Bitcoin Prediction Machine, Ethereum Is Property, Bullish On Crypto & Binance Mining Pool


Hello, everybody. Welcome back for another video. Hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having an incredible day to start things off. The price of bitcoin goes up and down and where we’ll be tomorrow. Nobody knows, but Boston based nomics is fine tuning its price predictions with machine learning, the company which provides cryptocurrency market cap and data pricing or pricing data. Kind of the same today added 7 day price predictions to its Web site and market data. AP I The data aggregator generates cryptocurrency price predictions using machine learning. Retail investors everyday people can access the pricing and predictions on the firm’s Web site for free. Nomics charges a fee to users, primarily institutions, funds, exchanges and fin tech apps to access its data programmatically. OK, but CEO Clay Collins gosh and other predictions are not intended as investment advice. And I will tell you right now two things. First, understand that these are just predictions. This is not where the prices are going to go. Second, you bet your bottom dollar. We are going to have a lot of people within the cryptocurrency space who are going to be using these as actual predictions of where things are going to go. And a lot of people are going to be very upset when they start pricing their bets on where this A.I. is, telling them to move them on. You know what’s gonna happen? There’s only five people out there who are gonna be like, well, I mean, their predictions. So they have to be right, which is going to lead to some interesting situations in the next couple of months, he says. We are not saying buy or sell. We are simply showing what our machine learning model predicts it will be. And they should be used as one of several factors to inform opinions about future price movements, as Colin explained. There are many factors the model can’t account for. For example, there could be some catastrophic or bullish event, such as if a large exchange were to get hacked or the security of a popular blockchain where to get compromise. That’s why the company includes a 30 day average error and its price predictions. So what user can see how close or how far off the predictions have been in the preceding weeks? There are times when we are on in times where we are off. We just wanted to be totally transparent and people should take that into consideration. But I promise you, people will use this as their actual method of price discovery for the future. This news was out of all over the place. I mean, it was incredibly popular, if you will, whenever a company comes forward saying that they have some type of artificial intelligence to be able to see the future of prices. It kind of makes headlines. I only have two tabs up here simply because it didn’t feel like having the 14 other tabs on there as well. Fascinating. And I’m pretty sure that they’re not the only ones who also have something like this as well. These last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a major uptick in the amount of interest in the words not only bitcoin, but bitcoin having bitcoin price, bitcoin future price, bitcoin price predictions. It’s kind of a. Everyone’s interested to see exactly where all of this is going to go, especially as this is now the one of the most trying times that we’ve had in recent history. And as other markets around the world are not performing very well, a lot of people are wondering if Bitcoin will take it upon itself to perform better than other assets, even during the. Downturned, let’s say, anyway. Yeah. Nomics now has an A.I. driven weekly price prediction for cryptocurrencies. The weirdest part and I’ll tell you as well as if some of these predictions actually end up being true, they end up getting like a good amount of them to be true. That would be. I don’t say the word intresting would be more like a lot of people would start to use them simply based off of that. Because we’ve also seen there were a couple of other people before who’ve made charts years ago talking about where prices would go. Some of them were fairly correct. Not saying exactly on the exact number, but they’ve become quite popular because of their predictions. And this is why the stock to follow guy has been at the forefront of news over the last couple of weeks anyway. Yeah, there’s a new a high price prediction service method, computer price future. Next up, in a recent write-up, a defendant named Lee was convicted of theft for having stolen cryptocurrency from his previous company following his firing, so he was angry. Lee had resigned from the company on the thirty first of May due to underperformance after a probation period. The defendant used his knowledge of the private key and payment password from his previous companies. I already star project to complete the theft. The crypto currency that Lee stole was mainly the companies in token wallet. Lee took three ether in four million. How these coins on the 20th of June 2019. About a month later he stole 0.4 ethe. Who’s who steals that little? He still zero point. I feel like it’s almost not worth it to just take zero point for either. Even the three either is kind of like a. He tries with the cryptocurrency and how would he tokens to his accountant? OK, smart. Not only did he steal them, but he transferred them directly into his cryptocurrency