you all heard about Tripoli. Apparently, they have an equally named city in Lebanon called Tripoli. And this is where the banks are now shutting down and where the protests are happening. So demonstrators slate Monday set fire on three bank branches, attacked several ACMD machine and hurled hurled rocks fireworks at security forces because they want to access their funds. And obviously, many of them have more money than they can afford to lose in those banks. So it’s completely understandable when those people have been working for decades, working hard at getting expenses, living frugally, being disciplined with their money, only to see it all disappear. It is completely, completely understandable. And this is exactly why Bitcoin is here. As a reminder to myself, I wrote here in Google, what is the market for Bitcoin? I mean, just imagine the millions and millions of people who are in this situation. They have their money being held somewhere. They don’t know if they can access’s access it. They don’t know if they can really do what they want with that money because someone else decides whether they will be able to access or not. And so the market for Bitcoin is absolutely huge at this point. It’s absolutely huge. And more and more people are starting to understand the value proposition because guess what? Nobody asks how money works when money just works perfectly fine. Nobody is interested in who controls the manual, who produces it, who distributes is, who gets money first, who gets manual last. And you understand that the only way for you to truly learn is either to find the crypto community and become interested or it is to lose money. And sometimes losing money is how people learn. I mean, I have learned many lessons by losing money in the markets. You lose money, you learn a lot of lessons. So this is unfortunately where we are right now that more and more people are waking up and unfortunately, we did not reach them in time. Unfortunately, those people did not hear our message about being careful with Fiat, being careful with banks and instead diversifying, having some money in your own bank, which is your own ledger nonetheless, or treasure that is your own bank. We have been trying to reach them for years now. I’m doing this shows each and every day trying to bitch to you why it’s so important. Yet we’re yet to reach millions and millions of people. So here is where it’s important to understand the potential and how small we are still. We’re still just at one hundred and twenty billion dollars. Oh, sorry. Sorry. It’s not even the right point, man. One hundred forty five billion dollars in them in bitcoin market cap. It is nothing compared to the potential. Absolutely nothing. If we are even to reach that potential, which I think we absolutely will. Now let’s move on to the unchain signals, the unchained signals that are right now flashing green, flashing bullish and the big shelter to M-m Krip to he is really, really a fanatic of unchain. I really like that because he always brings important, important signals and he notices these signals very quickly. So go follow him on Twitter and on YouTube. But what we’re seeing right now, what he pointed out is the fact that when we look at net unrealized profit loss, we just saw something very significant. We exited we exited the phase of capitulation, which we have been struggling with. And we are right now going into this a yellow this yellow area of optimism. So we went from capitulation, from hope, slash fear, which is this uncertain time to yellow, which is optimism, able to explain to what this chart means. But, you know, historically, when you zoom out, you see that when we’ve been through a period of capitulation, of hope and fear, and when we reach optimism historically, historically, there is a good chance that we perform quite well. There’s a good chance that at least temporarily, we will see some significant gains in the market. So the last time was obviously in January, in January of this year when we went from seven K and we broke up to optimism. And that took us all the way to 10K. So it can really be a huge gain very, very quickly. And so this is the most recent one, the one before. Before that, we went from five point nine K in May of 2009. And you all remember the crazy rally of May the 19. And it started when we really broke from hope, fear to optimism. And we went all the way up to approximately ten point five, even twelve. I mean, that was the time we went basically to 14 as well. But it just was so quick. But we have basically established ourselves at 12 above. Ten. Twelve. Thirteen. And then we just touched. Which touched 14. And that’s it. So this is a repeating pattern we’re seeing when this net unrealized profit loss is moving from capitulation to hope to fear to optimism. Usually it is going to continue, at least for a while, and it will be violent. It will be violent, upward move. What’s important to note is what this metric even tells you. Basically, it tells you how many of the addresses are right now in profit or loss even. I mean, look, if you calculate all UTX souls, you calculate all Bitcoin. That is right now on the blocks and on chain. It’s an ancient