This is also in a week’s time frame. So let’s see how it’s going to do the upper line. And strangely, that’s rejected the price in our case. We are looking this bullish get getting better. I can also show you guys how you can implement it. Leverage does not change the calculation. So please give this in, Mike. Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for joining in. So looking at the be comprise more when we can see our alligator, it is still hungry and it’s still feeding massively. Right. We can see you. But also wanting to take into consideration, guys, this alligator indicator is a lagging indicator. So it’s usually giving us information after the train has already started. So you have to be very careful. And also, guys, if you focus here, you will see this big shooting star on a daily Kandal. Right. And this shooting star scandal comes after a blistering and the long shadow is located at the upper end. As you can see right there, shooting star Barton would like signal the reversal often existent bully strength. So right now, looking at this bullish engulfing golfing candle forming, right. Since it’s a daily candle, we don’t know how it’s going to end. But still, I actually thought why not to mention this? Because sometime even a candlestick can provide so much information. And now if it look at this one, guys, the decent channel in a bigger frame. Look at the price movement right now for Bitcoin. Right. It’s actually finding support around the Midlake. And what I’m actually expecting is until the hardening, the price is slowly going to walk like this. Around this area and LSH guys, I’m very, very skeptical. And let’s see how it’s going to go so far, because the upper line of the train line has rejected the price at around for on it or 9500 area, just like here. Right after that, we had a downturn. So let’s see how this is going to pan out. And another example, what we have already talked about, in my view, is you guys, this year, the Streamline has acted as a very robust, like strong support and resistance back into dollars 18. And also, this 50 moving average didn’t allow price to go up. But if you look at the queen Bitcoin price action, we can see this trend line also acted as very strong support. And now the price is already over of the trend line. But it is still like not completely like over 50 moving average because this is a weekly candle. So I’m very, very interested to see how old the candle is going to close. And also this example, we have talked about this scenario as well, guys. Right. This trainline, this here. This is a Burey strain langurs. Right. I would call this a very strange land because it has rejected the price almost every time. And also this 50 moving average, as I’ve told right now, the price is exactly like bit of all of it. But this is also in a weekly timeframe. So let’s see how it’s going to do, guys. And our target area would be this 91 seven on it area, because I highly doubt that the price is going to break this nine down 700 area. Because guys, as I say, right, this is if this is going to break the previous side and our vache of their completions also going to be invalid. And the reason why I am actually showing this type of price movement in a download duration after reaching the upper line of this wage. There is a reason why I’m doing this, guys. And the reason here is this one. If you are family with this Gallie pattern, which is still valid, I actually went to all the steps to follow to put the galley pattern. Exactly. And validly. And now looking at this, it is actually indicating me that the price has very high possibility, even if the price is going in upper duration, maybe we can see the nine thousand five on it again. But still, this is indicating the price would reverse. And guys, this is in a monthly candle. Bigger the timeframe. The more accurate it gets because in a smaller timeframe in a market like this, this highly volatile market rate and the price fluctuate crazily because we can see massive pump and massive. But in a month candle. It’s very, very nice to identify how well the candidates reacted in the previous month and also see where we might be going in a coming days or even month. And that’s why I’m using this in a monthly chart. So is Garley pattern here? I would also not only show you this how it’s done, I will also show you guys how we can implement it so that you guys could also learn how to do this. So forget this one. Let’s start with this year. Okay, so now, guys, this year it is locked in a monthly candle to try this bullish Getty pattern. What you need. I actually found a really nice article written by New Disorients or big shout out to this guy. So in our case, we are looking this bullish. Get the bad guys. We can see that legacy right X, the A, B and C and D, the X, A-League or the Eby League, the B.C. League and c.D League will be doing it one by one so that it’s very easy to understand. And also before like showing you this, guys, is this bullish Cadley pattern compared to the alligator. Alligator vnu. Right. Hope you can, like, see the trend of the market. But as I say, this year is a lagging indicator. It gives inflammation mostly after the train at all. It started, but bullish Gartley Pattern is actually looked as a leading indicator that