accounts, which probably have tons of KYC AML or his phone is linked to it in some sort of way. Very intelligent. The assess damage of the amount of damages was six thousand Chinese yuan, and after the crime, Li was asked to return all the stolen coins to his previous company. He was in sentenced to seven months and a fine of two thousand Chinese yuan, according to the case documents the crypto asset represented by ether as economic value as real property. Since they can’t be traded publicly with a demonstrated bull market value. While not the most exciting news story that we’ve had in recent history, this is significant because in a world where China does not exclusively apparently really care about cryptocurrency assets except for the one that they are trying to release as a central bank digital currency, there’s been a lot of push back by China and their government as far as to what is legal, what is allowed and what people can kind of have buy, sell, hold and trade significance being for those of you not looking at the screen. This is an article from October 2018, a much simpler time says Chinese Arbitration Court Rules. Bitcoin is legal property. After this happened, the price of bitcoin went up a little tiny bit because this was the first time or rather, I put it this way. The fact that Bitcoin had a. I don’t say a legal status had a concrete status as something with inChina became very significant, especially after all the news that we got that Bitcoin had been banned within the country. And then, of course, a couple of months later, we figure out that it wasn’t actually banned at all. Just you simply can’t traded and or use it as a currency, but you can still hold it and buy it. What have you and sell it over the counter. So the significance being is that a theorem has also received this classification as property, meaning in in no uncertain terms. If someone steals it from you, it is your property and therefore you can get it back without rulings like this. Or rather, if the court had never ruled in favor of something like this and someone had stole it and said it’s not property is simply just numbers on a screen. Well, then there, you know, people can kind of steal from you as much as they want because it is therefore not your property is not anyone’s property. It is belongs to the person who was able to secure it the most. So, yeah, that is, like I said, not the most exciting. You won’t get your jollies from that news is just more so the actual classification of it and also the I guess the big elephant in the room that it still hasn’t been banned in China despite the soon to be release of said central bank digital currency. And I think they’re going to ban it. If anything, they probably have plans for it, but that’s just kind of how my brain has been looking at things. Let’s move on. Tieing nearly directly into what we just spoke about, according to multiple estimates based on mining factors and approximately 20 days. Bitcoin will see its next block reward reduction with this twelve point five coin reward that is minted as each block is mined will drop to six point to five coins and yadayada that. I suggest that the hype around the bitcoin having is on the rise in the crypto market stands to benefit from this trend, according to Molly, the former head of Bitcoin magazine’s China operation. The Chinese term for Bitcoin having has recently gone viral on Weibo, Weibo, Weibo, as we both also call that China’s Twitter. The topic was the sixth most searched in the past 24 hours, showing real interest in the event, despite China effectively banning the purchase of Bitcoin through yuan. I think you have to get Teather and then I think you have to use Teather to buy. It’s just nonsense. Why? Why make it so difficult? Just. Just let people buy the thing. Here’s the chart right here. It’s a similar sight around the world. Google Trends data indicates that last month global Google users surged. Bitcoin having more than any month before the search engine, also projects that in April, Bitcoin having we’ll be searched 2 times more than last month, which was already a new all time high. This is bullish because it appears that a primary reason why the cryptocurrency market has been relaying rallying as of late is due to the hype around the having. Indeed, according to Google data, the search terms by bitcoin and bitcoin having like I was just saying, like it’s really you can see the actual charts and the momentum behind people who are actually searching this. And even I think hashtag Bitcoin having is also a a a very popular hashtag on Twitter right now have trended in tandem since the year began growing and shrinking and step. The correlation isn’t perfect, but it’s clear that they’re affecting each other. Here’s the actual chart right here once again from Molly showing that Bitcoin having or I guess Bitcoin itself is number six. Keeping in mind that that is a very large country. Nearly everyone in that country is also using the same exact apps. We spoke about that before. I don’t have to really get into it. However, the point is, in a world where they have been discouraged from buying, holding, selling, trading, especially using as a currency or buying anything with it or speculating on its value, it’s fascinating that it is the number six topic out of anything else that could have possibly been popular at that time. Once again, we also know that it is legal