Bitcoin Pizza Day 2020 – The Full Story Of The $95 Million Dollar Pizza

Back in 2010 Bitcoin was still in its infancy and no-one could of imagined the heights that it would of reached 10 years later.

Back then it was seen as a bit of fun, and one man, Laslo Hanyecz, thought it would be amazing if he could actually buy something with these worthless pieces of digital currency that he had been mining from the start.

So he set about asking if anybody would like to get him some pizza in return for 10,000 of these coins, that at the time were worth $0.008 a coin. Unsurprisingly, the offers didn’t come flooding in. He posted on popular Bitcoin forum BitcoinTalk and it took 4 days for anyone to show any interest.

On this now infamous day, Laslo bought 2 pizzas from fellow Bitcoin enthusiast Jeremy Sturdivant for 10,000 Bitcoins. Making it the worlds first transaction for goods using Bitcoin.

Fast forward 10 years and the price of Bitcoin is now worth over $9,800 PER COIN at the time of writing (20/05/20)

That means that Laslos pizzas would now be worth over $95 million dollars.

The world of Cryptocurrency is a crazy one. There’s now a myriad of uses for Cryptocurrency and huge companies are now accepting it as payments such as Microsoft, Burger King and Starbucks!

You can now even get Bitcoin debit cards!

Cryptocurrency is fast turning from ‘the future’, to the now.

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