In this video, 333 million dollars per Bitcoin. This is an insane price prediction by the Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. This is Cruz’s prediction that I’ve ever heard about. And most of you have probably already realized that this is not really possible. Right. So why is he saying this? Well, I’m going to show you this medium post where he is explaining why he believes that the bitcoin price can reach three hundred and thirty-three million dollars per bitcoin. He has been in prison for many years. Has he gone insane? Has he gone mad? Well, let’s take a look at this post. He does not seem to be joking. This is not a joke. This is a serious price prediction. Three hundred and thirty-three million dollars. And for anyone already wondering. No, he’s not even mentioning inflation here. But if you want to know more about this, I think you should just watch this video. I will also go into the Bitcoin price action in the short term. And of course, take a look at the immediate short term price action. Looking at the fact that Bitcoin is looking bullish in the short term and there is one specific level that I really want to focus on in the V.P. VR. And if you think that sounds interesting, then I think that you should definitely feel. Hello, yes. Welcome to the Moon. My name is Grant and I’m here to bring you this trip to crazy video, and I am going to take a quick look at the Bitcoin price. But first, I just want to show you this insane price prediction by Ross Ulbricht. So he says that the Bitcoin price will go to three hundred and thirty-three million dollars per bitcoin. And this sounds completely ridiculous, of course. But yeah, let’s go into the reasoning behind this and see if we can find some kind of logic behind this crazy prediction. First off, the backstory is that Ross Ulbricht. Here he founded Silk Road, where people sold and bought different goods and services and many of them were illegal. Eventually, he ended up in prison and he has been in prison ever, ever since. So he has been in prison for many years. And in prison, he has been doing these bitcoin price predictions for himself. But he’s now just recently starting to send them out to the public because he wants to share his price predictions, basically. And if you are one of my subscribers, you probably remember this price prediction that he shared just of a couple of weeks ago. This is a more short term price prediction where he says that we have this Elliott wave count of one, two, three, four, five during the first years of Bitcoin. And then we are right now in an A B C correction. And he believes that because going $2, 1000 dollars approximately in this C wave. But people said that he’s too bearish. And that’s why he’s making this post because he wants to clarify that he is bullish long term. And let’s just take a quick look at what specifically he is saying about the long term for Bitcoin. And what he says in this article here is that until that last call, this one that he shared, I had kept those insights to myself, not wanting to mislead anyone, especially because my access to information is so limited from within prison. However, it felt good to help someone lock in profit that’s twenty thousand dollars and avoid the brunt wave, too. So cautiously, I decided to start the series so that I might be able to help others navigate what is an extremely volatile market. It may be that I even have the advantage of being in prison because I am less influenced by day to day events and can take a detached long term perspective. But small side notes here from this you today’s article. Ross predicted previously that bitcoin would skyrocket to a hundred thousand dollars in December 2019, and obviously this did not happen. And he has since then changed his shorter-term view to a more bearish one. So let’s just keep that in mind as we continue reading this price prediction by Ross. Ross says here for those of you upset by my short term bearish forecast, I want to reiterate I am bullish long term. It is possible that wave three will be even more impressive than wave one, as third waves often are. If we consider sixth sense to be the start of wave one in twenty thousand the end, then wave one drove prices up by three hundred and thirty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three X. If Wave 2 takes prices down to $1000 in wave three is as big as wave one, then wave three will drive prices to three hundred and thirty-three million dollars assuming twenty-one million bitcoins. That’s a market cap of seven quadrillion dollars. That’s more than ten times the current GDP of all humanity. So the point is long term. The sky is the limit. The remainder of wave two and the start of wave three will seem like insignificant fluctuations. By the time wave, three is underway decades from now, anything below 20000 will seem cheap. And to me, this price prediction sounds just completely ridiculous. Logically, this is just not possible. Of course, in nominal terms, the bitcoin price can easily go to 330 million. It can go to quadrillions of dollars per single bitcoin because of inflation. But Ross does not mention inflation one single time here. So it does not seem like this is something that he’s taken into consideration. It seems like he honestly believed that bitcoin could go to 300 million dollars per bitcoin in today’s money, which is weird because it’s of course impossible. This would be just like he states himself. This would be ten times the current GDP of all humanity. Seven quadrillion dollars for the market cap of bitcoin is simply not possible in my opinion. I can’t really understand the exact logic here. I can’t see also how this previous performance here could ever