within China to actually buy and hold it. You can’t trade it, but you can hold it. And this also, what was the news that we had a couple of days ago as well? I think there was also something else. So Google itself is banned with in China, but I think you can get VPN and some other things. I forgot exactly how it was explained, but they’ve also seen these search terms for these things on actual search engines. Also rising within China as well. The dare I say, the the H-word, the. The hype is definitely there. Everyone is very curious as to what’s going to happen. I still think we’re going to see a price like a strong movement upwards. I think the last two days have shown us that. I think that’s probably probably a bit of it. I think we’re going to move up and I think once that. Height in the air has gone. I think we will see a movement down. Look forward to tons of news. After the prices have gone down from tons of analyst who said while I was predicting the price was going to go down, no one listened to me. I think we are in a. An unknown hype cycle. And I say unknown because a lot of people have no idea what the having actually is. They are in it because they are trying to make a quick couple of bucks. A lot of people are going to sell off their bitcoin, in my opinion, and then they’re going to be very angry when prices go back up. But that’s just part of the game, isn’t it? This happens all the time. People always sell. I’ve seen. I mean, I’ve seen people in the comments section who sold because their friend or someone told them that the price was going to go down. The price went up by eight hundred dollars. And they were like, man, I just sold yesterday. Anyway, the significance of a country with over a billion people. I mean, you have to understand, like the actual significance of this, especially all the other news that we’ve been getting in many other countries where that aren’t even as hardly what as Ana is even strongly hit economically badly, are also buying up tons of bitcoin. The countries that are really hard hit have been also buying up Bitcoin as well. And one can only assume everyone else who’s been buying Bitcoin before is going to buy up. But when that demand remains. And the amount of bitcoin coming out of the machine is cut in half. It’s going to have an effect on the price. But I think a lot of people really don’t get it yet, but they will. That’s just how things are. Here it is. Once again, I find this like if you don’t find the significance in this, it’s absolutely mind boggling to think like imagine I can’t even think of a like like scenario or a story to tell you. Like Bitcoin has effectively been thrown down the steps multiple times by the Chinese government. And yet it’s still number six and trending topics like imagine if the government had obviously or had never said anything negative about it, it would probably be number two or number three. And then also you have to understand also if the government had ever come out in support of or said that it could potentially be used as something, it would probably be know if it would be number one and number zero anyway. And let’s move on. Deutschebank has long been bullish on crypto assets like Bitcoin and the culture has spilled over into the company’s executives. One of the bank’s veterans and former F X Japan managing director is even launching a crypto trading desk of his own set to launch this coming May twenty twenty right before bitcoins having is expected to drive significant interest in the. I’m so excited for this like you. I just I just wanted to happen already. Like I’m so I. Every time I read an article and I read like thirty eight more days. Twenty seven more days, twenty like it. My heart starts racing faster because I there’s so much energy around this one day like this absolute insanity. How much energy there is just on this one event. It is bonkers. There is no denying that crypto assets like Bitcoin, Imperium, SRP and more are high risk. Thank you for writing that high reward. OK. High reward. High risk. High reward. I got it. But their future and potential are so promising. That is true. It’s difficult not to be bullish on the digital currencies and at least consider them as part of a well diversified, diversified, well diversified portfolio that I will agree with. I. It hurts sometimes how bullish I am on the space like. I think it’s affecting me as an actual person with like I think about crypto almost nonstop, like it’s a real problem. That kind of engulfs my entire life. I think about the future, I think about the prices, I think about accumulating more. I think about where things will be in four years and five years. Think the next having I think about the people on the world who don’t have cryptocurrencies, the people who missed out on some of the opportunities that they could have had before, the opportunities that are presenting themselves right now is just a lot. It’s always a lot going through my head. That’s exactly toe moves on knishes, ticket to driving success in his up and coming bitcoin trading desk named Ethics Coin Limited with the former Deutschebank managing director is launching in May. In an interview with Bloomberg, Onishi agreed that while there is no asset that’s absolutely safe from the recent recession and 19 chaos, he asserts that he is a bull on virtual currency prices, which he expects to rise in the coming months. This is now. This is also