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0:00 Intro
1:30 Bitcoin Analysis
9:22 Bitcoin Correlated With Stocks…
10:18 Bitcoin To $456,000?
12:08 Bitcoin More Trustworthy Than Banks!
14:37 FED Buying Individual Corporate Bonds!

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  1. Hello. Just want to point out that technically this is NOT a double bottom.
    Second bottom MUST be higher than the first. Thanks for featuring my comment.

  2. many thanks for the update! I still did not hear from you about the name of software you use for the analysis. Are you able to share it or it's too private?

  3. The reason its correlated to the stockmarket is you got your wish, the institutions are in the Bitcoin space now and they will follow the ebb and flow of the stock markets.

  4. Pumping is what must happen as bitcoin is going higher. As for me I’m learning to trade my crypto with Thomas Hubert and so far it has been increasing massively.

  5. Hi Karl. I work in cyber security, and while I agree that Bitcoin has an impeccable record, it is bad form to say that a bitcoin cannot be stolen or hacked. With good habits and using a good cold wallet Bitcoin is relatively very very safe, one of the safest options available and maybe even the safest (for now). But I find caution (paranoia even) is wisdom.

  6. I keep trying to tell you guys about SHR it’s a little Australian crypto very tiny market cap still very early but it has real world use cases a few of them actually and is being implemented real time right now with an application much further along than most other crypto’s Out there not just a white paper relatively small coin amount and market cap is doubling every three days market cap was 2.8 million just seven days ago it is now over 10 million you’ve been warned

  7. Bitcoin will be the new Reserve currency of the Information age once all the countries change their currencies into Digital Currency like China you will see how all Digital Currencies become tied to Bitcoin as a Digital World Reserve currency.

  8. ticker CSTR-Cryptostar listed on the TSX-V. Located 1 hour from HUT8 in AB, Canada. CSTR just acquired 120 megawatt project $$.

    This is not Financial advice as I am a fictional character. Cheers

  9. @the moon sure the banks and fed can print money but as you mentioned they have put lots of technology into money to stop counterfeiting and it also cost money and time to make money. Just like it cost money and time to mine gold and bitcoin

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