indicator. So basically, this is a metric of all UTX souls will look at when those used to exos last moved. Which is when they were acquired. They could also have just been moved from one wallet to another wallet owned by the same person. But the algorithm really accounts for that and removes that from calculation. And it is trying to see when the you take souls were last moved and they changed owners. Obviously, it’s impossible to say with 100 percent certainty. But the algorithm is trying to do as much as possible with different statistical methods to see when you see exos last moved and changed owners. And now you compared the price of Bitcoin at that point. When you take those last moved end of today and we’re seeing that when it’s red, it means that most people are at a loss. Most people who are Houghtaling Bitcoin are at a loss because most UTX souls moved at the time where the price of Bitcoin was higher was higher than it is right now. And when it recovers, it means that more and more people are starting to get a bit of a profit. They’re starting to be a bit more profitable. And this ratio goes up, really, if you look in the chart, you’re seeing that the ratio is called net unrealized profit loss. So basically, how many hurdlers are right now in profit? Approximately. And so obviously, when everyone is in profit, when we reach this green lines, there’s green levels. It means that we are in believe denial and we even might go to blue blue areas, which is euphoria. That is when basically everyone I mean, everyone is in profit. So we should be very careful because that is when a pullback might come. People start taking profits when everyone is at a loss. It might be a good idea to accumulate. And we usually move violently from red to yellow to green. Why is it so? Well, because people get formal. People get formal. They see other people making money. They always they also want to make money. So it’s just how we are as a market. We’re a bit bipolar. I always tell you that we’re a bit bipolar. We’re super bullish. Then we’re super bearish. In another for our candle, it’s always like that super bullish, super bearish view. Thank you so much. We have 666 people in the chat. That’s amazing. I think our record for our own Web site is approximately six hundred and eighty. Let’s see if we can break it today. So that’s key to understand. And this is the urgent signal to look out for right now, because this is not something that happens that often. And when it happens, usually we are seeing clear, consistent moves to the upside, at least temporarily. And those are violent moves to the upside. That’s number one. Number two, you remember the magazine cycle we discussed a few days ago, the fact that magazine is turning bullish yet again. So, Mike, this is a technical indicator. This is an unchanged indicator. And obviously, you need to combine different kinds of indicators to make a full picture to get the full picture of the situation. So that’s important. And that’s why you shouldn’t only be using one thing at a time. Only one indicator or one metric at the time always combined. So when we are seeing more of these metrics combining and converging, that’s when you truly see significant, significant data that can be acted upon. So let me know what you think, guys. Let me know if you agree or disagree that this is bullish. Let me know what you think. Yourself in the chat and in the comments how you think this will play out. But what is clear is that if is leading ether’s losing this recovery, when you look at the top five points, at least it is being in the lead. Many people have been super bearish on EEF, although, you know, we have always been talking about the potential of DFI potential, of each potential of everything that we’re building together. And it is at the core when it comes to defy. So that’s very key to keep in mind. Yes. Do not underestimate this new this new era of finance and this new. Area fineness. Believe it or not, really favors people who know how it works. There are many opportunities right now in DFI. But you have to know at least a bit of development. You have to know a bit, at least a bit of how this protocols work. To use the arbitrage, to use the arbitrage. The UFC shot viewers are very volatile. Right now we are at six hundred eighty eighty five. So it’s going up is good. We’re in the bullish trend in viewers. I think if we would have our own magazine indicator for like viewers on our own Web site, it would really flash green like crazy. I think it will explode. Two one came very soon. But all in all, people are being favorite right now. People have an unfair advantage. Those are the people who know how DFI works, and that’s why we educate all about it in our academy with our DFI one on one course. You know that we did it with amazing, amazing questions, too, all about the biggest protocols in fight and all seem to know a bit of programming to really utilize these opportunities. And, for example, make money with trading stable coins because you need to be able to take out a flash loan, which will also teach in our academies coming in the next course. But you need to know what the flash loan is. You should be able