be enough information to state such a. Extreme price prediction, something that I have been talking about. However, on my channel is that I think people can easily go to $5000000 for Bitcoin. I mean, just look at, first of all, the market cap of gold. The market cap of gold is above 10 trillion approximately. And I think Bitcoin could easily reach these levels. And in that case, we’re looking at the bitcoin of at least five hundred thousand dollars per bitcoin. But looking at the total value of all fiat money in the world, it’s approximately a hundred trillion dollars. And that’s basically ten times higher. And Bitcoin is the best form of money in the world and it will continue to be so in the future. While all the fiat currencies go to zero and if Bitcoin takes over this market cap of all fiat currencies, then Bitcoin critical to 4000000. But actually Bitcoin could go even higher than that because of the fact that Bitcoin could also steal value from other areas like real estate and stocks. And it’s not necessarily the case that we only have to look at the pool of money in the world. And also then again, another argument against this is that, of course, gold also is going to grow in this financial crisis and take value from these assets. So I think that golden bitcoin together are going to grow, but I don’t think that one of them is going to be the ultimate winner and the other is going to go away. I think both of them are going to be winners and they are simultaneously going to take a big role as money in the world and as a store of value in a way to basically hide from the disaster, the financial disaster that is currently happening. So has Ross become crazy in prison? Well. Kind of, I guess, because this is just in. Price prediction that simply cannot really make sense because what Bitcoin can be worth more than than the whole world. Basically, I mean, ten times the GDP of the whole of humanity. It just sounds ridiculous to me. I think in the absolutely craziest Bush scenario, it is possible that we can entertain the idea of bitcoin. It’s 10 million, $50 million for bitcoin. But that’s basically kind of my limit. I don’t see how we can ever go beyond that limit. Even entertaining levels beyond that seems ridiculous to me. But yeah, leave your comment down below what you think about this. Do you think Ross has been having gone crazy in prison? I mean, he has been in prison for several years now. And. Yeah. Please leave all your comment down below what you think about this price prediction. All right. Let’s get back to the Bitcoin present. Take a look at the short term price. Well, we do see bitcoin still breaking out, of course, out of this horizontal triangle, just as expected, of course, because this was inevitable, it had to break out. The only question was, is it going to break up or down? And this time it did break to the upside. And as I showed you before, I was going to say we very, very quickly, again, the target of this horizontal triangle is approximately eight thousand seven hundred dollars. And Bitcoin is still struggling to break through this resistance zone that I’ve been talking about. This zone is between seven thousand six hundred and seven thousand five hundred. And we can see how this has been a significant way back there. But I also want to bring out the V PVR because this is a very, very valuable tool to take a look at. And when you look at it, we can actually see how Bitcoin it’s already broken through the biggest portal resistance, which was down here at approximately seven point two thousand, because I think you can see that basically this is the biggest cluster of resistance, the biggest cluster of volume traded in the V PVR and it’s basically seven point two thousand dollars. And right there at the end of this cluster. And this is the 7.6 K level. And that’s why I am paying close attention to this level because as soon as Bitcoin breaks above this level, then there is a whole basically in this V PVR and we could easily see a big pump up towards the next major cluster, which is up at eight points six, eight-point seven, which lines up very nicely with our target. That is why I think that we are at a critical point now where, yeah, if we break through seven points six, then I think that we are looking even more bullish in the short term than we already do. And guys, if you still don’t have ignored VPN installed, make sure to take this time to go down below this video, click the link below in description and the PIN comment gets a three-year plan. It’s only three and a half dollars per month. You get 70 percent off. Right now. It’s very, very important to keep your privacy online, especially for everyone who is encrypted their index up. I just want to share this tweet with you. Also, if you want the truth, don’t ask a banker about bitcoin. Don’t ask a taxi driver about Uber. Don’t ask a hotel owner about Air BMB, don’t ask a news station about the Internet and don’t ask a government about anything. This is a repost from Rhythm Trader all credits to that Twitter page. It’s a very, very good tweet because I really think that this is true. You have to always know what motives someone has in when they tell you something. Investment advise or any advice, really? And guys know it’s only 17 days until the bitcoin having. Please leave your comments down below. Do you think the bitcoin price will be above eight thousand dollars at the point of having in 17 days? Leave a comment down low right now. Thank you for watching. Please leave thumbs up. Also, if you enjoyed this video and if you haven’t seen this video, then click right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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