helps like us to determine where and when to enter a long position or when to exit the shot position. But this, since it’s in a bigger time frame, you won’t get this opportunity right away because we are looking into month scandal and you can be used in all kind of market guys, not only in crypto, it can be used in trades market also. And also one important or interesting thing, because most of the people are always asking me, you know, can I try this, you know, monthly? Can I try? Is a weekly candle or in a like an hourly time frame, guys? This Gartley pattern, you can apply it in any form, like anytime from. I mean, the weekly, hourly or also daily. It also indicates high probability of market reversal. So let’s go to our actually bullish get the pattern. So, guys, the first thing, what is required is a few Rochard Resmini level. That’s very important from the swing low. We will take it well and draw on the swing high here in this case. Exactly. There. So and then we need an X ABC patent. So if you take ABC the baton from the swing low till the B of this Kendall. Now we need to identify where the Eby league is going to land. In our case, we C, D, E and B is equal to the X Alake retracement of natural Grisman between points X one eight and point seven eight six. And if you drop this year. You will notice that this here is E and B is between the points it’s wanted and also the point seven, eight, six. So it’s perfectly between these two lines. So it’s perfectly fine. And now we will find the B.C. lake. The B.C. lake is equal to the Eby Lake retracement from point three eight two and point it at six. This means if we take our point C area. Exactly at this swing here. Forget about this dxp. OK, guys. So now we focus on C, the B and C Lake is going to be as stated that this here. Exactly between the point three eight two and point eighty six. In our case, we are exactly there, right? It should not come above this previous high. Then it’s going to be invalid. But if it’s between this point, it at six and this point three, eight, two, not original level, then it’s completely fine in our case, the seas here. So it’s perfectly fine. So this is really valid so far. But now we want to find the CDC and see the lake is equal to the Ebele extension. In our case, point one two seven two between one point six wanted. So this means if we take the c.D lake, where would we know that this is exactly the right place? So now in this case, we will take flip extension because look at this one, the A.B. Lake extension. Right. Not a retracement. So we will take this Fibonacci extension in our case. And from A to B and then push back to the A. again. So this way we will find the point. One, two. Seven, two. Area. Guys, this like as mentioned here. Point one two seven two. So now this way. I know this D league is going to be in our case, it should be. Like this, looking at the queen bitcoin price boom and we can see this is how we are going to now, we don’t need this one. And we also done this human not to retrace MALEVA, which we can’t delete. So now they’re issue bullish Gartley Pattern guys, which is indicating the price could actually come around this area. And we have followed all the instructions, which was pretty accurate, as you can see here, guys. Which is also indicating in a monthly time that the price has possibly coming around this 4000 area. And also, one thing I actually wanted to share with you is this here, guys, this human not a legitimate level. Usually I’ve seen people drawing the Delek around the eight point seventy six area. Right. But in our case, we can’t do that. Why? Because I will show you one example. In this case, our extension showed us that from the E to B, right. And pushed back to the area one point two seven to area. This Fibonacci extension is way far with this point, seven, eight, six. You can see there are lots of distance in between. And where we are near two point eighty six area. We are near to this area. That’s why we are taking this one point to seven to area. So in our case, as I said, we are not going to take the point seven, eight, six. We are going to the lower one and lower one. It’s going to be around. This is exactly where we are looking at. So in our case, as I said, guys, we are focusing on around this 4000 area. The 4400 I have mentioned it here. Exactly. That our target possible reversal of this candle is going to be around this four point two key or five one four. If you focused on this point, seven, eight six five, not usually smaller, even though is this is a bullish gotlib at the lake. D is still missing. So so far we can see this whole scenario has played out really well. The only thing missing is the leg area. But the leg area is a reversal. So the possible reversal area is going to be on 4.0 key or five for key area. Don’t get me wrong for showing you this reversal thing right now, but if the price is going to come around this area, guys, and who knows, right. We can never predict this kind of volatile market, how we will take the profit. So our target would be from Delek to the Seelig area. Right. This is going to be our first target. If the price actually comes around this area and the second target would be from Delek DeLay elite area. So this is going to be our second target. So this is how