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I’ll tell you what, with the amount of pumping that Bacolod has seen over the last two days, it would be rude not to make a video on it and that that is what we’re going to do today. A little trading video for you guys all on their own. But before we get into the content, please ask you if you haven’t seen yesterday’s video. Definitely. Go check that one out. It’s called the crash. A lot of work into it. And I think it’s really important from an economic standpoint to look to see where we are in the economy and at the end, see how Bitcoin can do. All of this is really important, that macro trend following. But anyway, enough of that boys up. Oh, yeah. I’ll link up here. So worth you can catch up at the end of the video combat GOKEN That one if you haven’t watched it. But let’s get into the content. If you are new around here, please at least consider hitting that subscription button, looking that little notification bill right next to it. We look at financial stuff. Everything trading kind of prioritize it around Bitcoin as well. We look at stock market analysis, investing all that jazz. And if you haven’t hit that like button, you know what to do. Looking at Bitcoin, we have had an absolutely massive run-up over the last day or so. We just take it from yesterday’s open. You know, yesterday’s panel was up 30 percent on ways to its place, 21 percent. And this is mostly happening because one next week we are moving into the halving. Actually, let me get that up to 12 days, two hours, 39 minutes and 39 seconds. So, yes, it is closing ever closer to the whole mandate. I have made a video completely dedicated to the whole thing, having watched it once or to keep referring you to my videos. Check that one out. I’ll break it much more down in-depth in that video than I could ever do justice in this one because we’re just gonna be looking at the trading side of things. But that is mostly what is causing just unsanitized, mostly the hype around the halving because it’s such a bullish event for Bitcoin. We pump into the halving and especially as our traditional equities, you know, the S&P 500, we’ve had a very good day yesterday and that as well. This is the futures on it. And yes, we were up around that free percent was started to help our low drawdown today. And looking at Bitcoin’s price right now, that could also be the reason why we’re starting to pull back right now. You know, from its face down six percent. So, yeah, we’re getting big, big swings in Bitcoin. But if you know anything about Bitcoin, there’s nothing new there anyway. Right. A couple of stuff that I want to look at an analysis wise when it comes to Bitcoin trading because many of you know who have been around the channel for a while. You know that I was looking to load up roughly around that six thousand nine hundred dollar level, which I did from that investing standpoint. I for the path of least resistance for Bitcoin was very much up. And that that has been proven very Marzo. We did have a little bit of a shaky down here when we were the last six-five, but we held on. And look, now we started to be rewarded for it. So how have I played Bitcoin at the moment as we’ve moved into halving? I’ve actually been taking a little bit of profit and we’ll get into what I actually want to add back on that slope of profitable relief that more towards the end. Just give my thoughts on what we would do if we go into the weekly timeframe, taking it across from this red close here. So this is all support when we move down into the areas of acting as that support, again, resistance. We’ve got that weekly closed just above the level. And now you can see we’ve moved back down into this area and started using it as a support. So I was taking profit, the first tiny little bit of profit from that 6900 looks very much at this client of six thousand seven hundred dollar level. It was more sort of stemming from this kind of green body across from here. And I was taking profit actually all the way up to the AK and a bit further because right here there was a lot of overhead resistance to very clear moving averages on the one hundred days moving average in the 200 days moving average. Two pretty significant ones, in my opinion, all teaming up roughly around this level. So I have taken a bit of profit, you know, and it has risen much further on from that. On the next level that I took even more profit out was this eight thousand four hundred dollar level because these are stemming from these swing low points down here up towards the eight thousand four hundred eight thousand five hundred dollar level. And I want to outline to you the significance of how important it is for you guys to take profit because many people just hold onto it and look to try and ride the trend forever. But, you know, you can’t do that. You need to lock up wins where winds are to be taken. And yes, Bitcoin pomposity is level. And again, we even took profit off of here or I did. Anyway, I dunno about you guys. And is Pomfrey this level any. You know what? That’s absolutely fine. You can’t cash the top with absolutely everything. But now Bitcoin has been able to close back above this level on the daily timeframe and considering we still have a little while left until the whole thing. And also the S&P is performing so well at the moment. I would definitely still expect Bitcoin could trend higher up into halving and around the halving day or just after the halving. I wouldn’t be surprised, considering it probably won’t be too much of and I don’t it’s a non-event. But I could see more people selling directly after the halving have a big pump in which we are having to make some more profit off maybe by the end of next week. Net two weeks or so short of around that 10-day mark just before that sort of halving actually happens. Now, as I have taken profit and I actually want to get some of that exposure back on long, and what I’m going to do is at about 50 per cent of that weight in which I did take off as profit and tried to add it back on, I actually would have had a couple of my bets filled. And