to take a flash loan from the smart contracts, from the liquidity pools. And you know that you don’t need to have any collateral. You can be sleeping in your bedroom. You can really be in your basement. You can just take out a million dollar loan and need to return it within the same transaction. But it gives you so much power, so much opportunity to act on different arbitrage in the market. And this is really key, guys. This is why you should try to become an blockin developer, because normal developers are capped, normal developers are capped by how much they can earn. And I will explain it to you. Joseph Maxcy, Golden Cross in the Superjet. Exactly. Exactly, exactly. The reason why normal developers are capped is at their potential is because they can either get employed. So that’s that’s one No. One opportunity. And obviously, you can make good money as a developer, no question about that. But you are capped. You’re absolutely capped and how much you can make. Number two, you can start your own project. Well, that is very risky, although it might be amazing. You also got to understand that it is risky and it will take a lot of work. And I think everyone should try to create their own projects because here is also where you can have crazy return, crazy amount of return. But it is also something that many people are trying to do. And you are competing with other developers instead. You could also do freelance. You’re not really employed. You’re a freelancer. Maybe you have 10 clients at the time. You could do that. But you’re also capped. You’re also capped. But if you’re a blushing developer, you have another way of profiting. You have another way of taking your destiny into your own hands and really reaching your potential. Because now you can act in money markets. You can program your own bots. You can program your own arbitrage. You can program your own programs that seek different opportunities in Z4, for example. And you can scale them infinitely. Why? Because you have infinite capital from flash loans. You can really get them. Use them in the markets and pay back in the same transaction. This is the amazing thing with Defi. If you see an opportunity, see you can act on it. So that is why knowing how to do a bit of smart contract and knowing how all of this Zevi works is so important. And we teach all of this in Iraq as a means. If I won the one in the ethe one, the one in the algorithmic trading and technical and I mean, we give you the technical knowledge. We give you everything. So go to Kazimi that I would think that. Com if you haven’t checked it out yet. So what Ryan talks about is some examples of recent arbitrage of recent arbitrage. Solid crypto says Freeland’s plus old Bloche and company is the way to go. Exactly. Thanks for the nation, by the way. That’s exactly right. So he talks about Ryan. He talks about that recently. You had crazy arbitrage in Die and you as DC, if you had die, you can sell them for use DC and get huge profit because you, as DC was trading at the huge smoke rated diable, trading at a huge premium compared to you as DC. And it was different in different protocols on different exchanges. Obviously many people act on that opportunity and therefore the arbiter’s disappears with time. But in deflate still so an efficient market compared to traditional markets. So we sell a lot, a lot of opportunity if you know how to execute, for example, a dilutions D.C. strategy, basically using the fact that there are different prices in different exchanges, in different protocols for the same thing. And that’s key. That’s key. Yes. But you need to be smart enough to know a bit about the development, a bit about how this works. Let’s see another one. Does anyone in the US have a good or bad experience with Bitcoin? I. Says seems starford. I haven’t used them. I’m not in the US. So maybe someone in the chat can answer zg. Wow. Amazing. Ziggy, Ziggy just learned how to code my first Web site to date on. I don’t take a Geissman. That’s amazing Ziggy. So you know the first step for. To learn, if you are not even a developer, you can still join that chasm, which is all from scratch. So in this JavaScript programming for blocks and developer Schaus, which Zigi took and it’s taken right now, will teach you how to just a creator on Web site like simple JavaScript. Simple, simple HDMI. Why is it important? Because you want to show your things working. You want to build. Even if you are a blushing developer, but you cannot build a simple website that demonstrates what you have built. Nobody will use it. You cannot demo it. You to be able to demos things with simple Web sites, for example. And we are always targeting people who don’t even know anything about development. So you don’t need to know anything when you when you join our academy, which is you all from scratch, all from scratch. Programming, blushing, programer. And and so on and so on. So forth. So that’s keep. Look, what else is important is the fact that we are right now witnessing something very key in the markets, and that is the fact that banks are making a killing, an absolute killing right now when it comes to when it comes to loans where the cost of business