the one thousand three hundred and eighty fourth person who we were, who we’re talking about, who is bullish on the price is once again, you have to understand. I view things differently in a certain light. While I may not. How do you say this? I find that fascinating whenever rich people talk about something or when rich people openly talk about that, they’re putting their money into something, it means if they have a lot of money into it and usually when they tell other people that they’re going to be launching something like this, it’s because the other people are also being told. ER:Did moved towards also putting their money into the market as well. So, yeah, that’s. I find I find the rich movement of money like, you know, the term like follow the money. It is incredibly true because if you keep paying attention to what all these rich people are talking about and where they’re putting their money and how bullish they all are, it all kind of lines up. The launch of this platform will coincide with what could bring more interest to the cryptocurrency space since Bitcoin 2017 bubble. And it would be the upcoming block reward having. Here is the actual article right here from Bloomberg. I am I mean, I I’ve I’ve said it more than enough. I’m so excited for this. Like it’s it’s the weirdest thing in the entire world. I just want to see what the aftermath of this is because as it stands right now, it is looking likely that we are going to continue seeing Tumblrs and traditional markets. And if the demand for Bitcoin remains the same and or continues to rise over the next year, one might say, as a lot of this stuff is going to continue happening. Therefore, one would assume that the price of bitcoin would go up. We have had a multitude of people, and it’s not even just the the Richie riches of the space. Just everyone is kind of bullish. And everyone keeps saying that we are on the cusp of having a bull run. We are at the beginning of a bull run. We are going to have a bull run. And they all kind of set the same exact time frame. It’s literally between now and the end of the year and also apparently. So a lot of people say the entirety of twenty twenty one, which then leaves us on that. On that cusp of. Watch out for twenty twenty two when everyone. You you also may have noticed no one has really said anything positive about twenty twenty two. So I assume that’s gonna be the drop year and I guess. Anyway. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t really have much more to say. How many people from banks themselves are bullish on crypto, which is something that should also be causing your ears to perk up a little bit? The fact that they are understanding or have realized a while ago that the stock market would not do very well. A lot of them left the market before the market was even done doing very well. And just how much attention? I mean, it’s so follow the money. Just follow the gosh darn money. Anyway, that’s the bank. Veteran crypto currency trading desk launching before the bitcoin, having news. Let’s move on. Next up, finance has launched the beta version of its mining pool and apparently offers the lowest fees amping up the competition in the space. Chong Ping sÃ, the CEO of Bine and said the first block ever minted by the Buy NANCE pool still in closed beta. Going live soon, as always. Lowest fees of any mining pool. The confirmation of the Bynum’s mining pool was made at the start of the month by itself as media reports on it. Working began circulating around the Web. Currently, the average mining fees on popular mining pools are around zero to 4 percent. It varies according to the mining rewards and payment schedule. Currently, the distribution in mining pools is led by F to pool BTC dot com pullin and and pool. There’s a little chart right there. I guess the news being without really having to go much further by Nance’s once again in the news. I like they there’s there’s also other Beinart’s news. I just decided to not have 15 tabs open about bilats at the exact same time. So Bynum’s has staking and now Bynum’s is also going to have mining pools, which is going to be very fascinating to see exactly how much, how, how. Like, I mean, I imagine if you could have the entirety of your passive income coming directly from cryptocurrency exchanges. I keep getting what’s the word I keep getting recommended these things on YouTube. I don’t know how they are getting into my feed at all. As far as like from traditional investment people, everything I click on is either like family guy, American dad cryptocurrencies or like property. I’m not exactly sure. I guess maybe some the algorithms at some point threw it towards me. The point is there was one of them last night before I was going to go to bed and that popped up and I was like, Oh, OK, cool, I’ll watch it. It was some guy talking about how he, like, invest in dividends and stuff like that. And like even during the like the downtrend of the markets, how he’s still getting paid from his dividends. And I was like, that’s gonna be a very big thing within the cryptocurrency space. We know that while not all the cryptocurrencies will make it, there is going to be at least a good 10 to 15 that are gonna be around for at least five to 10 years. I’m not saying that Bitcoin will be the over dominant Lord relatively soon, but I think there are many coins and have a very good good 5 to 10 year span. If these