I basically scattered it all the way down from eight thousand nine hundred down towards the eight thousand five hundred dollar level and kind of viewing this area more as a zone. And if you know what, it doesn’t get all the way down to. Eight thousand five hundred. That’s absolutely fine. But will make this Breem. So now you can see it as a support. And I know it’s a pretty big area, which we are looking at, but you need to realize that we’re just getting so, so much volume with Bitcoin at the moment. So what I am looking to do as we move into halving. Yes, I have to take off a little bit of profit from that 6900 dollars long form. That’s all massive investment standpoint. And now I’ve just added on I’ve been able to probably get a little bit of that exposure back on. Why? Most definitely have, because I had the eight thousand one hundred dollar level set. Eight thousand eight hundred dollars. If we drop down a little bit further than it’s going to be able to add a bit more of that position back on long. And the whole strategy with this is I’m not looking to hold it probably after the halving. I just want to get some more long exposure back on pumping into the whole thing, because I didn’t expect Bitcoin to pump quite this hard. I am a bit surprised that the Bitcoin doesn’t disappoint, does it? If you’ve been trading the space for a long time, you know, Bitcoin does some pretty astonishing thing, you know, Black Thursday or whatever you call it here, Black Monday. That was absolutely catastrophic. Even more surprising than what we’re seeing right now. But now I’m looking to, again, try and outline this, you know, I haven’t so much got too much ara’s a wound going to exactly take profit on it. I think it’s more important to understand that the path of least resistance over the next week or two is most likely off as we push into the Harvey, get more people to the hype around Bitcoin and look to drive the price up higher. If I get my bids all the way down to the eight thousand five hundred dollar level, all of those bids failed. You know, the first area that I’m most definitely going to look to take a little bit of profit off is rough that nine thousand one hundred and fifty dollar level, nine thousand one hundred dollar level just stemming from these daily swing high closes. I’m only going to do that if I get the bids filled all the way down here. Then the second area, I think is pretty obvious. Where you want to be targeting on this one is just the swing high points from the cross-hair, roughly up at ten thousand three hundred and fifty dollar level. And again, with this, you don’t want to just have one sell order on your actual limit, you know, very much stemming from these getting back in onto this long trade. You know, if I just had my one bid set down, 8600 right in the middle, you know, I wouldn’t have been able to get filled right in here. So you want to split up your bids. So that way, if the price does move into the area like you received this week, right now, you, Gabb, Paul, your order filled and then it can turn around. And if it gets all the way down and fills up your entire position, then brilliant. And I think if we take away anything from this, you know, I don’t expect so much big point to drop too much with so much hype around it coming into having a look. I’ll bet makes funding. Right. We are starting to get some long exposure. Some more people are starting to loan this market at the moment. But, you know, the bias is been very, very much. Sure. We can draw that kind of trend line across from here. And as long as the funding raise. Sure. Generally speaking, the price is going to rise. And, yes, we are starting to get more spikes up here. But I want to see even more spikes get even more bullish pushing into the halving over the next week or two. And then that’s when you take off the most weighting. You know, I know I keep saying that I have taken off a profit, and that actually finds that we’ve run up a little bit further now that we still have so much longer pushing into the halving. Everything looks so goddamn good on this chart. I mean, it looks amazing, you know. I want to add back on as we drop back down. You know, it’s no good buying Bitcoin up. You want to buy on the pullbacks. We’re getting that pullback at the moment. So try and get this video as quickly as possible for you guys. You know, lining up around the eight thousand nine hundred eight thousand eight hundred eight thousand seven hundred all the way down. Don’t want to go into it to find. You know, the main reason why I’m doing this is trying to hold it for those few more days, pushing into the halving next week. It’s been a pretty quick one today. I’m so I’ll try to get this one out as quickly as possible for you guys. Haven’t really prepared too much to X. I just want to give my thoughts on what I’m seeing on the charts at the moment. I know so many of you guys will be interested in seeing this because it’s obviously pumping so much. The main thing that we need to consider with this is obviously taking your profit before halving because I think it’s very, very likely for us to look to dump around. Tanso, if you have an added on Yayo, if you’ve missed this massive run-up and you weren’t able to get in down there, 6900 door level where we were looking at it previously, you know, definitely having it on this pullback. But if we ride the trend up higher, you know, I don’t want to be buying up at nine thousand three hundred. It is moving higher. You know you want to buy on the pullbacks when Bitcoin is dropping into these areas on the hourly timeframe right here. You know, this area was resistance from these red candles. I expect it can now flip and turn to support, especially when we look at it from a daily perspective and understand that this area across from here started acting as that supports. If we get those films all the way down, you know, definitely take them off the top. Thank you for last in this long. If you are still around anyway, I will catch you in the next video. I mean, cheers for watching.


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