loans. But they are suffering a bit when it comes to the fact that many of the loans are are bad loans. Many of them are old loans before this whole situation hit with Groner, bad loans. By the way, I see people saying that webinar link does not work. Let me just quickly fix it. It’s an easy fix and it’s an important things that I want to do. A sap, a sap. So let me just see if this is better. Boom, boom, boom. OK. So try again. Try again. The web in their link. You you need to refresh. Refresh but the track. Try it. Right now I’ve changed it. I change it. So the final topic I want to discuss is the fact. And by the way, you need to sign up if you haven’t signed up yet and you’re interested in these kinds of things. And that is the fact that we will see a lot of issues right now in the banking sector because they’re not really doing well, because their old loans that they created before this whole situation with Corona’s are in are really, really becoming bad credit, bad loans. So, number one, we are seeing HSBC pre-tax earning for 2020 going down to three point two billion, which is bad for them. This is horrible for them. We are seeing an even worse situation with Santander and the profits are plunging 82 percent in Santander. This is key. This is key because when they are struggling, guess what they will do? They will do it. They will do this at the end of the day. They might just shut down until further notice to really stop the capital flight, the capital withdrawals, the bank runs. So I understand that never have more money in the bank than you can afford to lose. That’s very cute. You know, very cute. I understand. Now, another thing I want to discuss is that, you know, we’ve been talking about this this alleged kidnapping that happened in Norway and this happened in 2019. And basically, this was a billionaire. He’s a millionaire in the USD USD, but he’s a billionaire in the Norwegian Krona. So, you know that he basically came to the police and said that his wife was kidnapped and that he had to pay a more narrow ransom. And all media picked that up. They were saying, hey, this guy‘s script, guys, they are always doing some kind of crazy things. Now, this woman is being kidnapped and they want the ransom in narrow. This story is now changing very rapidly because now he is being the number one suspect for the case. And basically, this whole 10 million and Moondarra seems to be fake, at least that is the theory right now. So this is a horrible, horrible, terrible, tragic story that we are reading. It has been unfolding now since October 28. Seen. And, yeah, it’s it’s it’s very, very crazy what has happened. But we’ll see it. We’ll see what the judge will say. I know how much time this will take, but all in all, I thought it was important to say that maybe Moondarra wasn’t even involved because you know, how many days they will always begin this. They will always write it on their first page that look at how bad Krypto is. We should we should ban it all. We should ban it all. Look at what they’re using it for. But seems that is just fake. Seems that it’s just fake. Let’s see. What other news do we have? I think that’s basically it. I think that’s all the things I wanted to talk to you about. So with that being said, I want to remind everyone, everyone, everyone about the webinar that we’re having. And right now, I think the link here in the in our life page, how to stack a massive a massive, massive amounts of Satz in this bull market. And this is, by the way, without taking risks. So use the link below. Sign up right now and do it if you haven’t been in the webinar before. And if you’re not in that chasm. So both on YouTube and on the on the dot com satellite, you can find the link that things that. Welcome back. A massive. Exactly. Massive. Absolutely massive. The magnificent. The huge chad. The Honorable Chad, welcome to the show, welcome to the to the Q&A. So how are you doing? How are you doing? Let me drink some water. Let’s do Q&A. I’m ready. I’m feeling like Mark Zuckerberg drinking water and you and you’re the Congress or the Senate or whatever it was. You remember how he drank water? Very finally, it was very funny when he did it. I still remember it. I’ve been. Where can they find all coarsest side? Oh yeah, we just do that. We’re doing this new Sitel courses. We will put it on the front page very soon. I will just link it to right here. How many are in the academy now? We’re close to 20 K. We’re close to 20 K. And it’s basically 20 K. It depends on how you count, whether you count people who are subscribed or who have single courses. But when you look at the active the active students, we are right now close to 20 gates. That’s 50 in here, but 20 is more correct. But if you also count people who bought courses, you know, in 2017 18, then it’s basically 30 and above. But we’re not really counting that, but it depends on how you do it. We’re recounting more active people who are actively, actively studying. But, you know, this academy is quiet. We have a history now and we have a history. We’ve been here since 2007 17 with our first block showing fundamental scores. If you all remember all of you who you who have been