coins, they are going up dramatically in price if you are able to simply have bought them now. And over the years, the price goes up and you can imagine is being able to mine Bitcoin proof of snakey theorem and proof of stake, any other coin that’s kind of out there directly through by Anan’s or O’Casey X or Coinbase or wherever you decide to do your stuff. And that’s how you make your money. Isn’t that insane to think about that all of this is like it’ll be completely passive. Like there’s no real need to actually do anything. You just keep your money. And I guess is what passive income is. But it’s still this like. Do you understand how insane all of this is, like if we are actually at the forefront or the beginning or have made it in years in years before. Millions of billions of other people even decide to try and get into the cryptocurrency space and you end up making I mean, like absolute bank from the money that you have currently in crypto. And every single year, like just from the interest or just from this taking or just from the mining on these other platforms. You’re making a good like made five figures, if not six figures from me. It’s I find it very cool. The point is, yeah, by NANCE is opening up a mining pool. No one should be shocked by any of this. They’ve been they’ve been doing it. I’m certain at this point, I think everything that exists by NANCE is going to try. I think they’re going to try and be like Amazon. For those of you who don’t know, Amazon did the exact same thing. Amazon tried to do everything. They tried to have a not a gaming platform. But I can remember all this stuff. Amazon tried to do tons of things. A lot of them have failed, but a lot of them have kind of stuck. This is why Amazon is so popular. So I assume they’re going for that same goal anyway. Yeah. So this is something else to look forward to. I give it three weeks. Four weeks. Five weeks for weeks when they’ll announce that is this is completely up and running and then we’ll see tons of people mining, I assume Bitcoin and other currencies like going on finance. Absolutely insane. And to finish things off, Bitcoin is trading at almost twice its current price in an economically hit Lebanon peer to peer bitcoin marketplace, local bitcoin is shows people selling the cryptocurrency for as high as twenty two million L.. BP per token, which is roughly around fifteen thousand U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, people who are looking to liquidate Bitcoin for local currency are demanding as much as eleven thousand dollars per token. Exchange rates coming out of Lebanon’s cryptocurrency marketplace are strikingly higher than their global counterparts. Data aggregator Mazari shows that Bitcoin’s price shows Bitcoin’s price a little above 70 percent. Yes. Yeah, I was right. Seventy five hundred and seventy five hundred thousand seventy five hundred. Almost half. Then what is the Lebanese traders are? Is that one? What is the. Okay, that’s it. That’s right or wrong? Not me, anyway. Bitcoin hits its price premium price levels in Lebanon as the country grapples with its most severe economic crisis in decades. The Lebanese pound has crashed by almost 50 percent from its dollar peg value since October 2019, sparking inflation, fuelling social unrest and locking Lebanese people out of their U.S. dollar enabled bank savings. We spoke about this a couple of months ago as well, when things were like just starting to really, really get really bad. Had it told you I was having dinner with a couple of friends who are from Lebanon? And they told me that I think the restriction was I think you could take out or hundred dollars per week from your account. And part of the problem was that she knew this guy who had been saving his entire life. He had millions of dollars in his bank account and he could only take out sixteen hundred per month. And then I got to the point where I think they lowered that to two hundred. Per week, and then the last time we spoke about Lebanon, I believe it was one hundred dollars. I think every two weeks or per week or so, which is still terrible, like imagine having a million dollars and you can take out four hundred per month. Also, there’s tons of, um, like like geolocate restrictions. So you can’t transfer your money out of the bank. I think you can’t transfer stuff inside of it. You can’t buy cryptocurrencies. You can’t buy all this other stuff. So I assume even what it says around here, yearago and Lebanon E payments are blocked and geo restricted. Bitcoin still traded by over the counter only and rarely to find someone who knows about altcoins l.o.l. So you have a situation where you can’t take your money out. You can’t really move it to another bank. You can’t really do anything with it. I guess people are probably tons of people are probably taking out cash and probably looking for people to be able to. Hey, can we swap some currency that’s worth nothing for some bitcoin? It’s incredibly fascinating. Even more so. geo-blocking and G.O. restricting should not be a thing. This is why Bitcoin exists. This is why Bitcoin is bitcoin and this is why I think Bitcoin already is on its way to taking over the entire world. Can I want to say, can you imagine? But it’s happening. You have money in the bank that you need to get out because you and your friends and family are terrified and your money has already lost half of its value. Can imagine