simple we can like measure some of the important movement of the Bitcoin price action. And not only this, guys, I’m also getting bombarded with lots of question regarding the proper position sizing. I can’t, like, answer each and every one of you. Sorry for that. But I’m going to show you how you can do it very shortly here. OK, guys. It’s very important to understand this is my position as I calculate, I made it only for myself by personal use. But if you guys are interested, maybe I can drop the link. This right in the context of Downbelow. And guys, this here actually helped me a lot in trading, for example. Let’s look at this simple example. So let’s suppose, guys, we are quaintly we can see. Right. It doesn’t eight on it. So let’s say we are going long from this great position, right? We are going long. So in our case, let’s Double-Click on this one. And we said we are going to enter the market. Let’s make it easier. Right. It tolls it on a.. We are going long. Our profit level is going to be, let’s say, 9400. This is just for an example, please. And our Stop-Loss is going to be around it, down six on it is going to be our stop loss. So now you can see. Right. Our risk reward is now three. We are entering the market at eight thousand eight hundred of our price target is 9400 and our stop loss is at all six on it. In this case. So now if I have a calculator, just like here, we can enter our numbers here in this budget size calculator and let’s say we have 1000 dollars to invest. That’s your capital. I say you guys don’t take more than two percent, which portrayed in our case. We are taking two percent. So now let’s give the Enterprise our visit. Our enterprise is eight thousand eight on the area. Our target price is nine thousand four hundred area. And our stop loss, we say, is going to be around eight thousand six on the area. So now we can see our rich reward is 23. So this means if I win, I will win sixty dollar. And if I lose, I will lose twenty dollar. So now it’s very, very easy to get the proper beauty inside as well. So this means now you’re put inside this 880 dollar. And also, if you look at this, what’s the point wanted? This is the decent size in Bitcoin value, like two point one six Bitcoin. So in this case, if you go to that particular exchange, you are trading on just feeling like your enterprise. It was, Antonet, your target price. You can give it like nine thousand four hundred and you Stop-Loss at it on six on it. So you will be asked to put the value you are willing to invest in this case. Eight thousand eight on it is I’ll put inside price. So if you stop loss gets it then you are going to lose twenty dollar from your capital. That’s two percent. If the price is going to rise six on a dollar and your target of 9000 for a dollar, it’s going to be triggered. Then we are making sixty dollar and understand wanting guys. This here means that the leverage does not change your position side. So it’s very important to understand that. So in this way guys, you can knock. Your capital is now thousand dollar and you are risking two percent portrait. So this means you know exactly how much money you are risking portrayed. If you Stop-Loss going to get Trigo, you are losing only 20 dollar. So this. You know exactly the amount, the risk you are taking portraits in this case, which is 20 dollar and also your risk reward. It’s always important to have a positive risk reward. You’re risking 20 dollar to make six dollars. And one thing to keep in mind, this guy‘s leverage does not change the Polish side’s calculation. So please keep this in mind. And also, one simple way. How you can do is we said our in our case, we are risking only two percent of 1000, which is 20 dollars. If they stop us, going to get it. So what we can do is very easily, guys. We can just take your 20 dollar in this case, right? Take the calculator. So visit our account with portrayed is twenty dollar. What we can do. We can divide that with the stop lock percentage in this case is two point to seven. So if you go back, you do point to seven. Right, to point to seven. So now if you divide that with the stop percentage guys, you come to eight hundred eighty one dollar. This is the position. Exactly right. Eight hundred eighty eight and 81. So this way, you know exactly how much money you are losing portrayed each straight guys. You have to be very, very smart because in treating the first priority is to protect your capital. So guys, as I said. Right. Be smart. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. And also, guys, don’t take me wrong for showing you this very scenario. What might also be unfolding in back. So it’s always good to have both the picture. Right. Since the market is already like going really bullish at the moment due to Bitcoin happening, let’s see how far it’s going to go. But if this bullish Gotlib pattern is going to fall out, then we are seeing price around this 4000 or this 5000 area. So that’s what I actually wanted to share with you into this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If so, destroy the like button. Also, if you’re watching this for the first time, hit the red button and also bell. So by saying this, I’m signing off until next time. By.


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