here at that time. And right now, it’s. It has grown to two sizes and proportions that are completely undermined and unimaginable to human mind, really. How much you get from this academy, whether it is that you are in business, you just want to do Bloche in business, whether it is that you want to do become programming, whether you want to just learn programming from scratch, which is show from scratch, define whether you want to do algorithmic trading, whether you want to find a job, whether you want to to learn all about how cryptography works and become a narrow Zeke and all of that. If you it in programming game programming lightning app, I mean, you are as Bitcoin attacks, unity blocking game programming, C++ Revolution. It’s a lot. It’s low. Yes. I don’t even know how to summarize it all, but it’s it’s amazingly a lot. And we have great results. Look, it’s a proven system. We have great results with all kinds of great testimonials. We have had the blocking out Ericsson multi billion multinational corporation being our al-Yemeni. We work with all of these guys to to really facilitate employment opportunities, but also to create the content. So, yeah, it’s huge. It’s a ginormous. I haven’t seen anything like IRA Kazimi and it’s for a good reason because we’ve been working on this for three years, so nobody can really do anything. Equally, equally, if they don’t put in at least as much work for three plus years of constantly everyday working bullish on Niota. I won’t take it, guys. Exactly. I yota we’re taking it over defi forum. We’re taking it over and maybe we even should replace them on quoin multi-cap because. But they are falling like a stone. There are now 25. So MTel look with this whole thing with coordinator, they really had two fixes in 2017 as promised. Now it’s three years later and they think soon I yota will be at number thirty. And this is very unfortunate because I yota was basically a top down coin not that long ago, but now really dropping like a stone, dropping like a stone. And it’s a lot of research, this and that. But though the substance, the substance still missing and also there were a fly in for a month. So that doesn’t help either. Full year in the Kasmi. Let’s do it. Yes. Lesya, as it did the first course. Amazing. Amazing, amazing. Ivan, have you seen Cardno launching one oh one those zero? Do you believe in Iowa? She would do like Charles as adept? Well, I don’t want to be personal about Charles. I think they’re doing a great job and they’re taking way more time than than most people expected. So I think maybe they should have communicated it a bit better, that it will take a lot of a lot of time. But it’s natural when you’re building something on that scale and that complexity, it will take time, man. Even though with our super supercharges, we’re building a super shot. We think it’s gonna take a week. It takes two weeks. Always. It’s always like that with software. You think it’s going to take a week? It takes five weeks. Why is it so? Well, there is a great article. I don’t know if I will be able to find it, but why? Software takes longer than expected. I read this great article is basically about how you planned your trip. Let’s see if I can find that man. It is. You know, you’re taking a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but then you you tried to estimate the length. I don’t know if I will be able to find this man. Let’s see. I will not spend a lot of time searching for it because I don’t want to do it. I will just explain it to. I will just explain it to you. So let me bring up a map and tell you that. So basically, you see the situation with the map. So let’s say let’s say we pick some country. Let’s say we pick United Kingdom right here. Let me show it to. So, look, you pick United Kingdom. And you say, I want to go from London to play play mouth. What what is this name? Play mouth. But anyway, let let me show you. So you draw where where do I draw? Let’s see. Here I drop. OK, so see London. The play mouth. I draw us line it like this. And this is like software. And I say to myself, OK. So from London to play mouth it is. How many kilometers. Let’s say it’s 200 kilometers. Straight line. I can walk. I can walk four kilometers per hour. So this is you doing yourself to replanning supply. Miles is Janja kilometers away. I walk four kilometers per hour. So two hundred divided by four is gonna take me 50 hours to walk. So you tell everyone, hey, guys, we’re gonna be down in 50 hours. The project is going to be done. We’re going to ship Gardot million, 50 hours. Amazing. OK. So this is how it looks like. OK. Then you start walking, all right. You start walking from your apartment in London, the capital of Great Britain. You see it. But it’s not a straight line to even walk out of London, you see. You have to do all of this complex movements like to go here from Westminster to go like this. Like it’s it’s a mess. It’s a mess. You to take all of this and then you find the bag man and then you two debugging to fix the whole other. Thing before even can continue. And then, you know, then maybe you can get back on track when you fix that bag. And then you realize, man, we have a whole