someone telling, you know, you can’t move around Bitcoin, it doesn’t make any sense like we know. This is why Bitcoin is good because it works 24 hours a day. No one can stop it and no one can tell you not to use it or where to send your money. It’s insane to think about that this is actually taking place. So I guess this was kind of the the the next step. This is not the first time that this has happened with Bitcoin. We had the same exact situation. This actually preceded the actual movements up in price in two thousand seventeen. You can find the articles. There were tons of countries that were kind of. Going through it and what ended up happening was that before even the South Korean kimchi premium took place, there were a couple of other countries. I think with Bitcoin it was around six, seven thousand. I think there were countries that were selling Bitcoin for around 12000 thousand. I can I can remember, though, it was about three to three, four different countries that had this like premium on the price. And mean was like, that’s non sense. It’s already over ten thousand. And then by the time that bit bitcoin itself in real price had actually gone above ten thousand, that’s when the other places were like selling it for like sixteen seventeen eighteen thousand. And that’s when we as a market itself started moving up. I assume the I mean another big catalyst for this could actually be prices like this. It shows that there’s actual demand. And if people in any way, shape or form are prepared to pay fifteen thousand for a bitcoin, it means that the demand is actually there. I mean, I would love a world where everyone just started buying Ely’s fragments of bitcoin to be able to move money around by themselves, like having like. And the issue is that this is just going to continue all over again like this. This is not going to be the last time that the world or a country is gonna be in a situation where their money gets locked up. They don’t trust their government. The government steals money from them and their money becomes hyper devalued. Like you would assume that this would have opened up everyone’s eyes and they would have been like, well, we’re a neighboring country. Maybe we should try and get things together as well. No, because everyone only focuses on the now. Everyone only focuses on this very exact moment. This is why so many people don’t invest. People don’t invest because they only see how many people I know who make X amount of money per month. That is that is that an astronomical amount like they may just be making about the end of the month, like, okay, we’re good at making it. They expect that patient to come in the next month. They have no money saved. They have no assets. They have no desire to put any money away because they keep thinking. People only think in the now it’s only just right now what’s happening. There is no future like tomorrow. I’ll worry about what happens tomorrow. And then you don’t realize that they’re not they’re also not worrying about five to ten years down down to the five to ten years in the future like that. That isn’t even a thing to wear. Their mind is going, which is terrible because at some point we’re all gonna get older, we’re all gonna have aches and pains. We’re all going to do so like we’re all going to have these things. We are going to happen to us. You have to make sure that you preparing for the future right now. But there’s so many people who don’t. Not that I’m blaming the people of Lebanon for what their country has done. It’s just more like a I wish other countries paid attention to the actual news of what’s happening in other countries, because if you think at any point your government is going to try and take money from you, halt your bank account, stop you from moving around stuff, take your assets, you’re wrong. They’ve all done it at some point or another. It’s just like actual history. You could look through it every single country has done or they’re currently doing it right now. We would live in a completely different world if everyone was like, oh, crap, that’s terrible. Let me buy a tenth of a bitcoin. Let me buy five percent of a bitcoin just to make sure. Just in case I can still move some type of money around. Not only even not even the aspect of Bitcoin’s price skyrocketing. That’s something completely that something amazing on its own. But the fact that if prices did go up, people would not only have more money, they’d be maybe more secure in their money. No one could tell. You know you can. Can you? People being told you can’t take your money out of your freaking bank account. You know what that would do to someone’s mind mentally? Can you imagine if you had saved your into. Imagine you had saved for 20 years you and you had saved up and had worked hard and had half a million. Yet a quarter of a million dollars in the bank. And one day you tried to take your money out and someone said, no, you can have 400 for the entire month. Mentally you would crumble, you’d be really upset. So for the sake of me not rampaging on, this is what’s happening. Like I said, this has happened many other times before, as many other countries and governments of garbage do. I mean, it’s just they don’t know. It’s so it’s so sad. I don’t understand why the policies are never really there to actually protect the people. Like, imagine a situation where you didn’t try to bail you, your friends or your