Bitcoin Pre-Halving Dump…?


Despite what everyone is telling you, that the Bitcoin whole thing will go down in approximately eight days. This is based on a 10 minute block time. But since the hash rate is still going up. And on some charts, even shows and new all-time high and the difficulty adjustment only happens every two weeks. Blocks are getting mined faster than in 10 minutes. So the Bitcoin Halfan will go down in approximately one week from now. But nevertheless, the price of Bitcoin already correct back down from its local high of approximately nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars by 10 percent. Why is that? Why do we see a pre haul thing dump right now? And can we see even a bigger pre hoarding dump? All that and more in this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said, what is going on? Everyone, Sunny, the here. And welcome back to the episode before we’re going to start. If you guys want to support this channel for free, please make sure to leave alike. And if you’re new to the channel. Also, don’t forget to subscribe. And also hit the post notification bell. All right. Now let’s talk about the bitcoin whole thing. And when exactly it will go down. Well, we can not say it by the minute when it will go down. But what we know right now is that blocks are getting found faster than in ten minutes. Those times that you can see right here, Bitcoin block reward Hofman count on the eight days. That is based on a 10 minute block time. But because the hash rate is still going up right now and the difficulty adjustment only happens every two weeks, well, blocks are getting found faster. As I already said in the intro. So the whole thing is also going to go down faster. And here is something very, very interesting. I’ve not shown you that. But also, CNBC was talking about the Bitcoin, having a potential rally offer to having. But also, Abida. Rumour and sell the news event. This is very interesting. I know this is from the first of May, but I want to play the most important part here. And this will definitely be our topic for today. And we’re going to discuss this. But I think in the medium to long term, you now have an asset that is going to be more scarce than gold based on the stop the flow ratio. In an environment where the entire world is printing money, why isn’t this a sell the news event? It very well maybe. I mean, you look back at the last two, we got quite a run-up. You could look back at the last two. It took about 30 to 60 days for this really to filter through the market. So you could have after this. Remember, this is how the miners make their money by those big corner rewards. So some of the weaker miners might actually have to sell out. But 30 to 60 days now, we could see a nice run. So what Brian Kelly is saying in here is very important and also true. Don’t expect a massive pump on the day of the whole thing. Don’t expect a massive pump in seven days because this can definitely be a buy the rumour and sell the news event. What does that exactly mean? Well, what we can see right here on Google Trends is people are very hyped up for the Bitcoin huffing and maybe that the price was going up is due to exactly debt. But on the day, on the Bitcoin hot thing, maybe some people figure, hey, wait for a second, the price is not moving right now. Okay, I’m gonna sell my Bitcoin again. This could definitely trigger as cascade to the downside. I’m not saying or I’m personally not seeing prices lower than the lows we have already seen. But I would not be all too surprised if the price of Bitcoin would dump massively again and then over the next couple weeks and months, gain momentum again and then slowly grind to new all-time highs by the end of this year. Because remember, the price of Bitcoin never reaches new all-time highs of the previous top before the Bitcoin huffing. So can we see a sell the news event here? Yes, definitely possible. It does not have to happen. But please have that on your radar as a possibility. All right. Now let’s jump into the charts and let’s talk about the most important timeframes. First of all, I want to talk about the Bitcoin weekly chart. Well, you can see right here is a massive trend line. You can see here the twenty thousand dollar top back from 2017. And you can see here to fourteen thousand dollars, top back from June 2019. Here you can see that ten thousand five hundred dollars top here from February 2020. And this is the most recent top at approximately nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars that we have just seen here a couple of days ago. Well, it goes without saying that Bitcoin first has to break this trend line to go into the direction of twenty thousand U.S. dollars again. But as I’ve already said, me personally, I need to see ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars to be broken. Before that, I cannot term fully bullish. I’ve already been talking about the ten thousand five hundred dollar mark for quite a while, actually. We’ve retested that level already back in a day. Got rejected. But we’re going to see that on the daily chart right now on the Bitcoin daily chart. What we can see is that if we keep falling right now, the next support level in here or next important support level right here would be the 200 daily moving. Average, that is what we’re seeing right here. And here’s something very interesting about the 200-day moving average, some people are saying, well, the 200 days does not hold all too much significance anymore. But I’m gonna show you something here in the stock market when to come to that later as well. If I plot the 200 daily moving average right here, you can see dead that stocks almost went up to the 200 daily but got rejected pretty much exactly around those levels. I mean, not quite, but almost. And you can see that the 200-day moving average held a lot of significance already here in the past. And on Bitcoin, from time to time, we see exactly the same picture. So the 200 daily moving average definitely very important in here. If we sume out a little bit more. And also check the volume profile. We can see that the volume profile also gives us some support. Slightly below 200 daily moving average. That would be