new research problem, research. We need to walk back here. We need to restart this thing. All we knew that this guy is sick now, man. We need to replace this death. So. So, look. All in all, in two years, you’re still in London. You’re still. You promised to fix the hours. You’re still in London fixing issues. Then you start walking more towards the goal, more towards the goal. And I will show you, by the way, the issue was software mostly, by the way, solid things. So much softer takes longer because companies don’t take quality. Exactly. I will show you exactly what happens as well. Normally, even when you have walked from London. And even though we say, OK, I’m actually out of the city now, you go to to your destination. Where is where is the city of Plymouth Ply? Where is it, man? I lost it. There it is. So normally how it works is that you walk 80 percent of your journey. So you do 80 percent percent of things. And you think that, OK. Now it’s only 20 percent left. So it will take only 20 percent more time, basically. You know, we’ve done 80 percent of the progress. So 20 percent of the progress left. This means that basically it’s only 20 percent of the time left. But no, no, no. Yes. Usually it takes you 20 percent of time to do 80 percent of the progress. And then it takes you 80 percent of time to do the last 20 percent, because then you really need to do the fine details and then everything needs to be working for real. Everything is to be done 100 percent. And that takes so much time. Way more way more time than just to build the basic basic concepts. So anyway, you said that your estimation with just taking a straight line from PLI mouth to to London when you just did like this, you said. It’s only 50 hours is going to be easy. And then you really realized two years later you’re still here walking around London, not being able to solve some some issues and then you to solve other issues because they they are required for you to solve to even move forward. And then finally, after you’ve gone through Wales, you can maybe go back to play mouth. So that’s exactly what happens anyway. Anyway, amazing answer to my question. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Why imply mouth is provi approve pronounce. I blame me. Adenoma. I will not even try. I will not even try. But Great Britain, they have some weird names I can computers burrow low but I think about some kites. I think about real escape or something, you know, some kind of fantasy game or something. It’s like this names. I guess the games to take it from here. But, you know, it’s feels like some kind of fantasy book. I’m reading like Black Forest with this. There’s like a station, Black Forest, Black Water. I was in London. Look, man. This is my real escape map. Basically. Bath, bath, Bristol. Yeah. Anyway. So what happens? I saw the nation crypto Ivan. I Irish get restarted in 2018 to rewrite the code from scratch. Make it here. Done the manual system. Nice. They were able to issue. They were able to see. Yeah. Nice. Nice man. Nice man. Thanks for the nation’s explanation. You look AIDS is just natural. Is just natural. Want to travel suddenly. Exactly. Exactly. All right, guys. I think we’ll take a few more questions. I have seen this many times. And then velocity stagnates. They will thing think about quality process and hire some freelancer. Yeah, I don’t like freelancers, guys. There’s always looked whenever I tell people we’re looking for a programmer. I get like 50 companies, many of them from India, pitching me the freelancers. But in reality, freelancers, it rarely works out, is better to hire or work with some one or two guys. Closely not to have a company that delivers. I mean, in some cases, it’s going to overcharge. They have a bunch of overhead. It’s always more expensive and long term. You should hire someone or work with someone that like a contractor. But that contractor is almost like an employee. So it is just my experience. We’ve worked with both. Like with the freelance company, and they’re expensive like hell. And they produce. Not bad. I mean, they produce worse. Even worse. So that’s the. That’s the issue. So, yes. And by the way, it’s like that in many cases is the same. For example, when you look at the when you look at the law as well. I mean, yes, you could hire outside lawyers. And that’s I mean, that’s what we’re doing still. For example, when they were you know, we had the tax tax audit, which would passed brilliantly, by the way, I told you yesterday. So, yes, I mean, we do take outside consultants, but at the same time we see if we are to grow. And by the way, we went from basically we hired 10 new people this year only in academy. And there’s some if we are to grow, we need to have both. We need to have internal internal accounting, internal like it. There’s some. So he thinks you need to move internal. Once you reach, some grow. Some growth. It’s time to just take things internally, but we’re still figuring it out. We’re still figuring it out. I don’t agree. You will not get the best guys. High, real freelancer’s. Not some kind. Not just generally. Generally. And look, you’re. So here’s the here’s the difference. I’m not saying