banks out as opposed is helping the people who are in the actual country like you. You can’t argue with me about this like it has nothing to do with the actual economics of rent a deal like what the aftermath will be because these countries keep going through the exact same things. They keep crumbling, they keep falling apart. New people get into office. They do well for about a year and a half because people can’t see the cracks in the wall yet and then the whole thing falls apart all over again. It’s nonsense, it’s absolute nonsense. So thank goodness that we have found out that there is a way to transfer money, control our own money and do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever we want without any third party or intermediary telling us that we cannot do so because this is how decentralized cryptocurrencies work. And this is why it is very important to be inside a decentralized cryptocurrencies because of things like this. This is why it’s very worrying that a lot of cryptocurrency changes are getting banking charters. And while they’re asking for your information, while they’re asking you for your phone number, while they’re asking for all this, why do you need all my information when I’m trying to send my own money around? It is kind of nonsense. So the point is, I think the next couple of months are going to be very fascinating. In more ways than 10. The over printing of money around the world, not even the U.S. dollar. The demand for Bitcoin. That’s even what I said before. We’re seeing a continuously like a rising demand in Bitcoin before the having has even taken place. This demand is still continuing because other countries around the world. Their leaders can’t get it together. So imagine if this continues. I imagine the more the places continue to have economic fallout and people like we need some type of Bitcoin, some type of something to be able to transact back and forth in. It is very fascinating to be alive right now. It is incredible there. The history books are going to be writing about these moments. I hope, you know, I mean, the real you should know that 19- is tearing the world like it’s showing it’s exposing exactly what the world is. It like in all that and I can’t talk more about that one topic, we just it’s one thing. Imagine if multiple things were happening to the planet. I know it’s one thing. One. And it’s showing how fragile everything is. Anyway, that’s the Lebanon news and everything else I was ranting about, I blacked out again anyway. Yeah, it’s nonsense. It’s just complete nonsense. It’s it’s absolute insanity. So I do hope that people in these countries. I’m sorry, you are in sad situation. However, understand that there are ways out. Ish. I mean, there are other avenues for you to be able to. Economic stability in your life? Yeah. A very special thank you to my Patriot supporters, Professor Wildy from Gunbower University, yoshihara audy Movement. Hi, Sarpy The Pot Head to Joshua Viniar, Martin Storya Josh Gorcyca Tongala an old song. No, no, no, no, no. My mom. But it all went wrong. John’s Arsen The Enema Reader A Biblio Phobia everybo- barebones mining town of Marlies. And I’m Grayslake Mohammed Oney Mass Adventures in Thailand. Buddy Neal Jared Nido Wise Night Owl Two for Two to the World Krypto Joe Bankroll Network Adobo Krypto Artist Called three-D Nicholas One with One Piece One Love Damien setsuna Nick Conni Whichyou Which Athird Vlad the Impaler kripp Numbers Ship May Pack Cesnik Manjula Voting Anthony Charles. Jim Garner Jemmy Fox. Menton COIN’s Miller Hachette’s. Everyday and concepts like the Yes to Krypto. But to me but Faith Anytown Fitness Moscona Staff Artomatic 17. Bake Me a cake take about Muchow NESA on Krypto with Lino Crail of Michelle. You are Elle and hold on, I have to sneeze. Thank you very, very much for your support. Thank you to every single person who is a member of the channel and thank you to everyone who is a clicker of the affiliate links below. The prices are kind of weird by now or go. So in theory, I’m shot up in price. No real reasoning as to why it was very close to $200 dollars. It could be once again the the two-point O hype. As you see, a theorem is currently higher than Bitcoin. I assume as the day goes on, we may get news as to why this pop up happened. However, it seems like prices are going down, are trying to go down, bitcoin looks like it’s going down and therefore the rest of the cryptocurrency market is also following suit. We’ll see how this plays out, if you will. Yep, stable coins are definitely being pushed up at the moment. Anyway, yeah, it is quite fascinating to see all of this taking place if you don’t think that any part of this is fascinating. You are not paying attention. I mean, you can see. Everything crumbling, I see everything like actually falling apart. It is fascinating to see how. This has shown. Once a true colors, that that’s not the phrase I’m looking for at all is just more like a just how fragile everything actually is. I do hope you all enjoyed. I do hope you all are having a great day. A great morning. A great afternoon, a great evening. Wherever you are, wherever you might be. I do hope that is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all. Every single one of you once again for watching and or listening. And I will most certainly be talking to you all soon. See you.


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