here at approximately, let’s say, seven thousand two hundred U.S. dollars. I personally hope we’re not going to fall to those levels. But once again, if we see a pre thing dump, that could definitely happen. So there are entry levels we could keep an eye on perhaps having, but I would not bet on them. So if you are one of those people not having any Bitcoin at all. Not having any exposure to Bitcoin right now. I would not be sure that the prices of Bitcoin are going to come back down and give you a nice entry point, because you are definitely not the only one out there waiting for a nice entry point. And if the train leaves the station, you don’t want to be the guy chasing the train out of the train station. Right. You don’t want to be the guy buying Bitcoin at fifteen thousand eighteen thousand twenty thousand when everything goes up when all people are informed. Again, that is when you want to be invested already. So later on, when prices are really getting too absurd numbers that you can sell with a nice profit. That is how you want to play this market. That is what I’ve learned over the last years since I am in Bitcoin. And this is my personal strategy in here. OK, so make sure that your dollar-cost averaging. Make sure that you’re accumulating and make sure you’re ready for both directions if prices go lower. You want to buy a little bit more. If prices go up and you already are exposed to Bitcoin, well, nice. You are in profit, right? So that is the strategy. So be ready for both directions. A pre huffing dump is possible but doesn’t have to happen. And just in case that you guys want to trade the Bitcoin volatility around the whole thing, I personally recommend that some X platform where he can leverage trade Bitcoin, a theorem X or P chain-link tells us like a coin and also gold. A video tutorial is popping up on top of the screen right now. And what my sign up the bling. Down below. You’re not just supporting the channel, but also you can get an up to one hundred and twelve dollars bonus. But this is only recommended for experienced traders. And now let’s continue with the episode. All right. Now, let’s go on the Bitcoin one hour chart real quick. As I’ve already said, the price of Bitcoin already rejected from nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. We’re currently trading at eight thousand six hundred U.S. dollars. Bitcoin fell 10 percent. And I have some bad news for you guys, but you probably already figured, well, the S&P 500 futures started not all too well today. We have definitely seen a fall in here in the S&P 500 after opening. And Bitcoin once again reacted to that. You can see that right here. That was basically the reaction to the lower opening. Of course, it looks like that the S&P 500 futures are going up again right now. But basically does downfall in here from the 9000 or almost nine thousand dollar mark was due to the fact that the S&P 500 futures once again started lower as yesterday. That is my personal belief. That is what I see. So, yes, the correlation is still going on in here and we’re still waiting for that decoupling, sadly. All right. Now, something we have not been talking about for quite a while is the performance of all Quints. Just a few seconds about that. Well, if we see a mountain here on the Bitcoin dominance chart here on the daily. We can see an increase in here in the Bitcoin dominance once again. And if we have a look at all coins in here, we’ll kick or do all coin performance. Over the last seven days. You can see that all coins are bleeding compared to Bitcoin here on the seven-day chart. On the one month charts, all of them are in the Greens, but most of them are indirect. Still, three months charting here. So, yeah, it looks like that all season is not really starting yet. But let me know, European about all season. And let me know your strategy. Are you loading up on all coins? Are you getting prepared for the next potential all-season or do you think? Well, it is all over with all coins. All coins will never come back as they did in 2017. I’m very interested in that. Let me know. Downbelow, Orion and the last piece of information for today. Very interesting. Is this right here? What’s going on at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway? And here off go back to the S&P 500 chart. Some of the experts are saying this is a perfect V bottom in here at the economy’s going back to normal and we’re going back up again in stocks. I personally believe that this is a dead cat bounce and it could be that the right in here to temporary, right to the upside. Is already overwrites here and we’re going back down. Not quite sure if this is the pop of the dead cat bounce, but it could be. I’m personally not expecting new all-time highs for the stock market. And if we see new all-time highs in the stock market, I believe that at some point later it will crash. I’m not heavily investing in stocks right now, although I have an eye on the stock market. And if stocks are falling low, I try to allocate a little bit of my portfolio into stocks and a good indication or a good confirmation that this is not that V shape rally right now. The V shape reversal is what’s going on at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett stays on the sidelines with cash rising to one hundred thirty-seven billion U.S. dollars. And here you can see the charred Berkshire Hathaway’s cash and short term investments quarterly. And they are on a cash all-time high. So if they would believe that this is really the V shape recovery, well, there wouldn’t have such a high cash position. So Warren Buffett is kind of betting against the stock market. And it looks like that they don’t believe that this was the V shape recovery and that lower levels are about to come. Of course, Warren Buffett hasn’t always been right, thinking about airlines and so on. But I mean, I’m not the only one seeing this picture, and I’m pretty sure some of you guys see exactly the same. But that does it all ready for today’s episode. If you enjoyed it, please make sure to leave alike. Thank you guys very much for your awesome support. And I hopefully see all of you in the next one by.


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