that you can you can hire someone who’s a contractor. That’s not what I mean. And so I’m talking about when you hire a company, you don’t hire a freelancer, you hire a fleet freelance company. OK. That’s the difference, because then you’re not really getting the developers. They have the developers and they can take that, develop it, put it in some other company. So, yes, you can hire real good developers, but then you work with them as they are employed as basically is the same kind of relationship. So I don’t care about the legal structure. They can be their own entity. I don’t care about that. But it’s just that they put most of their time in our project and not, you know, you quickly fix something and then move on. So, yeah. Freelance independently and also depends on how many clients they have. That that’s I think is the biggest issue. You can have the greatest, best freelancer. If he has 10 clients, he’s going to be horrible. He’s going to be the worst. So that’s the issue. I want to learn programming. I’d be looking at Code Academy. Is it any good? Well, I think you should just go with I would take it as me. Why? Because we teach you all with block shit and crypto in mind, all with Bloche encrypted mind, which is the biggest revolution right now and where the most opportunities are. So if he sees you, for example, JavaScript, and that is four blocks in developers, so you can take your next step and quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly jumped in to see him. A smart contract programming. You can quickly jump and do arbitrage in defi making money with stable coins. You can quickly go into lightning network. You can quickly go into a theorem game programming. So why would you do the Kasman when we’ve done everything, everything but more towards lockshin. Obviously it depends on what you want, but also with us you get a personalized data plan, you get a personalized static counsellor, you can ask him anything, what your goals are, where you want to go. He will guide you. He will push it towards your goal. You get the private one. We get the private personal ones. So that’s important. Please explain the amount of time news for newbies experience collieries using that, guys. I noticed some ask about it. It all depends on how how much you stine’s it. Because in reality, in reality, you can size it very quickly if you can just blast through the content through depends on how much time you have. Some people, they work after, they study after work. So for example, when we when we did the recording with Joe Bundi, which is head of Blockin, he told us that he had another job before before he got head of blocking and Ericsson. So he only did it in the evenings and it took for him approximately a few months to really, really take the knowledge and then take it and go to head the blocks here at Ericsson. So it really depends on how much how much time you have, but it can be very quick. It’s a quick process. I’m a freelancer, too. I am a top performer in the country. I’ve heard that from many managers that some of the largest companies. Nice. Nice one. Nice one. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Krypto now. Thanks. I’m going to join with you. Dad just answered. Amazing. Amazing. I really appreciate that. And I think you will like it. I think you will like it a lot actually. Yep. Good morning from Detroit. Nice man. Detroit. How is Detroit doing nowadays? Detroit. You hear a lot about Detroit now losing all car car business. Is this coming back? Is this some kind of rebirth happening in Detroit? Man, there was a comment earlier that said the top one percent have have 99 percent of BTC. What do you think? Well, obviously, the earlier you are, the the more BTC you have. Why? Because you accumulate earlier. The difference is that this system is the fairest system of money. It’s not going to be equally distributed. That’s not gonna happen. And it’s not really, really the goal either. It’s just the fact that in this system now, whether it’s nice, I don’t think it’s 90 percent. But it is still the earlier you are, the more you have because you took the risk early on. But it is fair in terms that there is nobody printing. There is no money printing. The issue with the fiat system is that the top 99 percent basically sort of top what top 99 wealth is, is accumulated by basically one percent. One percent holds 99 percent of the wealth. And they’re also getting more by getting freshly printed fiat. So that’s insane. That’s immoral and that’s perverted. And that is the issue with the current fiat system. And you should all read about cancel on effect to really understand this, why it’s like that and why it’s keeping keeping it keeping moving towards that direction. Why? What about China and giving free power to Bitcoin mining pools? Will China control bitcoin proof of work? Well, bitcoin work is global. Anyone can mine wherever it say. It’s a global market. Some countries will stimulate their mining, of course, by by giving them subsidies. And that’s natural. I think we’ll see that more. And. More because obviously they understand that they want to have the freshly printed Fiat to be put to work for a ship in the field, to be put to work to produce something real. And that is Bitcoin. And there is a very limited amount of bitcoin that is going to be in existence. So you want to get those Bitcoin before they’re over. And the more countries understand that, the more fantastic. But the thing is, it doesn’t really matter how they stimulate a download. They Bitcoin will be the most important thing for renewables, like we discussed, because in a lot of renewable energy businesses, you don’t have a valid business case because there’s so much that goes to waste. A lot of energy is wasted. They will be funnelling that into mining. Once they understand how it works and why they can do it and why it’s important. You’re seeing oil rigs have a lot of excess energy. They’re going to be funneling into mining. So the fact that China is right now taking the first position and being number one is just a sign of immature market. There are a lot of other opportunities with basically free energy in this world, free energy, because there’s so much energy that goes to waste in excess. And the more we understand as human race, understand how to funnel that energy into Bitcoin, because as soon as you have a bit of extra energy, you can finally get into Bitcoin. You can funnel it into mining. So when that really becomes global and when that information is spread out globally, there is no way a country like China or any other country can centralize mining because mining will be so distributed as soon as you have a bit of extra energy somewhere. It’s going to go straight into mining. Why? Because Bitcoin will be the greenest. The greenest network is going to utilize all the greenest electricity. Why? Because that is where you see the most waste. And this is what you don’t hear in the media. You only hear a lot of FUD about how much energy we’re producing. But consuming but consuming energy. In reality is nothing bad. Inherently the better as civilization progresses. And the more we develop, the more technology we have, the more energy we’re going to use using energy. In reality is a good thing. It depends what energy you use. And if you know about the character of scale, you know that the more advanced civilization is, the more energy is going to be using. So it’s natural to use more energy and become, by the way, is the greatest incentive for clean energy to develop the technology and to and to make it profitable and viable in the market. Let’s you guys. Let’s you guys. What’s going on? What’s going on? Also, power plants are mining with super cheap gas. Ever consider doing a show when the US is awake? Well, sometimes we do this. Emergences shows immersions to show us, you know, and the reason why normally would do at eight a.m. is because I want to finish the stream and then I have the whole day in front of me. I don’t want to finish the stream. And then, you know, the time is like two, two p.m.. So but something I would do, immersions airstreams. And you know that today we will be doing our free webinar. It is in the evening. My time is at six p.m. My time is four p.m. UTC. It is daytime in the US. So you should join click the link below right now. And if you are on I don’t think dot com slash live. Please refresh the page because you remember we had to replace the link. It was the wrong link. But now we’ve replace it. So refresh, click the link. Sign up. Completely free about how to stack massive amounts of SAS. And if you have been before in this webinar or if you have been in that Kazimi, then you don’t need to take this. But for everyone else who wants a free thing, go and join. All right. Now, pushing, pushing towards 80. We’re at seven nine seven seven zero in Bitcoin. Seven thousand nine hundred seventy. So if you are changing. Go to the code. Slash live. Use this links for Barberton feminize BYB. It is amazing because you get past support. Really amazing platform. And if you see the link you get ninety dollars and you support the channel as well. But be careful with leverage. And that being said. Yes. Thank you so much for being here. Really appreciate that. You a lot really appreciated all the questions, all the comments, all the donations, all the donations. Really appreciate that. Big shout out to Nate Lovell. Leavelle. Not really sure how to say it, but the Nate Lawwell for doing the times, times and big fat crazy shout out to Gabbar for programming a lot with our chat with our super shot. Amazing job. That guy’s a monster. Works like, I don’t know, he works like crazy and he never sleeps. I have never seen him. Sleep is amazing. So anyway. Thank you so much guys. It’s literally I went to bed, I got awake and he was still working. It’s like. And he’s in Singapore. I’m in Sweden. He’s in Singapore. So I went to bed. It was tonight in Singapore. He was working. I woke up. It was day in Singapore. He was still working. So it’s amazing. I’m a big, big, fat shout out to Galba and I’ll see you all tomorrow, tomorrow at eight a.m.. And actually, we’re also going to see each other today at the webinar. If you join. If you join. So he’s the link below and goodbyes. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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